Happy New Year to everyone from Deccan Rummy

Here comes the end to an incredible 2017. What a fantastic year this has been at DeccanRummy! From the broad range of rummy bonus offers to the much-appreciated festival special tournaments to the extremely competitive leaderboards, this year has truly been a fascinating year. Just like you, we are anxiously waiting for the New Year to arrive. We are looking forward to start afresh with the same passion and strength. Now it’s time for a well-deserved break for everyone. It’s time to rejoice in the wonderful tradition of celebrating the New Year 2018 with our friends and family. The weather is just about fine for a spectacular celebration. Do let us know how was your New Year celebration in the comments section below.

Happy New Year

At this time, we at Deccan Rummy would like to wish all our members a Happy New Year and hope that 2018 is the year where all your dreams come true. We are very sure that 2018 will be a profitable one for you at our rummy tables. We have made huge plans for 2018 with enormous amounts of cash to be given away. Hope you participate in all of them and win some really cool cash prizes. Thank you so much for being part of our amazing rummy site in 2017, we hope you will continue to support us through 2018.

Exciting promotions heading your way this 2018

ThamaraiKannan, Head of Operations at DeccanRummy.com says “We like to wish all our players and their families a very happy 2018. When I joined the company I wanted to make sure that this site would soon grow to meet your entertainment needs in addition to satisfying your craving for games. At DeccanRummy.com, we believe “You only live once” – so we go great lengths to ensure our players get rewarded in the most extravagant way possible. Rummy being a skill game can be equated with war. In a war, more than the physical strength strategy is imperative to success. Similarly, in a 13 card rummy game, strategy holds the key to success”.

He further added “We are proud to have a gaming site that values and rewards skill consistently. Hard work never goes to waste at DeccanRummy.com. In 2018 you can expect to scale to the next level with respect to the offers and promotion. There’s a lot of grand stuff that we have planned for you. I hope that all of our members make a huge profit at our rummy tables, and benefit a lot from our rummy promotions, leaderboards, and giveaways. Once again, have a great year. See you at the tables soon with another exciting offer”.

Winner Speak – Techno1985 from the New Year Leaderboard contest

The recently concluded New Year Leaderboard just proved that our players are not afraid to put that extra effort to get what they want. Rummy Leaderboards contests are all about fame and fortune! Not only would you get that reputation but also an incredible reward for your patience and hard work.


As a company, we prefer strong competition for the grand rewards we are offering, and most importantly, gaming in the right spirit. The New Year Leaderboard contest just opened the doors to some serious rummy action. A lot of players in the quest to hustle to the top to win the coveted trip were involved in a long gaming session. At no point in time, there was any slack while gaming.

If you have got the skill, confidence, and a real passion for the game, you can easily climb to the top in our leaderboard contest. That’s exactly what our winners have done. In this grueling contest that was a strength of toughness and resolve, 15 players stood out with their remarkable gameplay. We congratulate each and every one of them for their scintillating gameplay. We would also like to thank players who couldn’t feature in the list this time. You guys need to have no shame in losing. After all, you lost it to your betters. Your wish to attain fame and glory is not far away.

Techno1985 was the BIG winner and won the first prize in this contest i.e. An All-expense paid trip to Pattaya, as well as a brand new iPhone 8 64 GB. Shakunt who gave him a tough fight till the end had to settle for the second spot and Mr. Consistent Suni28 finished off in the third position. All these players will be paid for their positions.

Dreams do come true on Deccan Rummy and Techno1985 will be added as one more deserving winner in our long list of champions. Here’s what Techno1985 and other winners in the leaderboard had to say about playing at DeccanRummy.

Winners Speak – Techno1985


When contacted by Deccan Rummy staff to talk about his victory, this is what Techno1985 had to say – “Really enjoyed playing with all expert players out there. Both the desktop and app version is amazing and user-friendly which made me play frequently on the site. Glad to receive the prize as the winner. Hoping for similar events in future. Good luck to all the other players”. We are expecting you as well Mr. Techno1985! Your honest and flawless gaming has won this reward for you. We look forward to seeing you win many other contests in the near future. We believe you have it in you to win a lot more than this in the future.

Here’s what other leaderboard winners had to say:

Rahas37 (fourth place winner) – It was a wonderful experience playing with Deccanrummy.

