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4 hacks for rummy tournaments

September 29, 2017 News  No comments

Everyone wants to win our Rummy Tournaments. Everyone admires and wants to emulate a winner – Be it their skills, class or mind games or their ability to keep their head cool on difficult circumstances. If you notice often, rummy experts often have a right balance of gaming skills, soft skills and most importantly a meticulous bankroll management.  It is the combination of all these factors which helps them to go the distance in rummy tournaments.

The good news is that none of it is a rocket science, anyone with zeal and passion for the game can get to that level in no time. With plenty of tournaments lined up for festivals, now is the time for you to make a progress. Here are some of the common strategies that you can follow in the big tournaments like our Mega Diwali Dhoom tournament ...

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Play rummy tourneys with our Deccan Rummy Mobile

September 28, 2017 News  No comments

Do you worry about missing out on our tournaments? Have you planned to travel at the time when our special tournament is happening? Forget your worries! You can now play our tournaments at the place where you are.

Free Rummy app is one of the most popular preferred downloads in any app store. How would rummy hosting companies miss out on being on a mobile platform when it is embraced by most of the successful business models?  There are thousands of apps that have been designed to let you play rummy free of cost. Several rummy sites have dedicated mobile apps that serve the gaming interest of their customers. The main reason for the success of these apps is they are free. has a state-of-the-art mobile app for our customers...

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How To Deal with disconnection issues while playing rummy Online?

September 26, 2017 News  No comments

It’s always grating on your nerves when something interrupts while you are indulging in the activity you like. Be it the annoying phone calls while you are playing your favourite game or the pestering salesman barging in giving his sermons about his product while you are watching your favourite program on TV or even your boss who gives some additional tasks on a day where you have planned to leave early. Seriously, these are some of the issues that may look easy to read but it is really grating on the nerves for the person experiencing it.

Similarly, while playing rummy online, the major issue still haunting the customers is the frequent disconnection issues. Sometimes you might experience while discarding/picking up a card, or while at other points of the game...

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How to Purchase tickets for Mega Diwali Dhoom Tourney?

September 25, 2017 Promotions  No comments

As you might be aware, Diwali is around the corner and things are really heating up. To make the festival more lively, we are organizing a Mega Dhoom Diwali Tournament for our customers. This tournament comes with a prize pool of Rs 200000 cash bonus and a total of 600 players can participate in this tourney. The winners would be getting cash bonus prizes. The tournament will be conducted on Oct 22 at 3.30pm and registration for this tournament starts at 2.30Pm the same day.
Of late, we have received a lot of queries related to the entry in this tourney. So, in order to make things more clear, we have given the procedure to get the tickets for this tournament in the simplest way possible.

How to get the free tickets

As mentioned earlier, the entry to this tournament can be obtained in two ...

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Navratri Special Tournaments A Shoutout!

September 23, 2017 Promotions  No comments

The Navratri festival has officially begun. The unique thing about this festival is the diversity it displays – while in the north it’s celebrated as Ramlila, in the east it’s called Durga Puja and down south it’s called as Golu. In-spite of the differences in the way it’s celebrated, it brings about a sense of oneness in the final day in the form of Vijayadasami festival. As people across the country celebrate this 9-day festival with much passion and fervour, we are out there to make it more memorable with a spectacular tournament.

Navratri Special

As you might be aware, We are holding Navratri special tourneys from Sept 26-30.Boasting a giant prize pool of Rs. 50000. This tournament is a freeroll tourney open to all Deccan Rummy players...

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Press Release for Mega Diwali Dhoom – Win from Rs. 2,00,000

September 22, 2017 Promotions  No comments

Diwali is just less than a month away. It’s the time of the year when everyone is gearing up to celebrate this glittering festival of lights in the grandest way possible. This Diwali just got brighter, with a new and cracking rummy tournament from, open to rummy players across India.

Deccan Rummy – India’s safest online rummy site will be throwing a special rummy tournament in celebration of Diwali on Oct 22 @ 3:30 PM for all the rummy enthusiasts in India. The Mega Diwali Dhoom tournament comes with a prize pool of Rs. 200000 cash bonus and it is open to 600 players. All registered players of can participate in this tournament. In order to participate in Mega Diwali Dhoom, the user has to follow the below steps:

  1. Create an Account at
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Win from Rs. 200000 – Mega Diwali Dhoom Tourney

September 21, 2017 Promotions  No comments

Marked with firework displays and delicious lip-smacking sweets, Diwali, is a prominent Indian festival celebrated by millions of people across the world. The theme of the festival is the triumph of the good over the evil. Also fondly called as the festival of lights, the festival sees houses decorated with lights, lanterns lit and special poojas performed to display the reverence to God. On this colorful day, we Indians have had a tradition of playing card games for ages. It is not very uncommon to see card games played within family circles as it was always considered as one of the markers of this festival. Deccan Rummy is out there to make this festival of splendor, brightness and happiness even brighter with our  Special rummy tournament on Oct 22.

Mega Diwali Dhoom

Mega Diwali Dhoom Special Tourney


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Deccan Rummy FAQ

September 20, 2017 News  No comments

  1. Is it legal to play online rummy at Deccan Rummy?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to play rummy online even for cash at The Supreme Court of India has deemed Rummy as a game of skill and not a game of chance in various rulings. You can check our legality page to know more about it. Except players from Telangana, Odisha and Assam, players from other parts of India can play rummy online at

  1. Is it Safe to make payments at to play cash games? is a completely safe site for online transactions. We have the most secure methods for deposits and withdrawals in our site. All the transactions done here at are secured with 2048-bit SSL, so you can stop worrying about the safety factor...

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Playing Rummy Online @

September 19, 2017 News  No comments

Online Rummy is very much similar to real-world rummy when it comes to the thrill and entertainment factor. However in online rummy, the player can play rummy with rummy enthusiasts across India with real cash which is unlike real rummy where you need to find people to play with. In accordance with the Supreme Court rulings, playing rummy online with stakes is legal since it is a skill-based game. After the ruling, many rummy sites emerged out of nowhere and continue to attract customers. It hardly comes as a surprise given the passion for the game that has its grassroots in India.

Apart from 13 card rummy game, certain sites are also offering 21 cards rummy also which is also getting very popular among the card game enthusiasts in India...

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Gujarat Businessman talks on “how to win money playing rummy online”

September 16, 2017 News  No comments

Dhruval Amin is an entrepreneur by profession. He is always busy with his business yet sets the time to pursue his passion – which is playing rummy online. Dhruval’s love for playing rummy online has won him rich rewards at He discovered accidentally when he was surfing online and has been hooked on to our site ever since. To this day, he has been one of the most consistently successful players at Being an avid fan of the game, he never misses any tournaments that we host or the offers/promotions we put up at He feels that the there is no substitute to the joy of winning a tournament. We caught up with him for a brief chat about his online rummy journey so far. Here are the excerpts of our conversation:

1) Congratulatio...

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