Ajayshankar ships Republic Day Special Tournament

The republic day special tourney ended on a high note last night! The special tournament ran from Jan 22 to 26. Just like the other tournaments, the special tournament is a huge blockbuster—players from different walks of life and levels featured in the special tournament.

A great mix of beginners and pro players joined the tables to make the contest interesting and challenging. Ajayshankar turned out to be the winner of the huge prize pool tournament.

Special Tournament Winners

Winning a tournament itself is a special feeling; when it turns out to be a special tournament, the feel is extra special. More than the rewards won at the tables, the badge of winning a tournament makes the win special. Congratulations to AjayShankar on securing the top position in the promotion. Deccan Rummy wishes Vigneshcivil and osthikathirava for securing 2nd and 3rd positions. It is definitely a special win to remember for Ajayshankar. This indeed is a huge boost for him to participate in the upcoming promotions.

Wins like this demand a lot of patience, determination, and focus. Congrats to antojackson and lokimine for putting up a great show till the very last moment. They may have lost the top spot this time, but such glory is not so far.
Deccan Rummy would like to thank each and every player who has made the special tournament a huge blockbuster!

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