5 Reasons for the Popularity of Mobile APP

This is the age of Mobile APPs. The number of Mobile users has become greater than the number of desktop users. Rummy Mobile APP has become indispensable for any business these days. Consequently, many companies have realised the importance of mobile channel to attract their customers. According to a research, it is proven that mobile users are spending nearly 86% of their mobile time on accessing mobile apps. It is vital for companies to develop mobile APPs that provide an excellent experience. More than 55% of users said they would uninstall the app if it fails to match their expectations.

An APP Annie Study reveals that 40% of Android users spend their time playing games using APPs. It is paramount for the gaming companies to develop Mobile APP as there is a huge requirement for them. That said the gaming companies have a huge challenge in front of them – enthral the users the moment they launch the game and keep them engaged to develop loyalty. At Deccan Rummy, we have recently launched the Deccan Rummy Mobile APP for Android and iOS making rummy play more user-friendly and easier. We have listed out the some of the reasons why Mobile APPs are extremely popular with the gamers.

Rummy Mobile App


The main idea behind developing mobile APP for games was to provide a seamless gaming experience on the move. It is impossible for the users to sit down in front of a PC or a laptop for a gaming session, given the busy schedule of most of us. Once the user downloads the game from the distribution platform, he gets unlimited access to the game. He can play whenever he feels like playing – be it while standing in a queue, travelling in a bus or during break timings in office. Anytime, anywhere mantra seems like the biggest reason for the huge popularity of mobile app games

2.Less Expensive

Given the high price of gaming consoles like Playstation, Xbox & Nintendo, even hardcore gamers would be reluctant on investing that high. Mobile APPs have come as a blessing in disguise for them. Many gaming APPs have been developed using augmented reality & virtual reality giving the users an ultimate gaming experience. Most of those high-end technology games take only a few bucks to download & install. In addition, the distribution platforms (Play store & APP store) have a huge repository of free games. These games provide an excellent gaming experience, not an iota less of what you get in paid APPs.

3.Available Instantly

All gaming apps can be accessed instantly by tapping on the icon on our mobile devices. Once you’ve logged in, you can have a stunning gaming session and can continue your session anytime as your progress is autosaved. Many apps can be accessed offline too, with updates being stored until you reconnect to the internet. APP saves hassles that you could encounter in PCs and laptops like booting time, logging in etc.

4.Instant Notification & Better Personalization

How many times do we bother to visit websites for promotions? Even though companies send emails regularly, most of them get caught in promotions tab which we never bother to check. Companies have understood this and started sending notifications through the mobile app. If the companies create an offer that is simply too irresistible they can notify about it through the app. Users have more chances to utilize the promotions when notified through the app than by reading emails. Mobile apps usually allow users to set up their preferences based on which companies can send customized content to them. Also, Apps can also track and observe user engagement, and if GPS is enabled, can be used to provide geography-specific content.

5.Captivating Features

An enchanting interface design, seamless gaming, advances graphics will absolutely keep the users hooked to a website. Deccan Rummy mobile APP has everything that users can expect in an APP – Intuitive Graphics, Seamless navigation, Enhanced visuals, Great visibility & Picture-perfect User Interface. A Mobile APP with captivating features obviously boosts interest in the game and creates more user immersion and involvement.

It is now clear that huge popularity of Mobile app is due to the greater personalization and operational efficiency, along with many other exclusive features. Mobile APP is absolutely pre-eminent for a gaming company given the heavy competition.

Deccan Rummy Mobile App is available for FREE to provide you ultimate Online rummy experience. Download our Rummy App for Android and iOS and engage yourself in rummy mania.If you are an android user looking for a genuine 13 card rummy game download try our Deccan Rummy mobile for a scintillating mobile rummy experience.


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