4 reasons why people lose while playing rummy online

Winning in any sport is always an exciting moment. A sports competition can be powerfully provocative bringing in a wide range of expression from euphoria to agony. Everyone plays for a win undoubtedly but undoubtedly not everyone wins. A win brings a varying amount of emotions at different intensity. For a mind game like Chess or Rummy, winning is even more special. The excitement of the win doubles our interest in the game and allows us to push more. In the event of a loss, some players are demoralized and develop an aversion to the game.

Truth be said, you cannot win every game in a rummy game as several factors come into play. Having said that, winning more consistently is quite possible if you play your cards right. If you analyze the reason for losses endured by the players, you would be surprised to know that in most cases they were completely preventable. In this post, we shall see the four most common reasons why people lose in rummy card game online.

1. Not having a good grasp of rummy rules

Rummy is quite a simple game compared to other complex card games. However, that gives no excuse for not mastering the rules completely. Most players end up losing because they don’t follow the rummy rules completely. Making a pure sequence is the most important objective in rummy as it is the lifeline for the game. Players who are losing most frequently struggle in this area. Building a pure sequence would at least spare you some points in the event your opponent declares before you. 

2. Not knowing when to drop

Quitting doesn’t equate to giving up or being a loser in a rummy game. Rummy veterans fold a lot more times than what you imagine. In the event of a bad starting hand which leaves you very little options to make a declare, it’s better to fold right at the beginning rather than stretch and lose with heavy points. Many rummy beginners do not get this drift and keep digging in without any benefits. 

3. Not having a strategy

As mentioned, rummy is a skill game. It means you should practice a lot to get the strategies right. Different hands warrant different strategies which you will get to know only with practice. Players who hit the cash tables without much practice are likely to lose more games. Learn how to make efficient use of joker cards as they are trump cards in your game which may make your job much easier. 

4. Chasing Losses

If you’re on a losing streak, it is advised to take a break. Chasing the losses desperately is only going to bring in more misfortune. As you begin to pursue that elusive win relentlessly while being in a losing streak, you are bound to lose your emotional control. As mentioned, rummy is a game which can be enjoyed only when you are in a sound state of mind. Being in an emotional state loaded up with anger and frustration is only going to pile up your agony. 

Practice more and prevent losses

One of the easiest ways to mitigate losses is by practising more. Deccan Rummy is one of the premier rummy online sites in India with more than 2 million active players. In our site, we have a wide range of rummy variants and practice tables for the same. With our practice games, you can play the game for free and gain expertise. With our Free rummy app for Android and iOS, you can take the game with you anywhere, anytime. Your search for that elusive win ends by practising more at the free tables of Deccan Rummy. Sign up now and start winning. 

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