Make this March a Marvellous one by availing March Marvels Bonus

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It is always great to welcome a month with a bonus, isn’t it? Stop scouring for bonuses everywhere as we have designed a brand new bonus offer for you this month. Deccan Rummy has come up with a fantastic bonus offer that is going to make this March memorable.

march marvels

March Marvels Offer

Get 20% Bonus up to Rs. 1000 with our March Marvels offer. Deposit with the bonus code “DeccanMarvel” after which you will receive the bonus amount in bonus points. Players can use the bonus code only for one of their deposits. Give more fillip to your gaming by availing these generous bonus offers from Deccan Rummy.

In the event you didn’t notice there’s a another bonus offer – Holi Fest bonus, which is valid only on Mar 2. The bonus code to avail the Holi Fest offer is Holi2018. Make sure you avail both these bonus offers and add more bang on your buck! Check our rummy promotions page to know more about this offer.

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Press release on’s Black Panther Freeroll

India’s fastest rummy site – DeccanRummy has announced Black Panther Special Tournament from Feb 23-Mar 1 AT 11 pm. This special tournament is a part of their GiftRaffle tournament for a week. The winners of the tournament will get Black Panther Movie Vouchers as the gifts. This is an excellent opportunity for rummy enthusiasts out there to watch the film for free.

GiftRaffle Tournament

Just log in to account and register from 6:00 pm on the aforementioned days to play this tournament.  Top 3 players will be given movie vouchers and the total prizepool in this tournament is Rs. 1800.

With the BlackPanther, here comes yet another superhero from the stables of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie has received thumbs up from the audience and critics alike worldwide. Even here in India, the film is ruling the box office with its collections exceeding the Bollywood films.

Make sure you get to be a part of this awesome tournament and grab the movie voucher and get to watch the movie for free. To the delight of the players, the event is the freeroll which means the player can play this rummy tournament absolutely for free. A large number of poker players are expected to show up.

This is not for the first time that Deccan Rummy is issuing movie vouchers as prizes to the winners. , The rummy site has issued movie vouchers many times in the past for movies like Sultan, Tiger Zinda Hai, Tamil Movie Vivegam and a lot more. This time around, it’s the movie everyone wants to see.

With over 2 lakh players, Deccan Rummy for sure knows how to keep their players happy. They have designed some of the most exciting rummy promotions and offers in the Indian Rummy community and their players know how to make use of this. Black Panther special looks like an exciting addition to the company’s already impressive set of promotions.

Thamaraikannan, Head of Operations said “We are overwhelmed with the unflinching loyalty of our player and to express our gratitude for the same, what better way than to conduct a freeroll. Black Panther is yet another marvelous offering from MCU. I have watched the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now it’s your turn to do so”. To know about the gift raffle special freeroll tourney, players can refer it here.

If you are a rummy player, you can join and take a shot at this awesome tourney.  If you do not already have a Deccan Rummy account, signup using their easy registration process and you will be up and running in next to no time.

About is an online poker website gaming portal owned by Deccan Games Pvt Ltd. With a user base of more than 2 Lakh players and a dynamic fast loading platform ideal for playing online rummy, Deccan Rummy hosts 13 card Indian rummy games and tournaments for all Indian players.

Black Panther Giveaway: Play our GiftRaffle Tourney for Free

So, you must have heard about the buzz surrounding the latest Marvel release “Black Panther”. After getting a minuscule part in the film Captain America: Civil War, he rightfully deserves a full-length film. And the film has released at the right time. Could there a better time than a release amidst the celebration of black history month?
The verdict is out: The film has been declared as a blockbuster.

It’s not every time that a movie is appealing to critics as well as the general audience. Black Panther managed to make them sing paeans about the movie alike. Aside from being a groundbreaking celebration of black culture, the movie also seemed to have provided a much-needed fillip to superhero genre as they were starting to hit a wall after years of cliché and stereotypes. Now we know you’re getting a bit curious, how about revealing the synopsis so that you get what sort of a hero you’re dealing with.

Black Panther GiftRaffle

After his father dies, T’Challa aka Black Panther returns home to Wakanda to rule his country. When a powerful enemy resurfaces, T’Challa’s mettle as a king is put to a test as he has to shoulder the responsibility of protecting his empire as well as the world against him. How he goes about doing this task? Can he manage to stitch a strong alliance to take on his mighty enemy amidst all the treachery in his entourage?

We know you’re dying to watch the movie, so are we. So let’s cut a deal. Getting a free movie voucher to watch this movie is not such a bad idea, right?

