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Deccan Bonus Bounty – Get 10% Bonus upto Rs. 500

Deccan Rummy is one of the hottest and most exciting names in the online rummy community for several reasons. We accept players from India who like to play rummy card game and we provide them with a platform through which they can test their rummy skills online. To make the game-play interesting, we offer multiple rummy variants and tournaments. Players can play these games and have a real shot at winning real cash games. We have striven hard to come up with a platform that really creates an authentic casino experience and much more. Our motto has always been to give our players an ultimate gaming experience.

We understand that a great gaming experience always starts with a welcome bonus, so players get that bit extra to play with at the start of their rummy career. To facilitate an easy transition to cash rummy online, we are providing a 100% bonus offer for players who make the first deposit. Players can win up to Rs. 5000 with this unique bonus offer.

Additionally, we come up with exciting monthly and weekly bonus offers for all our players. A lot of players have immensely benefited out of these offers and have made a successful transition to cash games. One of the important bonus offers that players continue to be attracted is the Deccan Bonus Bounty offer. The offer has been a grand success since its inception. One of the main reasons for the huge success of this offer is because of the varied bonus types that the players can win every week. Yes, players have an opportunity to win the following bonus types – Booster Bonus, Cash Bonus, and Bonus points.

Deccan Bonus Bounty

Deccan Bonus Bounty Oct (17-24)

As you are getting busy for the festivals ahead, we are gearing up with lots of offers and promotions. This week players have an opportunity to win an awesome cash bonus with our Deccan Bonus Bounty offer. That’s right! Players have an opportunity to get a 10% cash bonus up to Rs. 500 for one of their deposits this week from Oct 17-24. All you have to do is to make a deposit with the bonus code “OCT10”, your bonus will be auto-credited then. Players can use this bonus code only once during the whole week.

How to multiply your cash?

  1. Play Cash rummy games

As soon as you get this bonus amount, start playing cash games. As you play rummy game for cash will give you a chance to be a part of our leaderboard and win some super-awesome gift prizes that are given away

  1. Refer A Friend

Enjoy the best moments of rummy with your friends by inviting them to be a part of our Deccan Rummy family. Nothing comes close to the joy of playing card games with our friends. And you can get an unlimited bonus for life as a reward for referring them.

  1. Get 15% Supercash

Planning to make a deposit with the help of MobiKwik? Get 15% cash back on 4 transactions over the period from Oct 11 – Oct 30.

So, hone your skills and try out these methods to boost your winning. Start with Deccan Bonus Bounty offer and proceed availing other offers.

Acquire the bonus; come to the tables to experience the ultimate fun of cash games. India’s fastest website is waiting for you to grab this great deal. Ensure you don’t miss this!

Some online rummy sites tend to offer just a small selection of promotions to their players throughout a month but this isn’t the case at Deccan Rummy. In fact, there are daily offers to take advantage of, which the players can check under the section “Hot Deals” under rummy promotion section in our website. Have a great time at our Tables!

Celebrate Diwali with Diwali Rummy Dhamaka & win from 20 Lakhs

The festival of lights is about to come in a few days. Yes, we are talking about the Diwali. No other festival matches the excitement and fun that Diwali generates. Be it the joy of wearing new attire, bursting crackers, gorging on sweets, no festival generates immense excitement as much as Diwali. That’s the reason Diwali remains as the top Pan-Indian festival. Celebrated with great excitement and grandeur all over India, different cultures have different ways of celebrating it. However, the excitement and joy would remain the same.

Diwali also called as Festival of Lights, represents the triumph of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. Aside from traditional methods of celebrating by bursting crackers, there is a wide range of activities conducted during Diwali like cleaning, gift-giving, and the lighting of Diyas.

The most another important aspect of Diwali is playing rummy card games. After the festival celebration, it is not surprising to see families relax playing rummy card games. After the game went online, many rummy sites enthrall their user-base with a lot of promotions, offers, and special giveaways. These promotions certainly add a lot of excitement to the festival.

