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Win Free Tickets to Petta playing rummy online

Deccan Rummy has brought some incredible Giftraffle movie special tournaments that allowed the players to win movie vouchers for free. Deccan Rummy has pulled out some stunners from the bag in the past, and Giftraffle movie specials have always had a special place in our heart. Isn’t it an enticing proposition to watch your favourite movie at the theatre of your choice for free by playing your favourite rummy card game from your home?

Petta Special

Rajinikanth – the Petta!

The rummy powerhouse of India, Deccan Rummy is at again; this time for the much expected Rajinikanth starrer “Petta”. Rajinikanth proved that he is a box-office dinosaur with 2.0 and shut his critics up resoundingly. Now he is back to enthral the audience with Petta. Directed by Karthik Subbaraj, the film has an ensemble star casting with Vijay Sethupathi, Nawazuddin Sidiqque, Trisha, Bobby Simha, and Simran. Going by the huge response the trailer generated, the expectations have heightened a bit. And one word to describe the fan frenzy would be “Pandemonium”. The makers to their credit have promoted beautifully with special hashtags like #GetRajinified. The movie is touted to bring back the much admired Rajinikanth of the 90s?

With extended holidays available to all of us because of Sankranti celebration, it’s time for some amazing movie action. Would you say no to a chance to watch this multi-starrer featuring Thailava?

Petta GiftRaffle Special Tournament

Play our Petta Special GiftRaffle Tournament from Jan 9 – 16 everyday at 11PM for free. Get a chance to win free movie vouchers worth Rs. 4100 everyday. Register for free at 6PM and hit the table sharply at 11PM.

There you have it! An opportunity to grab the movie vouchers from the comfort of your homes. So if you are willing to get Rajinified, you shouldn’t miss this amazing opportunity to win free tickets to Petta! For any aspiring rummy player in the country, the tournament serves as a great opportunity to showcase their rummy skills and grab a fantastic movie voucher as a prize.

Since its conception, the GiftRaffle Special has been the standout tournament series for Indian rummy players. The previous special editions have consistently witnessed record participation and have set the bar so high. Do not miss this opportunity to win this voucher!

Good Luck! See you at our tables soon!

Have a great Sankranti with exciting promotions

Even before the storm of New Year has subsided we have the next festival ready which happens to be Makar Sankranti. Primarily a harvest festival, it is celebrated with great pomp and fervour across India. Each state has a unique way of celebrating the same in tune with the indigenous culture but the underlying notion of the celebration is to welcome the harvest season. Sankranti is believed to mark a new beginning. It is widely believed to bring in wealth and prosperity to our lives. Let us deal in depth a few details about the festival and the significance of the same.

Sankranti Special Tournament
Sankranti Special Tournament
Pongal Bonus
Pongal Bonus

Makar Sankranti –  The history

Makar Sankranti is celebrated on Jan 15. The festival marks the transition of sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn which happens to be holy as per Indian customs. The preceding month is considered as inauspicious so all the holy activities can be sanctified from this date.

Legend has it that Capricorn is a sign of Saturn i.e. Shani Bhagvan, and sun enters the planet. Sun is considered to be the father of Saturn and as per mythology, Sun and Saturn do not get along well. But on this day every year, father buries the rift with his son and goes to meet him for the welfare of the humans. As both sun and Saturn are powerful planets capable of striking good fortunes on a human’s life. Both the gods are worshipped on this day. In places such as Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the Pongal festivities take place over four days.

People venerate their cattle and livestock on this day as a way of expressing their gratitude. Houses are decorated and house fronts are adorned with colourful rangolis. In fact, an entire day of celebration is set aside for the livestock be decorating it and feeding them sumptuously. The aroma of sweet pongal made with jaggery and ghee-fried cashew nuts is simply too hard to resist. Another important associated with this festival is flying of colourful kites. This is the day we see the entire sky is decorated with colourful kites. This is a custom that is more commonly followed in North India. All said, people celebrate this festival with fervour and much happiness.  This is the time to erase negativity from your lives and bask in happiness and wisdom.

Deccan Rummy Promotions

Deccan Rummy plans to make this Makar Sankranti Memorable with a couple of offers exclusively open for all our players. Want to know, what it is exactly? Read on!

1. Pongal Bonus Offer

How good is the festival of harvest without harvesting big? Keeping that in mind, we have an exciting rummy bonus offer that is open for all the players. Get 30% Bonus upto Rs. 1500 on one of your deposits made on that day. Use the deposit code “PONGAL” while making the deposit. The bonus shall be credited as booster bonus immediately after the successful completion of purchase. Avail this fantastic bonus and make your day more special.

2. Sankranti Special Rummy Tournament

Sankranti is always associated with sports, be it the traditional bull taming Jallikattu or the exciting bullock cart race commonly called as the rekla race, the sporting activities are integral part of Sankranti Celebration. For the mind game enthusiasts, what better way than to take part in a fierce online rummy tournament where they get pitted against the best in the business? Yes, Deccan Rummy understands the cravings of mind game enthusiasts. That’s the reason we are hosting a Sankranti Special Tournament on Jan 17 at 9Pm. Players can get free ticket to this tournament by making a minimum deposit of Rs. 500 with the code “SANKRANTI” or they can play with the buy-in of just Rs. 200. A win on this auspicious day is considered as a precursor for the large swaths of wealth that is destined for you. Why let go of such a fantastic opportunity?

Do avail both these awesome rummy promotions and have a happy and prosperous Sankranti!!


