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Four Common Mistakes Rummy Newbies commit

Rummy is a simple card game with easy rules that are easy to understand and grasp. That’s one of the main reasons rummy card game developed a cult-like following in India. A lot of gaming enthusiasts jump into the rummy bandwagon every day with the aim of making it big – thanks to the alluring offers and promotions, online rummy sites come up all the time.

Anyone can play the rummy card game as you do not need to possess any special skills to play the game. However, a lot of players are overzealous and in pursuit of making it big, do a few mistakes and suffer huge losses. In this post, we highlight a few mistakes committed by newbies and ways to rectify them.

Four Common Mistakes

  1. Do not play during a tilt

Do not play rummy continuously when you take a hit; As you play to avenge your defeats, the negative emotions clouds over your judgment skills and you suffer even more losses. Take a break and indulge in things that interest you other than rummy. A good break away from the game would help you to regain focus and get back into the groove.

  1. Bluffing every hand

Bluff is a brilliant move in rummy. It’s an art of deceiving your opponent with cards best known to you. Ask any successful rummy player, he/she would mention how bluff has played an integral part in their success. However, it must be used sporadically in the game depending on circumstances. If you start bluffing in every move, your opponents can easily guess your style of play and beat you with your own game. Bluffing every hand would you predictable and vulnerable.

  1. Hesitant to try out new strategies

Rummy is a mind-sport where the outcome depends on your mental skills. That said, it’s not possible to win each and every match in rummy. Some people out of the fear of losses hesitate to try out a new style of gameplay and stick to the tested formula. That will not work out in the long term. A good rummy player makes sure his rummy strategies keep evolving with games. Even if you lose, try analyzing your failures, you can always learn from your mistakes.

  1. Fix a budget

It’s very important you fix a limit for your rummy habit every month. We advocate fixing a budget limit so as to prevent you from overspending on the game. When you are a winning spree, it’s quite natural that you want to make the most out of it. So, in these times, you tend to play with more than what you could afford and there is a chance that you may lose everything. Fixing a budget limit would not only ensure you do not overspend but will also ensure you don’t develop an addiction towards the game.

These are some of the common mistakes rummy newbies make. Once you take notice of it, you can earnestly work on your game not to repeat these mistakes. Mind-boggling cash prizes and gifts are just a step away, once you finetune your rummy strategies. Rummy game download is just a step away – Download Deccan Rummy Mobile and enjoy rummy on the move. See you at your tables! Happy Playing!

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Win Free tickets to Aladdin playing our Movie Mania tournament

We’ve all grown up watching Disney’s characters, right? Who can forget Cindrella, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy? They’ve always enchanted us growing up and have played a big part in our younger selves.

Disney these days continues to pump out movies based on the earlier animated classics.  After Dumbo, in the pipeline is the Iconic character “Aladdin”. Remember the much-adored character whose quirks we’ve thoroughly enjoyed. In the original Aladdin movie which was made some decades back, the late Robin Williams as the genie was iconic. The songs were unforgettable. In fact, the film is rated among the finest movies from the ranks of Disney.

This week, a vibrant and thrilling live-action adaption of Disney’s unforgettable epic “Aladdin” is release. The uber-talented guy Ritchie who has given us many offbeat films returns to action with this film. The film is an exciting tale of charming street urchin Aladdin, the courageous Princess Jasmine and their faithful servant “Genie”.

Mena Massoud plays Aladdin, with Will Smith out to enthrall the audience as Genie and Naomi Scott play the beautiful princess Jasmine. Will Smith remarked during an interview that Aladdin was the most joyful experience of his career.

Critics are raving about the movie with Will Smith’s performance earning appreciation from all quarters. Isn’t it wonderful to watch a movie that helps us reminisce about our childhood?


Movie Mania Rummy Tournament

Deccan Rummy presents you a wonderful opportunity to watch this Musical Extravaganza from Disney at the theatre of your choice with our Movie Mania rummy tournament this Sunday.

Gear up to watch Aladdin thwart all troubles coming his way with the help of Genie in the screen of your choice by playing our Movie Mania Tournament worth 10K GTD this Sunday at 6:30 PM. Yes! You can win gift vouchers up to Rs. 10000. With so many Imax screens around, we want to make sure users get the best movie experience, that’s primarily the reason behind this increased prize pool.

Want to know how to participate in this tournament? Follow the below steps to win a free ticket:

  1. Players who deposit Min Rs. 500 with the code “ALADDIN” will get the free ticket from Mar 24 till the start of the tournament on May 26. Players have to use the free ticket to register for the movie else it would become void.
  2. The registration for this tournament opens on May 26 at 6:30 AM.
  3. Players can also play the tournament with an entry of Rs. 50.00

Sharpen your rummy skills, master all the rummy tips and dazzle on the table to walk away with big wins and watch the film in the theatre of your choice! Relive your childhood memories watching this film and enjoy every moment! Catch you at our tables!

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Yearning for an immaculate rummy experience? Read this!

Rummy is an immensely popular game from the beginning of the twentieth century. It was primarily played as a recreational game confined within family circles. Eventually, it spread throughout the country because of its interesting game-play. The game eventually found its way into the online circle, attaining never-before-popularity and eventually became a cult among the card gaming enthusiasts. Thousands of players are joining the rummy bandwagon to enjoy the rummy magic!

