Advantages of Playing with Mobile Rummy App

The Indian gaming industry is in an upswing for some years now. Over the past few years, the availability of the affordable smartphone, extensive internet coverage, and reduced tariff have helped the online gaming industry register exponential growth. Mobile gaming has produced gamers with serious gaming intent and they are going places with their talent. Among the wide range of genres popular within the Indian gamers, card games enjoy a special place in the heart of all the gamers. Having the advantage of being a hit under its offline version, the online version of card games didn’t have much difficulty in reaching to the customers. Games like rummy, teen Patti and flush were already enjoying massive popularity among Indian gaming audience.

As the customers are already endowed with knowledge about card games, the transition was very easy.  Now with the availability of mobile rummy app, the players are able to enjoy the game from every nook and cranny.

Having mentioned this, it is imperative to explain the benefits of having a mobile rummy app. Find how installing Deccan Rummy Mobile app in your device could help you advance your gaming.

Advantages of Deccan Rummy app

1. Availability

The Deccan Rummy app is available for free download from the app store for iPhone users and Android users can download the app from our website after logging in. One of the biggest advantages of Deccan Rummy App is that the game can be played practically anytime anywhere: in your home, classroom or even during travel. Our Rummy games are available 24/7 – all you need is a smartphone with a good internet connection.

2. User-Friendly

The evolution of APP has transformed the gaming industry. No longer do people need to be sitting in front of their PC or gaming consoles. Also, consider the fact several hours of sitting behind the monitor could take a toll on your body. The user-friendly design makes navigation quite simple compared to the pain of using a mouse to click on multiple tabs.

3. Clarity

Several users have mentioned that the look and feel of the game appear much better while playing in APP when compared to playing in PC or Laptops. You get better clarity of cards in mobile app than PC

4. Safety

Deccan Rummy app is completely safe and reliable. As a player, you need not worry about your privacy and bank information and can rest assured about the safety of your personal information

5. The advantage of playing multiple tourneys

Playing multiple tourneys in APP is pretty easy as each tourney opens in a separate tab in the lobby making navigation easy. On the other hand, playing multiple tournaments in Desktop is a tedious process as they open in separate windows where toggling between becomes a painstaking process.

6. Low Data consumption

Deccan Rummy app is very easy on your memory and is not clunky or heavy. Installing the app gives you the freedom of unlimited play as there is no restriction on the number of games you can play.

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