Kick start your new year with a win – Ugadi Special Tourney tomorrow

Granted it is Ugadi, a busy day in the calendar of many south Indians. For a sizable chunk of South Indian populace, it is the New Year. Preparations go a long way like doing household chores, making purchases, and a lot more. Not to forget the sumptuous lunch filled with Ugadi special dishes like Ugadi Pachadi.

Essentially named to mark the beginning of a new age, the festival Ugadi brings along new hopes and happiness in one’s life. The festival is considered as an auspicious day for starting new ventures or reviving the earlier ventures.
So what we have mentioned is the routine stuff that happens every Ugadi.

Why not make it more special by turning this auspicious occasion to a day of winnings? Don’t you want it to pen it down in your diary how successful this Ugadi had been to you? Don’t you want to impress your girlfriend or amaze your boyfriend with a win on this special day? A win against complete strangers whom you have never met before in any form or shape should be something right? Remember you are going to battle it out against complete strangers who are sitting with this thought.

Ugadi Special Tournament

Ugadi Special Tournament

DeccanRummy has always left no stone unturned to turn every festival occasion into something special. This Ugadi too we are hosting a special tournament that our players can play and rejoice. We hereby invite all our players to play in our Ugadi Special Tournament tomorrow at 3:30 PM. Coming with a prize pool of Rs. 50K Cash Bonus, the tourney is open to 362 players. Players from across the nation can participate in this tournament with an entry fee of Rs. 50. Cash Bonuses are a real deal! Imagine playing a game of your choice at any time without having to spend a penny. Cash Bonuses gives you that luxury!

Winning a tournament competing against hundreds of thousands of players in a grand stage is always euphoric. While it’s hard to restrict it to few words, do check our testimonial section or our Facebook reviews to know how winners feel after winning a tournament.

To have a chance to win some cool cash bonuses on offer in this tournament, register for the tournament sharply at 2:30 PM tomorrow.

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Deccan Rummy wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous Ugadi. Let this auspicious occasion usher in lots of success and merriness in your life.

If you want to just relax playing rummy online, just try playing our practice rummy games for some time and find if our freeroll games impress you. In case you want to take on a challenging game, check the wide range of cash games under all variants.

Gear up to Seal the Deal once again

It’s March! The spring has arrived finally! We see the birds chirping, flowers blossoming and people bustling around as if they have new found energy. After a long hauling winter, we are finally ready to feel some sunshine on our faces. Spring, is often considered as a season of renewal and beauty. It happens to be the perfect time to enliven your entertainment quotient that’s been in hibernation over the past 4 months. What better way to enliven your spring season than to avail an exceptional bonus offer which will give you the much-needed impetus to kickstart your rummy gameplay.

Seal the Deal

Here’s an awesome chance to have an extended spring fun with DeccanRummy’s seal the deal bonus offer. Split across 4 weeks, the bonus offer runs from Mar 7 to Apr 7. 60% Bonus is split across 4 weeks and given in cash bonuses and bonus points respectively. So, you are in for a treat the entire march and a week into April.
The first bonus offer which ran from Mar 7 to Mar 14 with a 20% bonus up to Rs. 1000 was availed by a large number of players. After all who would want to miss some of the hottest bankroll booster available out in the market?

DeccanRummy’s primary motive is to always keep our players in a profitable position, and that’s the reason we often come up with unique rummy bonus offers that add more value to your deposit. Now as we move into the third of March, here comes another week filled with a splendid cash bonus offer.

Seal the Deal Bonus

Avail our Seal the Deal Bonus Offer that runs from Mar 15-22. Deposit with the bonus code “DeccanQueen: and get 10% Cash Bonus up to Rs. 500. Get the bankroll booster in your kitty now by making a deposit.
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Celebrate Ugadi with a win in our Ugadi Special Tournament

Ugadi is the New Year’s Day for the people hailing from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is a public holiday in AP, Telangana, and Karnataka. Ugadi is a day filled with joy and happiness, kindles new hopes and big aspirations. Folklore belief is that is that this any ventures started on the day will prove to be a success. On this auspicious occasion, people buy new clothes, exchange gifts and prepare mouth-watering cuisines like Ugadi Pachadi made with Neem leaves, Jaggery, Mango, Coconut, and chili.

Nature brims with peppiness as the spring arrives and the blossoming mango buds herald the arrival of Ugadi for the southies. The celebrations of Ugadi fill people’s hearts with joy and contentment. Getting the past behind and starting afresh is something significant of this Festival, that’s the reason you see people rolling new things on this day.

