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Dealing with a bad hand in Rummy online

September 29, 2016 News  No comments

Dealing with bad hands in Rummy is one of the precarious situations that rummy online players have to deal with, often. Seriously, how often you get a dream starting hand in rummy? Even if we get one, does having a dream hand absolutely ensure that we are going to win? A single mistake is enough to bring your party crashing down.

We all know that Rummy is a game of skills and strategy with luck playing a minimal part.  Don’t worry if you get a bad starting hand with no sets/sequences/jokers. You can still win if you know how to deal with that bad hand while playing. Expert rummy players hardly ever complain about bad hands in rummy, they know how to sneak through any intractable situation. Let us now see how to deal with bad hands in Rummy online.

Bad Hands in Rummy online

The first step ...

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Play Cash rummy games & move up the ladder

September 26, 2016 News  No comments

cash rummy games

Online rummy games have been a rage in India especially cash rummy games thesedays. The game of rummy is expanding like never before venturing into unexplored avenues and is constantly attracting new followers. The reason we could see behind this unexpected fan following is rummy’s simple gameplay and a huge sense of satisfaction and the profound euphoria that the game provides. We are not sure if the level of happiness that runs through you when you defeat your opponents in rummy can be quantified? And could there be any better place for online rummy than DeccanRummy, which has been specifically tailored to meet the expectations of the rummy lovers?

Online rummy games have become synonymous with happiness and merry-making after the advent of several rummy sites...

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Tourney Bonanza(5 Lakhs) @ DeccanRummy

September 19, 2016 News  No comments

We know you love playing our Rummy games at DeccanRummy and that’s the reason we are continuously trying our best to enhance your gaming interests, by introducing lots of exciting offers and promotions. We are sure that our offers and promotions are captivating enough to keep you glued to our online rummy games

In this festive season, we have got lots of rousing offers and tournaments exclusively for you. DeccanRummy proudly presents its “Special Freeroll Tournaments” for this festival season. As many festivals are around the corner, we love to make these festivals memorable by engaging you to play in our rummy tournaments for free. The total prize amount for these Festive Free Roll tournaments is Rs. 5 Lakhs!

Free Rolls Tournaments are those tournaments that are played without an en...

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A tree of golden players @DeccanRummy

September 17, 2016 News  No comments

Hey!! rummy folks, How you all have been? Guess tournaments offered by DeccanRummy are keeping you glued to us. We enjoy seeing our players winning and would do our best to celebrate your happiness in a grand way. There is simply no alternative to winning a grand prize by playing a game so close to your heart.

DeccanRummy proudly presents to you its goldQuest winners over the past few days. These are players who hold rummy close to their hearts. The sheer passion and love for the game of rummy brought them this wonderful reward. We at DeccanRummy congratulate these wonderful players for achieving this feat and making us proud.


Champions aren’t born, they’re made.

Are you wondering what it takes to see your image in that glorious list? The answer is simple...

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Online Rummy vs Offline Rummy

September 17, 2016 News  No comments

online rummy

Online Rummy or Offline Rummy; this is a question that is lingering in many rummy lovers mind for some time. There is no denying that Offline rummy is a good old game that each of us has enjoyed right from our childhood. But things change constantly, right? But then, the comparison and debate on what’s the best form are inevitable.

Let us, for instance, compare a few parameters involved in rummy games before arriving at a conclusion.

  1. Availability & accessibility

Most of the online rummy sites are available 24/7 and can be accessed through a PC or mobile anytime. Players can simply register and join the right table best suitable to him. In the case of offline rummy, you have the burden of finding right people and convincing them to play for a longer duration...

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Rummy Promotion – Stay Loyal Get Rewarded

September 3, 2016 Promotions  No comments

Folks, the offers at DeccanRummy are getting better and better by the day.  As you might be aware, a whole lot of festivals are lined up for the next 2 months. DeccanRummy has big plans to make this festival season a remarkable one by entertaining you to the maximum and filling your pockets with awesome cash prizes & other rewards. Keeping in mind the festival season, DeccanRummy has introduced a slew of offers;

Stay Loyal Get Rewarded

In the event you missed our Deccan Loyalty Mega Bonanza, here is a chance to make amends for it; We have launched a new promotion “Stay Loyal Get rewarded” wherein the players are going to get exceptional benefits.

This promotion has been introduced to reward our loyal customers...

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What is Loyalty Points in online Rummy?

September 3, 2016 News  No comments

Loyalty points are awarded based on the number of cash games you play with DeccanRummy. The more a customer plays cash games, the more chance he has to earn loyalty points.

How the loyalty points is calculated?

Play as much as you can on our website and accumulate Loyalty Points. Players who play cash games that have higher stakes will garner more loyalty points.

Benefits of Loyal Points

Loyalty points can be converted to cash and it can be added to your Account Balance, facilitating you to participate in various other cash tournaments. (1000 Loyalty Points would fetch you Rs 100).

There are a number of tournaments associated with loyalty points giving away amazing cash prizes.

  1. Loyal Challenge (Players who earn 75 points in the last 5 days can participate)
  2. Loyal Grande (Players who earn 5...
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