A colourful tourney ahead!

The colourful festival is around the corner, but already a lot of people have tuned themselves to celebrate. The ancient Hindu festival has earned a lot of popularity among the non-Hindu people also. Holi marks the victory of the good over the evil is celebrated by sharing happiness with fellow citizens. One other reason for the festival is to thank nature for a good harvest.

The celebrations start with Holika Dahan on the day before the night of Holi. During then, rituals are performed before the bonfire. It is believed that the inner evil of the individual is destroyed. The next day morning, colours splashed on people using balloons and guns. In the regions of Assam and West Bengal, the festival is called Basanta Utsav.

Even though the celebration is different across the country, the theme of the festival is the same.

Holi special Tournament

Deccan Rummy is hosting a special rummy tourney on the special occasion. Here’s a special promotion from March 27 to 29 worth Rs 1 Lakh. The tourney is split into three levels of gaming – Holi Special Satellites, Qualifiers and Grand Finale. The prize money is split into 3 parts with respect to the level – Rs 20,000 , Rs 30,000 & Rs 50,000. For all three contest levels, registration starts at 3 pm, and the contest starts at 9 pm.

Each level has its own entry fee ( Rs 50, Rs 100 & Rs 200 ), and at the same time, the players also have the chance of winning free tickets to play the higher stages of the contest.

Now double your entertainment this festive season at Deccan Rummy. Don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunity.

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