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How to Earn under Refer And Earn Promotion?

The online revolution has provided gaming with a third dimension. People before a decade played games as a pastime, but now the advantage of playing online games has a purpose. There are many benefits of playing online games. There’s a huge transmission in gaming, from a pastime to a profession. Yes, there are many gaming professionals in the country. People have switched to the gaming industry to earn real cash.

One of the biggest in the Indian Online Gaming circuit is Online Rummy. The game has several glitters that can lite up the gaming atmosphere. The online version has many fancy elements in rummy tournaments, rummy bonuses and rummy leaderboards.
Exciting promotions encourage players to play more games.

Now share your love and get rewarded, Yes you get paid when you share your happiness. Deccan Rummy presents its players with the best opportunity to share the fun of playing online rummy with their friends and family. With the Refer a friend offer, players receive bonus rewards for every successful referral made. Players can refer their contacts through various social media platforms. The referred players can create their own accounts and make deposits to play the cash games available on the site.

For every game your contact plays, a bonus of 10% from the rake fee will be added to your account. There’s an added advantage in this promotion; there aren’t any restrictions on the number of players one can refer to the site. Not just to your phone contacts, you can contact your friends available on Facebook and Twitter platforms.

How to refer your friend?
  • Let’s check on how to invite people,
  • Login to your deccan rummy account.
  • Click on Refer & Earn.
  • Invite your friend-> WebMail Share. You can add email ids manually or import your contact directly from Gmail.
  • Click on Social Share and choose the social media account you are willing to share the invite.
  • Don’t forget to remind them of using the Welcome Bonus and other bonus offers. There’s a lot your reference can enjoy at the site.

Grand Rummy Powerplay is back during this cricket season!

The entire cricket world is excited about the upcoming Cricket action. As the cricket season is all set to resume after a break, fans are equally excited for the rummy action. Rummy and Cricket are the most widely enjoyed sport in India. So any rummy contest that comes during the cricket season is a double damaka from a player perspective.

Stay excited as the Grand Rummy Powerplay is back after a break. Gear up for the stellar grand Rummy Powerplay which is comprised of two exciting contests – Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza and Rummy Fantasy League. The contest which was previously suspended on May 2 is now back. Right from the day, it was launched, the contest has been generating a lot of buzz in the Indian gaming community.

What makes the Grand Rummy Powerplay a must-play series for every rummy player is the fact that it comes with a massive 20 lakhs Prizepool. Yes, you read it right!

Enjoy the Cricket season with big winning opportunities

Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza

Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza

Race your way to the top in the Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza comes with a massive prize pool of Rs. 20 Lakhs. Running from Sept 19 – Oct 15, the leaderboard bonanza comes with a chance to win amazing prizes like BMW G 310 GS, RE Himalayan, and lots more.

The points accumulated by the players during the first leg of the tournament from Apr 9 – May 2 will be carry forwarded. Even if you are starting fresh, there’s every chance to climb your way to the top and take a shot at these prizes.

With awesome prizes to chase, this contest is a riveting battle of skills, patience, and endurance. Do you believe you have those? Jump in and seize the ultimate opportunity to take home glory and exceptional rewards.

Rummy Fantasy League


Rummy Fantasy league is the perfect place to make your rummy dream come true. With a prize pool of Rs. 5 Lakhs, RFL is the perfect foil to put your rummy skills and cricket knowledge into use and grab amazing winning chances. Predict the winner of every match in the Indian T20 series; play and win the tourney and have a chance to double your winnings for correct prediction.

If you haven’t registered on Deccan Rummy as of now, you are missing out on some of the best contests during this cricket season

Congrats to the Ganesh Chaturthi Winners

The curtains of The Grand Ganesh Chaturthi Special tournament were closed on Sunday. The tournament came with a huge prize pool worth 5 Lakhs at the right time. The best about the games was the opportunities presented to the players at Deccan Rummy. The contest lasted for 9 days, providing it a great season for huge winnings. The announcement made on the tournament format itself turned to be huge news on the social media platform.

