5 Reasons why Entrepreneurs must Play Rummy

It is often amusing to see Rummy game dismissed as a game of luck crudely.  If it is purely a game of luck there couldn’t be players who win multiple games and tournaments. There is quite a lot that makes the rummy game so different from other luck based games. In rummy games, you have to remember the fall of cards, do some math to guess the combinations your opponent is trying to make. For this, a lot of skill, expertise, and practice is necessary.  Often these things go behind the making of a great rummy player. Not only do these skills come in handy on the table, but also help the player in his personal life.

The rummy game being a skill game is almost very similar to entrepreneurship. Both require a lot of dedication and perseverance for succeeding. In this capitalistic world that is driven by ultra-materialism, running a startup is no easy task. Similarly, in rummy, it does take quite a bit of effort to come on top because of the heavy competition in that avenue. Here, we give you some reasons why rummy players make great entrepreneurs.

Rummy Player & EntrepreneurshipAnalyzing the scenario

A Rummy player formulates his strategy according to the scenario. Rummy tips varies according to the different scenarios, a player could encounter. A player has to do situational analysis by assessing the situation, calculating risk and thinking about the consequences. An entrepreneur has to assess various factors before taking a decision.

Reading your competitors

A rummy player carefully observes every move of his opponents and formulates his strategy based on it. Similarly, a business man should constantly be aware of their moves taken by his competitors. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. In a cut throat competition, only the fittest survive. It is always essential to know about the capabilities of your competitors.

Bankroll management – Rummy Player

Be it rummy or business bankroll management is an extremely important factor.  An experienced rummy player will be very conscious about the money he brings to the table & has for backup. In business, financial management is the most important factor. Your profit and losses are determined based on your financial management skills. Playing rummy would be a great step for the budding entrepreneurs to learn financial management.

Sensible & Prudent

It is very important to keep your emotions tight and stay level- headed while running your own business. You may encounter several adverse scenarios while running your business. On such occasions, you must not be swayed by your emotions. This is something you can learn from playing rummy. Playing the rummy game will help the player to mature mentally and educates player how to handle defeat and wins in life. This is one of the main reasons why all budding entrepreneurs should play rummy game online.

Be an opportunist

This is an era where an ultimate opportunist thrives. A good rummy player grabs all the opportunities to make sets/sequences and declares quickly. In business, the smart businessmen grab the opportunity as soon as they spot. These are incredibly tough days where there are minimal opportunities for start-ups. It is important an entrepreneur is constantly looking out for opportunities to expand his business. AS we can note, there is not much difference between a rummy player and a beginner. Both begin by throwing caution to the wind. It is the ability to make use of the opportunities that counts.  Playing rummy games will be a great learning curve for rummy players.

If you can dream it, you can do it – Walt Disney. Dream big, achieve big! Find the motivation to do what you like.

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Transition from Rummy clubs to online rummy

Online Rummy Industry is a rapidly growing industry which has made a strong impact in the Indian market.

The rise in popularity of online rummy represents a new generation which prefers an easy and readily available mode of entertainment.

With the unique followers of the game rising rapidly each year, Online rummy is scaling even higher than ever before. In most of the sites offering rummy online, there are multiple tournaments with a huge prize pool allowing players to win big cash easily. While brick-and-mortar model type clubs seems a rarity these days, online rummy game sites are aplenty out there in the market. Players can choose the best rummy site after doing a bit of research and sign up with them.

According to a research by Reliance games, the revenue of the Indian mobile gaming industry is expected to reach $3 billion by 2019. Within the gaming industry, the revenue of card game industry is expected to grow at 100% every quarter. Many sites offering online card games are attracting immense investor interests.

Rummy Clubs

Rummy clubs were the place to play rummy games prior to the advent of online rummy. Many players made immense fortunes playing card games for cash at clubs. Many giant clubs emerged where players were gambling to their heart’s content. To make the gambler feel at home, the organizers arranged snacks, lunch, and even liquor in their clubs. It was quite fun times earlier!

The problem emerged when betting took precedence over skill games. Betting is immoral according to Indian values. There are stringent laws for betting in our country that prohibits casinos to operate first place.

