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Where you are in our Diwali Rummy Leaderboard?

Folks, its Diwali time! The surroundings are noisy with firecrackers, sky is decorated with fireworks,  and Heart filled with celebrations!! Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Freeroll!!!

Diwali is the biggest and popular Indian festival. Just the name Diwali puts a billion-dollar smile. By its name, the festival marks “Light” in life. The underpinning of the festival is the triumph of the good over evil.

Whenever you think of Diwali, aside from Patakas, sweets, and celebrations, rummy should come to our minds. Rummy has always been a part and parcel of Diwali. The celebrations appear grossly inadequate without rummy.

Let’s celebrate this Diwali with cards, the traditional way. No matter whether you play 13 card rummy online or offline, the fun and thrill of the game remain the same. Perhaps, it is the main reason why Rummy continues to play a major role in all the Indian festivals.

Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Leaderboard

Diwali Rummy Dhamaka

Deccan Rummy always gives what the customers’ expect. Here we are back to delight our players’ with some exquisite Diwali offers.

The country’s best and promising online rummy site is back again with promising and dashing promotion this festive season.

The stellar contest for this Diwali is our Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Leaderboard race. Leaderboard contests are real fun. Probably the best way to enjoy rummy to its fullest! Rummy veterans and novices who want to make it to the top of the board and prove a point.

The contest started on the 6th of this month and is already a chart-topper in the rummy circles. There are many trying to make a statement and some who lost their way at the early stage of the contest are getting back on track. Well, not everything is lost as of now as you still have a few weeks to prove a point. Let’s have a look at the table toppers for the first 2 weeks.

At the end of the first week, the following were the standings:

Board Level1st Rank 2nd Rank3rd Rank 4th rank5th rank

At the end of the second week, the following have secured the top slots on board:

Board Level1st Rank 2nd Rank3rd Rank 4th rank5th rank

The leaders are fine; what about the rewards? – is what you look for now.


This Leaderboard contest is for conducted for all the three levels of player- Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The reward for the contest is the real Dhamaka for Diwali. Just think about the rewards for a few seconds, it couldn’t be that simple. We don’t settle for less!

Without further ado, we’ll reveal the list of prizes that you can avail with this fantastic promotion.

A brand new iPhone 11 pro is reserved for the player who secures the top position in the Diamond Leaderboard!!

If that doesn’t ring in a surprise! Wait as we reveal more. Apart from the Diamond Leaderboard, there are many other exciting gifts for you on the other two levels.

Diamond Leaderboard:

Apple iPhone 11 pro- Players Ranking No.1 across all four weeks

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus- Players ranking in the top 2 in 3 out of 4 weeks

Apple iPhone 8 plus- Players ranking in the top 3 in 3 out of 4 weeks

Oneplus 7 pro- Players ranking in the top 4 in 3 out of 4 weeks

Platinum Leaderboard:

Apple iPhone XR- Players featuring No 1 rank all 4 weeks

Samsung Galaxy S9- Players featuring in the top 2 in 3 out of 4 weeks

OnePlus 7T- Players featuring in the top 3 in 3 out of 4 weeks

OPPO Reno- Players featuring in the top 4 in 3 out of 4 weeks

Gold Leaderboard:

Samsung Galaxy M40- Player holding No 1 position in all 4 weeks

Oppo K3- Players holding Top 2 positions in 3 out of 4 weeks

Xiaomi Mi A3- Players holding Top 3 positions in 3 out of 4 weeks

Realme U1- Players holding Top 4 Positions in 3 out of 4 weeks

Win 1 Lakh At the Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Freeroll Tournament

No, our celebrations doesn’t end just with Diwali Leaderboard.

Diwali Rummy Dhamaka

You should have heard about the Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Freeroll tournament at Deccan Rummy. The tournament will be conducted on Oct 27, 2019, at 9 PM. As you read it right, it’s free! Completely FREE!

Even if you have missed out this fantastic contest, don’t worry, we have got many for you. Head out to the Deccan Rummy page and start playing rummy now. You are in for several surprises! See you at our tables!

Where you are in our Diwali Rummy Leaderboard?
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How to Play free rummy tournaments online?

Want to win real money but don’t want to risk your cash? No problem! Try our free rummy tournaments which won’t cost you a dime. Get on board with thousands of players and compete for a large prize pool. Thousands of players have earned real big money with our free rummy games online.

Free rummy is one of the best ways to polish your skills before moving to real cash games. Whether you want to test waters for cash rummy or just want to play for fun and thrill, free rummy games at Deccan rummy are a perfect way, to begin with. Many veterans have started their rummy journey with freeroll games and have moved to achieve great things.

What is Rummy Freerolls?

For those new to rummy online, a freeroll is a free rummy tournament that doesn’t have an entry fee but pays the winner in real cash or at least something equivalent to it.

Free rummy tournaments come in all shapes and sizes but typically with real money prizes or gifts. Many players see it as an ideal way to build their bankroll. You don’t need to deposit to move into cash games. You can always build your bankroll from scratch with free rummy tournaments. Players can also improve their game at no extra price with our freerolls.

Play Rummy For free

Deccan Rummy is the best place to develop your rummy skills and win real money for free. Join India’s most innovative online rummy site and get on the felt now to enjoy free rummy tournaments for free.

Download our free rummy mobile app or software to enjoy rummy games on the move.

Our online free rummy tournaments

Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced player, you will always find exactly what you’re looking at our tables. We offer a huge variety of freeroll tournaments around the clock that won’t cost you a dime. If you are a newbie without knowledge about the game, you can start off with rummy rules and how to play rummy online.

We offer free rummy tournaments with real money prizes as well as other types of prizes.

