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How Rummy online can serve as a great hobby?


In the quest of a balanced life, we often take things very seriously without giving room to hobbies. Life without any meaningful hobbies can be really boring. We all need to unwind and relax.

To remove chaos, we need to indulge in some meaningful hobbies. Playing online rummy games is a good hobby. Apart from beating your boredom and keeping your entertainment, it also comes with a host of benefits.

Here are some reasons why rummy can be considered as a good hobby.

  1. Improve Focus and Concentration

One of the best aspects to success in rummy is to stay in focus and concentration at all times. You need to be constantly on your toes checking your opponent’s moves and devising your strategies. Missing out on your opponent’s moves may cost you the opportunity to make your moves at the right time.

Play more practice games and stay focused throughout the game. The more games you play, the more your concentration and adroitness would improve.

  1. Improves Patience

One of the most things bothering people is lack of patience. People are always in urgency and in that aspect they miss out on many things. Playing rummy online helps you cultivate patience and perseverance.

Well it is understandable that you may lose a few games, however you should not allow yourself to get demotivated by these losses. As the old adage goes, failures are the stepping stones of success. A few loses shouldn’t deter your journey. Playing for a long time will help you improve your patience and perseverance.

  1. Develop Social Skills

Rummy sites can also function as a social media tool for you to interact with a lot of people. If you are an introvert, looking to improve your social skills, then rummy platforms like Deccan Rummy can serve as a excellent tool to bond with people with similar interests.

Online Rummy can serve as a great hobby for everyone. The best part about online rummy is that you can also play it without spending a dime. Download Deccan Rummy mobile app now and get indulged in the world of rummy.

When should you start playing Cash games

Rummy is undoubtedly the best card game in the gaming industry. People from different lines of practice are available in the gaming system. In the last few years, online gaming has been the trend in the Indian gaming sector. The game has promisingly been the best entertainment for all its players. Not just entertainment, it has also been a source of real cash income for many on the platform. Winning isn’t tough until the individual is strong with the basics like Rummy rules, Rummy strategies. More than learning, the main focus is about implementing the knowledge.

Deccan Rummy provides the opportunity for players to play practice games without any constraint. Each player will be given practice chips that can be refilled easily. But the real game is when one starts playing cash games.

There are five instances when one should prepare to start playing cash games,

Drop scenario

One of the important decision making segments of the game is with regard to the drop scenarios. Players have to decide on playing or dropping the game during every game. In a rummy game, cards are shuffled and dealt to each player on the table. To make sure there is originality in the card distribution process, the site has the Random Number Generator License registered with it. Sometimes the individual would receive a bad hand, so the player must drop the game instead of taking the risk of playing the game. In rummy, dropping is, in fact, a smart move rather than playing the game and losing huge points.

Play responsible mindset

The game has no borders in fun and entertainment. There are several policies that a player must follow in Deccan Rummy. Some are the player must be more than 18 years of age, KYC documents and other protocols. With real money involved in the game, the individual has to cautious about handling money. When you own a responsible game style at the table, then everything would look fine.

Rummy knowledge

It is very important to know the basics of the game. The rules are minimal and very easy to learn. Rummy players must be aware of the concepts around the variants of 13-card Indian rummy. There are three variants including, points, deals, and pool rummy. Each player will have comfort about playing these variants. Hence the player must be choosy while playing the games so that your winning will be very frequent.

Decision-making skill

Rummy is a perfect game for human brains. The game throws a perfect challenge to the player. One can improve his/her decision-making skills by playing rummy. One has to take up the practice games to adapt and build on the basic skills; later, it can be built to even better heights at the cash tables with the real money experience. More the challenge more will be the experience, and more will be your skill.

Choose the right table

Many fail to choose the right table in online rummy. There are really many to have chosen the wrong table and lost their way to success. The table you choose must match your skills, experience and wallet money. Start with low fee tables, and later play for high-value ones to build confidence in a player.

Love to Play rummy? Here’s a way to test your skills

We all like to play rummy online. Rummy is one of the most engrossing games around which can keep you occupied for hours together with its thrilling format. You need to be really good at strategizing and adapting to different scenarios. So, how good a rummy player do you think you are? Here are a few facets of the rummy games through which you can test yourself.

Play Free games

Free games are the best way to gauge your rummy skills. Sites like Deccan Rummy offer free chips with a refill option to all registrants. Free games help you to experiment with different styles of gameplay and help you arrive at a style. Test yourself in different scenarios before zeroing in on a particular style.

Cash Games

Once you have mastered playing free rummy games, you will get to know some basic rummy strategies and gameplay, then you can move to cash games. You can start with minor stakes and then move on to minor stake games. Playing low-stake games will give you the determination to win. Moreover, they will give you a wonderful chance to win super awesome prizes.

Take a Rummy Quiz

Take Rummy Quiz very often which will give you an option to test your skills. It will give you a chance to test your rummy knowledge. Answering such questions would help you enhance your rummy knowledge and test where you stand.

Without Joker

Jokers are trump cards which come to your rescue many times. It can take a place of any missing card in a set or a sequence. What would you do if you do not get any joker in your hand? If you somehow manage to win the game without any joker, then you can consider yourself a good rummy player.

High-value cards

Another situation to test your rummy skills is how you are able to tackle high-value cards. Whenever you play rummy online, you may come across this situation. You may be stuck with high-value cards at the starting hand. How will you handle those high-value cards? Would you discard them at the earliest? Would you hold them long enough to see if you get the right cards to pair with them? Either way, the way you deal with the high-value cards determines your fortune in the game.

These are the ways through which you can analyze your rummy skills. You may make mistakes, that’s the way we learn through mistakes. Learn all the rules of rummy and how to play rummy along with rummy strategies to become a perfect rummy player.


Tips to win Freeroll tournaments consistently

Winning at rummy tables doesn’t need months of workout; precise gameplay and high hand rummy skills will do. Being a winner at a rummy game is special if it is a tournament, then it’s your day to rejoice. Deccan Rummy has India’s best collection of rummy tournaments. The collection has free, cash and many surprising special tourneys in the store. To be specific, the rummy site has the best set of freeroll tourneys.

There wouldn’t be any player in the online platform having not tried freeroll tournaments. There are reasons for such likings; one among them is that freeroll tournaments can be the best way to adapt to the tournament arena. Many consider these tournaments to be their practice to play the cash tourneys at their best touch. Who wouldn’t want to win for free?

Have you already tried playing freeroll rummy tournaments? Don’t have that many good games in this format? Don’t worry; we have compiled a set of hacks for you to consistently win the free rummy tourneys.

Here are they,


Since the tournament is a free entry one, you can expect a lot of traffics for the contest. Hence the player must be cautious enough in registering for the game on time. Remember, every second count during registration, seats get filled at high speed. Also, keep note of the rewards, number of seats, and other factors related to the contest. There are plenty of freeroll tournaments available at Deccan Rummy every day. In simple, keep things updated.

Avoid delay

One big requirement is you shouldn’t delay things! After knowing the details of the tourney, make sure you don’t miss out to follow them. It is very important to not miss out on the tasks. Putting a reminder on your mobile phone will be helpful. Paste sticker notes around you regarding the tourney; this also help you not miss the contest. Freeroll Tournaments – here, you can get the entire schedule.


Don’t forget to brush your rummy skills. Have a good time at the practice games section. A good practice before any contest will bring in a lot of confidence in a player. Make sure to have a good study at the Rummy rules, how to play rummy documents. Plan yourself on your goals and game style. Know your strength and weakness before getting into any contest.

Start playing freeroll tournaments; there’s one with registration open when you read this!