Because of many unsavory incidents in the past, there was a large scale police crackdown and many brick-and-mortar clubs had to shut their houses down. The problem with real clubs is that they failed to curtail the players’ spending habits as they strive on it. Many players borrowed money from money lenders, who lent money at exorbitant interest rates. Because of the unrestrained access, the gamblers pawned everything they have – from vehicles to gold rings. It is impossible to win rummy card games every time as the distribution of cards influences the outcome. In addition, you cannot rule out any nefarious activities happening inside the club. Many times gullible players choose the wrong club and end up in heavy debts.

In online rummy, there is no reason to have such fears. Not only, it is 100% safe and secure, most rummy sites follow Responsible Gaming. It means most rummy sites restrict their players from overspending. Also, because of the other factors like availability of space, portability & security, traditional rummy clubs were unable to stand up to online rummy sites.

Play at Deccan Rummy -100 % legal rummy site

With secure rummy clubs almost at nada, rummy lovers have no option than to choose online rummy. The next step obviously is to find the most legal rummy site. We are about to help you with it.

Deccan Rummy is 100 % legal online rummy site offering some quality rummy games for free and cash. Our goal has always been to offer the safest online rummy experience to all our patrons. We have implemented excellent security measures like – encryption of all player information, Anti-fraud measures, Anti-collusion measures, and deposit/withdrawal limit.

Come & play at DeccanRummy.com for a safe & secure gaming experience.


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10 General Rummy Tips for Beginners

13 card Online Rummy games are all about taking right decisions at the right time. Knowing the correct rummy tips is mandatory for success in rummy online. Sometimes it can be very difficult to identify the right rummy tips in the beginning. After all, there is such a huge amount of information out there these days that it can be very difficult to know where to start.

 Rummy Tips

 General Rummy Tips

But starting out in the correct way is very important in this game. There is nothing wrong in being amateurish at the beginning. But if you do not utilize the opportunities to correct your mistakes, it could harm your play in the future. So in this article, I am going to discuss the top 10 beginner rummy tips for new rummy players. Let’s get started!

  1. Define your goal. Be clear what you want to achieve playing rummy online. Do you play the game for fun or just to make some additional income? Some play it for fun, some play for passion, and some play it to win real cash online. Defining your purpose is very important as the strategy varies according to your purpose.
  2. Do a proper research about the site before signing up. Check the authenticity, license, and testimonials in the social media to know about the site before signing up.
  3. You can start playing free online rummy as soon as you have set up your account in a rummy site. Most rummy sites have practice tables which allow you to have an idea about the game.
  4. Have a thorough read about the basics of the game. Most of the online rummy game sites have tutorials about “How to Play Indian rummy” online. Read the document and get familiar with the game and rummy rules.
  5. It is important for rummy novices to keep it relatively tight. This means that you only want to play good starting hands. You do not want to begin with a string of losses.
  6. Do not go for high stakes straight away. As you are a beginner, you might not know various rummy strategies. Limit yourself to playing low stakes in the beginning. Nothing wrong in being very ambitious but make sure you do not go broke.
  7. Do not chase the losses. This is simply not the right time to chase losses as you’re still in your learning curve.
  8. Do not play too may rummy tables at the beginning. With online rummy, you can play multiple that allows you an opportunity to multiply your winnings. However, each additional table takes a little bit away from your concentration levels and this can lead to blunders.
  9. Utilize all the freeroll offers and promotions to its maximum capacity. Most rummy sites have incredible signup bonuses, welcome bonuses & freeroll tournaments. Make use of them before going for cash rummy games.
  10. Don’t play when you’re in a bad mood. When you play rummy, you must not use it as an outlet for beating stress or depression.

Play @ Deccan Rummy – No. 1 site for rummy beginners

If you’re a rummy beginner looking for an authentic rummy site to play, head to DeccanRummy.com for some invigorating gaming sessions. DeccanRummy.com is a legal online Indian Rummy site offering some quality Indian rummy games online for free and cash.

Our site is tailor-made to suit the needs of both rummy beginners and experts. We have an incredible welcome bonus offer that allows the players to make up to Rs. 5000. No other Indian rummy site offers this much. Additionally, we run freeroll tournaments worth Rs. 1000 every day that gives players to make some quick cash without spending a penny. Register at DeccanRummy.com and avail all these exciting benefits. Play, progress and prosper!

