Enjoy Quality entertainment with 13 card rummy games at Deccan Rummy

13 card rummy

13 card Rummy is an engaging card game that provides you with absolute thrill and fun along with quality entertainment. This game of strategy requires you to use your skills like decision making, analytical thinking, and logical thinking ability.

The objective of the 13 card rummy game is to arrange cards into required melds, such as sequences and sets, for a valid declaration. If you wish to enjoy this skill-based classic rummy game online, then Deccan Rummy is the best place you should be heading towards.

With over 6 million users, Deccan Rummy has earned the trust of a vast majority of the Indian rummy community. With our unique gaming features and amazing giveaways, our platform has grown consistently.

Here are the reasons that prove Deccan Rummy is the place to be for quality entertainment.

Multiple 13 card Rummy variants

Our site offers a wide range of rummy games online across three variants in free and cash contests. No one likes to play the same type of game, again and again, that’s the reason we have three rummy variants available to all the users in our platform. Users can switch between the three variants if they feel bored with a particular variant. While Points Rummy is preferred by every player as it is quick, deals rummy and pool rummy are for those who like to grind it out.

If you are a tournament buff, then you are in for an absolute treat. We have a pool of free rummy cash tournaments with high guarantees. Users can have a chance to win amazing prizes even without spending a dime.

Bonus Offers

Every one loves having some perks for their deposits. We understand this and have taken steps to ensure that no deposit of yours goes unrewarded. From an amazing welcome bonus up to Rs. 5000 to a series of daily/weekly/monthly offers, you can always gain something extra for your deposit.

Best User Interface

Our platform guarantees to give you the best-in-class online rummy experience. Amidst the barrage of online rummy websites available, our platform is easily distinguishable by its distinct features and design.

You will get a premium feel with our smooth and seamless user interface (both on the desktop as well as a mobile app), striking graphics giving you a casino environment feel. Whether you are a new or an experienced gamer, our platform will captivate you with its rich look. We understand that too many complex features will ruin your gaming experience, that’s why we’ve kept it simple and user-friendly. You don’t have to break a sweat in figuring out the platform. All the users can easily understand and get started almost immediately.


Our platform is certified with RNG, which is mandatory for every card gaming website. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, software used for all gaming websites. It increases credibility in the platform and assures the user that the game is not rigged.

RNG is used to generate random numbers and ensure non-repeatability in the game. Our RNG system has been evaluated for randomness and certified by InfySec labs.

RNG ensures that the card distribution is completely random and players do not get the same cards. In a 13 card rummy game played among 6 players, normally 2 decks of cards are used. RNG eliminates the possibility of repeating cards and also ensures that the seating arrangement is completely random.


Regardless of the gadget that you are using to play (mobile/web browser/tab), you can enjoy an amazing gaming experience. If you wish to experience rummy on the mobiles, download our Free Rummy app for android and iOS platforms for free. Install it on your preferred devices and have a thrilling rummy ride ahead. See you at our tables soon!

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