To celebrate this joyous occasion in its full spirits, we at will be holding a Ugadi Special Tournament on Mar 18.

Ugadi Special  Tournament

To celebrate this joyous occasion in its full spirits, we at will be holding a Ugadi Special Tournament on Mar 18. The tournament shall be conducted on Mar 18 @ 3:30 PM. This tournament is open to every player who has an account with Deccan Rummy. Satiate your rebellious Rummy craving by participating in this fantastic tournament.

Since it’s a special tournament, expect players to swarm in huge numbers. Expect a mix of regulars, pros and recreational players in our tables as it has been the case in every special tournament conducted so far. All you’ve got to do when participating in such a tournament is to finetune your rummy skills by studying the game a little more and prepare yourself for the ultimate competition. There’s a saying hope for the best, expect the worst and take what comes – it might hold true in such a tournament as the contest is guaranteed to see some tough competition. With so many prizes to be given away, you always have a chance to win something more than what you spend. Putting your best foot forward is what you can do in tournaments like these.

Double your joy and happiness of this Ugadi by playing this awesome rummy tournament and grab the winning amount from a prize pool of Rs. 50000 Cash Bonus. team is very excited for this Ugadi Special Tournament and wishes all our rummy players a very happy Ugadi. Let the festival mark a new beginning in your life and may you brim with positivity all around. See you soon at our tables! All the best!

DeccanRummy – The best site to Play Indian Rummy Card Game

It goes without saying that Rummy remains as the most popular card game despite stiff competition from games like Poker and TeenPatti. The game which is known for its ability to captivate its players and keep them spellbound in their seats for hours together is constantly so much with time. What started off as a minor card game played within family circles has transformed to become something really big after going digital.

Normally old games do not stand the test of time but rummy game adapted to modernity and kept evolving constantly. It’s puzzling that the game still has so many followers. True that marketing helps big but the word-of-mouth compliments help even a great deal in attracting new players. It is the combination of both that made as one of the leading destinations for Rummy online India ever.

Exceptional Features

Our user-friendly and intuitive gaming interface created with HTML 5 Graphics will give you that casino experience you have been longing for. Additionally, we hold the tag of being the fastest rummy site in India. So you will never at any point be irked by the slow gaming interface. The best thing about is that the waiting period is very low when compared to other rummy sites. You don’t have to wait for the tables as there are players participating in our games and tournaments anytime of the day. We try out best to reach to the players to encourage them to participate in our tournaments and games. Many times our tournament sees 100% participation.

At, a player can play cash games and practice games in 3 multiple variants – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. Additionally, there is a wide range of freeroll and cash rummy tournaments. Players can enjoy playing these interesting rummy variations with their friends, family and with other rummy enthusiasts from India. And we do conduct special tournaments and leaderboard contests with the mammoth prize pool. You can get to us by completing our 3 step simple account creation process. So, by creating an account for free, you are entitled to a stunning gaming experience that you are not going to get anywhere.

At, we also have a Mobile Rummy APP for you to play on your Android and iOS sets. Download Rummy android apk for free and start playing anywhere and at any time.

How to Deposit Safely at

DeccaRummy is here to offer Indian players great 13 card Rummy games supported with exquisite promotions and the safest deposit methods.

A safe list of deposit methods is critical for a rummy site’s success. Having a safe and secure deposit system instills confidence about the online rummy site, and the aim of DeccanRummy is exactly that, to make the players feel confident that they are in a safe rummy site. It’s something that we have striven hard to achieve. offers a multitude of payment gateways that are safe to perform online transactions. We have integrated almost all the preferred payment gateway systems.

Available Deposit Methods

All of the deposit methods at have been handpicked as the best and safest ones for Indians with more to be added very shortly. As we are growing rapidly and known to experiment, count on us to include any new payment methods as soon as they come out in the markedly.

The current Payment Gateways that we have integrated are

1. PayUMoney
2. TechProcess
3. EBS
4. PayTM

At DeccanRummy you can make deposits using 4 main payment options; credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners card; e-wallet services such as Freecharge, Ola Money, Airtel Money, Oxygen, PayCash; UPI; Internet banking of almost all the banks.

KYC documents have to be updated in order for a withdrawal. Kindly follow the link  in order to update KYC.

How to Make a Deposit

Kindly follow the below steps to make a deposit
1. Log in to your account
2. Click on Add cash button that you can see in the lobby
3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on any bonus code. Rest assured that we will update bonus codes so frequently so that you will always have one
4. Choose the payment gateway from the 4 (PayUMoney, TechProcess, EBS, PayTM) & click on Buy Chips. PayUMoney is the default PG for the desktop whereas for the Mobiles it is TechProcess
5. Confirm you are not playing from Odisha, Assam or Telangana by clicking on Yes
6. Enter your Mobile Number and proceed to make payment with the help of any of four payment options.

