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Playing rummy online has become a rage in India of late since the lockdown. You can play this 13 card game online on the many sites that are open and available. Since the game is easy to learn and legal to play online, the number of players who are willing to try out the game are increasing every year. While free games are fun to play, cash games are where the real thrill and bigi money is.

Deccan Rummy is one of the best sites to play rummy for real cash. Our site offers the luxury and style you’ve want to experience.

We have several games and tournaments running on our website. Rummy is one of the easiest ways to make money online. With the arrival of online rummy, the ease of accessibility and a range of games, a lot more people play the game with ease. All you require is a PC or a Smartphone with basic features to enjoy this game.

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To facilitate you play rummy online for cash, we offer regular bonus offers every month. Hundreds of thousands of players avail our bonus offers everyday and boost their bankroll. One of the biggest attractions of our website has been the weekly bonus offer.

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No matter what your views are on about rummy, it’s undeniable that the enthralling game of skills catches everyone’s fancy. After a heavy day’s work, there are multitudes of options available today to beat our boredom and relax. But not everything is as rewarding as rummy.


Online Rummy games are amusing, and they can induce the adrenaline rush like a real world sport does. But the best apart from fun and thrill is that you stand a chance to win real money prizes. There are hundreds of thousands of players that have benefitted big by playing this skill game that you can read in our testimonial section.


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Rummy Game

Ways to regain love for rummy game

There are times in life where we do not find the motivation for an activity we love to do always either as a hobby or a profession. It is something every rummy game player undergoes at some point in time. The question is not about love being lost, our brain is programmed to look at an activity negatively if it’s monotonous. It could be in situations where your work is hectic or a family situation that is not allowing you to fully concentrate on the game. Whatever be the case, most of the players go through such stages. Especially, when players go on a losing streak.

For players, who play rummy game online as a source of second income, it might not be possible to stay away from the game for too long. However, there are other things in life to look forward to that can improve your mood and rejuvenate you during such instances. For example, you can go on vacation with your friends, catch a movie in a theatre, play outdoor games such as golf, football, or any other physically demanding game. Research indicates there is a direct correlation between physical and mental health. Going through these activities is known to rejuvenate you and increase your focus and concentration.

You can use this mental break away from the game to look at the game from a different angle. As we all know in this information and technology era, there is no stopping learning. People who stop learning become obsolete. So, you can use this break away from the game to engage yourself  in the below-mentioned activities which are proved to be highly effective.

Get back to being best in the Rummy Game

  1. Read a Book

Reading is one of the powerful means of enhancing one’s knowledge and worldview. Developing a reading habit is not only vital from an academic point of view but also helpful in everyday life. When was the last time you bought a book and read it end-to-end? Must be so long right? Unfortunately, the other mediums for engagement and entertainment have pushed reading habit to the backseat.

Pick a book, preferably a sports autobiography, and read it end to end. Books such as Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, will give you new hopes and look at life from a new different perspective.

  1. Watch a Sports Movie

Movies are a great source of fun and entertainment. Watching a sports movie can be really uplifting during times when you feel mentally down.

The focus of the most popular sports movies, in general, is not all about the sport, it’s the story theme (for example, rise of the underdog) that has always enamored the audience. For example, movies like Rocky still don’t age even after 4 decades. The tale of Rocky Balboa is arguably the greatest sports movie ever made. If you’re feeling down or depressed, watching Rocky can be immensely uplifting. If you are insistent about card games, then there can be no better option than Rounders. In fact, you can read about the best movies for card gamers in a separate post.

  1. Participate in Forums

Being a part of a forum or discussion board gives you a sense of belonging to a community. It is the reason why social networking sites were primarily formed. It brings closure, allows people to transfer knowledge, have fun at the same time.

If you love playing card games such as poker and 13 card rummy game, there are various discussion forums and message boards that you can be part of without having to actively play the game. For example, if you are on a mental break away from the game, you can join these forums to enhance your knowledge about the game. Maybe you come across a strategy or a hack that you have not heard before. Trust us, it will be an immensely enriching experience.

Staying a while away from the rummy game is not such a bad idea. You can make up for the time lost with additional winnings if you come well-prepared. Following these tips will help you in the process hugely.

How Online Rummy is a skill test to players?

Something new happens consistently in the world! – But this is not true with regard to rummy. The only change in the game is the way it is played. Even though technology has initiated changes in every aspect of life, one of India’s oldest games, rummy, is still at the top. Online Rummy is now India’s most popular game. The game has been accepted as the skill game option for people. There’s nothing with regard to physical toughness; it’s all about the mental strength of the player. To enhance a player’s game, online rummy sites provide materials such as rummy strategy and how to play rummy on the internet. There are several elements in the game to be a perfect skill test for players; check out how here.

Problem-solving technique

The only way to cross the finish line at rummy tables is by applying the problem-solving abilities in the game. The player must focus on getting the right combinations in hand; hence there needs a lot of mental exercises to be done. There is definitely pressure to maintain a low score in hand. It is indeed a smart move to lose the game by a small margin than taking risks to lose by a huge mark.

Decision Making

There are a lot of decisions to be taken while playing a game. To be a successful player, one has to have the upper hand in decision making. The result of the game entirely depends on the decisions made during the course of the game. Right from choosing the tables to deciding on dropping or continuing the game to picking and discarding cards, one has to take a lot of calls.

Memory and Analysis

One can easily turn the game their way by reading the opponents. To imbibe this talent, one will have to exhibit good memory and analysis skills. The player will have to observe the cards picked and discarded by the opponents to know how well the game is in his/her control.

With such qualifications to be a great player, 13-card Indian Rummy is definitely a great test to one’s skill.