5 Motivational factors in Online Gaming

Online gaming has revolutionized the gaming industry and is constantly attracting new followers. Online gamers have a variety of games to choose from – from strategy games that tests your cognitive skills to adventure games. It comes as no surprise that these online games have attracted millions of players from all walks of life all over the world. According to a survey, children around the world spend up to 3 hours a day playing online games.

The success of online gaming industry can be attributed to the fact that it attracts players across different age group. There are many online gaming websites with a smorgasbord of games catering to people across different age groups. Many players congregating over at online gaming websites mainly arrive there to have unlimited fun, thrill & entertainment. Moreover, these online games give them the luxury of playing from their comfort of their home.

While there are many sites attracting players by offering enticing cash prizes, the truth is that many players visit those sites mainly for entertainment which they offer in ample doses. In this article let us look at a few factors apart from money that motivates players to join these online gaming websites;

  1. Highly Competitive

The main reason online games are such a rage these days is because of its competitive nature. Most online gaming sites host multiplayer online games that allow players to have a go at each other. Eg: Sites like Deccan Rummy allow multiple players to play online rummy together. An extremely competitive gaming environment brings out the best from the players.

  1. Stress reliever

It is proven that online games act as a stress reliever and a mood enhancer. Many players desperately search for motivation to carry out the arduous tasks that they have to endure in their routine life. A victory in online game does boost your self-confidence and gets you charged up

  1. Fosters social interaction

Players have an opportunity to interact with lots of other players during the course of the game and this creates a sense of camaraderie. Though players visit online gaming websites for stress relief, rich storylines, competitive game play, it goes without saying that social interaction and bond that they share with the fellow players draws them further. There are many online games that are available which require a player to work in partnership with others to complete the objective. Such interactions foster a deep bond between the players in the long run.

  1. Euphoria of winning

Most online gaming sites host various tournaments and game 24/7 and conduct special tournaments and other festival carnivals periodically. Players have multiple chances to win a game or tournament once he registers on the website. A win does incredible things for a player – it boosts his confidence, self-esteem, rewards him financially, makes him want to repeat the feat again.

  1. Keeps you energetic & vibrant

According to a recent research, it was found that playing action games releases chemicals regions of the brain coordinated for social activities and keeps you full of energy. Training your mind with free online strategy games is the best way to keep your brain active and improve memory, concentration, and cognitive skills.

It is thus evident that there are plenty of reasons apart from money that motivates a person to take up online games. The universal appeal of online games is astounding. If you want to try a free online game, you can try playing free online rummy game@ Deccan Rummy – India’s most trusted rummy website.

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