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Yet another season has begun!

The day has come finally! The biggest blockbuster T20 event is about to begin in few minutes. A new season is all ready, and all the teams in the tournament have equal chances of winning the crown. The game is huge; the tournament is huge, the challenge is huge, of course, the players are huge! The tournament is back again in India. Cricket fans are waiting for a great feast!

There are many youngsters looking to create a huge impact in the tournament. With a major ICC tournament on the annual calendar after this T20 tournament.

The opener is a super rocking one with two-star teams clashing against each other. Both the teams have key players of the Indian National cricket. Being the tournament opener, both teams will look to start the season with a win. Let’s wait and how the game is going to move on,

Team Bangalore

The team that has all the necessary elements but still looking for a trophy. The team has superstars of global cricket, creating a lot of expectations. Bangalore captain’s performance all these years deserve to be the season’s champion all years. The captain will look to bundle up all talents to be at the top of the tournament. The South African superstar will look to dominate the game with his 360-degree game style.

Team Bangalore made major picks during an auction a few months ago. The Australian all-rounder will look to make a huge impact in the team, and he could turn to be a major reason for the team’s victory in the tournament. Bangalore’s bowling unit would be under pressure as this unit has let the team down in many major matches. This season could be a great opportunity for the Indian Leg break bowler to redefine his game. The captain would look to use the Tamil Nadu based all-rounder well as he has grown to be a different player in the last 10 months. He would be definitely a go-to weapon for the team during powerplay overs.

Team Mumbai

Like Bangalore, the team has a lot of superstars in their lineup. Unlike Bangalore, Mumbai has a line of trophies in their trophy cabin. The biggest reason behind the team’s success is their squad selection. Even if a main player in the playing 11 gets injured, they have a star player as a backup to sum up, the equation. The captain has been one of their keys to success. The hitman will look to hit it further this season. He has a good number of impactful all-rounders in their bench of players that make the team have a better edge in team strength than the opponent. The West Indian all-rounder will look to perform many anchor innings, which he has been his routine.

The team will look to make it a hattrick for which they are 100% efficient.

Wishes from us to both teams to play their real game!

Wait, it’s not over here; we have something huge for our players at Deccan Rummy!

There’s another event getting inaugurated today! The Grand Rummy PowerPlay! The event is worth 20 Lakhs! Grand Rummy Powerplay has two huge rummy promotions,

Rummy Fantasy League

The promotion is best for the cricket guru in you. The tournament is like; one has to register for the tournament on all match days at 3 PM with Rs 10 buy-in. While making the buy-in, one has to make a prediction on the winner of the day’s contest. When the predictions turn real, then the winnings at RFL tournament @9Pm will be doubled. The overall prize money for the tournament is 5 Lakhs.

Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza

Consistency is the mantra to success in this leaderboard. Here, an individual has to make a minimum of Rs 500 along with a special code. He/She will earn Deccan T20 points on playing cash games. Based on the Deccan T20 points, the position of the individual will be determined. There are chances for players to win huge prizes like BMW G 310 GS, Royal Enfield Himalaya, and many more.

Let’s play!

Pros & Cons of Binge watching Shows

Ever since the beginning pandemic, the term binge watching has become a buzzword. As people were largely confined indoors, most of their entertainment activities were restricted within their homes. With sports shows cancelled or postponed, people relied on binge-watching shows through various OTT apps for fulfilling their entertainment quotients. Binge watching is a result of culture of boredom that emerged during lockdown. 

While many might be unaware of the latest developments in regional cinema, they are sure to know when the next season of Stranger Things (season 4) is set to release on Netflix. It would not be a strech to say that the growth of OTTs is now challenging the traditional media platforms such as radio and television. Now amidst the ongoing global pandemic, these OTTs have firmly established their place as the Number 1 entertainment option. 

According to a survey, millenials and Gen-z form the core among the subscribers of OTT apps. Online Gaming and Binge watching were the main source of entertainment among the millenials and GenZ even before the onset of pandemic. Genz are more technology crazy when it comes to binge watching and binge gaming. 

