Rummy Bonus Giveaway: July Jalwa, Deccan Bounty Bonus

There are so many reasons to get excited whenever you play Rummy online here at Deccan Rummy. Get the best classic rummy experience here at Deccan Rummy with our colorful and vibrant tables. All the games we host are 100% legal as quoted by the Honorable Supreme Court of India. All the transactions done here at Deccan Rummy are 100% safe as we have some of the most secured methods for deposits and withdrawals. As soon as start registering in our website and start playing rummy game you will be showered with exciting bonus offers and exquisite promotions.

Rummy Deal for the month

It’s a routine that every month here at Deccan Rummy begins with an awesome bonus. It just gives us the much needed impetus to go full-fledged rummy adventure. It is for this reason we never stop issuing Monthly bonus offer every month. There’s no better sight than watching players get more on their deposits.

In this month of July, we are starting off with a couple of exciting promotions that all our players can take advantage of.

  1. July Jalwa

Lavish bonuses are always a given thing at Deccan Rummy. This month get ready for some splendid rummy action. With the July Jalwa offer, players can get 20% bonus upto Rs. 1000 for one of their deposits. Players need to make a deposit with the bonus code “MissionRummy”. Take advantage of this awesome bonus offer and earn some wonderful bonus to boost your bankroll. Play rummy online for cash with this exceptional bonus offer

2. Deccan Bounty Bonus

Playing here at Deccan Rummy would always give you bounties. With Deccan Bounty Bonus offer it’s proved once again. In what comes as a cherry on top of the cake we have a weekly bonus offer that the users can avail.

Each week in the month of July has a special bonus code that the player can use while making a deposit. For further clarification about the offer, kindly refer to the table below:


Date Bonus Code Bonus Offer
July 1-8 CAPTAINCOOL 10% Booster Bonus upto Rs.500
July 9-16


RUMMYSKILL 20% Bonus Points Upto Rs.1000
July 17- 24 PVSMASH 10% Cash Bonus Upto Rs.500
July 25-31 RUMMYTIGER 15% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.750


This bonus amount will be instantly credited at the end of a successful deposit and players can use them to play real cash rummy game online. Additionally worth noting that there are quite a few rummy bonus offers that are available on a permanent basis.

Both these offers are awesome as they give you an excellent opportunity to boost your bankroll. Grab this fantastic chance immediately. We are looking forward to see you soon in our vibrant tables.

Should you have any further clarifications about the offer or any of the games, do not hesitate to contact us through or use our 24/7 chat facility.

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6 Popular rummy strategies and hacks

Every one of us likes to win at any game that we play? Rummy experts can swim across the rough sea at all times. Wondering how they overcome every tough challenge that comes in their way. The answer lies in the fact that in addition to their mastery of Rummy rules, and how to play rummy they also know every hacks, tricks, and strategy to win the game. Give them any tough scenario they will dance their way to victory. Here are the few points that you must consider if you are really willing to go all the way.

Rummy Hacks

1. Go for the Pure Sequence

Ensure you go for the pure sequence as soon as the game begins. If not for the pure sequence, all your efforts to create a meld will be vain. Go for the pure sequence right at the beginning. Eg: 7♣, 8♣, 9♣

2. Be careful with Joker card

In rummy card game online, there are two types of jokers – Printed Joker and Wildcard.
While it’s true that they help the gameplay but one has to be careful not to completely rely on joker as a Perfect sequence is always mandatory. In other cases, you can joker cards as much as you want.

3. Stay Focussed

Rummy is a game that requires your utmost patience and resilience. You cannot become an overnight sensation by winning a few games. Players can reach that mastery only when they have sufficient practice. For it, staying with utmost focus is very important.

4. Get rid of high-value cards

A highly desirable method followed by every rummy expert is to reduce the number of high-value cards. These cards carry high points (10, J, Q,K, A) so in the event, you lose the game with these cards in hands then you will lose by a heavy margin. But if they form a perfect sequence or a set, then there’s no need of a worry.

5. Bait your opponents

Bait is one of the popular concepts used in classic rummy. At times while playing rummy online, you may need only one card to complete a sequence/run in such cases a For example, if you are having cards like J♣, Q♣ and A♣ and you just need K♣ to complete the run, you may throw in A ♣ or J ♣ as a bait to your opponent. Upon checking the discarded card, your opponent may think that you are not making any sequences with ♣ high cards and may just discard the K♣ which will help you to complete a pure sequence with 3 cards. This is a modern-day strategy that many players are using.

6. Drop

When the starting hands of yours are absolutely terrible leaving you no choice to move forward, it’s better to fold your hand right away to avoid losing by more points. You can refer to the article on Classic Rummy online starting hands, you may get it.

