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Lockdown phase in India increases online gaming traffic

India has gone quarantine to stay safe away from corona. Every individual in the country have been advised to self-isolate themselves. The whole of India is shut down. People are finding it hard to break through the boredom of being within the house 24*7. The threat of corona has made many huge events like IPL on hold to avoid crowd gatherings. Cinemas, Business mall’s, religious places and many other places have been shut down. Thinking of what this blog is about? Read below. 

Online games

People have actually found a better option to have a great time at home. Yeah very true! Online games are the best source of entertainment in a quarantine period. The internet boom in the communication industry has made people engaged all day. It is very interesting and easy to spend time by playing online games all day. 

While many industries in India are having a rough patch because of this shutdown, Indian gaming start-ups are having some memorable days at the market with many new gamers joining the digital gaming platform. Not just in India but even at the global level, online gaming is experience bigger yields. There’s a huge traffic in the e-gaming platform. 

Online gaming companies are coming with new promotions in their games to keep up players in their respective games. 

At Deccan Rummy

Talking to Mr. Thamarai Kannan, Head of operations at, he shares that “There has been a tremendous traffic at our site and we have received comparatively higher number of new comers within a short time period. We are also bringing in special tournaments and bonus offers to enrich the experience of playing Online Rummy. Players can play rummy tournaments every hour. Our team is working hard to rise up the quality of gaming experience for our players.” 

It seems the average tournaments a player participates every day has risen. 

Wondering why these changes are happening? 

There are many number of reasons why you must be an online rummy gamer. 

Online rummy has opened the gates to earn money by playing online. Thinking about investments? You can make in a buy in hundreds, and earn in thousands and lakhs. It’s not any market value or running meters before other runners. The race is between intelligence of players in the table. 

why rummy?

Apart from earning money, playing rummy games frequently will build a persons mind. Playing rummy games keeps people engaged and pumps players whenever down. Rummy is proven to boost a person when in work for prolonged hours. The game has a magic in to hold players along with it for many years. The online rummy is making players enjoy the game anytime anywhere regardless the time and location. 

Cards games like Rummy and poker are getting better reach in the online platform as online rummy and online poker. Both cards are the most played games in the recent weeks. 

Are you thinking about the ways to avoid boredom. Pick up your mobile phones and go the Deccan rummy website, download your mobile rummy app from the download page. You have a got an exciting rummy journey ahead. Stay safe at home! 

Experiences that are as thrilling as playing rummy online

Few activities give the thrilling experience of playing rummy. Online Rummy takes the rummy playing experience up high several notches than the traditional method of playing rummy with physical deck of cards.

The whole environment in online rummy sites is dynamic and is constantly buzzing with activities. The pinnacle of enjoying rummy is participating in a online rummy tournament, which gives you an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best minds of the sport. Think about the adrenaline gushing, hair-rising and heart-stopping moments that come during the closing stages of a rummy tournament. Can any modern game offer such heart-pounding moments?

It is the combination of all these factors which lend an advantage to rummy, despite the pervasive reach of high-end technology games like PubG. Who would have thought such a simple multiplayer card game online could prevail amidst the tidal wave of new games with superior technology hitting the market everyday. The thrill and fun of a win in a rummy game is probably unmatched. Keep aside the monetary benefits associated with the game, rummy still offers a gratifying experience for players.

In this post we shall probably look at a few other activities which give us thrilling moments as much as when we play rummy online in any sites. If you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking your next big thrill, these are certain activities that should be on your bucket list.

1. Watching a T20 match

The game of cricket has evolved from a five day test match to a one-day international (with a total of 100 overs) to Twenty-20, a short match where each side gets just 20 overs apiece. In today’s fast-paced world, no individual has the time to devote a whole day for watching cricket action. A typical T20 game lasts just for about 3 hours, which is roughly as much as watching an Indian movie.

The game presents an excellent alternative to catch some cricket action during the evenings after work. The action is fast, exciting and not to forget the heart-pounding finishes. Think about the recently concluded India vs New Zealand series, where the Indian team snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. The popularity of this format has sparked a series of T20 league championships all over the world. The T20 format has fueled some spark into the game which was considered too boring for its long duration.