Black Panther GiftRaffle Tournament

Deccan Rummy wishes to partake in the fun by throwing open a special edition “Black Panther” GiftRaffle tourney, that you can play to win free movie voucher.

Play our GiftRaffle tourney every day from Feb 23 to Mar 1 for free @ 11 PM and stand a chance to win Rs. 1800 gift vouchers. The tournament is a freeroll where the players don’t have to pay a penny to participate.

So are you excited about participating in this tourney? All you have got to do is register for the tournament sharply at 6 PM. There are 900 seats open so the players have an ample time to register.  For your chance to win, refresh your rummy skills by referring our rummy tips page and hit the tables with lots of confidence.

So, join the tourney for free and get to win free vouchers to the movie everyone wants to see! For additional details about the page check our rummy promotions and click on Black Panther Gift Raffle Tournament page!

Holi fiesta at Deccan Rummy

The colorful month is less than a week away. With Holi festival around the corner, one can feel the excitement in the air! Holi is really something so special, isn’t it? The joy, the happiness, and the vibrancy all around, it’s probably the most second most vibrant Indian festival after Diwali.

Celebrated to the mark the beginning of spring and triumph of the good over the evil, Holi happens to be one of the most joyous Indian festivals. Water guns, songs, and traditional pichkari are the major highlights of this vivid festival. Typical Holi celebration involves people crowd the streets and splash brilliantly colored dyes on anyone passing by. Holi is generally seen as the celebration of life and culture and outsiders are warmly welcomed to partake in the celebrations.

Holi Fiesta

Here at, we are used to coming up with lots of exciting offers and promotions during Indian festivals. We have launched a couple of exciting offers to celebrate the festival of colors in the most colorful way. Collectively called as Holi Fiesta, Deccan Rummy will host a Holi Special Rummy Freerolls Tournament and a bonus offer for all our customers.

Holi Fest Bonus Offer

Holi Bonus Fest

Deccan Rummy celebrates the festival of colours with a special bonus offer exclusively for you. Players can claim a generous bonus up to Rs. 500 with our Holi Fest Bonus Offer. In order to avail this bonus, players should make a deposit with the bonus code “Holi2018” on Mar 2, 2018, & can get 10% Bonus up to Rs. 500. The bonus amount will be credited as cash bonus which does not have any validity. Players can use it to play cash games and can learn how the cash bonus concept works by following the link given. The bonus offer is valid only on Mar 2 and players can use the bonus only once. Make sure you go for the maximum bonus by depositing Rs. 5000.

Holi Special Tournament

Holi Special Tourney

We know holi falls on Mar 2. But the excitement in the air never ceases to calm down at least for the next 5 or 6 days at least. So, with the spirit of the festival flying hight, Deccan Rummy will be running a Holi Special freerolls tourney on Mar 3 & 4 @ 3:30 PM, where players can brawl against each other to win huge cash bonus prizes. The reason we are running the tourney on Mar 3 and 4 is that festivity would still be up in the air and the players would enthusiastically respond.

To participate in this tournament, one need to simply log on to and register one hour prior to the start of the tournament at 2:30 PM on the tournament dates. Wondering how to crack the tournament? No silver bullets, just harness your rummy skills by referring to our rummy tips page and practice what you learn in our practice tables till you get it right. Take your gaming to the next level by winning this awesome tourney.
The lucrative spring season has just begun here at and there are few other offers that we will launch shortly this month. Make full of use of each and every promotion that we launch this month. wishes each and every one of you a very happy and colorful Holi. Let there be fun and fervor everywhere!

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If you want to enjoy playing a professional rummy game, you will want to have to join the site which offers a pleasurable as well as rewarding gaming experience. If you’ve come this far then obviously you should have heard of or played at Deccan Rummy – the fastest Indian Rummy site available for Indian card game enthusiasts. is the place where you can find amazing 13 card rummy games with a wide range of buy-ins, the ones that are going to offer you the best rummy experience.

Once you complete the free registration, you can almost start the game instantly as the table waiting time is very less when compared to other rummy sites. Our rummy tables are visually attractive and theme would remind you of a casino. We can guarantee the fun and excitement you receive will not be an iota less than what you get at Casino.

Deccan Rummy offers games and tournaments round the clock so that you can play the game anytime you wish. Whether you’re some one you likes to play rummy free or for cash, we got you covered. Are you a rummy novice? We have got practice rummy games in all variants where you play enough until you get the expertise and confidence to play rummy games for cash.

At we offer a whole host of regular bonus offers to both new and existing players.

New players can take advantage of our awesome sign up and welcome bonus, whilst regular players can use all the offers we update periodically. These range from monthly deposit bonuses to special bonuses active just on a day.