Diwali Rummy Dhamaka

Diwali Rummy Dhamaka

India’s largest rummy site, holds the tradition of hosting spectacular Diwali tourneys every year. Our Diwali tournament has the history of attracting the best rummy minds across India and the contest has been gripping and exciting. This year too, we have a special tournament exclusively for our players. This time, it’s big! When we say big it’s HUGE! Gear up for our Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Rummy Freerolls that comes with a mammoth prize pool of Rs. 20 Lakhs. Did you hear that right? Yes, there is 20 Lakh up for grabs the whole fortnight from Oct 22 – Nov 6. You know, what’s the best part about this tournament? You have a chance to win a mammoth cash prize without investing a single penny! Yes, you can find your way to win big money, if you sail through our qualifiers which are absolutely FREE!

Conducted over the span of a fortnight from Oct 22-Nov 5, Diwali Rummy Dhamaka comes with a guaranteed prize pool of Rs. 20 Lakhs and is open to players for FREE. This tournament is set to record the highest number of participants bringing the nation’s best rummy players under one roof. Expect the contest to be intense and more stimulating.

Curious to know about the details about the Diwali Rummy Dhamaka tournament? Here it is-

DRD Sparkler Series

Name Date Entry Seats Registration


Start Time Prize
DRD Sparklers Oct 22 FREE 2496 6:30PM 9:30 PM 40k+350 Tickets (DRD Maroon)
DRD Sparklers Oct 23 FREE 2496 6:30PM 9:30 PM 40k+350 Tickets (DRD Maroon)
DRD Sparklers Oct 24 FREE 2496 6:30PM 9:30 PM 40k+350 Tickets (DRD Maroon)
DRD Sparklers Oct 25 FREE 2496 6:30PM 9:30 PM 40k+350 Tickets (DRD Maroon)
DRD Sparklers Oct 26 FREE 2496 6:30PM 9:30 PM 40k+350 Tickets (DRD Maroon)
DRD Sparklers Oct 27 FREE 2496 6:30PM 9:30 PM 40k+350 Tickets (DRD Maroon)
DRD Sparklers Oct 28 FREE 2496 6:30PM 9:30 PM 40k+350 Tickets (DRD Maroon)

DMD Maroon

Name Date Entry Seats Registration


Start Time Prize
DRD Maroon Nov 1 Free Tickets


Buy-in Rs.100

1005 6:30PM 9:30 PM 75K +300 Tickets to Finale
DRD Maroon Nov 2 Free Tickets


Buy-in Rs.100

1005 6:30PM 9:30 PM 75K +300 Tickets to Finale
DRD Maroon Nov 3 Free Tickets


Buy-in Rs.100

1005 6:30PM 9:30 PM 75K +300 Tickets to Finale


DRD Grand Finale Nov 5 Buy-in 500 or Free tickets 1002 6:30 PM 9:30 PM 200000


In addition to the above tournament, we have lot of exciting value additions as well – Special giftraffle, Special Free Cash Rummy tournaments, Special Social Sharks and a lot more with exciting prizes up for grabs. The total prizepool of our Diwali Freerolls is going to be a humongous Rs. 20 Lakhs.

So, this is something very exciting that you cannot miss! The Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Tourney promises to take tourney experience to a whole new level. With a host of players across India vying for the top spot, it takes immense passion and skill to prevail and come out on top. So do you think you have it in you to seal the top spot? All you have got to do is to sign up for the qualifiers and move on.


A venture of Deccan Games, Deccan Rummy is one of India’s pioneer online rummy platforms presenting a world-class experience for practicing & playing Rummy games for free. The platform allows users to play the captivating game of rummy with real cash – with stakes as low as Rs. 5 and going all the way upto Rs. 10000. Users can monetize their rummy skills and make huge money online with Deccan Rummy. Furthermore, players can have a good grasp of the game with our extensive rummy tutorials. To make the gaming experience complete, we also offer 24/7 round the clock support to our players.

Enjoy High Octane Rummy action with October Octane Rummy Bonus

DeccanRummy is one of the new bright lights in the online rummy atmosphere. Having been in the industry for close three years, we have got everyone talk about our stupendous games, solid customer support and safest game play.Most importantly, When it comes to rummy promotions and giveaways you won’t find a more generous online rummy site like Deccan Rummy.