Rummy Promotion – Jazzy July 30 % Bonus reminder

Deccan Rummy is fast becoming the number one online rummy game site in India. With thousands of rummy players available anytime, you can expect an invigorating gaming session on our website anytime.  We guarantee loads of money in our monthly promotions, feature special tournaments with trips to exotic locations as prizes.

Jazzy July

Join the action here at Deccan Rummy in our exciting online rummy promotions, fast-paced online rummy tournaments, and benefit from our ongoing bonus offers and freeroll tournaments. Our gaming environment is suitable for rummy players at all levels. Our rummy games will help you enhance your rummy skills and face any level of competition. You will come up with several rummy tips of your own after playing the game for a few months. Our tournaments are designed in a way to bring you the perfect dose of adrenaline and our promotions will provide the right motivation for you to push even harder. Without your support, we wouldn’t have become one of the finest online rummy game sites in India

Over the past few months, we have launched several online promotions and offers. Jazzy July Bonus offer is one such exciting promotion that offers exciting benefits to our players. As the offer is about to expire, players must hurry and make use of it soon

What is this Jazzy July Bonus all about?

Make a cash deposit and we will give you a 30% bonus up to Rs. 900! We will credit the bonus amount in the form of bonus points. As you play cash games, it moves as redeemable bonus amount. The minimum cash deposit eligible for this offer is Rs. 500.00.

Deposit code for this week – RummyKing

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The Jazzy July Bonus offer is going to end on Jul 31. Make a deposit immediately and avail the offer.

We are confident that you will enjoy your online gaming experience at Deccan Rummy, and in our mission to set the bar high for online gaming, we want to hear from you. Post in the comments section below on the ways in which we could do so. Feel free to share your views about our rummy promotions and offers. Alternatively, you can also e-mail us at support@deccarummy.com.

Weekend winnings 20% Bonus at DeccanRummy.com – A reminder

It is not for nothing DeccanRummy.com remains as the most preferred destination for online rummy enthusiasts. At Deccan Rummy, we strive continuously to offer our players with fabulous promotions. We periodically host attractive offers and promotions much to the delight of our customers. Additionally, we host exclusive tournaments, mobile-specific promotions and bonus offer with exceptional benefits. With every promotion, we are giving you more reasons to dwell into our rummy games.

You can make your rummy experience memorable and a rich one at DeccanRummy by taking part in all our promotions. Additionally, these bonus amounts are going to give you an impetus to score up your game. Participating in our bonus offers is smart since you’re already paying a small portion of your winnings (in the form of a “service fee or rake”), you might as well make up for it by grabbing these bonuses. Check our promotions page to know more about the latest offers & promotions at DeccanRummy.com

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Weekend Winnings @ Deccanrummy.com

The rummy bonus offer is applicable for all the cash rummy players at DeccanRummy.com. The Weekend Winnings offer from Deccan Rummy will run on 22 and 23 of July 2017. You can avail the bonus amount by using entering “RUMMYKING” while making a deposit. We will credit your account with 20% Bonus amount instantly. This offer is applicable only for one of your deposits this weekend. The maximum bonus you can avail during the offer period is Rs. 1000.00. It means the maximum deposit amount for which this bonus amount is eligible is Rs. 5000.00 Any deposits made over Rs. 5000 will attract only the maximum bonus amount of Rs. 1000.00

The Bonus amount will be credited in Points at the rate of Rs. 1 = 10 Points. For example, if you are making a deposit of Rs. 5000 with the bonus code, we will apply the offer instantly and a bonus amount of Rs. 1000 will be credited as 10000 Bonus Points. The bonus point cannot be redeemed directly. As you keep playing cash games, the bonus points will become available for redemption.

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Make this weekend special by availing a great bonus with this offer. Head straight to the game lobby and take part in this promotion to win an awesome bonus amount. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait one more week to get the next weekend offer. So, you better hurry and avail it on time!

See you soon at our cash rummy tables!

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Playing rummy online – Top 5 Motivational tips

In order to be a successful rummy player, staying motivated is one of the key aspects. Motivation is mandatory for any sport. We see many professional sports team hiring mentors. The role of mentors is to motivate and encourage players to bring out the best in them. The 13 card rummy game requires quite a bit of self-motivation as it is a game, where you cannot afford to hire someone to motivate you. Unfortunately, many rummy players suffer from low self-esteem and give up after a few losses. It is very wrong. Feeling demotivated is not uncommon, but the key aspect of attaining success is to overcome your demotivation.