Ramuboya (eight place) – Its a simple and trustworthy online game. Really loved playing with the app.

Sunitha123 (12th place) –

DeccanRummy.com has left no stone unturned when it comes to announcing wonderful rummy offers, tournaments and other promotions. We hope all our offers find flavor with our players and they continue to enjoy their favorite 13 card rummy here with us. Don’t worry about the prizes and other goodies – they will always be there.

Winners of the New Year Leaderboard Contest

Whoa! What an exciting contest, this New Year leaderboard 2018 has been! New Year Leaderboard 2018 clocked in as the biggest online rummy leaderboard contest in India.

After an intense battle that lasted for over 56 days, 15 rummy champions have proved that they are better than the best by featuring in our leaderboard. Proving your mettle against thousands of other players gunning for the top spot is no mean feat.

The contest was riveting right from the moment it started and became extremely competitive with time. The contest witnessed a lot of shake-ups back and forth with respect to position in the leaderboard for some time till the dust settled. It was extremely intriguing to see who’s going to come on top. We have been vociferously promoting the tournament in social media which was one of the main reasons why a lot of new players participated. The format of this leaderboard contests was ideal for serial grinders. A lot of high-stakes grinders played day in, day out to increase their leaderboard points. It was a carnival out there and the contest was grand in every possible way we imagined.

Winners – New Year Leaderboard 2018 winners

New Year Leaderboard

In a battle of wits, strength, and survival, 15 contestants held their nerve to hold on to their positions and they are the winners of this leaderboard contest. Many players tried to hustle into the top 3 position but not everyone was lucky. Reaching the No 1 spot in a high-profile leaderboard contest has a special feel to it. Making it to the top in a record-breaking leaderboard contest is a whole different dimension. This is exactly what Techno1985 was able to do. After 56 days of grueling action, Techno1985 emerged victorious to win the top prize.

Congrats to Techno1985, Shakunt, and suni28 on winning the top 3 prizes. As promised, you guys will be taken to Pattaya, where you will get to see what Fun really means. We have also arranged to send the other prizes to the respective winners shortly.

Needless to say, the trip will be an adventurous one; we are not revealing the suspense here as we feel the guests will enjoy it more if they discover it themselves. But we can guarantee that our New Year VIP Pool party will be a blast. Our team has spent the past couple of months exploring Pattaya, scouting for the best locations to take our guests to. We can guarantee that this trip will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip filled with absolute pleasure.

Congratulations to every player who participated in this wonderful race! We thank each and every one of you wholeheartedly from the bottom of our hearts for your passionate and honest gameplay. There was no instance of foul-play in this whole contest. While we understand not everyone is lucky enough to feature on the leaderboard but what really matters in a contest like this is your passion towards the game. And we have seen it in ample amounts. All we can say is keep trying; your moment of glory is not too far away.

2018 – More to come

What an incredible year this 2017 has been. From Special tournaments to Phuket trip to endless bonus offers to Pattaya trip, this year has been a year to remember. One thing is certain – no one can say that 2017 was not a memorable one!

We have vowed to make 2018 a great year for all the Indian Rummy enthusiasts. Come 2018, there will be lots of offers and promotions on a regular basis. We are gladly looking forward to seeing each and every one of you excel in another exciting contest of ours. Have an amazing holiday season! Se you soon with another exciting contest!

Play Rummy & Watch Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai Free!

Play GiftRaffle Special

Salman Khan starrer Tiger Zinda Hai is all set to hit the screens today accompanied by extraordinary expectations by his fans all over India. It’s a sequel to the record-breaking espionage thriller ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ which was a box office blockbuster. Now the sequel Tiger Zinda Hai is undoubtedly the most awaited film of 2017. Salman and Katrina Kaif reprise their roles as Tiger and Zoya respectively. The trailer for this film has raised the expectation to an all-time high. Yes, the craze for Tiger Zinda Hai is unbelievable as we are able to see fans shelling out unbelievable fares for getting a ticket. Looks like we’ve got a Tiger Franchise and it’s all set to go!

Going by the trailer, we can expect some spectacular action sequences. The parts where Salman would be fighting wolves with his bare hands is sure to send the fans into a wild frenzy. We can see the social media and mass media ringing abuzz non-stop with information about the movie. We can clearly see that the masses can’t wait to witness this movie! 

