GiftRaffle Tourney gifts

Giftraffle tourney has recently launched our daily GiftRaffle tourney. It is a free roll rummy tournament that is being conducted every day at 11PM. The tournament is currently witnessing a tremendous response with seats going full most of the days. The total prize pool in this tourney is Rs. 1800 which is given in the form of giftVouchers. The winner of this tourney will get Rs. 1000.00 worth e-shopping Gift voucher, the runner up will get Rs.500 movie voucher and the person securing third place will get Rs. 300 worth movie voucher.

The reason for the success of this tournament is its simple structure. Players do not have to labour much to win this tournament.

Tournament Structure for GiftRaffle

  1. A maximum of 509 Players can participate.
  2. A table can have a maximum of 6 players.
  3. A minimum of 255 registrants is required for the tournament to commence.
  4. Every round in the tournament has 3 deals.
  5. After logging in, Players can refer the tournament structure by clicking on the “details” option of GiftRaffle tournament under free roll tab.
  6. Please note that the number of tables would vary based on the number of participants.
  7. *If there are two or more players with similar points at the end of a round, then our software randomly selects a player, who then moves into the next round.

Game Play for GiftRaffle

  1. All the 509 players would be accommodated in the 85 tables.
  2. At the end of the first round, the winner of each table moves to the second round.
  3. Round 2 also referred as quarterfinal has 85 players seated in 15 tables. At the end of the second round, one winner from each of the 15 tables moves into the third round.
  4. Round 3 also referred as semi-final has 15 players seated at 3 tables with 5 players each in one table. At the end of the third round, one winner from each of the 3 tables moves to the Fourth Round.
  5. Round 4 also referred as Final round has 3 players seated in a table. The player with the maximum points at the end of the final round takes the first prize.The remaining two settle for second and third prizes respectively.

Sounds pretty simple right? The heartening fact about this tournament is many new players are winning it every day. The tournament has percolated across different parts of India and we have winners across India daily.

Date Winners Name Location
12/02/2017 lax9682 Dahod, Gujarat
13/02/2017 Svasu30 Kavali, AP
16/02/2017 duraikingss Rajapalayam, TN
22/02/2017 sahanevis Tirunelveli, TN
24/02/2017 Apprico Pondicherry

Be sure never to get bored again. Just log in and play this awesome GiftRaffle tournament for fun, thrill, entertainment and win some really cool gift vouchers!

Aren’t you excited about these amazingly wonderful tourneys? You must be! Grab this wonderful opportunity & conquer your opponents in an authoritative fashion. Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.


Responsible Gaming @ Deccan Rummy

Deccan Rummy is always committed to providing its players a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. We take the rules seriously and have deployed enough security measures to ensure fair play. We want to absolutely ensure that the rules are not bent by anyone for their comfort. While we understand many of our customers adopt responsible gaming, we also find a small proportion of customers who do not. In compliance with the Indian laws and also taking into consideration player safety, we have implemented the Responsible gaming clause that every user must follow.

Responsible gaming

18 years for SignUp

Rummy has been declared to be legal to play by Supreme Court of India. As mentioned by the Supreme Court, the legal age for playing rummy games in India is 18 years and above. Deccan Rummy is very particular about this clause and we do not allow anyone below 18 to register and play on our website. We have mentioned this explicitly in our Terms and Conditions.

Important: If you suspect that your child is accessing gambling site or any other inappropriate website, you can restrict access to those sites by using Internet filter programs available.

Fair Play

Deccan Rummy offers fair, transparent and secure gaming environment for all our customers. We respect their patronage and always reach out to them in needs. Deccan Rummy ensures fair Play & fast Pay – SSL certified to establish a secure encrypted connection. Certified RNG has been implemented to ensure non-repeatable & unpredictable card sequences. Your search for a safe online rummy site ends with Deccan Rummy.

Collusion Prevention

The issue of collusion is always a hot topic among the Rummy Community. Collusion can be defined as secret agreement or cooperation, especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose. Game Collusion crushes the spirit of the players who join us with lots of ambition and makes them abort the site altogether. Deccan Rummy has religiously enforced anti-collusion policy right as collusion could ruin the game. Colluding with other registrants and participating in tournaments or games is considered a form of cheating and it is strictly prohibited. If we detect an act of cheating or colluding, our Company has the right to withhold the Cash Balance in your Accounts and to cancel and close the Accounts without any communication to you.