If you want to excel in rummy games, self-motivation is indispensable. You must learn how to motivate yourself. You must be able to draw that inner strength to win no matter how discouraging your hands are. Those who appear demotivated lose the battle even before it begins. Here are several tips, I’ve found to be effective to build motivation while playing rummy online:

Gather Tips from winners & follow them

If you are feeling unmotivated, follow those players who are successful in the game. Upon following them, you will know about their efforts to get to their current position. Many rummy players make a note of strategy then and there as each game differs; you must follow this technique to get that spark that will help you to fire on all cylinders. In the meanwhile, also engage in conversation with that person using our interactive gaming chat feature to get some knowledge about the game. You can connect with them through social media and build a relationship thenceforth. Mentor/prodigy relationships are somewhat a cliché, but it is still very much relevant in this case. There is no easy way to get that motivation than by connecting with the successful players.

Let go of the past

It may be hard to believe, but your past can drag you down miserably. In games like rummy, your previous losses can be a heavy burden on your shoulders. The good news is that it’s already the past and it is dead after all. You can take it off your shoulders and leave it. Today is a new day, and you have a great chance to try again. No matter how many losses you’ve suffered in the past, you still have a fair chance to win today because of the unpredictable nature of the game. Don’t let the burden of the past drown you in the present. Meditation is a great motivating tool to get rid of the stress and get your spirits up! Practice meditation & some deep breathing exercises to improve your concentration levels.

Set a Goal – A believable one

Setting a goal and pursuing it vigorously is an art. It is not as easy as people think. It requires a lot of confidence and commitment to work towards the goal. Set believable goals so that you have a chance of reaching the goal. For example, if you are a rummy player with a string of losses, there is no point in aiming for a tournament win. It’s a bit of a stretch. Your first goal must be to break free from the flurry of losses that is plaguing you. To begin, set a goal of winning at least 10 games this week. It is certainly achievable if you remain motivated. Once you reach that goal, stop for that week & come up with some tough goals gradually.  Setting goals are very handy in keeping you motivated because you hold yourself more accountable.

Listen to Motivational speeches online

Rummy games can sometimes be very mentally exhaustive. As players play the game hours together, they start losing that desire to win and begin losing money. Professional rummy players prepare themselves mentally hours before the game and hit the table with lots of confidence. If you’d ask them their secret of success, their answer would be their high motivation levels. They get that motivation by listening to motivational speeches. There are tons of motivational speeches available on Youtube for free. Listen to time whenever time permits. Keep constantly looking for ways to unwind yourself. You can even read some self-improvement books to get that desire to perform at your highest levels. Eg: Try reading “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.

Keep Pushing

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts – Winston Churchill.

When you meet hurdles along your journey, you may want to quit. You feel it’s something too much to take, too often. You may think you’ll never achieve your dream. But this is where winners and losers differ. The courage to continue separates winners from the losers. The same is applicable in online Rummy.

Apply these tips and check if it is working out for you. Don’t be content with mediocrity. Push yourself to the limits and let your excellence win laurels for you. Stay Motivated!

Emotional Control while playing rummy online

Controlling your emotions is an important trait while playing rummy online. It is something that is not getting due recognition as it should be. Emotional control can make a big difference while playing rummy online as it decides whether you’re going to win or lose. Rummy being a skill based game can take a toll on you when you let your emotions run wild. That’s the reason we insist on selecting a particular timing and fixing a bankroll whenever you play rummy online. Utilize your gray matter to its fullest potential every time you play rummy games. We shall look at a few scenarios while playing rummy online where you need to exert emotional control:

Playing rummy online

Emotional Control – Playing Rummy Online

Bad Starting Hand- Not everyone playing rummy online is lucky to get a great starting hand. You don’t have to lose your mind and flip out because of it. We have tons of examples where we have rummy players win a tournament with terrible starting hands. It’s all about how you play the game with your starting hands.

Running short of Strategies – Rummy strategies are something that you cannot master after playing a few games. Experts have conceived these strategies after years of experience analyzing different combinations. If you stick through, you are going to get these strategies. In the meantime, you can walk through the five effective rummy strategies document to have some idea about the game.