Deccan Rummy hosts freeroll with a collective worth of over 20 Lakhs a month!

Following are the list of freeroll tournaments

  1. Mega Blast
  2. Giftraffle
  3. Express Qualifier
  4. Express Final
  5. late Night Thunders
  6. Rapid Rustle
  7. GoldQuest
  8. Midday Minerva
  9. Depositors Delight
  10. Loyalty Challenge
  11. Loyalty Grande

Once you’re comfortable with the game, you can then move to the real money segment which will help you win big.

How to play rummy online free

Want to know how to rummy online free? Freeroll tournaments are the one of the best way to enjoy free rummy. There are plenty of free tournaments available at Deccan Rummy. It’s simple, follow these simple steps;

  1. Login to your Deccan Rummy account
  2. In the lobby, Click on the tourney
  3. Click freeroll, and select the tournament you wish to participate, click on join to register for the tournament
  4. Do not forget to hit the tables at the time when the tournament begins

If you’re looking to practice or just want to enjoy some hot rummy action, you can do so for free and get the most authentic gaming experience. Gear up to win big now with our extensive range of freeroll tournaments

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Four ways rummy game helps you in life

Today’s monotonous lifestyle is really taking our toll on your mind and body, isn’t it? From home to office, and from office to home, every day seems like a carbon copy. We do not find much time to pursue our hobbies with our busy lifestyle. It’s incredibly grating to follow the same routine all the time. Online gaming has come as a breather for those who want some relaxation to break free from the stressful daily routines.


A lot of people these days play games online across multiple genres. Games like Indian Rummy, Poker, and Blackjack are incredibly popular among the gaming audiences. These games fire the players mentally and charge them up.

Especially rummy game online has picked up steam in the last decade, thereby making it as the biggest Indian game in terms of users as well as revenue. Sites like Deccan Rummy have taken the rummy experience to the next level with their intuitive gaming interface and mammoth promotions.

Playing rummy online helps you beat stress and improve your focus. Want to know how? Well, here are the few reasons which will prove how rummy is effective in relieving your stress and breaking your routine.

This is how Rummy game helps you:

1. Strategy

One of the key elements to be successful in rummy is to get a strong hold on strategies. It is the reason why rummy is referred as the game of skill. The focus  should be on building a pure sequence as soon as you get your cards. Ignore high value cards and try out lots of tactical moves to stay ahead in the race.

For example, if you receive a majority of black cards (10/13) then chances are that your opponent might hold majority red cards. He would require a few more to declare. Hold back on your red cards. You need to think like this from all angles.

As rummy game requires you to be constantly on your toes, it will reflect in your real life and you will be in a position to face any challenge that may come your way.

2. Improve your memory skills

Having a good memory is a must in rummy. As a player, you need to remember the fall of cards throughout the game. It is very important not to discard cards which will be picked by your opponent.

As you keep playing rummy online, your short time memory would improve. Rummy acts as a stimulant for your mind and always keeps you active. So, improve your memory skills by playing rummy online.

3. Attention span

One of the biggest crisis modern day youngsters are facing is the attention span. Our attention span has taken a major hit, thanks to the number of distractions we have. Rummy game requires your complete focus. Though rummy rules remain the same for online as well as offline, while playing online rummy, getting your focus  is easier compared to online, as there are less distractions around. As you play rummy online for a considerable period, your attention span definitely improves.

4. Mentally Agile

In a rummy game, you need real mental agility. The ability to think and react quickly is what that separates genius players from ordinary ones. As soon as the cards are dealt, quickly arrange them into probable sequences and sets. Rummy game bolsters creativity so try out multiple rummy strategies before settling for what works for you. Be it rummy or your life, people who think out of the box often end up being successful.

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Celebrate Diwali in a grand way with 1 Lakh Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Freerolls

With just another two weeks to go for Diwali, the excitement is pretty high all over the country. Diwali is the festival of lights, and there’s a lot of fun associated with it – Gifts, clothes, family get-togethers, crackers- lots and lots more for Diwali. Another unwritten custom during Diwali is playing card games. Rummy is one card game that is extremely popular in India. Indian families have always enjoyed playing Indian rummy among them during Diwali.

Are you looking for some good fortunes this Diwali? We have huge plans for you. October is the month of festivals. Deccan Rummy is back with awesome festive deals throughout the month. This time, they are cracking and sizzling and electrifying as much as the festivals.

Deccan Rummy is one of the most successful rummy portals in the country. We explode like a cracker during festivals with exciting promotions and offers that are life-changing.  We know special you are; that’s why we are making our fullest efforts to efforts to make your festival occasions even more special and memorable. Special Rummy moments are always sweet to cherish as much as other special memories.


Diwali Dhamaka Freeroll tourney-

For Diwali, Deccan Rummy is back with an exciting tournament this Diwali. Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Freeroll tournament!! Hosted by Deccan Rummy, players can win up to Rs 1 Lakh for *Free*.  Already, the Diwali Leaderboard contest is going great guns with solid participation from players across all walks of life. Diwali Freerolls have come as a cherry on top.

Registration for the contest starts by 4 PM, and the game begins by 9 PM. Being a Freeroll tournament, rummy players would never leave the opportunity to miss this out. Winning without any money put on the table is what many players like to experience.

Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Leaderboard and Diwali Rummy Dhamaka Freeroll tournament, both are currently trending among Indian online rummy players.

This Diwali is all set to be super awesome with the offers at Deccan Rummy. Find the biggest deal this Diwali here on our platform. Do let your friends and relatives know about the exciting offers during Diwali. Refresh the rummy rules, dazzle with your rummy strategies to Skiddle out your opponents.

Celebrate this Diwali the rummy way!!


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