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Attributes of a skill game

People look out for pastime activities during leisure time. The best and the most popular of them are playing online games. Online games are now the trending source of entertainment. In particular, people love playing skill games. These games test the intelligence of an individual. That’s why people playing skill games like chess, Rummy, poker are smart minds in society. There are many more on the list like scrabble and sudoku. Moreover, these games are legal under the laws of the country.

The results in the games entirely on the individual’s mind, skill and many more mental aspects. The results totally depend on the individual, and there isn’t any other factor disturbing the winning moment.

What are skill games?

Are you looking out for the definition of skill games? Here is it. A game that connects or revolves around the various mental skills of an individual. The various Mental skills include reasoning, memory, mind calculations and, patience. When a game test qualities like this in you then why should you hesitate to play it? It is mainly for this test or challenge; youngsters love playing skill games and one big reason for online games’ fame.

One of the most challenging skill game is online Rummy. Simple gaming structure with various variants available for the player along with a new challenge every time you log in to the game. One big advantage of the game is the rewarding system. But players do not play just for cash, there are many more points.

Online Rummy

One of the biggest challenging skill game in the online gaming circuit is online Rummy. There needs a lot of skills for an individual to shine in the industry. The only thing that you can’t control in the game is the dealing of cards. Card dealing is done in the way without any discrimination. The entire system is totally unbiased. Only smart minds can rock the table. Memory and observation are the two main qualities for a Rummy player.

Observe the cards discarded and picked by players in the table to improve your accuracy in the game. You can deposit cash to win huge rewards, obviously more than what you deposit. A player can develop rummy skills by playing the game regularly. You need a lot of practice to travel successfully.

You need no physical fitness to win here, but mental fitness could tune up your rummy career. Online rummy sites like Deccan Rummy are hosting rummy tournaments with huge prize bag. There are three variants people can play in the online platform- points, deals and pool rummy. There is a wide range of tables available under each variance.

Rummy etiquettes for every rummy player

Most people think that since they are sitting behing a computer while playing online rummy, it gives them free license to act whatever way they want. Behaving like a jackass is not appreciated in the online rummy community. Most rummy websites hold certain standards for the players. Be it any activity, manners maketh a person. People who maintain etiquettes and stick to principles and rules thrive by for a long period. People with scant regard for the rules and etiquettes find themselves in trouble more often than not.

It is the players responsibility to abide by the Rummy rules and follow certain etiquettes whenever they play rummy online. Ensure these etiquettes are well etched in your mind whenever you hit our tables.

Rummy Etiquettes

Rummy Etiquettes

1. Do not berate or mock a player for a wrong move. Rummy platforms cannot guarantee a level field in all the tables as players with different skill levels hit our platform. The last thing a player would want is to be a subject of mockery from other players.

2. Do not pass lewd or objectionable comments towards other players at any cost.

3. Be civic while using the chat feature in the rummy tables. Abstain from posting comments that are abusive, derogatory, dismissive, scornful in nature. Posting such contents constitute as violation of terms and conditions and players can be banned for such violations.

4. Do not create more than one account in any platform. It’s against the terms and conditions of the site as you are robbing other’s geniune chances to win.

5. Humbleness is a virtue that never goes unrewarded. Be courteous to your fellow players, dealers, and to the support agents.

6. Never conspire against any player as it’s a violation of our fairplay policy. Our rummy platform is meant for people to enjoy the fun and thrill of rummy along with a chance to make a fortune. People indulging in any kinds of malpractices will be banned and will also lose their further chances to compete in our platform.

7. We understand that the internet speed will differ from one part of the country to the other. Hence, we request players to be patient if their opponents take the full alloted time to make their moves.

8. Do not spam or flood the comment section in our blogs or reading materials with unwanted marketing messages. Ensure you post queries relevant to the discussion all the time.

9. Do not scream out of joy or agony during winnings and losses. There are many other players who hit our tables with a lot of hopes. Ensure you do not berate them.

10. If you’re ever disconnected, be prepared to see your stack reduced. That’s just part of the game, an unfortunate part to be sure, but one which will occur far more frequently than you might imagine.

1 Lakh GTD Independence Day Special Tournament on Aug 15

India’s 74th Independence day is just around the corner. In view of spread of COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations are now a low-key affair with social distancing and other precautionary measures in place.

Aug 15 is the day Indian history wouldn’t ever forget. After being at the receiving end of various oppressors, we freed ourselves from the clutches of colonial oppressor and walked free on this special day. While festivals are numerous, nothing elicits as much joy as Independence day celebrations.


Independence Day Special Tournament on Aug 15

While Independence Day is often associated with parades, marches and speeches, Rummy players always believe the best way to celebrate is to take part in an engaging rummy tournament.
There’s much to look forward to for rummy zealots during this Independence Day. Adding yet another exciting offer to its excite palate, Deccan Rummy has announced its Independence Day special tournament on Aug 15.

Rummy players can celebrate Independence Day in style at Deccan Rummy with a special rummy tournament on Aug 15. Coming with a massive prizepool of Rs. 100000, the tournament will be held on Aug 15 at 9:00 PM. Independence Day Special Tournament. As mentioned, the truest essence of Independence day is being free. Players can play the tournament with a free ticket.

How to Win Free Tickets?

All that you have to do is make a deposit of Rs. 1947 with the bonus code “IND2020” and avail free ticket. The money you deposit will just remain in your wallet with which you can play cash games online and multiply your money. In the meanwhile, you can utilize this free ticket and play this rummy tournament. Alternatively, you can also take part in the tournament with a buy-in of Rs. 250.

We have put together a busy day of tournament action and expect full house in an exciting battle of nerves and wits. If you think you have it in you to take down this tourney, be a part of this action. Earn free tickets now by making a deposit. Release your rummy expertise and walk out with a bundle of cash prizes.

Deccan Rummy is one of the most trusted online rummy websites in India. In our quest to provide the user a edifying gaming experience, we have been continuously launching exciting rummy promotions in our site. Independence Day Special tournament is yet another exciting offer that you cannot afford to miss. With its variety of promotions, Deccan Rummy is one of the hottest rummy destinations. Supercharge your rummy skills and go for the bigger winnings!

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There are several important occasions in the month of August, like The International Friendship day, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chathurthi. Just like the real world, online Rummy world also has many special days. Especially at Deccan Rummy, everyday is much important for rummy player. The fantasy factor of online rummy is so much abundant in Deccan Rummy. Mind blowing promotions that include great bonus offers, and tournaments. 

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Amazing August 

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