Arpit06 ships Grand Dussehra freeroll

Yesterday was an action-packed day at Deccan Rummy as Grand Dussehra tournament took place. The tournament is a part of our Dussehra Celebrations. It’s been a custom to play rummy during Dussehra and other major Indian festivals as it’s been considered to bring good fortune.

Deccan Rummy never misses an opportunity to enthrall our players with special freeroll tournaments. Dussehra was no exception. Matching the vibrancy and verve of Dussehra, the tournament came as a fitting addition to this joyous festival. To ensure everyone has a fair crack at the prize pool, the tournament was open free to all the users.

The tournament saw participation from all players across India and all walks of life.

As the registration was free, players came in droves from all quarters to participate. After all, who would want to let go of such an opportunity to win big cash prizes at no investment?

The action was intense right from the word go. As it was a freeroll, the tables were filled with a weird mix of veterans, novices, and casual gamers. Usually, freerolls see heavy participation from casual gamers as they see it as an opportunity to win quick cash. The contest began with a strong field of close to 2700 rummy players.


Arpit06 – the winner

After several minutes of intense battles, Arpit06 championed the event taking down his opponents comfortably. It was certainly not an easy day for Arpit06, as such freeroll tournaments are extremely competitive.

Arpit06 has been a consistent performer with some notable cashouts on our site. To perform at this level, one requires incredible amounts of passion and skill. Arpit06 Gupta tactically maneuvered through this massive field of players, which included several former champions and veterans of Deccan Rummy.

Congrats to Arpit06 for his stellar achievement in shipping this prestigious tournament. It’s a record that he can be proud of throughout his rummy career.

Peterraj and Manoj071025407 put on a splendid performance falling short of Arpit by a few moves. They eventually had to settle for the second and third positions, respectively. Congrats to both for their spirited performance. Their days of winning a special rummy tournament are not far off!

Several other players won cash bonus prizes for their efforts. We are overwhelmed by the response to the tournament. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you who made it to the tournament. As it stands, Grand Dussehra Freeroll finds itself added to the enviable list of the most successful tournaments hosted by us.

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