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Winners of Monsoon Thunders Tournament

October 31, 2017 Promotions  No comments’s Monsoon Thunders tournament concluded in an emphatic way with better competition all the way and sumptuous cash prizes. The whole tournament was gripping from the start to finish. With over Rs. 50000 up for grabs spread over a period of 5 days, the tournaments witnessed more than 3000 players fighting it out for the coveted cash prizes.

The massive turnout to Monsoon thunders was always expected as the tournament was freeroll and most importantly it came with a prizepool of Rs. 50000 cash bonus. As a result, players stormed in huge numbers and made this tournament a grand affair. To win such a tournament amidst such a heavy competition is no ordinary feat, it deserves a special applause...

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Hurry! Register for Monsoon Thunders Tourney

October 28, 2017 Promotions  No comments

Monsoon thunders tournament has started with a bang. Just as the Northeast monsoon made its landfall and is waiting to roar into action, our players are all set for some awesome adrenaline pumping rummy play. We have seen many players swarming in as soon as the clock hits 2:30 PM lining up to register. It is probably this interest which pushes players to achieve big things.

Many players walked away with cash bonus prizes. Cash Bonuses are the newest way to accumulate wealth in online rummy. Just keep playing and winning cash games to move the cash bonus to withdrawable balance. Our Special tournaments never failed to strike a chord with the audience. Similarly, Monsoon Thunders tournament has the name of success written all over it.

From new tournaments to a massive hike in special tourney...

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Joker Rummy Card Game Rules

October 26, 2017 News  No comments

Joker card plays a very important role in rummy card game. Probably, it is the most important card that every player wants to have. It helps the player to quickly complete their mission of melding the 13 cards into proper sets and sequences. Melding 13 hand cards to meet the rummy game’s objective is not simple without some assistance. Joker cards would help you to achieve you to complete this task easily. However, do remember you need a pure sequence (3 consecutive cards of the same suit) in order to declare the game. All aspiring rummy champions must learn joker rummy card game rules thoroughly.


The joker card has its origins in Euchre game. Back in the 19th century, Euchre players felt the necessity to include an additional card to ease the game play...

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Winners of Mega Diwali Dhoom

October 25, 2017 Promotions  No comments

Last Sunday,’s Mega Diwali Dhoom Tournament saw 460 players competing for the coveted prize money of Rs. 200000. After a few hours of solid rummy action, Hemantbhoye emerged as the winner of this tournament.

With an immense love & passion for the game, we saw players registering for this tournament in huge numbers. The reason we planned the tournament not on Diwali day but a few days after Diwali was that we felt this tournament shouldn’t interfere with their Diwali celebrations. At the same time, players must play this tournament with the spirit of this festival.

Free tickets are a boon for this kind of tournaments. Lots of players availed free tickets for this tournament...

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Symbolism behind Playing Cards

October 25, 2017 News  No comments

If we could expound the symbolism behind playing cards, then probably we can get many. A lot of thoughts and experiment has gone behind designing the playing cards, before narrowing it done to down to its present form. If we dig the pith and core of playing cards, we can draw many aphorisms. Here, we present to you some of the interesting similarities between playing cards and calendar.

Facts – Playing Cards

  • 52 playing cards represent 52 weeks in a year. Interestingly, the sum of letters all cards from one to King is also 52!
  • The four suits – Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds — represent the four seasons. Each week has 13 seasons and each suit have 13 cards.
  • 13 cards in each suit represent the 13 phases of the lunar cycle.
  • We have 12 months in a year, there are 12 face cards...
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Hurry! Register for Diwali Dhoom Tourney!

October 21, 2017 Promotions  No comments

It goes without saying that all tournaments hosted by Deccan Rummy elicit a tremendous response. Diwali Dhoom tourney is just less than 24 hours away. We are eagerly anticipating a cracking battle as the prize amount of Rs. 200000 cash bonus is too hard to resist. Of late, we have seen a spike in the registration for this tournament.  We have seen many players very eagerly following the procedures to get the free ticket. It’s always good to be an early bird. If you’d register early, you can easily avoid the last minute fracas which could deal a blow to your chances.

Registering early translates as having a keen interest on the game. So register as early as possible and you will be assured of a shot at Rs 200000 cash bonus prize...

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Happy Diwali to everyone!

October 17, 2017 News  No comments

Diwali also called the festival of lights is one of the important festivals in India. This day is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. It’s one of those unique Indian festivals that is widely celebrated cutting across all barriers. It is the vibrancy and electricity associated with the festival that is perhaps illuminating our hearts with joy. Customs and rituals associated with this festival such as lighting diyas, wearing new attire, sharing sweets & gifts with neighbors and bursting crackers add joy by a manifold. The custom of bursting crackers is symbolic of driving the evil forces away. Many families decorate their entrance of their homes with a colorful rangoli, a common practice during this festival.

These days when we hardly have time for our...

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Rummy Quiz

October 16, 2017 News  No comments

Our Rummy quiz has 10 easy questions related to the game and answers for it. Take this test and find out where you stand in the online rummy world.

1. What do we refer as baiting in Rummy?

a) Strategy to hoodwink your opponent by throwing a card of the same suit or rank

b) A move in the game like folding, declaring

c) Getting rid of the cards with higher points

2. What are the deadwood cards?

a) Unmelded hand cards

b) A combination of two sequences

c) Another name for standard deck

3. The act of submitting the cards after melding them into proper sets and sequences is called

a) Fold

b) Declare

c) Drawing

4. What is the other name for open deck?

a) Stock Pile

b) Discard Pile

5. Identify the pure sequence among the following

a) ♠5, ♠6, Joker

b) ♠5, ♥5, ♣5

c) ♠5, ♠6, ♠7, ♠8

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Claim Rs. 2000 Bonus with our Bonus Bounty Offer

October 14, 2017 News  No comments

Deccan Rummy is many steps ahead of other rummy sites when it comes to rummy promotions and offers. What’s great about our Rummy promotions are that a lot of planning goes into it to make sure every user benefits by some margin. The latest offering from Deccan Rummy is Bonus Bounty offer which would add a lot of value to your deposits.

We are always very protective of our cash players and we want to ensure they get the value for money. It is understandable that it is not possible to win every cash game, a player plays, so we want to make sure that the cash player gets something more on his deposits to continue playing. Nothing is as exciting as cash rummy games in rummy because that’s where the real chance to make big money lies...

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You want some Rummy! Come, Get some Rummy & huge benefits!

October 11, 2017 Promotions  No comments

If you are a newbie, DeccanRummy extends our heartiest welcome into the world of our exciting Rummy Card Games. DeccanRummy is the fastest Indian rummy site tailored to meet the expectations of rummy enthusiasts. We are fast becoming the one-stop destination for all your rummy online requirements We operate with the motto “You want some? Come get some! You may wonder what’s so special at DeccanRummy? Here are some of the incredible benefits that you can avail when you decide to be a part of Deccan Rummy

You want some come get some at DeccanRummy

You have the chance to win Rs 5000 Welcome Bonus on your first deposit. Don’t you think this is the Best-Biggest Welcome Bonus you can possibly get anywhere? Hold your breath...

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