Just follow the procedure given below and rest assured you will have a safe deposit. For any queries that you have our customer service team is always at your disposal. You can contact them via live chat or send a ticket.

You can contact the chat by clicking on the green template that you see at the bottom in the lobby “Need Help? Let’s talk” – Just fill up the details and you will be instantly joined by our support staff that will be ready to assist you. Alternatively, you can also raise a ticket by clicking on Need Support by giving your query in brief and by entering your username and your issue category.

Play Rummy at Deccan Rummy

We are proud to say that we have integrated some of the best payment processing systems to make sure you have a hassle-free deposit. With our fantastic choice of rummy games online, we can guarantee that you will have an awesome gaming experience. If you’re someone skeptical about making a deposit, hope this would have been of great help. Hurry! What are you waiting for? Deposit and indulge!

10 Parallels between Rummy & Real life situations

Rummy is a game filled with excitements, joy, exudes splendor and grace in ample doses. As to playing rummy online, mastering the skill is half the battle won. Once you’re confident about your rummy strategy, then the next step is to identify the best rummy site suited to you and go on making a kill in it. Isn’t life almost the same? It takes a while for us to figure out our strengths and weakness and from then on our journey starts. On the same track, we are trying to draw parallels between real life situations and rummy game online. See it yourself to know more:

Rummy & Real Life

1. In Rummy, the way cards are dealt is random so there is not much option to change. Similarly, in real life, you are thrown into several situations that you’ve got to handle braving your gut.

2. Most times whenever you Play Indian Rummy online, you may make decisions based on your understanding or interpretation of the situation. Similarly, in real life situation, we do brainstorm a lot, before arriving at a decision.

3. You cannot control your opponents’ moves and expect him to throw cards to your liking. Similarly, in real life, you can’t expect the situation to be ideal to your liking and rely on people for aid all the time.

4. Following your instinct doesn’t qualify as your skill while playing rummy. Similarly, decisions taken on a haste that are taken on impulse have serious repercussions in real life.

5. Luck may someday be on your side when you find everything from start to finish going your way while playing rummy. Similarly, there are some occasions in like where the day is like every touch of yours will turn to gold. Cause it’s your lucky day.

6. As said already, 13 card classic Rummy is a skill game; there are some days where you know you have given your best but the outcomes are not up to your satisfaction. Haven’t we all felt distraught when our best efforts don’t yield the expected result? Life is always not fair. Be content and give your best even if the day appears not yours.

7. There’s a saying “Learn from your mistakes” Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen in most cases, be it rummy or in real life.

8. It’s important to know when to quit in both these cases.

9. Chasing losses are meaningless in both the situations. Really no point in brimming with hostility about the things that are beyond your plane of capability.

10. Be it Rummy or real life, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, what matters eventually is your effort. No amount of money or rewards comes close to it.

Get Rich with seal the deal Bonus Offer

It’s always great to start a month with a reward. We at understand this well and often comes up with exciting and most rewarding offers at the beginning of every month. Check out our exclusive bonus offers and tournaments that are almost available every day. With constant leaderboard contests, freerolls and cash rummy tournaments and special monthly promotions, you have a lot to take from.

March is an exciting month. It’s spring time, the flower blossoms! So does the offers blossom here at DeccanRummy. In tune with our policy of rewarding our players every month, check out the exclusive bonus offer that is available this Month.

Seal the Deal Bonus Offer:

Start every week this March with our brand new 60% Seal the deal bonus offer. Spread over 4 weeks, the bonus offer will allow the players to play with a bonus everyweek. Regardless of the rummy variant that you are playing, this bonus will definitely boost your gaming and get you all the way to feature in the leaderboard. As the bonus percentage and type keeps changing every week, players are advised to plan their deposit properly so that they don’t run short of cash at any point of time. Make sure you avail the maximum bonus amount everytime.

Seal The Bonus

The Bonus code are as follows;

Seal the Deal Bonus
Dates Bonus Offer Bonus Type Bonus Code
Mar 7 – 14 20% Bonus Upto Rs.1000 Bonus Points DECCANJACK
Mar 15 – 22 10% Bonus Upto Rs.500 Cash Bonus DECCANQUEEN
Mar 23 – 30 20% Bonus Upto Rs.1000 Bonus Points DECCANKING
Mar 31 – Apr 7 10% Bonus Upto Rs.1000 Cash Bonus DECCANACE

Any bonus received is always a surplus and allows you to make a good progress. In other words, this is some extra money for you to play an extensive range of rummy cash games. Don’t miss out on this marvelous offer, Hurry! Make a deposit now!