Multiple Accounts are banned

According to our site’s policy, one user is allowed to open only a single account at Deccan Rummy. If it is found that a player is holding more than one account, then we reserve the right to terminate multiple accounts or even ban the player holding such accounts.

Know yours Limits

We insist our players set a time limit for playing online rummy. Deccan Rummy also insists our player not to exceed their budget allotted to playing rummy games. Do not be a spendthrift and overindulge in the game. We request our players to avoid wagering on rummy games when they are under stress, or depressed. Consumption of alcoholic beverages while playing online rummy is not recommended as you may exceed your budget being under an inebriated condition. Players can take a break and start afresh if they are on a losing spree.

Anti-Fraud Measures

Deccan Rummy has implemented strict measures to prevent any fraudulent activities happening in our rummy tables. We have a monitoring team who keep a close watch on all the rummy tables so as to detect and prevent any fraudulent activity. If there is sufficient evidence of a fraud, we ban the players carrying out such activities.

Deccan Rummy fully supports responsible gaming as it is vital for our sustenance and also for our players’ safety. We request our players to adhere to this Responsible gaming clause and enjoy playing online Rummy at Deccan Rummy. Browse our current promotions & Start winning today. Just click on the promotions you wish to avail. Get complete information about the Rummy Promotion

GoldCoin Tourney Winner Speak

The popularity of online rummy has surpassed traditional rummy games at all levels. Rummy games are interesting, addictive, can be enjoyed with friends and family members and to top it all, it is rewarding. Owing to the increasing popularity of online rummy, many online rummy sites have sprung up in the recent past. They thoroughly entertain all the rummy enthusiasts by hosting many exciting rummy games & tournaments 24/7. Rummy websites offer variations of basic rummy so that customer doesn’t get bored by playing the same variant repeatedly. Deccan Rummy is one such website that has struck a chord with our customers, by providing them with an invigorative platform to display their rummy skills. Deccan Rummy is also known for its astonishing rummy promotions & pulsating tournaments. We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Playing rummy tournaments is the best challenge for a rummy player as they go head-to-head with the best in the business. Many sites offer many rummy tournaments 24/7 for their players to enjoy.  Only when you confront challenges, you will know your capabilities. Deccan Rummy hosts multitudes of online rummy tournaments in our website. Players can choose the tournament that adjusts to their time schedule. We host lots of exciting free & cash rummy tourneys throughout the day.

Rummy Games

Our goldQuest tournament remains unparalleled and continues to be the most preferred tourney by our users. Winning a gold coin is always an enticing proposition as gold is the most precious and sought after piece of metal in India. The Gold coin is one of the direct ways of investing in gold in addition to buying gold jewels. There is never a dull moment while playing this tourney as it is gripping from the start to finish. This tournament attracts players from all walks of life across India. Our goldQuest tourney is also extremely affordable. You must generate 100 loyalty points in the last 3 days in order to get an entry. In this article, we shall see some of the testimonials by goldQuest tournament winners.


I have played and won the goldquest tournament. It is a very nice tournament and I would like to play it again. Thanks Deccan Rummy – sachin007

I had an easy time playing and winning this amazing tournament – Dinesh

The format was easy and the prize was very rewarding. I wish to play this tournament many times in the future – Chotashakil

The tournament was gripping, to say the least. After the initial lull, it was a high voltage drama and I had to bring all my skills to use to win this tourney – ankush51

I won the tourney 2 times and each time it was one heck of a journey. Hoping for many such tournaments in the future – rahudev

I couldn’t crack it in the first attempt, I had to play this tourney 3 times to get used to the format. More practice helped me crack it – Dhananjay

Tournament             –          GoldQuest

Starting time            –         1.00PM

Regn Time                –         11.00AM

Entry fee                   –           Should have generated 100 Loyalty points within the last 3 days

So what are you waiting for? Play cash games and the required loyalty points and get an entry to this tournament. Why do you want to miss a high-voltage thrilling tournament with a stunning prize?

