8 Misconceptions about online card games

Online card games have had a dynamic growth over the past few years. Many online sites offering card games have sprung up over the past few years offering different variations of card games. What started off as a fledgling experiment has grown exponentially to become a great money-spinner.

As with anything that is popular, there are many naysayers spreading out false propaganda against online card games. It stems a lot from ignorance and jealousy on a successful and legal business model. It is sad that some of their listeners fall into this trap and have developed an intense antagonism towards card games. In this article, we take apart some of the most common misconceptions that seem to be pervasive.

Online Card Games

 Common Misconceptions

  1. 1.Card games are gambling

Not every card game is a gambling. There are games such as poker, Teen Patti in which betting is intrinsically part of the gameplay. On the other hand, games like online rummy don’t involve any gambling. If you’re someone who wants to try out card games, cast aside your aspersions and join us to have an awesome rummy experience.

  1. Card Games are purely luck oriented

If luck has been the primary factor that decided the outcome of the game, how is that a few “lucky” players don’t win the game continuously? Luck in card games ends with the initial distribution of cards. If you’re dealt good cards then you can consider yourself lucky. From then on, it depends on how skillfully you play your cards. You need to learn all tricks in this trade to outmaneuver your opponents. Moreover, most of the card gaming sites have installed RNG which ensures card sequences are unpredictable, non-repeatable.

  1. Card games are addictive

There is some truth to it. Most of the online card games sites have a responsible gaming policy which advises the customers not to over-indulge. Perhaps, the critics must look at them before jumping into sweeping conclusions. We at Deccan Rummy constantly advise our players not to exceed their bankroll through social media/emails and all other communication methods. If you practice responsible gaming, card games can be a great money spinner for you.

  1. Card games make you Unsociable

This is a complete hogwash. Actually, card games make you more sociable. Most of the sites hosting card games have an interactive chat feature that allows players to chat among themselves while playing the game. In fact, the chat feature allows the players to make new friends.  If anything, it only fosters social interaction. Furthermore, the chat feature adds some spice to the game.

  1. Prizes are not real

Not every site is a fake site. It is up to the customers to identify the most genuine site. For this, players must do a lot of research about the background of the site they are intending to join. Deccan Rummy is one of the most genuine and legal online rummy sites with the history of providing our customers awesome cash prizes. In addition to the rich cash rewards, we do provide other exciting prizes like movie vouchers, gold coins & e-shopping gift vouchers.

  1. Difficult to play

Not a big deal at all! Most of the card games like Rummy, Poker, and Teen Patti are very simple to learn. All you need to do is just invest a few hours in learning about the game and then start playing right away. Do not frown the game based on these false beliefs.

  1. Illegal to Play

Not every card game is illegal to play. Supreme Court has declared online rummy to be legal as it has been proven that skills decide the outcome more than chance. At this point, online card games are completely legal. Players can start playing in a genuine rummy site without any second thoughts.

  1. Card games require High configuration systems

While there are certain online games which require advanced configurations, most card games can be accessed with bare minimal configuration. In addition, most of such games are also available in the form of Mobile APPs free of cost. All you need is a simple Smartphone with good internet connectivity to enjoy the game.

Now that you’ve gotten clear about the myths around online card games, you must suspend your disbelief and register with us. Consequently, we assure you of a seamless and rewarding gaming experience! Happy Playing!

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