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Akshath tops the World Cup Leaderboard

After close to 50 days of non-stop rummy and cricket action, the highly invigorating World Cup Leaderboard contest concluded last Sunday. Just like the action-packed World cup finale which ended in a stunning manner, our leaderboard contest too went down in a memorable way.

Given the colossal prizes on offer, the expectations for the contest were unmistakably high even since the day it was announced. Yet even with the glowing coverage the event received, the contest remarkably lived up to the hype it generated. The problem with leaderboard contests is that after a glistening start, some of them run the risk of getting faded out. As our world cup leaderboard was coupled with cricket and some of the hottest prizes were on offer, the contest was gripping all the way.

Super Fun & Big Giveaways

Rummy Leaderboards are Super fun. They are all about fame and big giveaways. Not only does the winner walk away with the prizes and bragging rights, but he/she also gets a long-standing reputation of winning one.

The 44-day grand spectacle which began on June 1 culminated on July 14 on the day, where cricketing history was made. Right from the day the contest was announced, users joined in droves to have their chance to grab some of the most alluring prizes they could get in a rummy contest. From hardcore grinders to recreational players who play rummy for fun, the field was extremely competitive. With an amazing structure and wonderful prizes to play for, the battle was intense with lots of changes in the leaderboard throughout the tournament. The action-packed contest saw lots of players leapfrog from their position each day.

Rummy Leaderboards are a reward for consistency. Every player wants to win a leaderboard race. They are chance to aspire for something big, something that is life-changing, and most importantly gives you a chance to enhance your reputation. That’s exactly what World Cup Leaderboard aspired for. As every week provided a fresh start and a new race to the top, a lot of players were vying for the top spot each week.

Winner World Cup Leaderboard

Akshath – the table topper

Not every player gets successful in chasing such a grand narrative. The player who pours his heart and soul and exhibits a sense of unflinching passion towards the game gets to top such races. Such a resolve was shown by our World Cup Leaderboard winner “Akshath” who won the leaderboard contest with 33386 points. The remarkable journey of Aksath who has been having a dream run of late culminated with a befitting World Cup Leaderboard victory. This consistency is what Deccan Rummy loves to reward. To maintain the lead in a contest that stretches for a month and a half requires tremendous resolve and passion. And that’s exactly what Akshath displayed by winning this leaderboard race.

For his spectacular effort in topping the leaderboard, Akshath will be rewarded with a Hyundai Venue as promised. The prize distribution ceremony is all set to be conducted shortly. Having won the contest of the season, Akshath is guaranteed to be remembered as an iconic player in the annals of online rummy.

Congrats to all the winners

World Cup Leaderboard winner

At the second place is Satyavan, who ended up in a second-place with 32750 points. The fact that Akshath won by a slender margin of 500+ points should indicate that the competition was intense. Despite putting his best foot forward, Satyavan couldn’t displace from Akshath and settle for the second position. Nothing to take away from his achievement, a win is in the reckoning for him shortly should he continue to play with a similar passion. For his efforts, Satyavan rides home a Bullet Classic 500.

With 32432 points, Shikha secured 3rd position. For securing the 3rd position, Shikha won iPhone 8 64GB. 17 other players won a cash bonus for their efforts. We understand not everybody can win the prizes as just 20 numbers are in for a chance. However, it was heartening to see players compete with much passion and verve in these contests.

Deccan Rummy congratulates all the winners in this leaderboard contest and would like to extend our warmest commiserations to those who couldn’t make the list this time around.

Most of the top rummy companies in India look for new ways to reward their users and Deccan Rummy, being one of the best rummy sites in the business, never misses an opportunity to enthrall users. We have several interesting rummy tournaments online and promotions lined up for the near future. You will always find something to play for in our website. If you have not yet joined Deccan Rummy, there couldn’t be a better time than now to join and make the most of the cash deluge!

Akshath tops the World Cup Leaderboard
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Where skill games prevail over other game genres

Gaming has turned from a hobby to earning nowadays. Numerous games impress all categories of people. Gaming could be action-oriented like PUBG, grand theft auto, mini militia or skill-based game like Indian rummy, poker, online chess, dream11. It is believed that the game we play could build us mentally. Gaming is undoubtedly one of the most popular sources of entertainment today. Gone are the days it was just done as a hobby, it’s now a mainstream activity in everyone’s life just like watching TV, listening to music. The transformation of online gaming from merely a hobby to a source of income is amazing!

This generation is more inclined towards action-oriented games. Now that the graphics have advanced, these users are glued to them. There are shreds of evidence indicating that the curve has started to increase in the skill-oriented graph. According to research, nearly 70% of online gamers have tried their hand in playing skill games in the last 3 months.

Talking about skill games, we cannot deny that there is an unprecedented amount of interest in skill games. Similar to action games, the thrill of beating your opponents is driving several people to try their hand in the game.