PR – Deccan Rummy Launches GiftRaffle Tourney

Deccan Rummy, the much talked about rummy site, is in the news again. Deccan Rummy has launched their GiftRaffle Tourney where the winners will be felicitated with e-shopping and movie gift vouchers. This tourney will be conducted every day at 11 PM and the entry is free. The winner of this tourney will be awarded an e-shopping gift voucher of Rs. 1000 and the runner up will get a movie voucher of Rs. 500. The player who finishes third will get a movie voucher of Rs. 300.

GiftRaffle Tourney

These are times where e-shopping is creating a buzz in the world and a tourney with an e-shopping gift voucher as a prize is too hard to miss. This tournament would allow players across the country to gather at a single platform to show their rummy prowess and beat their competitors to win worthy rewards.

Deccan Rummy’s Head of operations Thamaraikannan said “E-shopping is a big craze these days; A gift voucher at this time when the whole country is recovering from a cash crunch would be instantly liked by our customers. So, when we decided to launch this tourney we opted for gift vouchers as prizes”. He concluded saying “Customers have been requesting for an additional tourney for some time. We are sure this GiftRaffle Tourney with gift vouchers as prizes will resonate with them big time”.

Detailed Information about this tournament:

Registration – The registration for this tourney will every day at 11 PM

Total Participants – A maximum of 509 players are allowed to participate

Tourney Date – Everyday

Total Cash Prizes – A prize pool of Rs. 1800 as gift vouchers

Total Winners – 3

  1. 1st Prize – Rs. 1000 e-shopping voucher
  2. 2nd Prize – Rs. 500 Movie voucher
  3. 3rd Prize – Rs. 300 Movie voucher

Entry – Free for all players

Join this fun by simply creating a free account at Deccan Rummy. Refresh your rummy skills before joining this tourney as this is the tournament that will require you to display your rummy prowess in ample doses.  Join the hunt and win this splendid gift vouchers.

About is an India based online gaming website, which provides the players a platform to play online 13 cards Indian rummy game. Within a span of a year since their launch, they have made a name for themselves with their safe and secure gaming environment. Here players can participate in different variants and win handsome rewards in tournaments. You can register at Deccan Rummy for free and play on their website or you can download Deccan Rummy Mobile APP for your android/iOS devices for free and access all the rummy games.

Why Play Rummy Online@ Deccan Rummy

There are hundreds of websites out in the market where you can play rummy online. Many sites offer exciting offers and promotions that are enticing to the customer. As a customer, it becomes really hard to choose the best rummy site ie problems of plenty. We are out to help you in this conundrum. Deccan Rummy since its launch has been making rapid strides in the Indian Territory by consistently attracting new followers every day. In this article, we delve into the areas in which Deccan Rummy stands apart from our peers.

Play rummy online

Fastest Withdrawal – You will get what you win quickly at Deccan Rummy when compared to other websites. Deccan Rummy offers and Rummy promotions are the fastest withdrawal services in the entire gaming industry. All you need to do is to place a withdrawal request and your withdrawal will be processed in the quickest time possible. Gone are the days where you will have to pamper and pester the rummy sites to get what you’ve won. You will be astonished at the speed at which you receive your winning amount. Play rummy online without any hesitation.

Unlimited Free withdrawal – Most of the rummy sites have a withdrawal limit. Eg: In some rummy sites, you cannot withdraw more than Rs. 50000 per week. There are no such limits in Deccan Rummy. You can place an infinite number of withdrawals and we would process all of them instantly with no processing fee for withdrawals. This is really a blessing in disguise for hardcore rummy players who’d like to encash their wins then and there. No other rummy site offers this exciting proposition.

Lowest Rake Fee – Of all the rummy sites, Deccan Rummy charges the lowest rake fee (aka) service fee. Grab the most out of your winnings on our cash tables. We have the lowest service fee of all rummy sites, just to ensure that you get the maximum amount of your winnings. Play more & win more!

No wagering criteria for Withdrawals – In most of the rummy sites, you cannot withdraw the amount you have deposited without spending it by wagering in rummy games. Their system will block you from withdrawing your deposited money. At Deccan Rummy, we do not block our users from withdrawals. You can withdraw your money even without wagering on games.

