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Get ready for the Monsoon Powerfest series starting today!

The second month of the Monsoon Season is here. It is that time of the year when you seek the comfort of your couch or get tucked in your beds and enjoy the rummy game by grabbing your coffee mug. For all the rummy enthusiasts out there, the Monsoon PowerFest is back in the town and it is coming with a bigger prize pool this time around. A six-day long tournament, it runs from July 5-10 and comes with an insane prize pool of Rs. 2 Lakhs.

The Monsoon Powerfest Satellite series is a multi-day tourney running for six days: Day 1 (Satellites), Day 2 (Satellites), and Day 3 (Satellites), which is followed by the two qualifiers on Day 4, 5, and ending on Day 6 with a finale.

Monsoon Powerfest Schedule

Tourney NameDateRegn timeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
MPS Satellite 1July 5  @ 9 PMJuly 5  @ 3 PM₹50299₹15000 + (35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
MPS Satellite 2July 6 @ 9 PMJuly 6  @ 3 PM₹50299₹15000 + (35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
MPS Satellite 3July 7 @ 9 PMJuly 7  @ 3 PM₹50299₹15000 + (35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)


Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
MPS Qualifier 1July 8 @ 9 PMJuly 8  @ 3 PM₹100 or Free ticket299₹27500 + (50 Free Tickets to Finale)
MPS Qualifier 2July 9@ 9 PMJuly 9  @ 3 PM₹100 or Free Ticket299₹27500 + (50 Free Tickets to Finale)


Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
MPS FinaleJuly 10 @ 9 PMJuly 10  @ 3 PM₹200 or Free Ticket402₹1 Lakh

 Big Wins Waiting

If you think big wins are eluding away, this is the best opportunity to claim them. As the tournament comes in a multi-level and progressive format, this is the best opportunity for you to make some big money.

If you think the bankroll is steep for you, you can always progress through satellites and qualifiers en route to the finale. It means you can play the dream finale at No extra cost!

The Monsoon Powerfest has been running for over the past two years and has become one of the most loved rummy tourneys offered on our Platform. The previous two editions were a tremendous success as the tournament witnessed more than 5000 registrations in the last two years.

In total, two champions have been crowned so far and you have a fair chance to be the next? Brush your skills, and be there for the Monsoon Powerfest tourney. See you soon. Good luck at the tables!

4 Tips to improve a person’s concentration

If you are not able to bring out the fullest in you at your work, this gotta be a great guide to you. Are you feeling a drop in your work efficiency? It is obvious, you are losing your concentration level. Don’t worry about it, are many solutions to turn the flow the other way. There are many reasons for this downfall.

The major reason behind is the loss of sleep in an individual. Age is also a factor. Some tend to lose cool when trying to concentrate. This leads to stress and pressure. Read the below-given solutions and apply them in your life more colourful and joyful. 

1. Green time

Researchers have made clear reports that spending time in the garden every day would keep the mind fresh and resolves any kind of stress in an individual. This fact is especially true in kids. Kids between the age between 4-7 need this space to make it a lifetime habit. This could be a great beginning to learn the importance of having green areas around us. Green fists must be mandatory, especially during weekends. Consider a 32-year-old person working in IT, would be so stressed all day, 5 mins in green space would be the best formula to relax. The much adequate relaxation a person gets more ready and fresh; the mind gets ready for work. 

2. Brain training 

Hectic work needs a perfect break to work effectively for a long time. The break need not be a very relaxing and lazy one. It could be an attentive and speedy one. Something that feeds your brain is much needed. A game like online rummy will do. A simple skill game is a much-needed break a person deserves. Unpredictable gaming moves in a simple gaming ecosystem makes the game more enjoyable. Playing games like online rummy improve concentration, memory power, decision-making skills in an individual. 

3. Meditation

Meditation can mould a person; it can offer multiple benefits. Researches convey meditation improves focus and concentration in an individual. You could find topmost people in society doing yoga every day. It is done to ease out the negative vibes and to improve the mind’s freshness. Meditation mustn’t be an occasional one but must be a routine. There are many places in our country conducting meditation classes regularly.

4. Music

Listening to music is the best way to reduce stress. It also increases concentration and steadies a person’s mind. Every type of music makes you feel like a different person. There are notes conveying that hearing to classical music and nature’s sound increase focus on a person. If not these types, listen to some electrical music without lyrics. 

Try them out now!!

How to follow Responsible Gaming?

Online Games can be enjoyed only when you follow responsible gaming practices. Overdoing anything kills the fun and it may be even prove counterproductive affecting your daily lives.