Specifically, adults prefer skill games as they automatically make them fall for the reason of earning money. To cater to the demands of the ever-expanding user base, various sites have popped up in the recent past and are presenting a diverse range of options for the customers. Of all the skill games, card games hold a special place in the hearts of gaming enthusiasts and games like I13 Card Rummy are extremely popular among youngsters.

It is learned that playing skill games can improve visual motor-control skills. In the case of adversity, the skills acquired by playing skill games come into the fore and aid them.

There is this stinging criticism of action games promoting and glorifying violence. Using weapons in the gaming world influences the users so much and may turn to take up in case of adversity. Since action games rile up people and foment anti-social behavior, therapists and behavior experts encourage people to take up skill-based games.

Thanks to the internet, we are now exposed to a new set of skill games that keeps us engaging. Dream 11 is one of the popular games which create a stir during the cricket season in our country.  This involves allowing the user to select his set of 11 players for the upcoming match. The user needs to register using money. The winner will be decided based on the performance of their playing 11. It is also available for football, hockey, NBA and other team sports.

The main reason people turn towards card games en masse is that these games are a potential money-spinner. This particular option in card games have given a different dimension to card games and have encouraged to take up the sport. Searching for people to play card games in real life is cumbersome. Using the internet you can find many people in a few seconds to play and earn. With easy registration steps that involve you entering a few details, you get to play and earn in almost no time.

The time consumption in skill games is minimal when compared with action games. Also, simple game mechanics allow you to enjoy the game at all times.

The continued playing of online games plays a vital role in sharpening your thinking. It is proven to be a very effective memory boosting activity. Online games give you the ability to grasp new concepts and retain more information as gaming involves you to remember a lot of activities. Online games make you think more concisely, improves your cognitive skills, enhances your concentration levels and improves your memory.

Contrary to the popular perception, not all the skill games where the money is involved can be equated to gambling. A constitutional bench of the Supreme Court clearly articulated the distinction between chance and skill-based activities in 1957. Games like Rummy, Poker, and Fantasy sports carries enough activities that warrants to deploy your skills than being merely a chance. On August 18, 2015, the Supreme Court declared rummy legal. Players who wish to try out games can download Rummy app and start playing on the move!

Where skill games prevail over other game genres
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England or New Zealand – Who’s going to Win the World Cup?

For the first time in 4 since the inception of World Cup, two teams which have never won a world cup will battle it out at the home of cricket. New Zealand and England will battle it out in the World Cup final tomorrow at Lords.

Yes! Cricket awaits new champion. This year’s final at the iconic Lord’s will be England’s fourth final appearance at Cricket’s summit event and second for New Zealand, with a victory for either side will hand the team their first-ever title.

New Zealand

England’s moment of reckoning

England’s transformation has been amazing. After a shocking first round exit from the 2015 World Cup, they were labeled as chokers and mocked heavily in the media. Because of the football juggernaut, cricket was relegated to the sidelines with TV deals. When Eoin Morgan took over the captaincy not many had given chance, but the turnaround he created will be remembered for long in the Cricket history.

Drafting in white ball specialists across the country, Morgan patiently built an ODI side which will be remembered for long. Morgan’s mantra was playing fearless cricket. Four years of hard work paid off as the England side reached No 1 spot in ODI rankings. Coming into the tournament as favorites, England fulfilled the tall expectations by reaching the final by hammering Australia. The overhaul is very important for the sport which has been marginalized for some years.

For the first time in 14 years since their famous Ashes victory in 2005, cricket became the talk of the town once again as England reached the final of the World Cup after 27 long years. England will be fired up, with the barmy army cheering in loudly for their team as they take on New Zealand who has a reputation as a giant slayer on Sunday. New Zealand proved their reputation of being a dark horse that they could cause major upsets when they rooted out India in the semis.

New Zealand –  The ultimate Dark Horse

New Zealand’s biggest strength is their strong bowling line up. Trent Boult has been firing salvos at the top and he is ably assisted by Lockie Ferguson and Matt Henry who unsettle the batsmen with their raw pace. Their batting is dangerously over-reliant on Kane Williamson who has scored 30% of the total runs of the team.

New Zealand is playing their second straight final but will hope the result is different this time around than it was 4 years ago when they were thrashed by Australia.

Advantage England

England clearly has an edge as they thrashed NZ side in the league stages. Their openers Johnny Bairstow and Jason Roy are in the form of their lives. Joe Root at No 3 is rock solid and Eoin Morgan and Jos Butler can turnaround any games with their cameos. Ben Stokes has been excellent throughout this tournament. And bowlers like Jofra Archer and Chris Woakes could rip apart any batting line up.