Mayurget – the winner of New Year Diamond Leaderboard Race

It’s been a Wow year for Deccan Rummy with super value offers and promotions. Starting off with the weekly leaderboard contest which was warmly received by the players to our high-value promotions, it’s been a year to remember. We always envisioned our New Year leaderboard giveaways to be gigantic and a one to remember. Deccan Rummy’s tryst with New Year offers needs no introduction – we have organized some amazing promotions in the past with VIP Trips to Phuket and Pattaya as giveaways.

Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

New Year Leaderboard contests have always provided a great platform for players to establish a name for themselves along with an opportunity to win something so memorable that they could carry on for their rest of their lives. Keeping that in mind, we announced “Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special” with some amazing giveaways. The highlight of the leaderboard was a whopping 1 crore prizepool. To ensure all players get a share of prize, we made the contest open to players across all the 3 leaderboards – Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. The purpose of the contest was to make the players more consistent.

It was a treat for the Players who were waiting for such a big extravaganza for the year end. Players are not going to let go of the opportunity to win life changing prizes and a place in the record books at the comfort of their living rooms. Normally New Year leaderboard contests at Deccan Rummy are action packed with different players across the country from a wide breadth of sites jumping into the fray to take a shot.

Solid Action

The action was fierce right from the first week. Just like all the leaderboard contests, this one too proved to be a test of skill and endurance. The contest was ideal to the players who were grinders. With jaw-dropping prizes up for grabs, the action packed leaderboard contest saw changes in the position every week across all the levels. This comes as no surprise as the momentum swings back and forth between a set of players taking the contest seriously. It takes immense skills, patience, and endurance to position oneself in a contest like this. Judging by the numbers that hit our cash tables, we can proudly say that the contest created a stir within the online rummy community.  Getting so many players under one common platform and make vye for the topspot, we have outdone ourselves when compared to last year which saw a tight contest.

Diamond Leaderboard winner Mayurget

Beating all the odds, Maryurget from the diamond leaderboard managed to top the Diamond leaderboard for three weeks. Also, remarkable was the fact that he managed to feature in all the five weeks of the New Year diamond leaderboard race. He was well on his way for a clean sweep if not for the slight hiccup in the week 3 and 4. But he still managed to feature in those leaderboards which shows his brilliance. It wasn’t too long since he managed to get back to No 1 position in the fifth and final week which shows his resilience. The resolve that he showed throughout the race is admirable. For his stellar effort winning the contest 3 out of 5 times, we would be presenting him with a brand new Innova Crysta in an event very soon.

Congratulations Mayurget! This was a solid performance and you deserved it! By winning this New Year Diamond leaderboard contest, you have made a name for yourself in the fast growing online rummy community. The success of players like Mayurget shows that restores faith in the age old adage that hard work and commitment will see the light one day.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every player who participated in the race. Some of you fought valiantly but couldn’t make the cut, Don’t worry! There are so many contests similar to this waiting for you! Do participate in all the contest and you may very well end up winning one sooner than what you imagine.

Stay tuned for exciting rummy action

Deccan Rummy wishes happy New Year to all our players. We promise to ignite you, delight you, and electrify you with thunderous promotions in the future. Keep grinding more!

Credited as the fastest rummy site in India, Deccan Rummy has set a benchmark in the rummy industry. Launched 3 years back, the site has pulled off some amazing things for the game as a whole and for the players. As a result, we are brimming with close to a million players now. It’s some landmark that we reached earlier than what we expected. Want to be part of our exciting rummy online community? Just register for free and jump into action now!

Happy New Year everyone!

Deccan Rummy would like to wish all our members a Happy New Year and hope that 2019 will be a profitable one for you at the tables.

Happy New Year

2018 in review

Talking about 2018, it was a fantastic year for the online rummy community. From the launch of The Rummy Federation (TRF) that streamlined online rummy operations in India to the the massive inroads rummy mobile apps made in Google PlayStore and APPStore, it’s been a year to remember for the online rummy industry. The year also saw a rapid surge as far as the player base goes across all the rummy online sites. Given the fact that rummy is a skill game, it comes as no surprise.

DeccanRummy’s 2018 was one kind of a exploration. We explored a lot of things which could be termed as pioneering and most of it was very successful. We reshaped ourselves and have grown to be compared along-scale with some of the giants who have been in the industry for years. This is a giant leap for us considering the fact that we began operations just 3 years back.

Promotions & Offer

As far as the promotions and offers go, this year has been truly one-of-a-kind at DeccanRummy. We design all our promotions after a lot of brainstorming and make sure that every rummy enthusiast be it  professional or casual find something to take. We started the year on the heels of a hot leaderboard contest which made turns in the online rummy community and thus we felt a added sense of commitment to serve the players with exciting promotions. And we believe we have fulfilled our commitment to enthrall the players with some of the most fabulous promotions.

Some of the hotshot promotions that found favor with the audiences are Weekly Leadeboard race, IPL Bonus Offer, and all the Special Rummy Tournaments. Without the players’ support and enthusiasm we would have never been able to pull it off. Making millionaires is something DeccanRummy has done for many years. It’s something has happened time and again in 2018. As we wanted to finish off the year on a grand scale, New Year Leaderboard race seemed to be the perfect way to finish it off.

Happy New Year

Thank you so much for being part of our amazing rummy community in 2018, we hope 2019 will be even more exciting, entertaining and profitable for all our members.  May this year be the one which brings you loads of fortunes along with some memorable rummy game action. Thanks for sticking with us all these years. Happy New Year, everyone. Keep looking forward to exciting promotions in the forthcoming year.