No TDS charges – As per law, tax deduction at source (TDS) may be applicable on your winnings. TDS is currently applicable at the rate of 30% on winning above Rs. 10,000 and the rate of TDS and/or the exemption limit are subject to changes from time to time as required by law. At Deccan Rummy, we do not charge TDS on your winnings. You will get what you’ve won only with a small deduction of our service fee.

These are the some of the areas where Deccan Rummy is standing apart from our peers by a mile. Deccan Rummy provides the ideal platform to play rummy online and win real cash with minimal effort. Join the truest rummy sensation now and start boosting your bankroll.

Play Freeroll Rummy Tournaments

Rummy players are always fascinated by the prospect of playing rummy tournaments. Nothing stimulates a rummy player more than participating in an exciting contest where he is pitted against other skilled rummy players. While it is true that players mainly play rummy tournaments for cash, the euphoria of winning is more than the prize money itself. Passionate rummy players hit the tables repeatedly even after the losses. This shows that passion is stepping stone for success while playing rummy. If you’re not passionate about the game then you have little to no chance of winning. is a place for people who find rummy as a passion more than just a game or a hobby. We have more than 1 lakh plus passionate rummy players who hit our tables regularly. Deccan Rummy hosts an amazing array of freeroll tournaments that you can play without spending a dime. Freeroll rummy tournaments remains as the most preferred tournament format in the rummy community as the winners get huge prize money. Deccan Rummy hosts freeroll tournaments with a prize pool of over Rs. 3 lakhs per month. In this article, we shall see the benefits of all the freeroll tournaments at Deccan Rummy.

Evening Surprise – We are hosting this splendid tournament every day to make your evenings pleasant. Evening surprise tournament starts every day at 5.30 PM and the registration for it commences at 2.30PM. Just 300 Players are allowed to participate in this tournament. Players are requested to register their names as soon as the registration starts and book their places. The total prize pool for this tournament is Rs. 2500. Register for free and compete against 300 players to win a big cash prize! Play 4 exciting deals in this thrilling rummy tournament and you could be one of the top 35 players to win Rs.3500 prize pool. Surprise yourself by winning this amazing tourney.

Mega Blast – It is one of those great free roll tournaments where you can go ahead and blast your opponents; you are going to be rewarded with cash for that. The registration for this tournament commences from 5.30PM everyday and the tournament begins at 8.30PM every day. Up to 300 players can participate in this tournament and the total prize pool for this tournament is Rs. 3600. Brush your rummy skills and blast your opponents!

rummy tournaments

GiftRaffle Tournament – This brand new tournament has made heads turn in the rummy world. It’s truly one of a kind rummy tournament where you get a chance to play for stunning e-shopping gift vouchers and movie vouchers. Gone are the days where you must stand in a queue for shopping or for purchasing a movie ticket. We are out there to make your lives simple by providing you with these vouchers that could save your precious time. The tournament begins at 11 PM and the registration for it commences by 6 PM. Rush to register!

These are some of the amazing freeroll rummy tournaments offered by Deccan Rummy at present. We bet that you’re tempted to try any of the above tournaments as they are irresistible. Go grab a seat and join the hunt!

Play our GiftRaffle tournament everyday

Our freeroll rummy tournaments have a history of connecting well with the audiences. All our existing freeroll tournaments are seeing active participation from players across India. It comes as no surprise, as Deccan Rummy is one of the legitimate rummy sites where payouts are extremely faster when compared to other rummy sites. We’ll help you reach your full potential with our awesome list of freeroll and cash tournaments at affordable rates. We love the customers who love to play rummy and we firmly reward customers them as and when we can. If you are the one who loves to play rummy, then look no further than Deccan Rummy.


Since the day our New Year Dhamaka tourney concluded, there has been a huge demand for tournaments with gift vouchers as prizes by our customers. It is understandable why our customers prefer gift vouchers as we are living in an age where e-shopping is ruling the roost. To quench their desire for gift vouchers, we are going to launch a freeroll tourney from today where the winners are going to get amazing gift vouchers as prizes.