Deccan rummy is legal 13 card Indian Rummy site and is also one of the fastest rummy online sites that allow the player to play free rummy online. In the event you haven’t signed up, follow our 3 step registration process and join with an awesome Rs. 5000 Welcome Bonus. DeccanRummy is also available on Mobile Platform. With a massive number of safe and secure payment gateways for both deposits and withdrawals, there is never a need to worry about making a deposit or a withdrawal.

Whether you are looking for a rummy download apk or for your iOS, Deccan Rummy Mobile is available on both platforms. Download Rummy apk on Google PlayStore or our site and start gaming on our seamless gaming platform almost effortlessly now.

International Women’s Day GiftRaffle Special Tourney

International Women’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a day to commemorate the struggles to achieve women’s rights and to celebrate the achievements made by women in various fields throughout history. Started in the year 1911, the event has grown rapidly with time and is celebrated in different countries with different themes. On this day, United Nations with the help of its affiliates run strong, message-oriented programs and campaigns across several countries. Women achievers in different fields are invited to conferences, seminars, and panels to speak on topics like women empowerment, gender equality, violence against women and many other issues concerning women.

Women's Day GiftRaffle has the habit of celebrating every festival or observation with our patrons. This women’s day too we have planned something very exciting for you! Looking for some amazing gifts for the special women in your life? It’s great to give them something so memorable on this special occasion, right? Don’t worry! You don’t have to go scouting for gifts when you can win some amazing gift vouchers for FREE!

Women’s Day GiftRaffle Special

Yes! Our GiftRaffle Special Tournaments are back. This time it is for the International Women’s Day. Join us in our celebrating the International Women’s Day by taking part in our Women’s Day GiftRaffle Special tournament from Mar 8-11 at 11 PM. Do you have to pay anything in order to participate in this tourney? Nothing! Nada! Zilch! Just walk in on these days at 6 PM and hit the tables sharply at 11 PM to take a shot! Come and leave an indelible mark and dedicate this victory to the special women in your life.!

You know what’s special in this tourney? We will allow you to dedicate the prizes to the women for whom you’d like to dedicate. This will be applicable for the top 2 players. The third player will receive the place as mentioned by us. It is kind of stimulating your rummy appetite, right?

If you’ve been thinking about playing rummy online but weren’t sure how to get started, this is your chance to get involved! Register at! Verify your number and get Rs. 25 in real cash as a bonus in your account instantly. Make a deposit and get 100% matching bonus up to Rs. 5000. What else? With a wide range of rummy freerolls, cash games and exciting rummy promotions, you are sure to have an awesome time. Come, join us and celebrate the Women’s day in the most wonderful way you can.

Susen33 clinches Holi Special Tournament 1 today is extremely to announce the tremendous success of our Holi Special  Tournament 1 on Mar 3. One of the easiest to build your bankroll, freeroll tournament attracts every rummy enthusiast out there. The chance to win huge amounts without investing a dime plus the easy tournament structure pulls so many players to play Freeroll Tournaments conducted in online rummy sites.

Online rummy tournaments have the same adrenaline pumping action as much as the real rummy games and tournaments. The players who fight valiantly till the end going through some breathtaking grinding sessions usually come out on top.

Holi Winner

Holi Special Tournament 1 – Winner

Today’s Holi Special Tournament fitted every stereotype associated with online rummy tournaments – From the Massive turnout of 1030 players to Big Prizepool to some heart pumping gaming action.

The action was furious right from the get-go with players deploying every trick in their books to outplay their opponents. After a tough fight, it was a pleasure to see Susen33 juggernaut to the top. It’s indeed a great achievement to finish at the top in a tough field such as this as these tourneys see participation from the likes of rummy novices to the experts. We at want to congratulate Susen33 on this historic win and we hope Susen33 gets to win many other events in the future. Apart from Susan33, 71 other players received cash bonus prizes.

About the Tournament, ThamaraiKannan, Head of Operations said “Congratulations to Susen33 on winning the top prize. Keep playing we strongly feel you are destined to win even bigger contests in the future”.

He further added “Special Tournaments hosted at DeccanRummy are always challenging and pushes the players to their limits. The craze with which players participated in this tournament was touching. This kind of turnout gives us the spirit to increase our giveaways every single time for players to compete every day”.

