Beat the Afternoon Boredom with these incredible rummy tournaments

Afternoon time can be incredibly boring. It’s a definite struggle to overcome the most boring time as the temperature is blazing hot, so enjoying games outdoor is not an option. Nor is the time ideal for taking a stroll or exercising. With the entertainment options running out because of the pandemic restrictions, we are mostly confined to our homes. What is that activity that can help you relieve the afternoon boredom easily

You need an activity that brings fun in loads to beat the boredom for sure. What better than an engaging rummy tournament that kicks the boredom also allowing an opportunity to earn. The good news is that at Deccan Rummy, you have a series of cash and free rummy tournaments. You don’t even have to worry about the duration of the tournament. These tournaments will hardly take less than half an hour to conclude.

Kick the Afternoon Boredom

Mid day Minerva


Hold your hearts and keep your Minds ready as winning opportunities galore with Mid Day Minerva tournament at 1:30 PM. It’s a free roll tournament where players can compete without having to invest any amount. Being a fast tournament, it will conclude in no time. Players will have immense opportunity to win big from the daily prizepool of Rs. 5000.

Gold Quest


Gold Coin always have their value. No matter how tumultuous economy is, gold values keep increasing. So, wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to win free gold coin at no extra charge? Take part in our GoldQuest rummy tournament every afternoon @ 1 Pm and grab a chance to win a brand new gold coin. Entry to this tournament is restricted to players who have earned minimum 100 loyalty points within last three days.



Feeling lazy during afternoons? Overcome the sluggishness by trying your hand in our Zoom Tournament everyday at 2:00 PM. With a massive prizepool of Rs. 167400 every month, Zoom is one of the hottest tournament preferred by rummy players at all levels.

With a buy-in of just Rs. 75 & a small field consisting of just 72 players competing, you have a fair chance to win big. So, polish your rummy skills and do not miss this awesome tournament!

Knight Rider


Prove you are no less than a warrior by playing and winning our Knight Rider Tournament. With the tournament scheduled at 4 PM and with a prizepool of Rs. 3600, everyone participating has a real cash to go for the big prizes. You can join the tournament with a minimum entry fee of Rs. 100. No matter if you are having a short break in your office or stuck in traffic jams, bored standing in a queue, you can make use of this opportunity to win some extra cash.

With huge promotions like Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza running at present, you can always work towards increasing your Deccan T20 points to feature in the leaderboard and grab some stunning prizes.

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