In addition to the article, you may also want to check our article on the three popular 13 card rummy hacks. Now that you know something about rummy hacks, what you need to do is deploy them one at a time or probably even more and go for the victory. Keep playing rummy game online at Deccan Rummy for exceptional offers and promotions.

7 reasons on how to go about selecting the best rummy site

We are living in a time where there are a multitude of options available to select their product. Take for example the tremendous success stories of online retail giants in the recent past. These sites cater almost all the items required by the customers. Playing rummy online is pretty similar to the above said scenario. There are a wide range of 13 card rummy sites that come up every day that leaves the rummy enthusiasts really confused.

Additionally, we all know cash rummy games are a real treat and it is their exploits in that area that could make them rich. So, customers need to be extra cautious while selecting their best rummy sites. Here are the few points that we have listed here for the benefit of online rummy players to select the best rummy card game online site.


Rummy Online

Check the testimonials

Reading reviews of the product and arriving at a decision to purchase it or not is very common among online shoppers. Similarly, if a player decides to play card games online, it is important he reads the review of sites from multiple sources. For a game like poker, there are multiple sites that cover the latest happenings from the world of poker. Additionally, players can also check the google reviews for the same.

Safety, Security and Trust

Of all the important factor to be taken into consideration before arriving at a decision to play rummy in a site is to check the security factor. Playing rummy though a joyful event might hurt you if you deposit your money in a spurious site. So, ensure you go for a site that has RNG software tested and also SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. You check it at the home page of the website itself.

Check for appealing gaming platform

Most of us like someone or thing that is appealing to our site. Similarly, if you must find the gaming interface appealing then your game immersion would be high. Aesthetics play a great role in enchanting the players. A site like Deccan Rummy has made their gaming platform almost equivalent to the casino site.

Payment options

Most of the sites offering 13 card Indian rummy game online have a wide choice for making payments. Players need to select a site that is safe and secure and has multiple options for making payments and withdrawals.

Wide range of games and tournaments

Everyone likes variety, is it not? If we keep playing the same game variant again and again, then it becomes banal and clichéd at some point of time. Select a site that has a wide range of rummy games, tournaments, and play rummy free options like Freeroll tournament. Many sites conduct special tournaments on all festive occasions with mammoth cash prizes.

Offers & Promotions

Whatever may be the reason for playing card game online, it eventually boils down to how much we earn by playing the game. We have stated umpteen number of times, playing rummy can be equated to “From rags to riches” story. Pick the site that has huge numbers of offers and promotions. They complement well with the stimulating game play that rummy demands. Some sites even have a VIP service that has special privileges for the long term players.

Excellent customer service

A good site has a good customer service. Check how much time does the rummy site takes to respond to your emails, chat and feedbacks. Go ahead with the site which offers all these three.

By now, we hope you would have made note of these pointers and choose the best classic rummy site to your liking. At the end of the day what really matters is an awesome gaming experience that you are going to get. Happy Playing!

Play Rummy with a passion availing Father’s Day Special Bonus

Ready for some awesome fun this June? Every month we update some awesome promotions for you to play with. There’s no need to scout for the best money on the outside when you can get it for free at Deccan Rummy.

The hot summer has just concluded, so we thought we’d give something really special for you to enjoy. Looking for a cool offer or something; this month in addition to the . Here’s a fantastic chance to welcome the third week of the june with some of the most rewarding bonuses! June is going to be filled with awesome memories for the players as far as bonus offers are concerned. That’s the reason we call it as Jubiliant June offer.

It is always great to welcome a month with a bonus, ain’t it? Get 10% Cash Bonus up to Rs. 500 with our Father’s Day Special Bonus offer. Deposit with the bonus code “MYFATHER” after which you will receive the bonus amount in bonus points. Players can use the bonus code only for one of their deposits. Check our rummy promotions page to know more about this offer.

Fathers Day Special

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

Deccan Rummy is always committed to offering our players the most awesome gaming available to each and every player out there. With a huge variety of Indian classic rummy games available in different variants, there is no need to wait. Just register and login to avail this bonus.

Are you a new player or a player on another Indian rummy site who is dissatisfied with the services of other rummy sites? Why not play at Whether you would like to play rummy online for cash or rummy online free, we have a multitude of games available at Deccan Rummy for you play and enjoy

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Dwaraka55 wins Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament Online

Our Ramzan Special Tournament conducted yesterday has been a thundering success. The tournament began at 9:30 PM so that every player can play in a relaxed manner. Ramzan Special Tournament was no different from any of the previous special toournaments. It was exciting from start to finish and withstood the expectations of any special tournament from Deccan Rummy.

Special tournaments at Deccan Rummy always attract audiences across India, launched Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament with Rs. 1 Lakh in prize pool up for grabs. This was a ticket based Online rummy tournament where the players were able to get the tickets just by making a deposit of Rs. 500 with the bonus code specified.

