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Love Ice cream? Here’s How it is common with Rummy!

The Frozen Summer!

The whole of the universe loves Ice cream, just like how they love Rummy.

Ice Cream is above all. Life becomes bitter without ice cream. It does have beautiful memories in everyone. Be it a Date Night, Fancy Dinner Party, Birthday Party, Wedding, or a Midweek treat, and Ice cream can make it better and special. The sweetness and then the creaminess is what make it top-notch. It is the best delicious treat you can have with someone else. There are a countless number of fascinating flavors that you can enjoy and also get to feel the difference when you eat. Chocolate, Vanilla, fruit-flavored ice cream, and the list goes big and tasty!

Ice cream turns even more delicious when shared, but this does not always happen. People do not prefer sharing it. It is true love like anything else. There isn’t any age restriction to love Ice cream. Be it a kid or an age-old person; Ice cream is so much close to heart. It brings in happiness and a great feel of relief in you. They act as a healing agent. Craziness is at a peak when some replace the meals with Ice-cream.

Not just on a hot sunny summer, Ice Cream is always at the top of the most loved food in any season. There are many who love eating ice creams even there is a huge snowfall. It is something people would always like to have in their refrigerator. Ice creams are scientifically proven to tune on the person’s emotions. It brings in a positive aura in people. In simple words, Ice creams can refresh a person. Ice creams not just a solo hit but can form a great combo with a wide variety of food.

Ice Cream Month

You know something; there is a National Ice cream Month. Former American President Ronald Reagan declared July as the National Ice Cream Month. Not just month, but there is also National Ice Cream Day, the third Sunday of July is observed National Icecream Day. A person’s love for Ice Cream starts during Childhood. The color, chillness, thick fragile appearance makes it more decorative and attractive. The richness in the taste of an ice cream scoop is inexpressible, especially when the Ice cream melts in your tongue.


Ice creams have some serious health benefits. Ice cream lovers would rejoice reading the previous point. When you have read many articles regarding the disadvantage, here’s something to smile for you.

Ice cream is a huge source of Vitamins A, B-6, B-12, C, D, and E. Not just them, the Vitamin K in Ice cream prevents blood clotting. Not just Vitamins, it is a great source of energy and also helps you gain weight. Minerals like Calcium and Phosphorous are also present in it helps to maintain strong bones, and reduces the chance of kidney stones. Adding a surprise to the list, ice cream can prevent Mood Swing and PMS.

The above points happen really at a very moderate level. If you think Ice cream is all about chillness, it is completely wrong, try out Hot Ice cream. It is Solid when warm but melts when cool. Not just we humans, even pets can eat them.


Looking out how Ice creams and Rummy could connect?
Just like Ice cream’s availability, Online Rummy is available 24*7. You can play anytime anywhere you want. The online platform is a great exposure for rummy lovers to play the card game. The game is full of surprises making people feel excited and anxious whenever they play the game. Rummy Tournaments and Leaderboard promotions are the best for players to enjoy Online Rummy. Just like Ice Cream Rummy also improves the mental fitness of a person.
What’s gonna stop you? Get ready with your favorite flavor, and enjoy a great Rummy outing!

6 Traits of Successful Rummy veterans

Every sports player falls on a category based on his experience. On a scale of 1 to 10, players between 4-8 are thought of belonging to a continuum, whereas the top 3 and the bottom 2 belong to the extremities. 1-3 defining amateur level whereas 9 and 10 indicate mastery in the game. Rummy players can also be categorized in this manner. There must be special traits that distinguish the latter from the former. In this post, we are delving deep into certain traits of rummy veterans.

Rummy Veterans

1. Desire to Learn

With experience, it is quite common to develop a know-it-all attitude. Once they develop that attitude, they get complacent and after a while they become predictable. A know-it-all attitude is a gateway for a downfall. Veterans on the other hand never settle for less. They constantly find ways to improve their game and in the process uncover new strategies that they add in their armor.

