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World Cup Leaderboard Race – A remarkable journey!

Deccan Rummy has been capturing the attention of rummy enthusiasts countrywide by conducting many impressive Online Rummy tournaments on a regular basis. Coinciding the World Cup contest which was hosted by ICC recently, Deccan rummy conducted World cup Leaderboard Race from June 1st to July 15. The contest came with huge giveaways with exciting prizes like Hyundai Venue, Royal Enfield Bullet, iPhone, and cash bonuses. A win in such a contest is considered to a remarkable feat as leaderboard race is truly a test of every rummy player’s skill. Also, Deccan Rummy’s leaderboard race has a reputation; it is prestigious to win one.

World Cup Leaderboard race

Both these grand events had huge success and had new winners emerging at the end of the tournament. Just like the world cup which saw lots of twists and turns, Leaderboard race too witnessed stiff competition right from the beginning.

The contest had many interesting changes in the table position and was unpredictable throughout the tournament. Many newbie’s and experienced players participated in this tournament, lending an edge of competitiveness. Everyone had the same ambition, which is to top the race. Aiming is easy but the path to achieving the goal is rough. Players need to extremely diligent, resilient, and focussed and determined to reach the goal. Along with rummy skills, soft skills like concentration, patience, and decision making are essential to scale up there. Even if you did manage to crawl to the top, it’s tough to solidify your position there as players try to leapfrog from their positions continuously in such high profile contests.

Winners Felicitated

After a tough fight that lasted for more than a match, it was ultimately down to three rummy players sharing the honors for the prestigious prizes on offer. Congrats to Akshath for claiming the top spot in this remarkable leaderboard race. It’s is patience, resolve, and commitment towards the game which brought him this laurel. Had he not been resilient, he would have been displaced anytime.

For his spectacular efforts, he has been rewarded with a Hyundai venue. He mentions “It’s been a great journey all along. It took me some weeks to realize that a win is quite possible. From then on, I aimed for a perfect sweep and I’m glad that it worked out in my favor. It feels special now to own a car that I always wanted to buy. Thanks to Deccan Rummy for conducting this spectacular contest. Their brilliant user-interface is tailored to gamers like me. I’m looking forward to participating in more tournaments like this”.

Satyavan with 32750 points secured the runner-up position to win a brand new Bullet classic 500. He mentions it that it has been his dream bike all along and he’s glad that his rummy skills brought him this huge laurel. He says that he’s charged up for future tournaments at Deccan Rummy.

Shikha got his iPhone 8 64GB for securing the third position in the leaderboard race. He is very happy that his efforts won him his dream phone and hopes he’ll secure the top prize someday soon. Seven other players won cash bonus prizes for their efforts.

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How to take down rummy sharks?

The best rummy players in the table are referred to as Rummy sharks. They are apex predators who capitalize on the slightest opportunity presented in front of them and take down their opponents brutally. It’s not quite easy to progress to the scale to that level as the journey is hard. Only those who are exceptionally gifted and possess virtues like patience, resilience, logical thinking skills get to that level. Rummy Sharks instill fear in the minds of their opponents whenever they hit the table.

You can spot a shark easily on the table. It is quite possible to beat them in their own game and the only way it can be done is by becoming a bigger shark in the table. Curious to know what it takes to become a shark in the table? Read on to know more!

Ways to take down Rummy Sharks

1. Stay Balanced

One of the key traits sharks posses is staying balanced all the time. No matter how hard the starting hands are, they do not lose their cool and they make sure they play it safe. It’s difficult to gauge their hands and their next move. Their in-depth knowledge with regards to rummy rules and rummy strategies in the game means that they know how to handle things like a bluff and they always end up in a good position

2. Adapting to the situations

Rummy sharks are quick to adapt to the situations and use them to their advantage. They are always on their toes and quickly find ways to get an advantage over others. Most of the times they end up doing so.

3. Constant Learning

When they are not playing the game, sharks make it a point to consistently better themselves by studying various materials related to rummy, watching videos and learning new strategies. They constantly try to reinvent themselves with respect to their playing style.

4. Logical thinking

What separates sharks from the fishes is their ability to think logically. Unlike fishes who give away to their emotions, sharks always think logically and ensure they stay ahead of the race at all times

5. Pick the table that suits your playing style

To beat a shark you will have to be on your toes all the time. One of the important trait players need to possess is attention to detail. Evaluate the table and spot the weakest player in the table. Pounce on the weakest player at the first opportunity you get and rake in profits.

Think you can upgrade yourself to the level of Rummy Shark? It is certainly possible provided you stick to your guns and looks for ways to win all the time!  These are times where various rummy promotions galore at Deccan Rummy. As with the old adage “Make Hay while the sun shines”, do not miss these fantastic opportunities to go for big wins!

How to take down rummy sharks?
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How to prepare yourself while playing a big rummy tournament?

With Independence Day just around the corner, many online rummy sites in India are offering cash-rich rummy tournaments. These are great opportunities for the rummy players to earn massively at limited risk. However, players get a bit jittery and nervous while playing a big rummy tournament. The most inhibiting factor that comes is the mental strength of the players, which can make or break them. Let’s have a look at how your mindset must be before entering a big tournament.

play big rummy tournament

Fear factor

There will be fear within every player playing big rummy tournament. Fear is essential for every player but there are some constraints on that. Both fear and casual play at a greater extent could result in failure and that too by a very silly move in the play. There must be calmness as well as fear within a player. Fear and Calmness must be equally maintained while play.  Calmness makes you think of the best moves possible in the game. The fear makes you to repeatedly check the move that your calmness made you think. Excess fear will definitely be a let-down and will pull you away from your natural style of play.

Self Belief

Every player must have a strong belief in them. They must believe in something called “magic”. Moving forward in the game with a strong belief will turn you a dark horse in the rummy tournament. Many don’t have a belief in playing tournaments with a cash buy-in. Players actually must believe and play in a manner that will save their buy-in amount and also in winning the rummy tournament.

Playing with a strong self-belief and confidence will help you overcome the inner demons of being a failure and will enable to make your moves more assertively. However, the player must ensure that at no point of time does his self-belief or self-confidence manifest itself into arrogance. Being cocky and acting “i-know-it-all” will pull you down.


The quality of the player is tested by the way they treat success and failure. It’s a universal fact that both winning and losing are part of both life and game. Just because a player loses a couple of games while playing rummy, he can’t quit just like that. No one knows what holds up in the future. What if there was a chance to earn the most in the 3rd game? Being patient while playing games like rummy will actually fill in your pocket after some time. Many fail to understand this fact. Just because you lose games continuously doesn’t mean losing is a permanent resident in your rummy journey. Things would change drastically at any time of play.

Too much excitement when you have the most favorable set of cards will actually make many players pumped up but that excitement can cause human errors while playing. It’s important to have control over your emotions and stay level headed throughout the course of the game. Letting your emotions out of control at times of excitement and sorrow will ruin your rummy career.

Independence day Rummy tournament

This Aug 15, come and play The Independence day tournament buy earning a free entry ticket for the tournament by depositing Rs. 1947 or more. You can also enter by paying a buy-in for Rs. 250. Give yourself a chance to win big Rs. 1 Lakh bounty up for grabs!

How to prepare yourself while playing a big rummy tournament?
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