There are so many reasons to play Rummy online. First of all, it’s primarily a skill game that depends on how well you play your hands. It’s a game for all age group cutting across various barriers. Whether you want to play for free cash rummy or with stakes, it’s always an experience that’s hard to miss. We have taken one such a game and made it multitudes better in a platform which you will absolutely love.

Every month we have several offers and promotions running here at Deccan Rummy. Our main focus is to keep the players happy by rewarding them with exclusive bonuses that are worthy of their loyalty. In fact, it all starts with the Welcome Bonus which is truly one of a kind. We offer a mammoth Rs. 5000 Welcome Bonus for all players who have signed up with Deccan Rummy. No other rummy site in India offers as much as Deccan Rummy. Additionally, as an incentive we offer exceptional bonus offers every month.

October Octane DeccanRummy

October Octane Rummy Bonus Offer – DeccanRummy

This October, get ready for some high octane rummy action with October Octane rummy bonus offer. Players who make a deposit with the bonus code “OCTBONUS” have a wonderful opportunity to win a big bonus amount. Get 20% Bonus upto Rs. 1000 by making a deposit to Deccan Rummy. A good strengthens your rummy bankroll and give you a chance to move to high stakes. It’s your chance to make this month livelier and action packed with nonstop rummy games. The bonus amount would be instantly credited to your account as Bonus points. The maximum bonus amount you can get using this promotion is Rs. 1000. The offer ends on Oct 31.

A lot of freeroll players have turned their eye towards cash games because of this enticing bonus offer. This October is your chance to pile up some rich bonus amounts and move ahead to great things. That’s not all you can check the current offers and promotions that are available at DeccanRummy by visiting our rummy promotions page.

How to Deposit cash and make use of this bonus bounty offer?

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to My account and click on Add cash
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and enter the promo code “OCTBONUS” and click on Apply
  • Click on Buy Chips and confirm you are not playing from our restricted locations
  • Choose your payment method (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking/Cash Card/Mobile Wallet) and click on the PAY NOW button to complete the purchase

So come join DeccanRummy to have the best gaming time of your life. Register at Deccan Rummy start enjoying the best of 13 card online rummy games now!

Choose your best rummy variant under Rummy Lobby

Players can access the rummy games hosted at Deccan Rummy only by creating a free rummy account and heading over to our rummy lobby. In this post, we are going to discuss the features in the rummy lobby and how to access the real money, tournaments and practice games

As soon as you create your account, you will be heading over to our Rummy Lobby. The top of the lobby displays information about your username, practice chips, Available Balance in your account, Provision to add cash, and details about your bonus points and Loyalty Points.

At the bottom, you have tabs and sub-tabs to play rummy game that you like.

Rummy Lobby

Tabs under Rummy Lobby


Games available under cash game are those games which you can play for real money. The cash tab displays three rummy 13 card rummy variants game wise namely, Points, Deals, and Pool Rummy. Rummy Games are listed under each sub-tab based on their stakes – from low to high. To make it further easy to locate the game you want to play we have provided a filter using which you can sort your games based on stakes. The sub-tab contains further information like the active players and the number of players playing rummy online on each table. All the players need to do is to click on Join button to start playing rummy games.


Players can check the tournaments that are available by clicking this tab. Furthermore, the tab contains 5 sub-tabs about the tournaments available at Deccan Rummy – Free Rolls, Cash, Depositor Free Rolls, Loyalty Freerolls and Special Tournaments. These Sub-tabs would list the tournaments available under each section and also contain information about the tournaments like the Prize pool, Number of Players, Registration/Tournament timings, and buy-ins.

Clicking on the details will display the tournament structure and prize pool distribution. Just click on join and confirm your participation to play the tournament.


Practice tab displays the practice Online Rummy games that you can play for free at Deccan Rummy. Players who create an account with Deccan Rummy get 10000 practice chips in their account. Just like cash tab Practice tab have 3 sub-tabs games wise, namely 13 cards Point Rummy, 13 cards Deals Rummy, and 13 cards Pool Rummy. These games can be played with practice chips instead of real cash as the idea behind this to get a good grip of the game. To make it further easy to locate the game you want to play we have provided a filter using which you can sort your games based on the number of practice chips.

Hope this article about rummy lobby was informative. Should you have any doubts with regards to this topic, feel free to post a comment below.