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Why should you play at Deccan Rummy?

Online rummy has been a huge hit in the few years in the Gaming industry. The game is the same, but the ingredients have changed a little. The game runs on the online platform with features that better up the user’s gaming experience. There are many online rummy sites like Deccan Rummy that have their own taste of serving for the users. Being India’s promising and most reputed site, Deccan Rummy holds many features that make people choose Deccan Rummy as their rummy destination.

Let’s discuss the features that make Deccan Rummy a better place to play.

Rummy Bonus

Your first entry into the site is much applauded with a huge welcome bonus worth 100% bonus up to Rs 5000. Players can also avail of a free sign up bonus of Rs 25 by verifying the phone number and Email. Not just these, the site rewards players with everyday bonus in the name of daily deposit bonus by which the player can grab a real cash bonus of up to 200%. There’s another opportunity to get a bonus every day using the happy hours bonus. The list isn’t over yet. There is many more check out the rummy promotions page on the site to know more.

Rummy tournaments

One of the loved parts of the online rummy structure is the Rummy tournament. It is one way to win huge in the shortest time span. The tournaments are available as both cash and free tournaments. It is a real fact that Deccan Rummy is hosting Free tournaments worth 20 Lakhs every month. Just imagine, you are open to winning fantastic rewards like gold coins, gift vouchers and many more. There are several cash tournaments that can win you huge rewards in a quick span of time.

Refer and Earn

Refer and earn promotion is a jackpot in Deccan Rummy. Any player can enjoy lifetime earnings through the promotion. Yes, it is true; share the love of playing and get rewarded for a lifetime. Players get 10% of the rake paid by the referred player to Deccan Rummy. There isn’t any restriction on the number of players you can refer through the promotions. Players can refer their close ones through the social media platform.

New Year

Welcome 2022 with big wins with our New Year Millionaire Leaderboard

The current year is about to end and 20220is just around the corner – aren’t you excited for the New Year? You’re sure you want to welcome 2022 with a bang? If your answer is yes you’ve just hit the right site.

2021 has been a remarkable year for the Indian rummy enthusiasts as they were party to some of the biggest promotions in the rummy industry and one can only imagine what 2022 has in store for the sport. From Sankranti to the recently concluded IPL promotions, it has been an absolute blast for the players at Deccan Rummy. Many players benefited hugely from these promotions. So, it’s only fitting we end this year on a high, and welcome the New Year in a grand way with big winning chances.

New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2022

To Sign off 2021 in style, we are offering our players spectacular winning opportunities in our latest edition of New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2022. Running from Dec 5 – Jan 8, this latest edition of the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard offers spectacular winning opportunities for all players. The best part about this promotion is that you do not have to invest separately to participate in this contest as it is based on your performance in the weekly leaderboard contests.

This contest is available in three levels, namely Diamond, Platinum, and the Gold leaderboard and comes with phenomenal prizes at all levels. Perform consistently well in all the weekly leaderboard contests in this timespan and earn a spot in this leaderboard. For instance, if you miss a week’s action, you may lose your place in the race. So, ensure you do not miss a week in this contest.

Some of the spectacular giveaways in this contest are Tata Punch Adventure, Kawasaki Ninja 300 Yamaha YZF R15 V4 in the diamond level. APPLE iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, and OnePlus 9 Pro 5G in the platinum level.

Additionally, players ranked between 3-6 in the Diamond and Platinum Leaderboard, and the players ranking in the top 3 positions of the Gold leaderboard will get a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Goa. Get set to enjoy the pristine beaches, picturesque locations, and delicious cuisines in the Las Vegas of India.

Lead the Race and Grab the chance

Normally, contests like these are extremely competitive, so do bring you an A+ game to stand a chance to be in the race. Rack up points every week and maintain the lead so that you have a fair chance to win these awesome prizes. March ahead of your opponents from day 1 to take a fair shot at these awesome prizes.

Says Manjunath, Marketing Head at Deccan Rummy, “New Year Leaderboard Bonanza is a prestigious event and is a culmination of consistent performance in our weekly leaderboard. It offers a rewarding experience for all the players. As a market leader, we consider it as our privilege to raise the bar and new trends, and this promotion is very well in that direction”

This contest is a perfect opportunity for the players to express their dedication and love towards the game and also a platform. Moreover, it is a perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise. So gear up for an entertaining month of classic rummy action and get rewarded in a big way.

Main reasons for Rummy’s growth in India

Evolution in games takes years, sometimes even years. Every game we play today has a history that shows us the different cultures of the game. Actually, like all games, Indian Rummy also has fascinating facts of its origins.

History of Indian Rummy

There are numerous speculations related to the origin of Rummy, with internet sources showing different data on the origin. With several data on the internet, we can bring out the connections around the game.

Spanish Connection

Rummy is basically the same as the Spanish Card game Conquian. As per historians, it was played during the time Spanish intruders conquered the Americas and set up their colonies there. There is likewise a theory that the game has its starting point in America and its further spread to Mexico.