Playing without a break– It is yet another example of emotional imbalance. Rummy is a game of highs and lows. Winning and losing rummy games can cause your mood to swing from absolute jubilation to towering disappointment. At times when the lows become more frequent than highs, taking a break might be a good choice.

Chat skirmishes – Many players indulge in petty fights in the chat window and go nuts if someone abuses them. In case you spot a troll in the chatroom, do not bother engaging him or turn the feature off. Continuing in that hostile environment is going to do no good to your winning prospects.

Losing Spree – If you play the game with a rage, then it’s difficult to end your losing spree. On these occasions, it is better to take a break from the game for a few hours. It will allow you to cool down your stressed brain. Take a long walk or listen to some soothing music to calm your nerves in these circumstances.

Fear of losing money – Money is one of the driving factors behind people choosing to play rummy online. While winning and losing is a part of the rummy game, no player likes to see his/her hard-earned money go down in losses. What we can advise in these cases is to try playing freeroll tournaments. Our free tournaments come with a fantastic prize pool. Players have a real good opportunity to win handsome cash prizes without spending a penny.

All these ideas are easier said than done. It does take a lot of effort from you to keep your emotions under check. Just be aware that playing with emotional turmoil can be more disastrous than losing a few games. At the end of the day, it is a game so treat it like one and play sportively.

15 reasons to play 13 card rummy game at Deccan Rummy

Rummy is an amazing card game that is extremely popular in India. Over the last few years, many variations of rummy card games have sprung up. All the variations of 13 card rummy game are gaining fame every day and continue to stand the test of time. India has been a fertile ground for rummy games as the game has deep ties with Indian history. Now with the advent of Internet, playing rummy is no longer just a past time but one of the primary sources of extra income.

Deccan Rummy brings you the most incredible platform to enjoy your favorite 13 card rummy games online. We are one of the leading rummy online sites in India hosting a wide range of free and real money games. In addition, we have exceptional benefits to all our members in the form of promotions and offers. All you have to do is to select the favorite 13 card rummy game variant – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and play the game to your heart’s content, anytime and anywhere.

Whether you are a novice or a master at playing online rummy, we have something for everyone. As a beginner, you can start with free rummy games and gradually move on to play with real money. Rummy masters can choose from a host of online rummy tournaments that we run daily. To help you hone your skills, we have given easy-to-read materials on ‘how to play rummy’ and rummy strategies to follow while playing the different variants of rummy.

13 card rummy game

Deccan Rummy – the most preferred 13 card rummy game site

Here we list out the reasons why Deccan Rummy is ahead of other sites hosting 13 card rummy games online:

  • Legal rummy site
  • HTML 5 Flash Free Gaming.
  • Best User Interface/ Fast loading tables
  • Simple sign up and logging process
  • Certified by InfySec Security labs for fair play and random number generator (RNG)
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • Safe & secure payment processing
  • Unlimited Withdrawals
  • No wagering required for withdrawals
  • Highly beneficial promotions & bonus offers – No other 13 card rummy game site offer 100% welcome bonus up-to Rs. 5000.
  • Better Tournaments with bigger guarantees
  • Special tournaments & all-expense paid trips
  • Surprise giveaways
  • Lowest Rake Fee
  • Highly competitive environment that fosters brilliance

Check our recent promotions like Jazzy July Bonus Offer, Weekend Winnings Offer and make use of them before they end. With a variety of promotions and tournaments, there is something for everyone at Deccan Rummy. Visit our promotions page to learn more about the current promotions at Deccanrummy.com.

Deccan Rummy strives to provide quality entertainment by providing a secure, fun and safe rummy environment. Get started now by registering on our site. Just follow our simple registration procedure and get yourself a Deccan Rummy account. Make use of the 100% welcome bonus offer up to Rs. 5000 by depositing the maximum amount of Rs. 5000 now. With over 1 lakh registered users, Deccanrummy.com continues to offer the best consumer experience.

Follow us on Social Media

Get all the latest Deccan Rummy updates from your favorite social media sites. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates. If you’re ready to jump into the action, then register right away and enjoy all the fun. We assure that you will get the same entertainment as much as playing in the casinos.  Learn and improve your game by playing practice free rummy games and free rummy tournaments at Deccanrummy.com. Have a query on any of the things mentioned above? Feel free to post in the comment section below or send a mail to support@deccanrummy.com. We will respond to you promptly.

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