Tiger Zinda Hai – GiftRaffle Special

We understand the unprecedented craze for Tiger Zinda Hai and have to decided to issue movie vouchers completely in our Gift Raffle tournament

Get ready to watch Sallu Bhai at his vintage best destroying enemies with a killer boss-like confidence in a big screen of your choice. Play our giftraffle tournament from Dec 22- Dec 31 and win free movie vouchers to watch this movie.

The tournament is a freeroll wherein the players don’t have to spend a dime to participate. The tourney starts at 11PM and the registration for the tournament begins at 6PM.Christmas holidays are going to kick in shortly. There’s no better way to kick off your holiday season than to watch the favourite movie of your choice. Play this spectacular online rummy tournament and give yourself some much-needed break.

Online rummy games have recently taken the Indian online gaming community by a storm with heavy rewards and promotions. Deccan Rummy never fails to surprise our players with surprise offers and promotions. Our every promotions are designed keeping in mind the best interests of our players. So, do not allow boredom to creep in and ruin your holidays; instead turn this holidays into big paydays.

How to claim the prize?

To claim the prize players needs to follow the bbelow mentionedsteps

  1. You will be receiving a mail immediately after you win the tourney. Kindly reply to the mail with the details listed below
  2. Confirm your Username, First Name, Last Name, Mobile number, and E-mail address.
  3. Like and Share our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/deccanrummy.
  4. Follow the above link and Share this post publicly on your wall. Mention in few words why you like playing at Deccan Rummy while sharing.
  5. Send an email to support@deccanrummy.com with the above information and also send us the screenshot attached Like and Share of our Deccan Rummy page.

Once the details are verified, we will be sending you the gift voucher within 24 hours of the receipt of reply mail from the user.


Avail December Dazzlers & Santa Special ending on Dec 31 now!

December! It’s that time of year again. Most exciting time, as many say. It’s the time we are happy presenting and receiving gifts. And online rummy sites tend to be very generous at this time. Don’t miss the exciting opportunities that come your way.

Why wait for someone else to gift you when you can gift yourself without much effort? Confused? No problem, Nothing to worry! We’re talking about the add-ons that you are going to get along with your deposits! We have already explained about these offers and lots of players are already benefiting through this offer everyday. This final shout-out is for the players who haven’t availed this offer. Hurry! Grab before they are gone

December Dazzlers

Santa Special Bonus Offer

Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa is dropping by with a stunning bonus offer that you will find hard to refuse! As December is synonymous with Christmas, we have a designed a Christmas themed promotion wherein every day feels like Christmas with giving and receiving. Grab 30% bonus on your deposits up to Rs. 5000 in our Santa Special Bonus offer. You can win a maximum bonus of Rs. 1500 using this offer. You won’t want to miss out on this awesome bonus to give yourself an opportunity to play your favorite 13 card rummy game freely. You will get your bonus as bonus points for this offer.

December Dazzlers

Deccan Rummy is giving all players a splendid chance to earn more on your deposits with exciting bonus offers. December Dazzlers is one more addition to our awesome range of bonus offers. With this offers, players can Grab 10% Flat cash bonus for deposits up to Rs. 5000. The maximum bonus players can get using this offer is Rs. 500, which will, of course, be a cash bonus.

With so many exciting bonuses offers available for the taking, If I were a player, I would jump in head first and avail all of them. Both these offers expire on Dec 31. So hurry! there’s not much time left!

Deccan Rummy has made sure that our popular rummy card games are available for users on both desktop and mobile devices. You will get the exact gaming experience on the mobile app that you would get on a PC or even a live casino, which is in fact very rare, as most rummy apps out there are very fragile when compared to their desktop versions. Mobile Rummy is the way forward!

Accessing the mobile version of Deccan Rummy is very simple, and there’s no need to pay any amount to do that. Simply head to the Play store or APP store and search for Deccan Rummy and install the app. And bingo, you will get to play in no time.

Rummy blog: Revamped & Reloaded

In case you wonder about the change in the appearance of the blog, you have seen it right. Yes! we have revamped our blog just like we redesigned our website a few months back to create a more user-friendly gaming environment.

Welcome to our updated Rummy Blog!

