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CSK vs RCB – the dream start to a carnival

The first match of the world’s most celebrated Cricket festival – the IPL 2019 is about to begin in less than 6 hours. Get used to the trumpet sound that plays in between every over. It’s that time of the year, when people shun all other activities and remain glued to their television sets immersed in this carnival, oblivious to what happens in the outside. It’s also the time when the fans shift their allegiance from the country to their respective states or teams where their favorite starts feature.

IPL creates a carnival-like atmosphere everywhere with stadiums packed with devoted fans sporting their favorite team’s jerseys and screaming and cheering for their teams with blow horns, trumpets and what not. Cricket icons all over the world get a rapturous welcome here. Not even in their wildest imagination, they would have received these kinds of adoration and love even in their home towns. Recall the number of times the boisterous crowd blew the roof off the stadium with their chants.


CSK vs RCB – the perfect start

And what better way to open the ultimate carnival of cricket than having the most decorated teams in the league clash against each other. Yes, it’s CSK vs. RCB that’s going to be the inaugural match this season. To put it more precisely it’s Thala Dhoni vs. King Kohli that’s going to set the house on fire. Social Media is already exploding with the way they have the organizers have promoted the first ad in a novel way insisting cricket is going to be the winner with their “game more than the name” slogan. But for the enthusiastic fans, It’s their state, and their hero is what that counts! It can be seen from the rapturous welcome MS Dhoni received during a practice session.

RCB vs. CSK on CSK’s home turf is undoubtedly exciting for any follower of the game. CSK did the unthinkable last year by clinching the title in what may be considered as vengeance for banning them for two years. The kind of unconditional love and adoration CSK has managed to receive over the years is something incomparable. While CSK had a dream run, RCB has a disastrous outing last year, something the King want to forget.

Add to the fact that RCB is one of the three to have never won the IPL. Despite getting close so many times, they couldn’t get win one thus earning them the tag of being the “New South Africa” of cricket after choking so many times. Carrying this dubious tag for too long, they want to relieve it and what better way to do so than to have a perfect start by demolishing their arch-rivals in the opening match on their home turf.

Predict & Win double

As a cricket fan, you are in for a visual treat for sure! How about adding a tinge of more excitement on this awesome day? Hey! We are talking about the Rummy Fantasy League which is all set to begin along this carnival. Just like cricket fans, rummy players are excited about this league, which comes with a massive prize pool of Rs. 1 Lakh. Pick your choice between RCB and CSK and start playing the RFL match No 1 for a prize pool of Rs. 16000. Just play with the nominal buy-in of Rs. 10. Registration has already begun and the tournament begins at 9:00 PM. Time for you to hit out of the park with your prediction!

If your prediction comes true, get the double of what you win! Sounds good, eh? Come and electrify our tables like ABD!

Dhoni – the Thala of Chennai

No other franchise has been able to create such a loyal and frantic fan base. And a large part of it owes to the peerless MSD, who is undoubtedly the unrivaled king of Chennai. Chennai’s love for their “Thala” Dhoni can be witnessed from the huge placards and signboards that have been erected in the city. MSD appears extremely happy in his yellow jersey than what he had to sport for the last two years. And there’s Suresh Raina, who is the second most loved guy in Chennai after MSD.

Head to head record

Though CSK has a 14-9 head-to-head advantage over RCB, it’s worth noting that things have changed a lot in the past year. Kohli’s captaincy has improved by leaps and bounds. Registering wins in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, Kohli at the helm is a different man now. And they have Mr. 360, AB De Villers. Wherever he plays in India, he is greeted with loud chants of “AB! AB! AB!” – No other foreign player evokes such a passion as much as ABD does. Chepauk has a history of cheering for players despite being on the opposite side; they have the reputation of being the most knowledgeable crowd in Chennai. With this being the case, we are in for a cracker of a contest!


Meghanimx ships Holi Special Tournament

Deccan Rummy is constantly looking at ways to cater to the rummy players all across India. Festivals are always made double enjoyable here at Deccan Rummy with our Special Tournaments. We have an excellent track record of hosting grand events during Indian festivals which draws the best players from the Indian rummy circuit. Being aware of the buzz around the Indian festivals, Deccan Rummy has always upped the guarantees for the special tournaments.

