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How to use Joker cards in the 13 Card Rummy Game?

Best Usage on Joker cards

Card games carry a rich history over a million years. From the day rummy originated, the game is very much popular, and the game hasn’t lost its magic touch till date. There are many interesting and impressive factors in the game. The game is undergoing a great change in its nature to be more precise; the game has undergone revolutions in different time periods. One such revolution is the inclusion of Joker cards to the cards deck in the 1860s.

Added by American players, this card is the game-changer in rummy. Joker is the card that every player urges for. There are many instances when a joker card makes the difference between winning and losing.

What is a Joker card?

In a standard deck of cards, there are 52 cards from four different suits (Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, and Clubs) of cards. In addition to them, there are two joker cards in a Deck. The joker image on them can identify these cards. These are the printed jokers. On a more familiar note, they are called “face jokers.” Joker cards not just stop with a count of 2. At the start of every game, one card at random is drawn from the deck and chosen as Joker. Whatever the card selected be, all the cards of the same number(2 to 10) or initial(A, K, Q, and J) from the four suits are considered Joker. For example, 5 of hearts is picked from the deck then 5 of diamonds, spade and clubs are also jokers in the game. In case if face joker card itself is chosen as Joker, then Ace of all the suits are jokers in the game.

Rules of a Joker Card:

  1. A joker can be used to make sets and sequences. The only thing is that you need a pure sequence before using these cards.
  2. A player can’t pick the joker card discarded by another player.
  3. Joker can’t be used to extend a quadruplet. When you have a set of King from all the four suits, then placing a joker in the set turns it an invalid set.

A player must use the joker cards effectively. Joker cards are the key to success- just because you have joker cards, you don’t need to be the winner. It is all about how a player uses the joker card(s) wisely.

Let’s look at the best way to utilize Joker cards.

Joker cards turn to be handier at many situations in rummy. These cards maximize the chances of winning.

  • Pure Sequence

By the rules of rummy, only after a pure sequence, all the jokers will be validated. Many players in an excitement, start melding cards as soon as the cards are dealt. The primary objective is to make a pure sequence so that any other sequences are valid. In a rush, don’t place the joker card in the pure sequence and spoil your victory.

  • Grouping

Many players are looking out for the best way to hold the cards. Arrange the cards according to the suits and group the jokers together. That will get you a better view of the cards.

  • Melding

Confused about using the Joker in the sequences available? A pro player will always prefer to place the joker card between the face cards rather than between the number cards. Here’s an example, if you have two incomplete sequences of Ace and King of hearts and 2 and 3 of clubs, place the Joker between Ace and King.

  • Discard

No player will prefer to use a joker card to make a pure sequence. So discarding cards of value near to the joker card will be a recommended smart move. If 5 of hearts is the Joker, then it is safe to discard 4 and 6 of hearts. The chance for another player to pick the card is minimal.

  • Number of Jokers

Joker cards are always a treat for players. Of course, the game turns favorable with joker cards, but when you get many joker cards, the formula will not work out. A pure sequence is something equally important as the joker card to finish the game. And you need a pure sequence to use your joker card, so many joker cards without a chance for a pure sequence is not worthy to proceed.



Here are the 11 mistakes players commit while playing rummy online

Mistakes to avoid at Online Rummy

The game of Rummy is more interesting than any other card game in India. The popularity of the game even after so many centuries since its advent is because it’s skill-based. As a native game, it had little trouble getting accommodated in the online ecosystem. All it takes are a few days to master the game as rummy rules are essentially the bedrock of the game. It’s quite important to have a strong grip in the game if you want to become successful. At the same time, it is important to remember that all it takes is one mistake that could send you crashing out of the game.


When many are finding ways to better their game, you can’t be the one losing games because of silly mistakes. Especially when you are a newcomer to the game, you tend to commit mistakes that are fine, but you can’t continue with the same mistakes again and again for a longer run.

Common Mistakes Rummy Players make

1. Sticking with the Basics

Knowing the rummy rules is the primary requirement to play the game, be it online or offline. When you study the game wrong, entire game slips of hand. If you know the rules very well, it is easy to build on perfect rummy strategies. Memorizing the rules will not help one instead, understand them.

2. Card arrangement

Many of the newcomers fail to arrange cards in the required way. Sometimes you tend to drop the wrong card. Make use of the sort feature available in the online rummy sites to arrange the card in a neat manner.

3. Drop

A player must be matured enough to decide on a play or to drop the game. There isn’t a restriction to a player on dropping a game. Whatever the player you be, rookie or a pro, you need to be sensible while taking this decision. There isn’t any use in playing a bad hand. As soon as the cards are dealt, evaluate whether it’s playable or not.

4. High-value cards

Holding on to the high-value cards will put the player into trouble. Imagine what happens if your opponent finishes the game when you hold these cards. There is always a difference between being smart and taking a risk. Holding high-value cards is always a risky move.

5. Joker card

These are the trump cards in a Rummy card game. Joker cards are something every player wishes to hold. One must be extra careful in using the card effectively in the game. Only when you make a pure sequence, you will get the license to use the joker cards in hand.

6. Pure sequence

Once the cards are dealt, the objective of every player is to form a pure sequence. If one doesn’t own a pure sequence in hand until the end of the game, then all the cards will be added together while calculating points. A pure sequence is considered a savior for players. As mentioned already, only after a pure sequence, a joker card will be validated.

7. Practice

Whatever the game be, you need to practice well before stepping into the higher stages of the game. Online Rummy has the best feature of allowing players to practice until they gain confidence before getting into playing cash games.