Now the next question, is binge-watching any good? As with every activity, it has its share of pros and cons. In this post, we shall see the pros and cons of binge watching

Pros of Binge watching

1. Shared Space

Binge-watching a series fosters a sense of community among people. Experts call it belonging to some shared cultural space. We’ve seen boards and forums where people passionately discuss and analyze the characters and plots of their favorite shows. This active space allows the viewers to connect with other people and find common ground

2. Relieves Stress

Stress is the number one killer among all the diseases. Sadly, not enough focus is given on the mental health of people, which is paving way for a compounding effect with stress opening the doors of many other diseases. Research indicates watching your favorite shows releases dopamine in the brain which can neutralize the excess cortisol, the harmone primarily responsible for stress. Binge-watching a series gives the user a feeling of power and control.

3. Fulfilling

While binge-watching, a viewer can feel himself compulsively immersed into the storyline which gives them a sense of fulfillment. Shows tailored for binge watching like GOT, Stranger Things, Money Heist have engaging storylines, complex plots, and most of all endearing characters that people can relate to in their personal lives. 

Binge watching creates a sense of fulfillment more than watching the shows weekly. Also, the platform and kind of marketing matters a lot for a show. For example, Cobra Kai when released in YouTube Red did not have much takers despite the good reviews. However, when it made a leap to Netflix for season 3, quickly skyrocketing to find a place within the top 5 shows made available in the platform. 

Cons of Binge watching


While binge watching a show can be fulfilling, however, it is only till the conclusion of the shows. Unfortunately, soap-operas or shows, does not have the same effect of re-watching like movies. So, when a show ends, the viewers are left with a sense of emptiness. Since the idea of anticipation for the show next week is absent with binge watching, viewers are not satisfied and are always looking for more. A study also reveals a contradictory report which states that binge watching can cause stress as people rue over the time lost after the conclusion of series. 

2. Health complications

Binge watchers are extremely prone to binge-eating unhealthy foods. Sitting or slouching over a long period of time results in decreased metabolism and ultimately paves ways for lifestyle oriented diseases which could spiral to deadly consequences. Also, binge watching is proven to cause insomnia and fatigue. 

3. Missing Priorities. 

Binge-watching can make the viewers neglect their priorities and can even cause a friction in the relationship. Binge watching can cause addiction similar to drugs and alcohol as both create neuron pathways that produce pleasure.

How simple is Rummy to play?

Online gaming made gaming accessible, but people have misconceptions about certain games that it is hard to be successful out there. Rummy is one among them. The game has a very long and rich history on Indian soil. Rummy is considered a never to be missed skill game. An individual needs quality strategies to score above the opponents. The online version has extended the popularity of the game in India. A person can play Rummy for both cash and free.

So here are few tips that will turn your misconceptions of the difficulty integrated with the game. 

  1. There are different forms of games in online Rummy, including cash games, Rummy tournaments, and rummy leaderboard. But it is not advisable for any player to directly participate in tournaments and leaderboards. One has to adapt well by playing in the cash game circuit and win a good number of games by outplaying the opponents. Later, the individual has to opt for tourneys and leaderboards as the challenge and stack values are better.
  2. One may follow any strategy, but the basic move every Rummy must follow is to sort the playing cards. Players will have the sort button on the playing screen, which shouldn’t be missed out. The cards will be sorted in order of the suit and card rank. 
  3. The primary need for a player is to make a pure sequence to declare a game. Hence the primary focus must be on making a pure sequence. Even if the player doesn’t win, one will lose considerably few points while having a pure sequence. 
  4. Holding high cards could turn to be a huge blunder at the end of the game. Players must make sure to discard the unwanted high-value cards from the beginning of the game. 
  5. Joker cards are considered key cards to success. Hence the player must handle the cards maturely. Some have very few joker cards and succeed, whereas some have many but still would result in loss. 
  6. A successful player mustn’t just play for their players but also focus on the opponents’ cards. Only when you analyse your opponents’ gameplay would be easier to cross the victory line. 
  7. A rummy player must be smart that they need not play to win all games; instead, they must analyse the cards at the very beginning. If he/she feels the game couldn’t be won that easily, then it is better to drop. When you drop, it will cost only 20 points, whereas you would lose 80 points in the worst case. 
  8. Practice is the key to success in Rummy, the more one plays, the more will it help to tune your skills. Sites like Deccan Rummy provide practice games in all three variants of 13-card Indian Rummy. 