We have pulled out all the stops in designing this blog well-suited to the taste of the gamers! Get to know all the latest updates about our rummy offers, promotions or even changes we do in our website.

Deccan Rummy is proud to launch our newly redesigned rummy blog.

The primary objectives of our blog revamp is to improve the aesthetics and make content reading easy. The new design not only excels in design but also  responsive layout for all platforms. Explore the blog to learn more info about the latest updates and news related to Indian rummy card game anytime.  This update goes along with our effort in leveraging our heritage and brand equity to provide a solid reading experience for all rummy enthusiasts out there. This blog will provide a higher-end experience on mobiles too as you navigate from section to section.

Safest Rummy Online site

We’d like to inform that Deccan Rummy is one of the safest websites to play rummy online in India. We continuously strive to ensure there is no compromise on safety and security on our website. We hold fair play paramount as we want every player registering in our site to have a fair gaming experience. In order to ensure fair play in our site – all actions not limited to – deposits/withdrawal/gaming/KYC Testing are heavily monitored so that users get a secure gaming environment to play on.

Your feedback is very important to us as we strive to make this as a one-stop destination for all things related to playing rummy online in India. Have a great time playing rummy at DeccanRummy.com and check our rummy blog to get all the latest updates


6 Mobile games to play this winter

6 games to play this winterWinter has finally set in and it’s pretty cold out there. Do you find it harder to roll out of your bed on these bleak days? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us feel that way. It’s the time of the year when sluggishness and slack sets in making us want to do nothing and go to bed wrapping ourselves in a blanket. As the temperature drops, the days become shorter, the urge to eat more and binge-watch Tv, sets in thus making us less active. While it’s tempting to lounge around the house, gorging on your favorite hot snack when it’s cold, it could also cause serious damage to our health. Wouldn’t it be better if we could use the time to engage ourselves in doing something meaningful, something that’s rewarding as well?

Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a break and go out for a trip to beat these dark days. We are out to help you. So grab yourself a mug of hot coffee, learn about these hot games that are creating a buzz in the mobile gaming industry. We bet once you learn about these awesome mobile games, you might want to throw your blanket you’ve wrapped around you and reach out to your mobile phones.

Popular mobile games to play this winter

1. Clash of clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games in the mobile gaming history. No game has achieved the status of popularity as much as the clash of clans. The game is so popular such that it has sparked several spin-offs. The premise of the game is very simple enough, you get to build a kingdom, defend your kingdom against opponents, and loot your opponents to add to your wealth. In the process, you get to form your own clans and compete in some epic clan battles.

The massive success of clash of clans proves that strategy based mobile games always have an audience that is growing. If the content is gripping your game will always find takers. In these dark and hazy days, the clash of clans could be the right kind of fodder to stimulate your brain cells. You can download the game for free and make in-app purchases to complete your task quickly.

2. Age of Empires: Castle siege

Age of Empires: Castle Siege is similar to Clash of Clans. It’s the game where you’ll get to choose your civilization like Britons, Teutons, and Kievan, build your keep and garrison your troops to defend your civilization from marauders. The game mechanics are mostly similar to Clash of clans. Originally developed on the Windows platform, the Android version of the game was launched this year and has immediately found flavor with the gamers.

3. Baahubali: The game

In the Indian movie industry, Baahubali has developed a cult-like status. To cash in on the huge popularityMoonfrog game studio has developed “Baahubali: The game”. The objective is to protect the kingdom of Mahishmati from various invasions. In this game, you start as a commander and you have to deploy various strategies like creating traps, barracks and garrisoning forces to protect your kingdom from enemy forces. As in the movie, you have characters like Kattappa and Bhallaladeva reprising their characters. If you are an Indian mobile gamer, you cannot afford to miss this game!

4. Call of Duty: Heroes

Call of duty:Heroes is an action/strategy game that has more in common with the clash of clans. The game allows the players to build, develop and bolster their bases ready to face epic battles/ In this game a player can command an army of legendary heroes, and experienced soldiers from the call of duty franchise. Legendary characters like Captain Prince, Walcroft, and many others make an appearance in this game. Amidst the legion of similar games that comes out on Android, Call of duty stands out for its sheer game mechanics.

5. CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is an action-packed game where you will have to use your engineering and designing skills to build a perfect battle machine to beat your opponents. In this game, both the player and their opponents are cats. It may sound funny once you get into the game, you may have to get through some savage moments. It is purely strategy based as you would have to perfectly craft your battle machine to decimate your opponent cats. The cute part, however, is a cat which pops up every now and then to guide you throughout the game.

6. Online Rummy APP

If you’re someone who is interested in playing card games, then you can try playing online rummy. Rummy is a game that requires a combination of skill and strategy to succeed. There are numerous rummy apps available in the play store/APP store that will allow you to play rummy for real cash these days. Not only is the game entertaining but also very rewarding. With a proper rummy app, you can play rummy on the move and make every moment of your life interesting and rewarding. Rummy download apk is FREE and offers a hassle free way of playing rummy online.
Try any of these mobile games listed above and tell us which one worked for you.

Yallamanohar wins Pattaya Party Special tournament

It was a day to remember here at DeccanRummy.com. Much-talked about Pattaya Party Special tournament was conducted today here at DeccanRummy.com. It would be an understatement to say that the event was a success. The total number of registration was locked in less than half an hour into play. As it is a free ticket based tournament, players were coming in huge to get the free ticket. The interest players displayed in this tournament was very heartening to see.

Right from the time we announced this tournament, players have been passionately getting the free tickets. So huge were the numbers that we couldn’t credit free tickets to players who came at the last minute. That’s the reason we advise players constantly to follow the procedures at the earliest. It just sucks to miss out on a whopping opportunity like this to win real cash.

Since the tourney is in turbo format, it was HOT the moment the action began. Being a freeroll tournament it attracted some of the best freeroll tournament players of the country known for their tight gaming. With the year-end approaching, there could be a no bigger way to sign-off the year than with a win. After the action began, the pendulum swung back and forth in favor of several players and finally an exceptional winner emerged.

Winner of Pattaya Party Special – yallamanohar

Outlasting everyone to come up on top was yallamanohar, who was truly exceptional with his game-play. “When luck joins the game, cleverness scores double” true to the quote, it was Yallamanohar’s day. He was quite simply unstoppable today. We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to him on this special day and wish to see him do well in all our future tournaments. In a tournament like this with a huge prize pool, it is very important to keep the momentum going from start to finish. Yallamanohar was truly a champion in every sense!

Position Username
1 yallamanohar
2 nitika
3 sapthagiri28

The Deccan Rummy team also wishes the other players who participated in this spectacular tournament. We understand not everyone can win a tournament, but hard work never ever fails. Keep pushing yourself and the glory is not far away.

DeccanRummy.com’s special tournaments have been huge right from our inception and have consistently attracted some of the best rummy minds in the country. Needless to say, a number of talented players are in thick of the action in all our tournaments, so you will always find our tournaments to be challenging. Our Special tournaments have truly come a long way not only in its success as a series but also acting as the face of our company. Keep digging our site for many other exciting rummy offers and promotions shortly.

Road to Pattaya | Last 10 days! Play more to better your chances!

Thursdays seem to be Funday here at DeccanRummy.com as thursdays are the time when we analyze the progress/results of the contests and tournaments we hold. This time it’s the New Year leaderboard 2018 as it is still in the headlines. DeccanRummy.com has weaved a new exciting spell for players with this incredible leaderboard contest. Ever since the leaderboard’s launch, our site is abuzz with lots of activity.

With the contest drawing to a close and the players are getting close to their final standings, we thought it’s good to give a final shout out now. We’ve grown to know the familiar faces at the top of the leaderboards as they have a history of consistently performing well in all the contests. Some of them hold some solid leads while other places are still up in the air. At this time, it is suni28 who’s leading the leaderboard; Shakunt with 181647 points is in the second place and techno1984 with 173855 points is the third.

As you might know, the players who finish in the top 3 will be taken to an all-expense paid trip to Pattaya where there will be a part of a Spectacular New Year party to kick off 2018. Preparations are going on full swing with an awesome villa for accommodating the guests already fixed. Our team is at ground zero working to make this trip spectacular in every way. Players who have already traveled with us to Pattaya and Phuket will know how much care we take in treating our guests.