In Online Rummy, it is important to follow responsible gaming. Though most genuine sites follow responsible gaming practices, players have to take an initiative themselves and follow it religiously. Rummy when played in moderate levels can benefit you financially as well as cognitively. Here are a few tips to become a responsible rummy player.

Follow Responsible Gaming

1. 18 Years and Above

Play only if you are 18 years and above. If not, do not play cash games. As a company, we follow stringent KYC procedures, so we don’t approve gamers below 18 years of age. However, as a player, ensure do not share your login credentials with minors under any circumstances.

2. Restricted Locations

Playing rummy for cash is restricted in certain states. Do not try to access the games from such restricted locations as it is punishable by law.

3. Set a Limit

As a company, we have fixed deposit and withdrawal limits for players as per their experience. However, as a player, you should bring only what you can afford to the table. If you want to increase your deposit limit, do mail us, we will approve if we consider the request genuine after analyzing game history. Allocate a Budget for your gaming activities on a monthly basis. Ensure you do not cross it under any circumstances.

4. Unfair Gaming Practices

Our fraud detection algorithm and security system detects any unfair gaming practices instantly as soon as they are attempted. We have enforced them to ensure enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. Just because of the actions of few rogue elements, the rest of the gamers should not have their fun spoiled. Do not try to fool us, fraudsters will be caught red-handed!

5. Set a time everyday

Your gaming activities should not intervene your normal life. We recommend you set a specific time to play rummy online. Login during only the time yoú’ve fixed for online gaming. Play in set limit is always advisable.

6. Watch out for addiction

Remember you’re spending money, investing time and energy into playing. Though money is involved, the game should be enjoyed mainly as a fun activity. A fun activity should not be allowed to manifest into a form of addiction. Though, we take every measures to prevent players from overplaying, players themselves should have control over their gaming habits. Ensure, your gaming does not affect your routine life.

7. Do not share your credentials

Do not share any confidential details like your login details to anyone else in Social media. Never allow anyone else to play in your login. From password to security question, every data is sensitive and only you should have access to it.

8. Progress organically

You cannot master the game within a day or two. It takes a certain time to master the rummy rules and rummy strategies. Start with practice games, gain sufficient experience and proceed to cash games.

9. Be realistic

Winning every game one plays is not possible. Winning in rummy depends on various factors such as your starting hands, your skill level and quality of opponents. Learn to take wins and losses in the stride.

To get the maximum output of any activity, follow them only at a recommended level. Do not exceed the recommended level at any circumstances.  There are lots of gains from a rummy game. However, it is essential to follow responsible gaming to reap the full benefits from the game. Just make sure, you follow these responsible gaming practices every time you decide to play.

Types of Rummy Players you would see in Tables

Online rummy is by all accounts the most popular card game among the Indian gaming populace. The rising number of sites and the galactic ascent of players enlisting in such sites appear to be a demonstration of it. The superb perspective about rummy games is that it draws in different players from all walks of life. In this post, we will talk about the players and their gaming directions.

The Beginners or Novices

Clearly amateurs will be curious about the idea of the game. The most important phase in their rummy journey is playing the training games.  A fledgling player has a good grasp of the rummy rules and how the game is played. Luckily, most internet based rummy locales have broad instructional exercises on rummy rules and how to play rummy on the web. These players are inclined to commit mistakes; it is quite simple to recognize ,such players particularly in the event that you are a rummy veteran. You can see them floating around freeroll tables, practice games, and low stakes cash games.


These are players who somewhat more have experienced when contrasted with amateurs. They are the ones who have knowledge about rummy rules and the way it’s played on sites. However, their experience would be more in freeroll games and low-stake cash games. Similar to the amateurs, they also are inclined to missteps and it is easy to spot such players given their messy game method. This is the most important phase for a player, as their performance determines where they are going to stand in the future.  Players who never give up and stand steadfast and improve their game would move to the next level.

Rummy Veterans

These are as the name suggests experts who are well-versed in all aspects of this game. It is quite obvious that these bunch of players have gone through the previously mentioned stages and have moulded themselves to become specialists in this very cutthroat gaming sphere. It is their profound comprehension of the game which has taken them so far. Most of them would have few titles under their belt and have a devil may come attitude.

At most times, they pulverize their adversaries with a few manoeuvres as they have internalized the rummy tips and strategies. Most importantly, they know when to stop. At a point when they are on a losing streak, they take some time off and return with a bang.

These are folks who can be found in high stake tables or playing high-esteem rummy competitions as they draw their adrenaline rush from the extreme rivalry. Moreover, these are the players who make it a point to fight it out in any tourney, no matter they win or not.