In keeping up with our custom of hosting big rummy tournaments during the festival, we announced a Special Tournament for Holi with a prize pool of Rs. 50000 GTD. What better way for a rummy player to celebrate the festival of colors than winning a majestic tournament? Holi and Rummy have a lot in common. The joy and vibrancy of both are unmatched. Right from the day, we announced the tournament, a lot of rummy enthusiasts started collecting their free tickets.


Holi Special Tournament

Last Night saw the Holi Special Tournament 50K GTD played out at Deccan Rummy. The action started at 9 PM. The event drew a digital footfall of 678 players which was close to being a full house, with each aiming to win the big prize. Just like all the special tournaments, the action was power packed and solid. The battlefield was fierce with rummy players at all experience levels joining the hunt to win big prizes. Players with a proven track record were gunning ahead of the others in each round. Just when we thought one of them is going to win the tournament, out of the blue, a new player “meghanimx” pulled out all tricks in her bag and managed to clinch the top prize.

Meghanimx – the winner

It is quite an achievement that a newbie was able to overcome formidable opponents and ship the first place. This goes to show that even newbies have a fair chance to cause major upsets in this beautiful game. As we mentioned in this article, online games are no longer only a man’s territory. Women are making rapid inroads into this field by leaving an indelible impression. Deccan Rummy extends our heartfelt congratulations to Meghanamix for this stellar achievement. We feel we are going to see more of her in the near future.

For her fantastic efforts, “Meghanimx” takes home a prize of Rs. 2572. Despite putting up a brave fight, cutesugar wasn’t able to overpower Meghanimx and had to settle for the runner-up spot. For his hard-fought efforts, cutesugar took home a prize amount of Rs. 2009. And the third spot was sealed by Kanthavel, who took home Rs. 1569. We would like to congratulate both of them for their brave efforts. A win for both of them is on the nearby. We hope to see them take down special tournaments in the near future.

Rummy Premier League

Deccan Rummy management conveys our Special thanks to all the players who participated in this tournament making it as a grand success. We understand not everyone gets lucky with these tournaments. Don’t lose heart if you couldn’t make the cut, there’s always a tomorrow. Also, as the excitement around IPL is building up, so is the excitement around our Rummy Premier League which is all set to begin from Mar 23.  And also there’s this IPL bonanza which is yet another predict and win offering from us.

Deccan Rummy considers tournaments as our lifeline and we are always willing to walk that extra mile in giving what the users desire the most. So, get ready for a bevy of offers which are going to be a benchmark in the Indian online rummy industry.

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Here’s one more offer to Spruce up your IPL fun – IPL Bonus Bonanza

IPL is about to start in less than a week. The league which changed the dynamics of cricket completely, the one which proved to be the face of the Indian Cricket is back to keep us enthralled over the next few weeks. Foreign players have joined their respective teams and the teams are involved in rigorous practice sessions. Ticket sales have already started and there’s a mad rush in buying them.

Tickets for the first few matches have been sold out despite being on the expensive side. Eight heavyweight teams will be competing for the enormous prize pool. The cricket-showbiz combo will keep the tabloids and magazines busy with top stories. Despite the general elections falling in the way, the excitement hasn’t fizzled a bit. To keep up with the IPL fever, a lot of restaurants, bars, online retailers and even food apps come up with exciting offers.

IPL Bonus Bonanza

IPL Bonus Bonanza

To say there is plenty of excitement at Deccan Rummy would be an understatement. This time, Deccan Rummy is going all guns blazing in incentivizing players during this league. To celebrate the spirit of the IPL in its truest essence, we have already announced a contest Rummy Fantasy League which will be conducted on all match days.Continue reading

A brief history of IPL

It’s the time of the year, every cricket fan reaches out for their bean bags, chips & drinks, go into a state of frenzy as the most exciting cricketing contest, Indian Premier League (#IPL2019) is making a comeback. As the curtains are up, we know what to expect -we are all set to witness a complete package of explosive batting, inspired bowling and mind-blowing fielding just like we’ve been doing so for the past decade. Also, as usual, there will a share of controversies, drama, and parties. It’s also the time of year various offers and promotion hit the market – From restaurants to bars to hotels to coffee shops, offers and discounts galore. IPL is the most watched T20 League and the second paying league after EPL in the global sporting league.

At Deccan Rummy, we too have added a dash of excitement to the #IPL2019 with our Rummy Fantasy League. RFL is an exciting series of rummy tournaments that will be conducted on all match days. You can play this tournament with a low-buy-in of Rs. 10 and have a shot at the massive prize pool of Rs. 10 Lakhs.

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