8. Declaration

An invalid declaration is something faced by many of the newcomers in Rummy. A player loses the chance of winning a match and adds 80 points to their account. You need to be careful before making a declaration.

The above points are something about the game play of individuals. The below-mentioned points are something about the mental strength of the player.

1. Patience

One of the key points for an individual’s success is patience. A person can never be successful in Rummy being impatient. Patience will make it easy for players to make the right decision during play. Being Calm really helps one everywhere. In Rummy, you need to think about the possibilities of winning a game.

2. Over-confidence

It is really important to be confident while playing Online Rummy. But there is a limit to it; over-confidence can destroy a good player. Many have changed their attitude after losing many. Don’t make yourself into the list; Be cautious before things turn upside down. Confidence is important before playing every game; it is something that motivates you to progress in your game rather than the hunt to earn more.

3. Opponents

The first quality of a rummy player is not to judge opponents so simple and easy. You must observe and calculate every move made by your opponents. You get to play with tougher opponents; there comes the real task for a rummy player. Keep things calm to make it happen at Rummy.

Four types of rummy players that you will find in every rummy table

Rummy is a game that includes a lot of emotions. When you play a game like this, it is quite natural you encounter a variety of people with a diverse set of characteristics. These people add a flavor to the game making it irresistible for the online card game lovers. Every player at some point in time meets such kinds of people with diverse characteristics. Here in this blog entry, we will have a look at the different kinds of rummy players that you will possibly meet in the rummy table.

Four types of players in a rummy table

1. Angry Guy

Just like the Hulk, he is always angry like someone set their backs on fire. There’s an element of urgency in their moves. These kinds of personalities are mostly neurotic and are prone to commit errors. He can’t handle defeats, throws a tantrum every time he loses. Even during a winning streak, he is aggressive so his winning streak is cut short. If you outmaneuver him with his skills, he will explode. If you catch his attempts to fox you, there will be a hilarious meltdown. These players add a touch of excitement to the rummy scene.

2. Mr. Cool

These are types of players who are in for more giggles and excitement. While other players play the game as they love the thrill of a win, these casual gamers are in for an experience! They are generally adventure freaks who dabble in a variety of rummy table. He is not the one who’s afraid of taking risks. These players are capable of pulling surprises. Do not underestimate them. Be careful when you spot one!

3. Mr. Perfect

These are the guys for whom rummy runs in their bloodstreams. They’ve probably excelled in the offline rummy version too before coming into the online stream. They have multiple rummy tricks in their arsenal and can quickly get the better of you within seconds. He is quite confident about the game and can win from any moment. He/she is what people fondly refer to as rummy sharks. If you’re in a table with a shark, then it’s quite obvious that you will have to spring a surprise or two to outplay them.

4. I-know-it-all type

These are the games who are overzealous and punch above their weights so many times. Despite enduring losses, they wouldn’t back off from the rummy table. Rather than working on the skills, they would be more focussed on showing off. They express their disdain for opponents and think they are not really as talented as them. But in reality, they are prone to lose every time they hit the table

While playing rummy online, you may have come across thousands of players who fall into one of the categories mentioned above. Do let us know if you know of any other personality that you might have encountered in the past!

Top 4 activities to recharge yourselves in the weekend

The growing demands of the outer world are leaving us completely exhausted. Whether you are working in an office or running a business, there are heavy possibilities that you get burnt out at the end of the week with a tough schedule. We get little time in pursuing your interests with the packed schedule that we are running through every week.


To beat the exhaustion and stress, we need to involve in activities that divert our attention and helps us recharge ourselves. Here are a few activities that you can pursue during your weekends, to recharge yourself and get ready for the subsequent weeks.

How to enjoy a perfect Weekend?

1. Indulge in exercising

One of the main reasons youngsters feel quite burnt out is because of the lack of physical activity. In order to maintain good physical and mental health, exercising is pretty important. While it may not be possible every day given our busy schedule. We can compensate for the same by indulging in workouts during the weekend. Exercising regulates your cortisol levels, also called stress hormone and frees your mind. Exercise increases your dopamine level thereby keeps you happy.

2. Indulge in sports

Remember the yesteryear, where we spent our entire weekends playing outdoor games like cricket, football, and Kabbadi. Happy days, aren’t they?

Rapid urban development has resulted in large scale shrinkage of playing area. However, there’s hope! We do have places to indulge in our favorite childhood sports in designated places which comes with a small charge. Instead of spending huge amounts on restaurants and bars, which not only burns a deep hole in your pockets but also destroys your health, indulge in sports which keeps you in good health.

3. Play Online skill Games

Games that are skill-based give food for your thought. One of the easiest games to relieve you from your stress and increase your cognitive ability is Indian rummy. Nowadays, Indian rummy is available online. Playing rummy online is a test of your analytical and logical skills. It is absolutely legal to play and it’s small on your memory and it is even available in your smartphone in the form of a rummy mobile app. Online Rummy games tap into your happiness and this is what you just need to beat the stress.

4. Enjoy a performance

While listening to music or watching a movie helps in relieving stress but nothing comes close to watching a live performance. Try to catch up on a live concert or stand-up comedy shows that are conducted every Sunday. It’s certainly not a high-class thing as you assume as the ticket prices are nominal compared to what you splurge on restuarants. Also, it gives you an opportunity to socialize with new people.

With these activities, you can say goodbye to stress and boredom. Why not start the weekend on an upbeat way? Indulging in these activities helps you to recharge yourselves. SO, what you are going to do this weekend?