The promotions are always updated so regularly such that there is always something on offer when playing at While you put your rummy skills to test on our real money tables you will keep earning loyalty points with us.  There are a wide range of promotions associated with loyalty points such as weekly leaderboard contests.

We believe that DeccanRummy will be beneficial to players in every aspect. But when it comes to promotions we are a step ahead of our peers. No other online rummy site offering 13 card rummy games can compete with the number of promotions and the variety of bonuses we offer.

We guarantee that you will receive an unbeatable rummy experience and whether you wish to download the free Rummy client software, just play online or get your rummy thrills by playing rummy on Android and iOS platforms, you’ll find our site exceeding your expectations in every way.

We invite you to take full advantage of all we have to offer – bonuses, free spins, Loyalty points – Just bring it on and take’em all!


How to Play Indian Rummy Game Online?

What is Indian Rummy game all about?

Indian rummy is a 13 card game that is played through out India. It is also referred as Paplu. Based on the concept of draw and discard, the game is the favourite among Indian audiences for generation. Thought to have roots in India, the game’s s popularity is now on a big surge post digitization of all card games.

What are the Indian Rummy Rules?

2-6 Players play this Indidan Rummy card game. Players are seated in a 6-player or 2-player table accordingly. Each player is dealt 13 cards. Normally 2 deck of cards are used. A deck carries 52 cards made up of 4 suites – Hearts, Clubs, Diamond and Spade. There is a printed joker that comes along with the deck as well. The objective of the game is to arrange the 13 cards into proper sets and sequences with two sequences atleast out of which one must be a pure sequence.

Terminologies in the Indian Rummy Game

Sequence:  A sequence is 3 or more cards that belongs to the same suit and comes in a sequence eg: 8 ♣, 9♣, 10♣

Set: A set is three or more cards with the same rank but different suits eg: 8♣, 8♠, 8♥

Wild Joker: A card that is randomly selected at the beginning that acts like joker substituting for the missing cards in the sets or sequences. Cards belonging to the same rank of the selected card can be used as a joker

Eg: 3♠,4♠, 9♣ is a valid sequence if 9 is a joker.

Value of Cards: Face Cards ( K, Q, J) – 10 Points

Ace – 10 Points

Numerical cards – Their rank value

Dealing – Process of handing the 13 cards to each player is called Dealing

Show – The act of successfully submitting the 13 cards properly arranged is called show

Draw and Discard – These are the two steps wherein the customer draws a card from the open deck or closed deck and drops one in the discard pile to meet his objective

Melding – The act of grouping cards into proper sets and sequences is called Melding

Round – Round is a part of the game where in each player in the table gets a turn to perform an action

Drop – Player has an option to miss a turn, the option to miss a turn is called drop. Whenever you play rummy online, you always get an option to drop.

First Round drop – Player walks away with 20 Points

Middle Drop – Player that drop anytime after the first round till the completion are considered to have used this middle drop option. For that, they walk away with 40 points.

Shuffle – Shuffling is a procedure used while playing card games to provide an element of chance.

Wrong Submit – Players who made an incorrect submit ie without meeting the complete objective are said to have committed wrong submit.

Toss – In the beginning of the game, a random card is given to each player. The player who receives the highest card gets to start the game.

Open Deck: The cards that the players discard forms what is known as open deck. It is also called as Discard Pile

Closed Deck: After 13 cards are given to each player, remaining cards are kept with their face down to form what is called as the closed deck.

How to Play Indian Rummy Online?

  1. Players are seated around in a table. 13 Cards are distributed to each player and the toss determines which player will be making his first move.
  2. Player has an option to sort his cards using the auto-sort future so that all colored cards will be grouped according to suits so that grouping becomes easy
  3. Player during his turn either picks the card from the open deck or closed dick in his pursuit to build sets & sequences
  4. The above turns continue till a player completes the objective by melding his 13 cards into valid sequences and/or sets.
  5. Player who met the objective must keep the final discard in finish slot and click on declare. If the submit is valid he wins the game else he loses.

Hear what Weekly Leaderboard winners have said

Since the day our weekly leaderboard contest began, the craze for it has remained on an upswing. Apart from being fiercely competitive, the contest also attracted a lot of new players across the country. We saw a lot of new players participating in these contests putting their rummy skills on the line to claim their share of fortunes. Weekly leaderboard contest came as a welcome addition to the already impressive list of offers and promotions available at DeccanRummy. At the moment with the stunning giveaways, weekly leaderboard contests are one of the richest promotions available for rummy enthusiasts out there. Isn’t it amusing how playing a simple 13 card rummy game could help you win some of the most luxurious prizes available?