2. Watching a thrilling movie

Most movie buffs like the thriller genre. The plot is thick and multilayered, there’s action, intrigue, mystery and everything a movie buff love. Think about the times we’ve screamed when a suspense has been unfurled in a total shocking and unexpected fashion in the movie. We do go through some anxious moments when the protagonist pieces together the evidences to solve the jigsaw puzzle. Movies in this thriller/mystery genres impresses as it glues us to the plot and we invariably get into the shoes of the protagonist in deducing the mystery.

3. Going on an adventure trip

Are you a thrill-seeker or an adrenaline junkie who gets his/her kicks by going on an adventure? Bungee Jumping from the mountains should be on your radar. Another activity that should give you butterflies in the stomach should be Skydiving. Usually done from an airplane or an you jump out with a parachute on your back. The fall just lasts between 40 seconds and a minute but that’s long enough memory to carry for your rest of your lives. Life is all about discovering the unknown. Doing these activities could give you a new perspective about life.

4. Enjoy outdoor games

Thrills are more enjoyable when shared, and your thrill is amplified by multitudes if you can get people with similar tastes to join you. Nothing beats the good-old ground games which gets you some sun and some fun. Whether it’s the game of a football or a basketball, playing the game with a circle of friends is an immensely gratifying experience. We do enjoy watching the blood, sweat, and tears involved in those games in television. Why not relive those moments in your real life?

These are some activities that are most certain to infuse some thrilling moments in your lives. Do let us know of any other activities that you consider as thrilling as these in the comments section below.

How to turn pro in the quarantine period?

It is always believed that Hard work is the key to success. But when it comes to Rummy, there’s a small change, smart work is what gets you success. You can always find a big difference between a normal player and a pro. Winning here is about how good you manage time and cards. The game is a real test to a player’s mental strength. The game is popular in the global gaming arena and has a special reception in the subcontinental region. Rummy has gained attention among gamers ever since its availability in the online gaming platform. Now there are many online rummy websites hosting the game. The most noted amongst them is Deccan Rummy. There are some qualities that make a normal rummy player a pro player. These qualities along with a Deccan Rummy mobile app and a decent internet connection clubbed together make a perfect circumstance to don the game.

Currently, People have been asked to stay home to safeguard themselves from the corona. With all-time in the house, people find it very hard to get rid of boredom. This time period is very much enough for a person to turn a pro player in rummy. Want to how? Read below.



Owning a pro status in Rummy isn’t that easy but at the same time not impossible. You got to think and analyze your game like an expert. Every cash game does count in your journey. There’s a saying, practice makes a man perfect. That’s really true in Rummy. The more you practice, the sharper and finer turn your gameplay. As days progress, if you had taken the game seriously, the curve progresses upward. For the players’ betterment, Deccan Rummy is offering players with unlimited practice sessions in all 3 variants of the game.


Self-confidence is the most important quality a rummy player must always have. A perfect saying for a rummy player is “self-doubt is the worst enemy one has to fight with.” You must trust your decisions and your game. Your first failure in rummy is when you lose confidence in yourself. Things turn successful when you keep your head calm and composed. When you are new to the game, you tend to panic on seeing cards. That’s were many lose path.

Focus on the game and career

Focusing on the game is the most important thing you must do while sitting on your table. Not many stay focused on the cards throughout the game. Every move in your game will directly or indirectly influence your rummy game and rummy career. The more you focus, the more accurate turn your moves. At the same time, there must be a great control over their emotions. Improving your focus helps you master the game. When you don’t focus on the game, you tend to make a lot of mistakes.

When you start expressing your emotions over limits in your game, you would definitely slip out of the way. You got to focus on every card your opponents pick and drop. That’s how you read your opponents. A pro player would be smart enough to battle against other players. Every win, every loss will be a calculative measure in determining your rummy career’s efficiency.

Tournaments and freerolls

A pro player must have made a mark in every aspect of online rummy. They must have their own dominance in all the variants of rummy and also must have had winners tag frequently in rummy tournaments and rummy leaderboard contests. At the initial stage of your rummy career, you must have had a great hand in the freeroll tourneys. There must be a progressive improvement in your career. After winning freerolls you must start looking for cash tourney wins and later for leaderboard contests. There are many luxurious offers you get to enjoy in rummy, like rummy bonuses, a sensible player would look to make the best use on the resources available for him

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