The e-shopping gift voucher that is given to the first prize winner. The second and third place holders in this giftRaffle tourney are going to get amazing movie vouchers. Who wouldn’t like to watch a movie? Sounds enticing, right? Maybe it’s time for you to immediately head to our rummy sites. You can play this delightful tournament from both our website as well as your mobile APP.

Tournament Name: GiftRaffle

Type: Freeroll (Entry Free)

Time of Tourney: 11 PM every day

Registration:  6 PM everyday

No of Players: 509


  • 1st Prize – Rs. 1000 /- Gift Voucher
  • 2nd Prize – Rs. 500 /- Gift Voucher
  • 3rd Prize – Rs. 300 / – Gift Voucher

Gear up for an awesome freeroll tournament that is going to be conducted every day! The seating for this rummy tourney is based on the first-come-first-serve basis. The first 509 players who successfully register their entry for the tournament are eligible to participate. You can withdraw anytime by clicking on withdraw.

Don’t miss your chance – the registration will open @ 6 PM sharp every day and the seats would be filling up real fast! Rush to book your seat today!


Rummy beginners must spend more time in practice tables using the practice chips provided at the time of registration. As they spend time at the practice tables, they will get a good hang of the game. Beginning to practice rummy games are fun and playing continuously gives you an edge on different types of combination. Our unique rummy learning program helps you bring about parallel thoughts and create the best possible hands to win. On the other hand, rummy veterans will scamper through without much difficulty. Our Rummy tournaments generally attract the best players across the India. So it always helps if you hit the table with sufficient armor (rummy skills in our case).

Instructions for Winners

Winners have to follow the below-mentioned steps to claim their prize

  1. Confirm your username, First Name, Last Name, Mobile number, and email address
  2. Like our Facebook Page (
  3. (Share the post made by us announcing your win publicly in your wall and mention in few words why you like playing at Deccan Rummy while sharing).
  4. Send an email to with the above information
  5. Once the details are verified, we will be sending you the gift voucher

Aren’t you pumped up about the possibility of winning this amazing tourney? You must be! Turn your cards into amazing gift vouchers. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity!


  • There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this tournament.
  • No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered. The prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.
  • The winner will be notified by email within 48 hours. If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 7 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.
  • The support team will notify the winner when and where the prize can be collected.
  • 50% of the seats will have to be filled if the tourney has to begin
  • Please note that the winners will have to abide by the terms and conditions of the company issuing the gift vouchers. Deccan Rummy shall not be held accountable for any difficulty in the usage of the gift vouchers.
  • If the verification team found any fraudulent activities on the game, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.
  • This tournament is subject to the sole discretion of management at, management has the right to withdraw this tournament anytime without prior notice.
  • Employees of Deccan rummy are not allowed to participate in the tournament.
  • Standard Deccan Rummy Terms and Conditions apply

A heads up to Deccan Rummy’s promotions

At Deccan Rummy, we complement your love for rummy by bringing you enriching promotions, offers & bonuses periodically. All our offers are applicable to rummy mobile APP as well, allowing you to enjoy the game anywhere, anytime. Deccan Rummy currently runs many exciting promotional offers, contests and tournaments. We provide a great platform to exhibit your skills and reap rich benefits using it.  This article will give a quick heads-up about the current rummy promotions at Deccan Rummy.

Instant 200% Deposit Bonus

This exciting rummy promotion has struck a chord with many of our players and they have benefited immensely out of it. Since the day our Mobile APP was launched we have seen a surge in the number of registrations. As this promotion was already a hit among our customers, there were calls to extend the promotion. So, owing to the demand, we have extended this promotion until the end of this month (Feb 28). The offer works simple – your first deposit of the day will attract a bonus UPTO 200%. Deposit every day to make an optimal use of this promotion.

Deposit & Reload Bonus

This 100% bonus is applied only to the first Deposit made in your account. You can get 100% Bonus on your first deposit with the bonus amount capped at a maximum of Rs.5000 on. It is the best bonus ever offered by any other online rummy sites in India. The trick is to deposit a big amount which will fetch a bonus in equal amounts so that your account remains stuffed with cash. You can use this cash to play high-stakes cash rummy games thereby giving you a chance to multiply your cash. Hurry! Deposit now in case you have not deposited before.