Additionally, there was also a choice to buy this ticket for Rs. 150. Since the prize pool was Rs. 1 Lakh, there were no doubts on active participation. Many players actively deposited the amount and earned a free ticket to this tournament.

As soon as the promotion was launched, deposit started to flow in huge numbers and players were able to secure free tickets. The mad rush for the tournament was expected as our Ramzan tourney is one of the most prestigious online rummy tournaments that players don’t want to miss. It is the easy opportunity that the players do not want to miss.

After a fierce battle of 3 rounds, dwaraka55, mayuriraj, maruthaimani secured the top 3 places in the tournament. Congrats to Dwaraka55 for his exceptional temperament in winning this fantastic tournament.

Normally freeroll special tourneys are very highly competitive as they attract the best players of Rummy. Most of the successful rummy players prefer playing rummy tournaments online more than tournaments. No amount of stakes in cash games could match the rousing entertainment that players get while playing a tournament online.

Stay connected with Deccan Rummy – India’s No 1 Rummy site offering classic rummy games online for many more exciting offers and promotions.


FIFA Fantasy League 2018

After four years of waiting, the opening game of the much awaited FIFA 2018 WC between Russia and Saudi Arabia has just concluded. Russia began their campaign in a confident fashion with a complete drubbing of Saudi Arabia 5-0. For the billions of the people waiting for this spectacle to unfold in front of their eyes, this has been a perfect opening that they could have imagined for a spectacular event like this.

FIFA Fantasy League

Billions of football fans all over the world are pondering with questions like can Germany score a perfect double? Can Lionel Messi guide Argentina to victory? Can Cristiano Ronaldo finally do it for Portugal?

The frenzy has just reached monumental proportions. There are so many contests running up all over the net related to FIFA World cup. Deccan Rummy is always known to come up with exciting contests for all the major sporting events across the globe. Now for this FIFA WC 2018 we have come up with an exciting contest called FIFA Fantasy League.

FIFA WC2018 is all set to be abundantly exciting, but we’ve got a little some more appeal to it. The IPL Fantasy league that we conducted earlier was a massive hit and players from all over India participated in the tournament we hosted on all match days and won some awesome prizes in double.

Now select your favorite team before the start of every match and play our FIFA WC2018 Freerolls rummy tournament for FREE worth 5 Lakh from June 14, 2018 – July 15, 2018. Predict the winner before the start of the match, play the tournament and get the double of what you win.


  1. The registration opens at 8:00 PM on all match days
  2. Once you click on join, you will receive a pop-up where you need to pick your choice of winner for the match scheduled for that day.
  3. Play the tournament exactly at 9:00 PM.
  4. If your choice turns out true, you will receive the double of what you win.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The FIFA WC2018 Freerolls will be conducted only on match days
  2. If the player has closed the pop-up without selecting the team, then he will not get the doubled up prize amount. He/she will only receive what she has won.
  3. Players who are found to have indulged in any forms of unethical practices like multiple registration or colluding will be dealt with a ban.
  4. *Standard DeccanRummy Terms & Conditions apply.

Find the Incorrect Sequence & Win free ticket to Social Sharks

So you think you’ve got what it takes to play like a king in a rummy community? If you think so, you should come to Deccan Rummy and play our social sharks tournament.

Of all the marine animals, none commands a respect like Shark. Known as the apex predator, sharks command respect and fear like no other creature in the ocean.

Rummy Experts are often called as rummy sharks they get belligerent and attack like sharks. Sharks never miss their targets easily Similarly, every rummy shark gets there to his position after years of experience. It’s going to need something spectacular to dethrone him.

Social Sharks

Social Sharks tournament is one of the most popular online rummy tournament that is featured at Deccan Rummy.

Conducted every month, the players get to win big from the mammoth prizepool of Rs. 1 Lakh cash bonus. Since most of us are heavy social media users, we would like everyone who’s is on Facebook to get a free ticket and take a shot at this tournament.

Curious to now what’s the Facebook contest for this week. Here’s the contest.

Of the 13 cards given here, neatly arranged into sets and sequences, there is a set/sequence that is incorrect and let us know.

Deccan rummy online


Answer this simple question by

  1. Send the answer by sending a private message to our Deccan Rummy Facebook account.  (
  2. Ensure you send it along with your Deccan Rummy account
  3. Contest open only to Deccan Rummy Players.
  4. Free ticket will be credited after verification

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must register with the tickets they receive else the ticket will remain invalid
  2. The answers for each week’s question should be posted before we post the subsequent week’s question. We will not be able to credit tickets to the players who are posting the answers beyond the timeframe given for each quiz.
  3. Comments entered without username will not be eligible for tickets.
  4. If the player hasn’t met the desired criteria of either making a deposit or KYC, he/she will not get the tickets.
  5. *Standard DeccanRummy Terms & Conditions apply



Win OnePlus 6 by topping the Platinum Leaderboard

Weekly Leaderboard contests have been great right from the beginning. Isn’t it great to know where you stand in amidst thousands of other rummy players playing rummy online every day? Weekly leaderboard contest lets you know this and also rewards you in the most exciting fashion.