2. Maintain a balance

If you are on a winning streak it is quite natural to get carried away. Players who often get smitten by their own victories and continue relentlessly often end as a trainwreck. They write the script for their own downfall. Veterans know when to stop. They know their limits and do not get overzealous at any point. Such players often set their own cash limits and make sure they do not overrun it at any point in their careers.

3. Good Observational skills

In any sport, it is very important to keep an eye on your opponents. Reading your opponent’s mind will help you shield yourself against their attempts to outsmart you. In rummy, your observation skills play a very important role. You have to understand every move of your opponent before making yours. Rummy veterans are like chameleons; they adapt to situations much faster as they always know what their opponents are up to.

4. Calm demeanor

In a thrilling and tense game like Classic rummy, it is very important to have a calm and cool attitude. If you allow anxiety and anger to consume yourself, your chances go down heavily. Experienced rummy players understand the need to remain calm during crisis situations. They wait for the right moment to strike and secure big wins in the process.

5. Practical outlook

It may sound cool to call yourself a daredevil, a person who’s not afraid to take risks. But not every time the risk you take pays off. Sometimes the risk plots your own downfall. Online rummy veterans take note of this and take risks only when the situation demands and they have no other option. Even then, they do it with a plan. They don’t mind backing off during instances where the probability to win is very low.

6. Organized

Whether they are playing a offline rummy game or a online rummy game, veterans know how to organize things. Be it arranging their cards, making their moves or striking when it matters, rummy veterans often pull it off with a panache seldom seen in others. You can spot one by the manner they stack their cards and the manner in which they execute their rummy strategies.


Becoming a rummy millionaire is every player’s dream. What separates the champions from the ordinary players is their ability to adapt to crisis situations. Rummy veterans have evolved to be in their current position as they know how to play their cards right. There’s nothing that could stop you from attaining that position as well. Are you game for it?

How Rummy helps to bond with people of different age groups

Rummy is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. In India, the game has a history of being played for several centuries. It’s hard to think of any festivals or gatherings without a game of rummy. It’s a game that’s close to the hearts of many people over the years. The game is enjoyed by players across different strata of society. People believe playing rummy helps build a strong bond and improves camaraderie. Here are the few ways which Classic rummy game can bring across people of all ages and build a strong bond.

  1. Rummy Club – Multiple age group

Rummy clubs are a good way for the people to congregate and play rummy. Card game clubs were in existence in the previous generations. Thousands of players frequent the club to enjoy card games they loved. Rummy clubs can also function as the medium to spread the message that rummy is a skill game. From the legal age of 18, players spanning across several groups can enjoy the game. Rummy clubs would go a long way in fostering social interaction among card gamers.

  1. Online Rummy Tournaments

Online rummy has been a revelation among Indian gamers. Now everyone with an inclination towards card games can get on to the rummy platform and enjoy a card game. There are a number of rummy sites and rummy mobile apps which connect players from different geographic locations.

Rummy tournaments are a great way for rummy enthusiasts to connect. Coming with an alluring prize pool, these rummy tournaments are intensely competitive and promote healthy rivalry. The online sphere eliminates the traditional age barriers so that people of all ages get to interact with each other and form a lasting friendship. Online rummy offers you multiple variants (Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy) to play. If you are bored at one variant, you can always choose the other.

  1. Rummy Kitty Parties

Women always love partying and it’s no surprise that they mix partying with gaming. Rummy kitty parties are extremely popular in the circles of women rummy players. Such parties are an interesting mixture of rummy, songs, and dance. Such parties also allow the game to known to unknown players. It is also a great way to break the age and social barriers as women from all walks of life participate and enjoy the game.

  1. Host rummy quiz

Quizzes are always a great way for knowledge sharing. People love to learn more about a game other than its rules, such as history and interesting facts associated with it. These facts make up for an interesting quiz material. A challenging rummy quiz helps you gain knowledge about the unexplored facets of rummy and it might also enable you to build a strong bond. As the game existed over a long period of time, it is obvious that it carries many interesting facts. You can even reward the winners with some exciting prizes. The prospect of winning cash prizes will keep them interested if not the quiz itself.

