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Six common Rummy Tips for transitioners to online rummy

Transitioning from live rummy to online rummy is no ordinary task and it is considered as a learning curve for players even with years of experience. Fortunately, there are assistive approaches to help you get through this transitioning without much discomfort. These are days wherein a lot of players take to rummy as a source of income. At this juncture, it is very important to have a code of conduct if you want to be successful in the game. In order to smoothen this transition, we have come up with six rummy tips through which you can get to that level you aspire in quick time. They demonstrate how even novices can elevate their gameplay and become a winner.

Six Common Rummy Tips

1. Start with Low Stakes

No matter how good you are in offline, it is advised to start with low stakes when playing rummy online. The landscape and complexion of online rummy sites are vastly different from offline rummy. The idea here is to bring your offline playing skills to the online rummy arena in a smooth way. As a newbie in the online arena, it makes little sense to start off with big stakes. For your comfort, we have a lot of low stakes games under all the rummy variants and practice tables for you to get used to the online milieu. These games would help you pick various rummy tips and strategies and it is also helpful to build a big bankroll.

2. Play Free Rummy Tournaments

A casual rummy player does not realize the importance of these codes so he/she are not likely to be successful as much as the pros do. Contrarily, rummy pros would want to win each and every game they ventures into. However, it is advised to play free rummy tournaments as you have to come to terms with the real competition. Deccan Rummy has freeroll tournaments worth up to 20 Lakhs that see participation from players throughout India. In addition to winning cash prizes, you can also take a shot at winning vouchers, gold coins and gadgets with our rummy tournaments. You can also gather a lot of rummy tips by playing in our free rummy tournaments.

3. Get used to the features in the rummy site

As mentioned, the terrain of the online rummy sphere is vastly different from offline rummy. Players must get used to the features provided in an online rummy site and it takes some time for even a pro. For example, there is a time limit allocated for every rummy player within which he/she has to make a move, failure to make a move within the move would mean you miss the turn. 3 consecutive misses constitute a drop. The time limit feature is used to encourage action and maintain player interest throughout the game. Remember the action is pretty fast in the online rummy sphere. For the time you play a single round of rummy offline, 3 rounds of online rummy would have been already completed.

4. Play one Table at a time

Overzealous players who have the experience of offline rummy already but are new to online rummy often play multiple tables at a time without knowing the features about the table nor about their competitors. It’s best advised to win one table consistently before trying your hand playing at multiple tables. Wait till the time you are comfortable (and profitable) in single table games before you develop the capability to play in multi-tables.

5. Eliminate diversions while playing online rummy

This is the common pitfall every player is running through. Sticking up the headphones on your earbuds listening to music or browsing multiple sites at a time while playing rummy are the few mistakes most players do. Always remember, you have to pay undivided attention in the game. Your complete focus must be on the online rummy field during the time you play. Playing in an atmosphere with distractions around would cause you to lose your focus making you lose the game.

Do you want to be successful in playing 13 card online rummy? Approach it like it’s your day job. This means developing a professional attitude while playing. Creating an environment conducive to playing goes a long way towards becoming successful. Though online rummy needs minimal accouterments, it is essential those accouterments are helping you in a good way and give you positive vibes. Select a calm and serene place to play Indian rummy online. Use an ergonomic chair to reduce back strain and keep the things essential to you nearby.

6. Learn Time Management & Play to your limits

If you have ever played games like FIFA, Mortal Combat or Resident Evil, you will understand the power the game weilds over your senses. People spend hours together completely engrossed in the game. Those are games where the real money is not involved. Despite it harming them physically, it doesn’t cause a dent in their pockets. Whereas online rummy is a different field altogether. Time management and spending on games are synchronous with each other. When you keep winning, it is possible that you do not take time or money into consideration. One of the golden rules of rummy is to play only with the amount that you can afford to lose. Draw a schedule in a way that you fix a time-limit and a limit to the amount you bring to the tables. Remember your schedule must factor in the right blend of rest, work and play.

Following these six rummy tips would make your transition from offline to online rummy easier. If you have any more points to add, feel free to add in the comment section given below.

Have Xtreme fun with new Rummy Tournaments has once again stepped up the ante by announcing the launch of an exciting series of cash and freeroll rummy tournaments online. These tournaments play a vital role in being the cash spinner among the freerolls and cash tourneys worth 20 Lakhs and 15 Lakhs respectively.

Latenight Thunders

We at are always looking for new ways of taking the game to the next level, and if you thought our free roll tournaments were big, we have a new definition for big. Every one likes to win big without investing a dime. That’s exactly what our Late Night Thunders is all about. Imagine taking a shot at Rs. 10000 prizepool every day without paying anything.

If you are someone who doesn’t mind churning out a small amount, then these are the two rummy tournaments for you.

1. Cash10

If short handed tournaments are the way you like to roll, then this is the tournament that you should be playing. Coming with a low buy-in of Rs. 10, the tournament will be conducted every hour starting from 9:15 AM to 12:15 AM. So, you get a chance to win swashbuckling cash prizes a low investment of just Rs. 10. And to top that it’s going to be conducted hourly.

2. Cash15

If you don’t mind spending a small sum in order to have some kickass rummy action, then this is the tournament that you should try. Cash15 is scheduled to be conducted every hour starting from 9:45 AM to 12:45 PM. Get a chance to rub shoulders against players at similar level and come out on top!

These two tournaments are collectively worth Rs. 5 Lakhs in a month. And that is something huge coming at such a small investment.

Online Rummy is growing exponentially and tournaments play a vital role in advancing its cause. Rummy online tournaments are a grand opportunity for the poker game enthusiasts to compete with world class poker players.

These tournaments s go a long way in realizing our company’s vision to revolutionize online rummy in India.
So, mark your time and gear up for ultiimate rummy action in these online rummy tournaments.

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