Phuket Trip


During our travel to Phuket a few months back, players were taken to some of gorgeous places on earth. Truth has Phuket has so much to offer: beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts & villas, water sports for relaxation and adventures, and most importantly, a mind-blowing night-life. Though it is difficult to visit all places at one go, we did our best to take our guests to some of these beautiful places. (pictures)





Who could forget our yacht party? Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the yacht cruise every minute. It’s always special to live the high life on the open seas. With beautiful bikini-clad girls serving food and drinks, it was fun in every way you could imagine. A party at one of the beautiful beaches in Phuket aboard a luxury yacht filled with beautiful girls, free-flowing booze, and delightful cuisines is nothing short of sheer madness!Phuket trip

Pattaya Trip

Well, that was Phuket; this is Pattaya which promises even more fun.As the trip is scheduled at the end of the year, you can expect even more madness as lots of tourists from all parts of the world would be coming in to celebrate New Year. Pattaya is the perfect party destination to welcome New Year. There’s a VIP Pool party scheduled for our guests which promises to be extreme fun.

Will you be heading there this New Year? Thanks to DeccanRummy, you may just be. In addition to the beaches, other pursuits that can shoot up adrenalin levels include go-carting, and water-sports. We are arranging a beguiling range of interesting activities for our players. Wait till the full itinerary is out to check what’s in store for you!

In sync with the vibrancy of Pattaya, the theme of this trip is going to be “Never Say Never Again”. How appropriate is it for a dashing destination like Pattaya? Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to travel to such a spectacular destination? There’s just so much excitement and curiosity already. Stay hungry, tap your energy and channelize it playing cash rummy games so that you can top the leaderboard easily. See you soon at the end of this contest! Keep playing!

Play Rummy on mobiles anytime at any place

Deccan Rummy provides not only provides our players an awesome opportunity to play their favorite rummy card games on the desktop but on mobiles too. This is done to ensure players enjoy rummy action anywhere and at any time they wish. Just download Android apk or iOS version of our Deccan Rummy Mobile and experience rummy on the move!

The convenience of playing online rummy has opened up lots of new interest in the game for people in India. Also not to forget that it has sparked a lot of innovations. The most important of that is the mobile app. With the advent of Deccan Rummy mobile, players now have the freedom to enjoy playing 13 card rummy game anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re playing for serious money or simply for entertainment, mobile rummy comes across as a genuine option.

Inside the social gaming app, players will be able to enjoy a range of free and cash rummy games, including  tournaments. With people getting really busy with their lives in the modern world, the ones who love to play card games are increasingly finding it difficult to find partners. Online Rummy has filled that space. With mobile rummy, the gap is further bridged. Now you longer have to sit in front of desktop or laptop. You can take the game along to wherever you move.

Deccan Rummy’s mobile app is available for both Android and iOS platform and they are free to download. You can play anytime and from anywhere, all you need is internet connectivity. The visual design and game interface are very crisp almost resembling a live casino. The gaming interface is sleek and easy to use. With top class software backing up a phenomenal interface providing sublime gaming experience, Deccan Rummy Mobile makes for an excellent choice to play on notwithstanding your experience level.

Deccan Rummy Mobile

Our Mobile APP can be installed on your iPads, Android smartphones, and iPhones. Playing rummy online from your mobiles will take your game to the next level. Whether you’re sitting at the office or on the move traveling, you will not be far from the action with our mobile application. Players can download the Deccan Rummy Mobile from Playstore and APPstore for free!

The distinguishing factors that set our Deccan Rummy mobile APP from other mobile applications are the smooth user interface, exceptional features and hassle-free transactions, fast cashouts along with 24/7 support. And that’s why you should download our Deccan Rummy android apk now!

Deccan Rummy Mobile

With exceptional offers like Pattaya Leaderboard 2018 and Pattaya party special tournament lined up, you can play them using our Deccan Rummy mobile. With just less than 2 weeks remaining for the end of leaderboard contest, make sure you spend the next few days to advance your position in our leaderboard – or atleast retain it.  Play cash rummy games from your mobiles to increase your leaderboard points. Download Rummy mobile now!

DeccanRummy.com is India’s premier rummy site offering 13 card rummy games. Developed by eminent rummy gamers themselves, it offers an ultimate gaming experience. With diverse rummy variants available for different skill sets and player levels, rummy on mobiles will never be boring. Refer our extensive materials about playing rummy online and learn the tricks of the game to become a champion rummy player.

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