Contests and rummy tournaments hosted here at DeccanRummy have always resonated well with our audiences. This promotion is the result of hours of brainstorming to hold a contest that is beneficial for every player playing at It is understandable that not every player can afford to play high stakes games every time. So we decided to conduct this contest in three categories – Gold, Platinum, and Diamond so that every cash player has a chance to win some.

Level Buy-In value(from) Buy-In value (to)
Gold Rs. 10 Less than or equal to Rs. 400
Platinum Rs. 500 Less than or equal to Rs. 2000
Diamond Greater than Rs. 2000

Winner sayings – Weekly leaderboard!

Dreams do come true on DeccanRummy and we wanted to ensure no deserving player should go empty-handed. Opportunities don’t often come along too often, so when something exciting comes by, one needs to grab it with both hands. This is exactly what Players at DeccanRummy did. They put their heart and soul into the game and reaped rich rewards for doing the same. What was so heartening about this contest was to see new players putting up a brave fight against the experience with the odds stacked against them, and yet finding the strength within to win. Of course, rummy bigwigs like techno1985 (New Year leaderboard winner) despite his busy schedule took time to play a couple of leaderboard contests and did win them.

We change the prizes every week so that the contest doesn’t become very monotonous. Also, customers do have a thing or two for the trending products. Why not we present them with what they want instead of beating around the bush with cliched and banal prizes. Not surprisingly, players welcomed this idea and put their full effort to win these prizes. Some of them were successful, some weren’t; it’s understandable as winning everytime in rummy is practically impossible. As to the players who won, Deccan Rummy expresses our heartiest congratulations to each and every player who won. For players who couldn’t make the cut till now, we would advise them not to give up. The weekly leaderboard contest is still wide open and everyone can compete to try their luck.


At this juncture, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to players who were kind enough to leave some feedback about the contest.  It is always pleasure to hear from players who start with nothing and work their way up to some big winnings. We always consider such players as our pillars of strength. wishes you guys all the best in your future rummy endeavors and looks forward to seeing you guys many other tourneys and contests in the future.



So what are you waiting for? Join the rummy action at Deccan Rummy and take a shot at the weekly leaderboard contest right away!

Test your rummy knowledge

If you are an online rummy player, you may get most of the questions listed here correctly. Test your rummy knowledge by counting how many questions you get right in your first attempt. If you want to rate yourself in rummy, would you call yourself a rummy expert? or a novice? Answer these questions honestly and check under which category you belong:

  1. In which of these following states rummy cannot be played
  • AP
  • Odisha
  • Sikkim
  • Nagaland

2. How many pure sequences you need minimum for a successful show?

  • 4
  • 2
  • 3
  • 1

3. In which of these versions drop option is not available?

  • 101 Pool rummy
  • 201 Pool rummy
  • 2-Deals Rummy
  • 6- Deals Rummy

4. In a 6 player deal rummy how many numbers of chips are given to players?

  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600

5. Suppose your opponent makes a valid show even before you had your first turn, with how much points you lose?

  • 80
  • 20
  • 40
  • 60

6. What do you mean by Rake Fee?

  • Service Charge
  • Sum of all the buy-ins by the player
  • Buy-in fee used for tables.

7. What do you mean by deadwood cards?

  • Ungrouped cards at the end of game
  • Cards that you discard at your turn
  • Term used to denote high value cards when they are not in set or a sequence

8. How much value do the facevalue cards carry?

  • 10
  • 15
  • 5
  • 12

9. Is 4 ♠ 4 ♠ 4 ♥ considered as a valid set?

  • Yes
  • No
  • In case of 2 deck its fine

10. Joshua’s deadwood card value is 108 points in Points rummy, so he loses the game by ___ points?

  • 28
  • 108
  • 80
  • 90

11. For a middle drop in Indian Rummy, how much points you lose

a.) 60 Points b) 40 Points c) 20 Points


  1. B
  2. D
  3. C
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A
  7. A
  8. A
  9. B
  10. 80
  11. 40

Srikanthreddy5 takes down Valentine Special tourney

The crazy action continues on India’s Fastest Online Rummy Site –! Another day and another explosive tourney – The much expected special tournament went down today on the Valentine’s Day.

srikanthreddy – the winner of Valentine’s Day Special Tourney

Valentine’s Day Special Tourney wrapped up successfully with a total of 912 entries with the top 10 finishers winning gift vouchers and cash bonuses. After a hard fought contest, it was srikanthreddy5, who prevailed as the winner. For his excellent efforts, srikkanth will receive Rs. 2k Gift Voucher and his cash bonus of Rs. 3000 has been credited already.