  1. Read Rummy Tutorials

Rummy is like an ocean. What you’ve surfed is only a tiny part of it, these are large swaths of unexplored territory. The sky is the limit as far as learning goes. We at Deccan Rummy have an impeccable collection of materials on rummy including rummy tips and strategies, which will help you in a long way. We have you covered if you intend to learn through videos. There are multiple videos on how to play rummy and rummy rules which will help you. Switch on the videos and polish your rummy skills to rattle your opponents.

As you get to know the intricacies involved in the game completely, your performance would obviously increase. Not only would you be in a position to win every game but you also have a chance to inspire others to take up the game. Join the game now and see what cards have in store for you!

Why is Deccan Rummy celebrated in India?

Card games have a special bonding in every Indian’s cultural life. Cards games hold a historic partnership with the Indian lifestyle across centuries. Be it marriage, festival, and any family get-together; people rejoice the moment. The best and most famous of them is “Rummy”. Brought into India by the Mughals, Rummy has an X-factor of surprising players every second.

Deccan Rummy
Deccan Rummy

Rise of Online Rummy

Every aspect of living has changed. The boom in the online gaming market is a well-known fact. When it comes to Rummy, of course, there is a radical development in the form of online Rummy. Online Rummy has made the game of Rummy available for every individual in India. The last decade has seen a tremendous rise of Online Rummy. It is a big industry with players from all across the country.

Online Rummy is an excellent treat for Rummy enthusiasts- many play the game as a profession. The game is not just entertainment but also a great platform to earn money!

Online Rummy is the same as the traditional rummy setup. But online Rummy has the upper hand among the two. An individual gets to play against a wide range of players. Players from different geographic locations compete to play for Cash. The Cash amount is bigger and better than you think!!

There are numerous online rummy hosts, whereas only a few are making it the best for players. One among them is Deccan Rummy!!!

Deccan Rummy is one of the fastest-growing Online Rummy portals. The host has many promising features helping players love the game as well as the host. It charges the lowest rake fee in the country.

Deccan Rummy Promotions

They present their players with a bag full of astonishing offers and rummy promotions. One among their mind-blowing offers is the “Refer a Friend” promotion. This promotion is a life-time benefiting promotion. When a player invites a new player to Deccan Rummy, then the invitee wins 10% of the referral’s winning amount throughout life.

Players get to enjoy real cash bonus every day with the “Daily Deposit” Bonus. A player’s first deposit at the hub is made worthy with the “Welcome Bonus” that can fetch you a 100% bonus up to Rs 5000.

Monthly bonus, Happy Hours, Deccan Rewards and, Surprise Cash Whopper- to enjoy playing at Deccan Rummy

When it comes to Rummy tournaments– Deccan Rummy is worth appreciation. They host a wide range of tournaments throughout the day. The tournaments include both free and cash tournaments. You know something; Deccan Rummy has a vast collection of tournaments that you can spend an entire day participating in them. You can win Gold coins for free. Yes, not just this, but you have many to enjoy playing Online Rummy. When it comes to the biggest of online Rummy- leaderboard contest, Deccan Rummy is the best in hosting them.

A Leaderboard contest is always special at the site. Deccan Rummy hosts a leaderboard contest every week and also on all special occasions. Leaderboard contests are a treasure of rich gifts. Winning here can turn you a Millionaire. Recently Deccan Rummy hosted The New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0. It carried prizes worth 2 Crores. It includes BMW X3, Mercedes Benz, and many more astonishing rewards.

Features of Deccan Rummy

Here’s a list of the features of Deccan Rummy:

  1. Safe and Secure
  2. Easy Withdrawal
  3. Big Rewards
  4. Seamless gaming experience
  5. Lowest Rake fee
  6. Best user interface

When you have features like this, who would stop playing at Deccan Rummy?