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Tips for High Stakes Rummy Games Online

April 10, 2017 News  No comments

Now with Phuketgala contest going in full swing, you must be planning to go for high stakes online rummy games to increase your loyalty points. Are you worried whether you are trained well enough to play high stakes rummy games online? Are you aware that you must have a solid bankroll to play such games? If you are planning to become a high stakes rummy player, it’s time to equip yourself with the skills, experience and a solid budget. You must shell out a lot of time on practice games, improving your rummy skills before venturing into the world of high stakes rummy.

High stakes Rummy

In this article, we are presenting to you a few tips that can enable you to become a high stakes rummy player.

Know your standings

In order to be a long run winning player, you need to first understand where you stand as a...

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13 Irresistible quotes about card games

April 8, 2017 News  No comments

Card games have always captivated us right from the day it set its foot in India. Of all the card games, none comes close to rummy in terms of excitement & fun. Millions of professional & aspiring rummy players play this rousing game every day on hundreds of websites that offer 13 cards online rummy. The invigorating nature of the game is probably the main reason they choose to play rummy. While it is true that not every game of rummy can be won, we still see millions of players play the game on a regular basis. Rummy players are thoroughly engrossed by the competitive spirit prevailing in the online rummy sphere and play the game with lots of interest. In addition, we cannot discount the irresistible rummy promotions in every other website.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of ...

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Rummy Versions around the world

April 7, 2017 News  No comments

Rummy is one of the most popular & charismatic card games played across the world. The game is usually played with 2 to 6 players. A standard deck containing 52 cards is used. Rummy games have permeated throughout the world and have branched out into different rummy versions. The objective of the Rummy game is to arrange the hand cards into proper sets and sequences with a minimum of one pure sequence.

Since the advent of online gaming, the rummy game made its way to the digital world and had become an instant hit among card game enthusiasts. While in the yesteryear, the spread of the game was mainly due to word-of-mouth communication; Internet has made the job very easy now...

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Superheroes in Online Rummy

April 6, 2017 News  No comments

In the earlier article, we had mentioned a few cartoon characters that inspired us in our childhood. We visualised how they would have fared in online rummy because of their natural characteristics and special abilities. It seems to have kindled lots of players’ childhood memories as many of them mentioned that it sent them into a nostalgic trip. Due to the tremendous response we received for that article, we have decided to include a set of superhero characters that left an ever-lasting impact on us. We were fascinated and floored by everything these superheroes did on screen and even believed they existed for real.

These characters were all incredible in their own way and gave us many memorable moments growing up in our childhood...

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How Cartoon Characters would’ve played Rummy

April 4, 2017 News  No comments

It’s always a pleasant experience to reminisce about the cartoons that defined our childhood. Back in the ‘90s, these cartoon characters left a big impact on the kids when they were growing up. If you’re a television buff, you could not have missed watching epic cartoon characters like Tarzan, Jungle Book, and Heman in action. As we did not have the luxury of watching multiple channels back then, most of us would have definitely watched some of the above-mentioned cartoons. They were low on budget but rich in content. We know online rummy enjoys a similar cult status like the cartoons of the yesteryear. What if some of our childhood heroes venture into the arena of online Rummy?



Tarzan is fondly remembered as the king of Apes...

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Appeal of 13 cards Indian Rummy Game

April 1, 2017 News  No comments

Have you ever thought about the reason behind the appeal of Indian Rummy games and its widespread reach? While it is true that 13 cards Indian rummy provides incredible fun, there are other games that provide equal fun if not more. It warrants a thorough examination to discover the truth about rummy game’s universal popularity.

Upon thorough examination and discovery, it is found that 13 cards Indian rummy games are extremely popular because of two factors that could leave you startled. One is the game’s simplicity and other is it can be complex at the same time. How can a game be simple and complex at the same time? There lies the beauty of this extraordinary game. Indian Rummy is an amalgamation of several rummy variants of the bygone eras...

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