Refer A Friend

We all love to play rummy with our buddies/ relatives/family friends. There is nothing euphoric like playing rummy with a squad and winning. So, why don’t you make your rummy sessions exciting by inviting them to play rummy alongside with you? If you bring a friend to Deccan Rummy, you will be getting a lifetime bonus of 10% of their winning fee towards us. In addition to bringing you lots of money, Your friend can then play all the games, tournaments, avail promotions, bonuses etc! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.Maximize the benefits of this offer by referring as many friends as possible. Bring a friend now!

Rs. 8000 /- free roll Tournaments & Gold coin

Every online rummy player loves to play freeroll tournaments and win cash. While playing with our Rummy mobile APP, the tournament gets even more interesting as you get to play with better visuals & clarity compared to the website. Deccan Rummy hosts an interesting array of rummy tournaments amounting up to Rs. 8000 per day. Sounds awesome, right? We also conduct a goldQuest tourney every day allowing the participants to win a glistening gold coin. Entry to our goldQuest tournament is restricted to players who have earned a minimum 100 loyalty points within last three days. Please refer our article on Loyalty points to know more about it.

Rs. 8820 /- Cash tourneys

Rummy experts always love challenges. Imagine going hard against a handful of rummy experts across India and battling it out for huge cash prizes. The prospect itself is hair rising, is it not? Join our cash rummy tourneys worth Rs. 8820 and win scintillating cash prizes on the go. Enough of free tourneys, dive into our cash rummy tournaments and start making big money immediately.

These are the current rummy promotions available at Deccan Rummy. We guess these promotions must be enticing enough to convince you to hit our tables. As Deccan Rummy mobile app is also going great guns, this is the right time to experience the true power of mobile rummy. Sign up with us now and benefit out of all our exisiting rummy promotions.

Benefits of some popular mobile games

The growth of mobile gaming in such a short span of time has left an indelible impression on the society. There are many of us for whom a day doesn’t pass without some quality mobile game sessions. The ability to have a device that is portable and carries a multitude of purposes is extremely efficient in the modern day. This has contributed to its widespread reach. The evolution of mobile games is phenomenal – from Snake on an old Nokia phones to the augmented reality games like Life is Crime. Though some of the games would require an internet connection, there are tons of games that can be played without it. Perhaps, this is the reason for the huge popularity mobile gaming enjoys amidst the youth. In this article, we shall discuss the specific advantages to be gained from playing a few popular mobile games.

Mobile Rummy

In the past year, the rummy game made its way into the mobile platform and instantly captured the imagination of many game enthusiasts. The main reason for the huge popularity of mobile rummy games is its portability and instant availability. Imagine playing exciting rummy tournaments while you travel to office by a public transport, doesn’t that sound cool? Rummy helps you to cultivate decision-making skills as the outcome of the game relies mainly on the choices you make. It improves your memory power as well as you need to remember the moves by your opponents at several stages of the game. Mobile Rummy games also help you get your priorities right, improve your concentration and sharpen your observation skills. Players can try playing using our Deccan Rummy Mobile APP and could feel the difference.

Mobile Poker

Chances play a very important role while playing poker, unlike Rummy which is purely based on skills. Winning in poker is not as simple as rummy as you need a lot of things working in your favor.  Just reinforces the thought that winning is not everything in life. Defeats in poker allow you to try out various combinations until you find the right way to win. This teaches us an important message for life – you should not give up when you fail in the first attempt. Also, playing poker has other benefits like improving our judgemental skills and self-confidence.

Angry Birds

This is a simple game of hitting the targets precisely using colored birds in the game.  Angry Birds help us to achieve our goals in life by overcoming the hurdles just like what we do in the game. Research has suggested that playing games like angry birds can make you a more ‘resilient’ employee and keep you getting back despite the setbacks you may encounter. Also, such games help you focus at work better. Many celebrities have even endorsed the benefits of playing Angry Birds.