Climb the Rummy Weekly leaderboard to claim exceptional prizes. The leaderboard comes in 3 levels namely Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Running for a week, the contest carries some really cool prizes for the winners. Over the past 5 months since its launch, we have given away some exceptional gifts like iPhones, OnePlus mobiles, Latest Mi, VIVO phones and also some awesome gadgets like health band and many other gifts.

Additionally, the top 20 players on each leaderboard will get to play a special tournament reserved for each level the day after a leaderboard contest ends.

This week its going to be iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and the brand new mobile “One Plus 6” which has raised the heat since its launch. One of the main reasons the phone is extremely popular is because of its supreme performance. When people are thronging stores and e-shopping websites to get hold of this device, here’s a chance to win this awesome device just by playing rummy game online.

Keep playing cash rummy games continuously on tables ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 to acquire loyalty points and claim a position on our Platinum Tournament Leaderboard. You can enroll and compete just by playing, with no other entry requirements. This weekly leaderboard contest is specifically designed for cash rummy players. The more cash games a player plays, the better are his chances to earn loyalty points and win big.

How to check your Loyalty Points?

  1. Login to your accounts
  2. Click on Leader Board
  3. Check the no of loyalty points you have earned by clicking on the 3 levels
  4. Keep checking your loyalty points constantly.

This is a wonderful opportunity to win the most perfect smartphone available in the market right now!


June Jackpot & Weekly Bounties!

Are you looking for an online rummy site which has some of the best 13 card rummy games available to play and its available to Indian players. Lively game play, fast hassle-free pay outs and a wide range of payment methods? If the answer is yes, look no further than Deccan Rummy

Deccan Rummy is one of the premier online rummy sites in India which has a solid user base of more than 5 lakh users. As a rummy player, you want to feel valued and you want to make sure you are playing at a place that is absolutely safe. This is another area where Deccan Rummy really delivers with some great security measures for your payment and personal information.

Deccan Rummy enthrals every user by bringing new bonus offers for all our players every month. Players actively avail all the bonus offers that we put up thus far. As we enter June, we have come up with a couple of exciting bonus offers for our players that they can enjoy to their fullest.

All the players need to do is to deposit using the appropriate bonus codes for the offer.  Curious to know what are the offers? Here they are

  1. June Jackpot

This is an exciting monthly bonus offer which happens to be a regular feature of Deccan Rummy. With June Jackpot, Make a deposit using bonus code: RummyJACKPOPT and avail 10% Booster Bonus upto Rs. 500. The offer is valid from June 1 – June 30.

June Jacpot

  1. Weekly Bounties

In addition to June Jackpot, there is another exclusive bonus offer for you. Get huge bounties of bonus every week with this weekly bonus bounties offer. Make a deposit with these codes and avail some super cool bonus offers.

Date Bonus Amount Bonus Type Bonus Code
June 1-8 10% Booster Bonus RUMMYSPIDY
June 9-17 20% Bonus Points RUMMYJACK
June 18-24 10% Cash Bonus MYFATHER
June 25-30 15% Cash Bonus DECCANCA

So what are you waiting for? Just make a deposit with these bonus codes and avail the bonus instantly. See you soon at the tables!


Ramzan Special Tournament on June 16

Deccan Rummy is much more than a typical online rummy room: we always want our players to “feel at home.” Because of our player first approach, Deccan Rummy has quietly built very strong user base by offering our players the most enticing promotions (big value), in a competitive gaming environment.

If you’re looking to play in a competitive tournament, here is an exciting opportunity for you. Our festival special tournaments always have a good connect with a lot of audience.

Ramzan Special Tournament

This Ramadan, do not forget to hit our website! Play our Ramzan Special Tournament on June 16 at 10 PM. You have a chance to win a humongous share from the huge prizepool of Rs. 1 Lakh. What better way to spend the day than playing a special tournament and having a chance to win some big cash prizes.

Get free tickets for the tournament by making a Deposit of minimum Rs. 500 (Starting from June 1 and ending on June 16) the code RAMZANSPL. Players also have an option to get the buy-in for Rs. 150.

Once you successfully complete the deposit, your ticket will be successfully credited.

Celebrate Ramzan in the most awesome manner by playing and winning this awesome tournament for Free. offers world class gaming interface to play 13 card rummy games. With instant game play thousands of players are winning cash regularly. With multi player, multi table rummy cash games and tournaments available 24/7, the website is 100% safe and secure. You will get your winnings at a very fast rate.

If you’re ready to jump into the action, then click here to join Deccan Rummy!If you already have an account with us, just login now and make a deposit.