England will start the match as firm favorites and New Zealand as always is the underdog. As both the teams clash, it will also be a clash of captains with contrasting personalities. While Kane Williamson is calm and calculative, Eoin Morgan is aggressive and brash which were reflective in the way they marshaled their resources. The two contrasting styles will come together on Sunday and one of them would lift the trophy for the first time. Whoever does it, it will be the one that will be remembered for ages.

World Cup  Contests

Just like the World Cup reached its climax, the world cup contests here at Deccan Rummy have also reached their Climax.

With just a day to go for the contest to conclude, thousands of players will be competing for a place in history. Both Howzat and World Cup Leaderboard contest have been popular among the Indian rummy audience. They have one final chance to prove to the world that they are the ultimate rummy champion. With so much on offer, both the contests have already created quite a buzz in the rummy community and have been a grand success with a record turnout. Time’s ripe for you to join in and go for one last kill!


England or New Zealand – Who’s going to Win the World Cup?
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Well Played Team India!

India’s world cup campaign came to an end on Wednesday after they went down to New Zealand by 18 runs. For the thousands of fans who filled the stadium with a large swath of blue and the millions who tuned to watch their heroes, it was heartbreak. Much was expected from this Indian line up when they landed in England and the boys in blue reciprocated the faith we had on them by topping the league tables. Winning 7 out of 9 games is no ordinary achievement. In doing so, they got the best of world-class sides like Australia, Pakistan, and South Africa.

World Cup

However, things were to be different when they faced New Zealand. Despite bowling well and restricting New Zealand to 239, our batsmen stumbled in this all-important crucial encounter and were unable to carry on the Midas touch they had. However, it was not a mauling. Ravindra Jadeja’s valiant heroic effort along with the calm and composed innings from the maverick MS Dhoni took us close to victory. New Zealand, however, pulled their socks up and banished them both back to the pavilion to seal the victory. Kudos to the Indian team for their valiant fight till the end.

Though they may have been knocked out of the tourney, the boys in blue won a million hearts during their world cup campaign. Some of the brilliant moments during the world cup are listed below

1. Rohit Sharma’s heroics

With 648 runs in nine innings at an average of 81 and a strike rate of 98.33, Rohit Sharma has been the mainstay of Indian batting line up. The world cup was a perfect platform for the stylish opener to remind the cricketing fraternity that, he is one of the modern day greats. During this amazing journey, he broke the records for the most number of centuries in a single edition of World Cup with 5 centuries. He ended up just a few runs short of breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s 16-year record of 673 runs. Overall, his world cup exploits will remain lingering in the minds of cricket enthusiasts for long.

2. Virat Kohli’s Goodwill

Though he had a modest tournament with 443 runs in nine innings, which fades out in front of the lofty standards that he’s set for himself, Virat Kohli impressed the cricketing fraternity with goodwill and gesture. Whether it’s walking during the game against archrivals Pakistan or urging his followers not to boo Steven Smith, Kohli left an indelible imprint in this tournament. Who can forget the poignant moment when he greeted 87-year-old fan after the game against Bangladesh? Kohli ended the campaign on a high in acknowledging New Zealand’s superior efforts and wishing them good luck.

3. Bumrah Express

One of the best finds in the Indian bowling line up in recent years is Jasprit Bumrah. Bowling with an uncanny style that could even unsettle the best in the business, Bumrah has been outstanding in the past two years earning the tag of No 1 bowler in ODIs. This world cup offered a perfect platform to take his skills to the next level. Mitchell Starc may end up as the best bowler in this series with 27 wickets, however, Bumrah with 18 wickets at a stunning economy rate of just 4.41 was really the pick of bowlers. Bumrah is just 25. He is all set to have a long career ahead.

4. Passionate Fans

Last but not least India’s fervent fans have been amazing throughout the event. Though the world cup was scheduled in England, none of the matches appeared as if they were played abroad as the entire stadium was filled with an ocean of blue. The flags, drums, bodypaints whenever India was playing, the atmosphere was just fantastic. Their unwavering support for the Indian team is really astonishing.

To sum up, though India’s campaign ended on heartbreak, they won a billion hearts with their antics in the field and off the field. With the next world cup scheduled at 2023 in India, there’s plenty of time to rebuild the side and go strong. And you bet India to pull it off in 2023, you better!

Massive World Cup Contests!

India’s World Cup campaign may be over, but the cricket fever is still running high at Deccan Rummy. The passion for Cricket among Indian audience is just amazing which explains full house participation in Howzat rummy tournament and World Cup Leaderboard.

Both the contests have picked up steam and are driving the players to perform at their fullest of abilities. To ensure every player has a chance, the buy-in for the tourney has been low. Hundreds of players are trying their luck every day to grab those amazing prizes on offer! There’s no reason why you can’t win! Pull a chair and put your rummy skills to test and walk away with big wins!

Well Played Team India!
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