Temple Run

Temple Run is a thrilling game endless running with a task to retrieve a valuable golden idol from a temple in Italy. On the way, you would many coins and other rewards. The coins earned in the game can be used to buy power-ups, utilities, characters that allow the player to progress. This game motivates us to keep chasing our dreams regardless of the obstacles that might hinder your progress. The game makes us more positive and gleefully accept any challenges thrown in front of us. It also helps us to get better hand-eye coordination, and improve our spatial and problem-solving skills.

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans allows players to build their own town by attacking your opponent’s empire and gaining their resources. This game helps us to develop within us a fighting spirit to seek out things we covet. No matter the lack of resources, the game helps us to develop a spirit to look for opportunities and build from the scratch. We usually look for opportunities at the wrong end most of the time in our life. Clash of clans helps us to be organized and teaches us to utilize the right opportunity at the right time

So there you have it – the next time anyone asks you about the benefits of playing mobile games, do not hesitate to share this information! Why not reap the benefits right today by downloading Deccan Rummy Mobile APP and have a healthy gaming session?

5 common Rummy Triggers

Online rummy is a wonderful game which blends your skills and ability to bluff. You can be a successful rummy player only when your rummy skills and your ability to read people go hand in glove. When you play offline rummy, you will realize if you are being bluffed by reading the facial reactions and by feeling the vibes. But while playing online rummy, you do not get to see the facial reactions or even feel the vibes. However, there are some trigger warnings that may come to your aid while playing online rummy.

A successful rummy player would always admit that these trigger warnings had been definitely useful. In this article we shall examine the common triggers that you may encounter during a rummy game;

  1. An increase in the Game Tempo: After the hand cards are dealt, players normally take some time to make a move. They will have to sort their hand cards and formulate a strategy. But if you see a player quickly making a move as soon as the cards are dealt, you can assume that the player might have a very good hand. He would be trying to get rid of the remaining useless cards in a hurry and can declare at any moment. There is also a possibility that your opponent is simply playing on your emotions. You never know this might even be bait by the player. Watch him for a couple of rounds, if he appears to hasten the finish then you can drop out of the game to save points. This is one of the foremost triggers to watch out when playing online rummy.
  2. Dropping a card with an agenda – As we have mentioned many times, you must keep track of the cards your opponent is picking/discarding. If you do it, you will have a clear idea about the cards your opponent is holding. Some players would throw a card as a bait to know about the sets/sequences you’re trying to make. So, if you see a player throwing a card required by you on more than one occasion, he is hoodwinking you. Unfortunately, many players fall for this trap unassumingly and lose the game with high points.
  3. Slowing Down: If you see a player slowing down in the middle of a game then you can assume that he is on the verge of completing the objective. Delaying in between the rounds can be assumed as a telling sign especially on occasion where the player had been faster in the previous rounds. Smart players would drop the high-value cards (A, J, K, Q) on these kinds of situations. These are situations where you must exercise restraint and follow your intuitions.
  4. Chat Triggers: If you see players discussing too much about the strategy in the middle of the game, then you can assume they are buying time to formulate a strategy or even trying to bait you. You must refrain from giving away too much information on such occasions. Other times, some players might discuss some frivolous things to divert your concentration. Use this as a trigger alert and don’t fall into their trap!
  5. Calm before storm: Some players might follow this tactic of remaining silent as they don’t want to give away that they have a very good starting hand. So, they might intentionally stay calm in the beginning and explode during the subsequent rounds. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it as trying to outsmart them often proves to be a futile exercise. The best thing to do on such occasions is to fold your cards and save the points.Online rummy is a wonderful game which blends your skills and ability to bluff. You can be a successful rummy player only when your rummy skills and your ability to read people go hand in glove. When you play offline rummy, you can realize whether you are bluffed by reading the facial reactions and by feeling the vibes. But while playing online rummy, it is difficult as you do not get to see the facial reactions or even feel the vibes. The surprising aspect, however, is there are some trigger warnings that may come to your aid while playing online rummy.
    Whenever you ask a successful player, he would admit that these trigger warnings had been definitely useful. In this article we shall examine the common triggers that you may encounter during a rummy game and how to make a winning hand using this; Players can refer rummy rules and how to play rummy tutorial in our site for a better understanding about the game.
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