Get ready for Trailblazing challenges with Grand Rummy Powerplay

The Grand Indian T20 Cricket season is just about to begin and the stakes are all an alltime high. Noted for it’s nerve-wracking contests and high-intensity cricket action, the series have captured the world wide cricket fans eyeballs for more than a decade. Now with the action all set to begin, cricket aficionados worldwide are more stoked than ever for the commencement of this cash rich, high-voltage cricket action.

Just like how cricket enchants each and every citizen in this country, perhaps the only game that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with cricket in terms of thrill, fun, and money is rummy. With the availability of multiple online rummy sites, you can quickly catch a game by signing up in a online rummy site like Deccan Rummy. For a rummy aficionado, the best feeling is at the felts, right?

2020 has been struggle of sorts. The pandemic might have been changed the world forever, but the love for rummy have not diminished one speck. This year, it’s your time to shine as we are flooding the felts with exciting promotions and contests. In that vein, we are leaving no stones unturned in celebrating this cricket frenzy month with a grand rummy contest.


Grand Rummy Powerplay

Powerplay is the most important phase in a T20 Game. It’s a stage which decides the fortunes of the game. Unfortunately, each team gets only 6 overs of powerplay in a game. How exciting would it be if you get powerplay over a duration of 52 days? Great, right? Well, that’s what our Grand Rummy Powerplay is all about.

Running from Apr 9-May 30, Grand Rummy Powerplay is all set to light up the Indian rummy circuit with it’s elegant and charming prizepool of 20 Lakhs. It’s time for the players at all level to pull their socks and gear up for a ultimate contest of patience, persevearance, and skills. Spread across 52 days, the Grand Rummy Powerplay is the warrior birthplace, with exciting rewards, glory and stardom.

Grand Rummy Powerplay is the ultimate battleground for a rummy player compete against the best in the business in two exciting contests – Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza 2021, and Rummy Fantasy League 2021.

Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza 2021


Running from Apr 9 to May 30, the rummy leaderboard bonanza on Deccan Rummy promises an unparalleled playing experience with a colossal prizepool of 15 Lakhs. From powerful performaning and highly attractive bikes such as BMW G 310 GS, Royal Enfield Himalayan to eye-pleasing gadgets like Apple Macbook Air, iPhone 12, Galaxy Note 8, there are plenty of offerings to look forward.

The best part about this contest is it has something in store for players at every bankroll level. Get set to experience the highest standards of the game with Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza.

Rummy Fantasy League


Right off-the-bat of the highly successful Holi contest, the tournament action continues to heat up in our virtual felts with a brand new edition of Rummy Fantasy League. Running from Apr 9-May 30, the tournament comes with an attractive prizepool of Rs. 5 Lakhs with an option to double the winnings. With a buy-in of just Rs. 10, this tournament is perfect for new players and small stakes players to grind and work towards the prize. All that you need to do is predict the winner of the actual cricket encounter scheduled on the day; play and win the RFL tourney; double up on your winnings if your prediction comes true after the conclusion of the match.

Both the contests would be active only on days where actual matches are scheduled. We are confident the players will enjoy this contest filled with trailblazing challenges, exciting competitions, and huge rewards. We invite every rummy player in our felt to be a part of this ultimate rummy extravaganza. If chances are that you have not signed up in our platform till now, this is perhaps the best time to do so and also spread the word about the contest! Bring your powerplay to the contest. Looking forward to run a memorable event. See you at our tables!