Deccan Rummy also lauds the efforts of aravindh95 and hari1681 for their courageous fight till the end that made them secure the No 2 and No 3 positions. Tough luck mates! You were almost there! For their excellent efforts, aravindh95 and hari1681 will receive Rs. 1500 GiftVoucher/Rs. 2000 Cash Bonus and Rs.1000 GiftVoucher/Rs.1500Cash Bonus respectively. This win gives srikanthreddy5 would make for a solid entry in his resume should he decide to play rummy professionally. We know what it takes to win one such a tournament where you have to overcome the odds to reach the pinnacle.

Norrmally freeroll special tourneys are extremely tough to crack as they attract the best minds in Rummy. Ask any successful rummy player he would say he had a lot more fun playing tourneys more than games. No amount of stakes in cash games could match the excitement a tournament gives. This was a great effort by srikanthreddy5. We hope he has it within him to win a lot more in the future.

Valentine's Day winner

DeccanRummy, the go-to site for Rummy online in India

Freeroll tournaments are basically a stepping stone to move to next level in their online rummy career. The best way to earn money by playing rummy online is to play the freeroll tournaments, which also helps you hone your skills. Deccan Rummy offers a huge variety of freeroll tourneys everyday wherein you can participate and win amazing cash prizes. Winning at online rummy is always a grand experience. A sagacious rummy player would know to make use of the best takeaways from a 13 card online rummy site. Are you aspiring to become one?

Catering to the budget of all players, offers a wide range of cash games and tournaments to play and win real cash prizes. Players are advised to take advantage of all the bonus offers launched at DeccanRummy and try their luck playing cash rummy games.

New players can visit ‘ How to Play rummy’ and rummy rules where you get information about how the game is played. Right from basics to strategies, the page contains a comprehensive information about the game.

Best Valentine’s Day Promotions

Valentine’s Day is just a day away. It is going to be celebrated all over the world with much fervor. In every place it is celebrated, celebrations are in a way that befits the local culture. Whatever way the festival is celebrated, the underlying reason behind the festival is the celebration of love and togetherness. Couples all over the world use it as an opportunity to show affection for their loved ones.

Gifting is another exciting part of this festival; it is traditional for lovers to exchange gifts. If you’ve left it late to get your Valentine a present, do not panic. considers every player playing on our website as a part of our family. We share your joys and sorrows and we’re always there for you at all times you require.

Valentines Day Special

Valentine’s Day Special Tournament

True to the theme of the festival in showing appreciation to your loved ones, we have something special that would make you go head over heels. Gear up to participate in our Valentine’s Day Special tournament on Feb 14 @ 3:30 PM. Forget spending out of your pockets to gift your valentine. Be a part of this tourney for FREE and win excellent prizes from the enviable prize pool of Rs. 20000. Want to know what’s in store? From GiftVouchers to movie vouchers to cash bonuses, we have everything that you could ask for.

What would Valentine’s Day be without watching a movie with your dear one? Get to enjoy your favorite movie with your favorite person by playing your favorite game. Did anyone talk about favor yet?

To play, one needs to log in to their Deccan Rummy account and register for the tourney on Feb 14 @ 2:30 PM. Be on top of your game to defeat the opponents and win these awesome gifts. This tournament is a rummy freeroll tournament, so the players can play without worrying about spending a dime. Steal the victory

Walk with a big confidence and walk out with rich exploits. Let your valentine’s day sparkle with this wonderful tournament.

Rummy Valentine Bonus

Rummy Valentine Bonus

It’s that time of the year again! Valentine’s Day is just about here and Deccan Rummy has made arrangements to celebrate it in a grand wayx. At DeccanRummy, we’ve tried to come up with some of the best Valentine’s Day promotions. We promise there’ll be no broken hearts at, as we have taken a lot of efforts to frame our new promotions for Valentine ’s Day.

Aside from the Valentine’s Day Special Tournament, we have a special bonus offer exclusively for all our players on this special day.

Get 20% bonus up to Rs. 1000 with our Rummy Valentine Bonus offer tomorrow. Avail this bonus. Treat yourself with an awesome bonus on this special day. Fill your heart with love on and stash your accounts with cash. Offer valid only tomorrow. Deposit & go for the maximum bonus amount!

Players will receive the bonus credit in Bonus Points.  For every 1000 points you redeem, you will get Rs. 100 points.

Deccan Rummy works hard to reward our players for their patronage. From the moment a player signup, they are treated to a lavish variety of bonuses and tournaments. Avail all these offers and have an awesome time.

To know more about the latest promotions and bonus offers, visit our rummy Promotions page. Feel free to post your feedback and comments on our promotions in the comment section below.

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