Deccan Rummy

It’s a daily schedule for Deccan Rummy in hosting huge rummy promotions, and for the players, it’s a huge treat to be part of. The site is probably the best destination to play 13-card Indian Rummy. Head to the Rummy website to enjoy the country’s best Rummy promotions including, Rummy bonus, Rummy tournament and Rummy Leaderboard. Here’s a great package for Rummy lovers to spend quality time.
There are a few things that can be enjoyed only on the Online platform.

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Tourney

The Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are huge in India, especially in the Northern region. The auspicious day marks the birth of Lord Ganesh. People believe the special day brings in good fortunes to each and everyone in the family. Not just Holi, the country is filled with colours. There’s even more colour at the Deccan Rummy table. The tourney ran from Sept 3 to Sept 10 with a prize pool worth Rs 5 Lakhs. The tournament was split into Satellites, Qualifiers, and Grand Finale.

Players securing top positions at each level will get to play the next level for free using entry tickets. People have the opportunity to join for free or even with a predetermined buy-in.


When the tourney is huge, the prize pool is huge, and the competition is huge. Yes, the contest went till the last second to finalise the top position holders. Congrats to chubbybunny for securing the 1st position at the end of the Grand Finale. Special appreciations to Cherrydanger and dineshchinna for holding on to the runner up and 2nd runner up position in the contest.
Get ready to cement your position at the top in the upcoming contests at Deccan Rummy!

What do Millennials expect in a online game?

Millennials have been the target audience for game developers and creators for quite someday. As they form a major percentage of the gaming audience, most of the games developed today incorporate elements that appeal to the interests. With the rapid surge in smartphone users, the gaming action has entirely shifted from consoles to smartphones. Players expect the games to be accessible anytime. It is probably another reason why companies have been coming up with myriad gaming options in Android and iOS platforms.

Sensing the popularity of the gaming apps, even traditional games which have been played offline for ages have been digitalized and are now available online. Indian Rummy, which was one of the games that are popular among the boomer generation has now captured the imagination of millennials and even GenZ. The thrilling contests and tournaments combined with the rewarding promotions that online rummy sites come up with have caught the eyes of the youngsters. That said, there are many other expectations of the Millennials that every game developer must be aware of.

Checklist for Millennial Gamers

1. Mental Stimulation

Most millennials expect games to stimulate their mind and create an adrenaline rush. Game developers have to keep this in mind and have to incorporate elements that keep them hooked. Games such as PubG, Fortnite, and other battle royale games, made a strong impact on this generation as they got all these boxes ticking.

2. Socializing

Aside from thrill and fun, most gamers these days expect interactive features to communicate with their fellow gamers. People always look for ways to socialize these days as physical interactions have largely reduced. So, playing games with socializing features gives them a sense of being part of a community. Studies indicate that relationship formed via social interactions remains strong.

3. Localized content

It’s just not about technical features anymore. Even if you incorporate the latest technology to create a powerful gaming interface, it is important to keep in mind the demographics and culture of your target audience. Games such as online rummy have attained huge popularity as the game is deeply connected with the psyche of every Indian. So, game developers have to make conscious efforts to provide localized content.

4. Customized gaming experience

Most millennials expect features that are tailor-made and give them a personalized gaming experience. Social Media use has become so pervasive today. It takes a few minutes for companies to know your personal preferences and tastes based on your browsing habits. Companies deploy marketing agencies to identify customer behavior to give them a personalized gaming experience. Companies should also make effort to stay connected with their gaming audience through regular interactions such as launching quiz contests and tournaments.

5. Rewards

Last but certainly not least, millennials want the games to be exciting as well rewarding. Since they invest a lot of time and energy in games, they want to ensure their efforts are well-appreciated. Taking this into account, online rummy sites offer enticing rewards to their players.