Do step in tomorrow

Summing it up, DeccanRummy’s Holi Special Tournament 1 today was a grand success, thanks to our players. As to the players who couldn’t make the cut today, know what? There’s another Holi special tournament 2 open to players tomorrow @ 3:30 PM; This tournament is a freeroll and comes with a prize pool of Rs. 20K Cash Bonus. Every player with a Deccan Rummy account can participate and try their luck.

This is what we call an extended Holi Celebration. If you are ready to make it big, do not forget to be a part of the incredible action. Aren’t you hungry for success, yet?

6 Unique Ways to celebrate Holi

The most exciting Indian Festival of Holi has arrived. Holi is an important occasion that we celebrate to mark the triumph of good over evil. It is the right time to convey the message of love and strengthen the bond of love and friendship. On this day people celebrate the festival by smearing colors at each other, throwing colored water on random passersby, having street parties and happily gorging on Gujiyas, Thandais, and Dhahi Bhallas. Bhang, a drink made from cannabis is also consumed during Holi.

Another familiar that can be seen is loudspeakers blaring out Holi special songs during the celebrations at cities like Delhi and Mumbai. VIPs throw a lavish Holi party within their circles. Though the way of Holi celebration differs from state to state, the spirit remains buoyant everywhere.

Try something different this time, by showing love & brotherhood

While throwing Gulals and splashing colored water using water guns are traditional ways of celebration, why not try out something different to this time. Here are some unique ways that you can try out:

Make the celebrations Eco-Friendly

While the festivities are fun, it’s after-effects are not so. In these modern times, instead of the opting of the traditional gulal, people tend to opt for expensive artificial colors, which can cause irreversible damages to your skin and hair. Traditional Gulal, made by mashing and drying spring flowers, hibiscus, and various spices is eco-friendly does not harm your skin that much.

Holi Outfits

Traditionally anything white is preferred as an outfit as gulals stick well to the white clothes. Any light colored clothes might also fit the occasion as they allow the vibrancy of Gulal to reflect properly. Since it’s evident that you are going to get drenched completely in colors, it makes sense to sport baggy pants with a loose light-colored T-shirt. As the climate is hot, it’s imperative you pick cotton materials as the choice of your attire.

Celebrate with the underprivileged

Celebrating Holi within your family circles or friends is something that we do every year. Why not take your family and friends to celebrate with those who aren’t privileged so much. Why don’t you go visit the nearest orphanage along with your friends and relatives and celebrate Holi there? Let your celebration bring a smile to their life. Also, ensure you take as many gifts such as latest water guns and food items possible so that they have a complete Holi celebration.

Create a Photo Album

It’s pretty much obvious that we are going to click the beautiful moments during our Holi celebration. Instead of just allowing the photos just to remain as the soft copy, why not select the best among them to create a photo album. A hardcover always has a value than a softcopy. Create your own funky photo booth with designs you like, to add more appeal.

Play Peppy Music

How can a Holi celebration be complete without Rang Barse blaring out loudly? Install a proper music system at your place and play all-time favorite Bollywood Holi songs. There are so many vibrant songs that bring the essence of the festival alive. Some of our recommendations would be Holi Ke Din (Sholay), Hori Khele Raghuveera (Baghban), Ang Se Ang Lagana (Darr) and of course the quintessential Holi Song Rang Barse. Let these songs play in the background when you keep splashing colored water.

Play Rummy Online

Playing rummy games during festivals is something that has always been a part of Indian history. A nice way to end Holi celebrations would be to play rummy card games. Now that the game has gone digital, online Rummy sites come up with so many unique offers and promotions for all Indian festivals., India’s fastest rummy site has a couple of Interesting offers for Holi

1. Holi Fest – On the Festival day i.e. Mar 2, DeccanRummy is offering 10% Cash Bonus up to Rs. 500 for one of the deposits. The players have to deposit by entering the bonus code which is “HOLI2018. The offer is valid just for one day. A bonus on the Holi day is always a boon, right?

2. Holi Special Rummy Tournament – Holi may be over by tomorrow but the festivities would remain for a couple of days more as the vibrancy would refuse to wear off within a day. With the festive spirit soaring high, come and play Deccan Rummy’s Holi Special Free Tournament on Mar 3 and 4 @ 3:30 PM. Coming with a collective prize pool of Rs. 40000 spread over 2 days with Rs. 20000 up for grabs each day, the tournament is all set to attract audiences in a big way.

So, have your geared up for an exciting Holi celebration? Well, do try to implement any of these ideas and mention how your Holi celebration turned out to be. We at wish all our players a very happy and colorful Holi. Let the sparkling colors of Holi spread love and Happiness everywhere.