Poker Connection

According to certain historians, French people took on the game from Poker due to its similar gameplay. This type of Poker was before known as rum poker, and the new game was named Rummy.

Asian Connection

There is another hint on the internet that the game connects all the way to China. There existed a game known as “MahJong”, which followed a similar pick-and-drop game pattern like Rummy. As per this theory, the game more likely reached India through Chinese traders who came here for spiritual reasons. There exists another theory connecting Rummy with the Japanese game “Hanafuda”.

Legal Clearances

Though Rummy was quite famous when played at homes and festive gatherings, the real problem began when played in clubs. The critics of the game considered the game as mere luck; hence the debate was taken to court. After several examinations, the Supreme Court of India in the year 1968 made it a huge judgement making the 13-card Indian Rummy the game of skill, and that cleared the critics of gambling.

Popularity of Rummy

Though the game was well known in India, its popularity reached a peak point only after the digital presence. With the availability of various Rummy mobile applications, games that were played in a club can be easily be accessed anytime.

The future

Like Poker, there is a tremendous market for Rummy in the near future. Actually, like the poker circuit, the days for worldwide rummy competitions like WSOP, World Poker Tour, Asia Pacific Poker visit are not extremely far away. The rummy sites are hosting huge rummy promotions in order to increase the user base.

Mobile Gaming

Where does Indian rummy stand in the mobile gaming trends?

The Mobile Gaming market has been on the upsurge in India for the past few years now. Not long ago, Snake and Bounce were the only games that were available on mobile handsets. But with the rapid incursion of technology, we have seen many games making their mark all these years. The gaming industry as a whole has improved by leaps and bounds, and it manifests itself in the form of exciting storylines, interesting characters, intriguing missions and hordes of power options to empower the player. Over the years, games like Subway Surfer and Temple Run has been phenomenally popular in India.

According to the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) and KPMG report at present, there are 250 million gamers that are playing mobile games online. The number of Mobile gaming companies has increased to 250 from a mere 25 in 2011.  The online gaming industry is currently worth Rs. 4380 crore and is projected to hit Rs. 12000 crore by 2023 at an astounding growth rate of 22.1 %. Because of the high price of consoles, the action has switched to mobiles for now. According to the report, mobile gaming contributed to over 50% of the gaming revenue thus far. A casual Indian gamer spends about 4-5 hours per week on online games, and hardcore gamers spend as much 15-16 hours per week according to a study.

Mobile Gaming innovations and Rummy game

Of all the online games, card games do have a special place in the heart of Indian gamers. Traditional card games like Indian Rummy game, Teen Patti, and Bluff are now available online. A quick google search with the keyword “Rummy” should indicate the growing popularity of the game.

The dynamics of the game has undergone a complete makeover since its transition online. Rummy strategies have evolved a lot and are now crisper.  Some of the essential rummy tips that are used by online rummy gamers these days can be found below:

Your skills and the ability to judge your opponent’s card comes in handy. With the manifold increase in technology, you must update your skills continuously to stay in the race. There are thousands of players joining the field every day, in order to be a standalone performer and not run over these players, you need to stand part with your skills.

  1. Track your opponent’s moves

The most crucial prerequisite for success in online rummy lies in how good you are at tracking your opponent’s moves. Depending on their discards, you get to know what melds/combinations they are trying. Once you identify them, you can space your discards carefully so that you do not help them in any way.

  1. Drop High-Value Cards

Drop high-value cards while they are hot. Retaining cards like Ace, King, Queen, and Jack would prove to be detrimental as they carry a lot of points. Discard them at the first chance you get.

  1. Trick your opponents

While playing the rummy game online, you can trick your opponents into dropping the card you want. For example, if you are trying to make a set with three 6’s. You have 6♦, 6 ♣, and 7♠. You can discard 7♠. Your opponent might think you are not going to make a sequence with 7 involved, so he/she might drop a 6 which might help complete your set. This particular trick of maiming your opponents with skill is called bait.

Trapping your opponents in an online rummy game is a special skill that one should master if he/she wants to go down the long way. You can trick your opponents and force them into submission.

These tips will definitely help a player in case of a tournament or a game. It is also important to have a positive attitude while playing the game.

Hundreds of rummy sites have popped up in the recent past offering quality rummy action for the Indian card game enthusiasts. However, it’s a challenging proposition for the players to choose the best rummy site among them. Most rummy players are looking for a platform that offers a seamless gaming experience with plenty of rewards up for grabs. There are many rummy sites as well as rummy mobile apps out there in the market.

Deccan Rummy is one of the most preferred partners by rummy enthusiasts to quench their gaming desires. Offering multiple rummy variants in a multi-table environment, Deccan Rummy is known for its incredibly fast gaming platform which provides a pleasurable gaming experience. Built with state-of-the-art gaming software with advanced graphics, Deccan Rummy offers a seamless mobile gaming experience. With the prize pool of rummy tournaments touching as much as one crore, no wonder more and more players are joining the rummy game bandwagon.