Due to the rising popularity of the game, many gamers have become professional players to win multimillion-dollar tournaments prizes and make a living out of playing rummy card games. With a plethora of websites available all over the internet, options abound for players to pick one and begin to play. Online rummy is one of the hottest entertainments among the millennials.

Other than the interesting gameplay, it’s the reward that enchants the players. It’s astounding to note the extent to which prize pool has gone up in this game of 13 cards. Perhaps it is this alluring prize money that increases the appeal of the game and enhances the rummy experience. The exciting proposition of earning big with a limited investment is too tempting of an offer to refuse.

Unlike offline rummy where people have to contend with the same type of games repeatedly, online rummy offers them plenty of variants. Additionally, there are various free rummy as well as cash rummy tournaments which pits users across the country in a level battlefield.  At Deccan Rummy, India’s premier site for playing rummy online, we host free rummy tournaments worth up to 20 Lakhs and cash rummy tournaments up to 15 lakhs every month.

There are different types of rummy games available for card game enthusiasts. The few popular types that are widely enjoyed are Cash Rummy, Deals Rummy & Pool Rummy.

Online entertainment has become so diversified that it has explored all verticals on the internet from Hotel Booking, Shopping, Movie booking etc. Likewise, there are many rummy sites like Deccan Rummy, Khelplay Rummy, Adda52Rummy, Rummy Passion for enjoying the game at its best.

Mind-blowing Rummy Experience

There are actually no legal blockades while enjoying rummy online. Deccan Rummy provides ultimate security for gamers. Just register at our site using your mail id and password and play rummy free in the beginning. Check out our hotshot rummy promotions and avail each one of them. From a welcome bonus of Rs. 5000 to various bonus offers to special rummy tournaments to huge refer a friend bonus offer, players are dealt huge chances to win real money online. Additionally, if you are someone who finds competitions as intriguing, you can participate in our weekly leaderboard contest which is huge among the rummy playing audience in India.

When you think of the most spectacular rummy experience, there’s only one app that comes to mind – Deccan Rummy Mobile! With a wide range of rummy games at all stakes, easy navigation, and a stunning gaming interface, it’s no secret why more than a 2 Lakh players use our app to play rummy online. If you are looking for a phenomenal rummy experience, you must register at Deccan Rummy & start enjoying the features of our site. You will notice why we are referred as the best rummy site in the market!

Gather your circle of friends and head down to Deccan Rummy for an immaculate rummy experience!


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Hop on to our Rummy Express & Win from 4 Lakhs!

With a host of high quality guaranteed rummy tournaments and lucrative promotional offers hosted all through the year avid rummy aficionado, Deccan Rummy, India’s leading online rummy site has earned the tag of being the loved rummy site among the Indian gaming audience. Ensuring our loyal rummy base is fully satisfied, we offer our loyal customers countless opportunities to win big bucks and rake in big moolahs throughout the year. Aside from providing a superior gaming experience, we delight the customer with superior customer service. It comes as no surprise to see the customers flock in droves to our gaming platform for some intriguing gaming action and an opportunity to earn a life-changing sum of money.

One of the huge attractions besides the seamless gaming interface has been our rummy tournaments which see participation from brilliant minds all over the country. Our rummy games and tournaments are leagues apart from the rest both in terms of the prize pool as well as quality. We’ve just decided to up the ante with yet another stunning offering in the tournament section.

Rummy Express

Rummy Express

Gear up for an exciting rummy ride with our brand new rummy tournament called Rummy express. Coming with a collective prize pool of Rs. 4 Lakhs, the rummy express tournament promises to be an exciting ride for the rummy enthusiasts as the name suggests.

Our Rummy players have been requesting for a bigger tournament with satellites for some time. This tournament comes to fulfill their longtime wish.

There’s no better word for a rummy player than high value. High value is the cornerstone of the Rummy Express tournament.

True to its name, rummy express promises to be an exciting ride. Players who played the tournament in the limited time since its launch have been raving about the exciting format. The multi-level rummy tournament at extremely low buy-in allows every player an opportunity to win big cash prizes online.

Want to know how to reach the final to grab the prize? Follow the hierarchy given below!

Express Satellites

Play our Express Satellites every day at a low buy-in of Rs. 20 for a prize pool of Rs. 3240. Satellites will be conducted 5 times a day at 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM. In addition to the prizes, 30 tickets to Express Qualifiers will be issued in this round.

Express Qualifiers

Play our Express Qualifiers every day at a nominal buy-in of Rs. 50 for a prize pool of Rs.    4860. Qualifiers will be conducted 3 times a day at 12:30 PM, 4:30 PM, and 8:30 PM. In addition to the prizes, 36 tickets for the final will be issued to the winners.

Express Final

Don’t want to take the long route to the final? No problem! Take part in the final with a nominal buy-in of Rs. 100 and fight for the prize pool of Rs. 6480 each day. Players who won the free tickets through qualifiers can play this tournament free of cost.

Imagine getting close to a payout of INR 4 lakhs a month at an extremely low investment! It’s a windfall prize pool! Well, this is a reality now with our latest offering in Rummy Express, an express ride that is thoroughly enjoyable and hugely beneficial!

So if you want to win big, gear up for this tournament and login to your Deccan Rummy account to register for this rummy express series! This is one opportunity you definitely should not miss out on.

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