New Year Millionaire Leaderboard Promises big giveaways with 25 Lakhs Prizepool

The New Year Buzz has started! After a thrilling year filled with high-value promotions, we are here sign off things on a grand note with a mind-blowing promotion.

Are you up for some giant winnings? Stay tuned to an exciting New Year promotion in our Platform that will shower you with life-altering prizes.

2022 was an awesome year for Rummy enthusiasts at Deccan Rummy. To sign off this spectacular year, we are coming up with a breathtaking promotion! Wouldn’t it be great to sign off the year with colossal winnings under your belt.

New Year Millionaire Leaderboard

Running from Nov 27 – Dec 31, the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard is all set to reward you in a big way with its colossal giveaway of ₹25 Lakhs. In terms of prize money, it is one of the largest leaderboard with stunning giveaway.

Spread over three categories, the contest comes with exciting rewards like Kia Sonet, BMW Bike, RE Scram, iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and lots more along with cash bonus prizes. So, there is a lot to look forward to! Don’t miss to capture the perfect New Year vibes by winning awesome prizes.

The best part about this contest is that it is based on your performance in our regular weekly leaderboard contests.  The more consistent you are in these five week period, the more your chances to earn a spot in the leaderboard. No matter whether you are a low stakes player, a mid-stakes player, or a high-stakes player, this promotion promises to be greatly rewarding for everyone. Keep grinding your favourite rummy cash games to improve your chances.

Since this contest is conducted in three levels, aim for the prizes you want to win right at the beginning and play with the stakes required to crack that particular level.

The field is wide open and all are welcome to participate in this contest. It is a perfect opportunity for those seeking big wins at the end of the year.

Climb the weekly leaderboard and earn a chance to win iPhone 12

The Weekly Leaderboard is one of the marquee events at Deccan Rummy. Running over 5 years, Players from all walks of life have discovered the biggest treasure trove in the Indian Rummy circuit and have walked away with exciting smartphone brands like iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus, and so many. Indian rummy has always captivated the players despite the emergence of several online games that have emerged in the recent past.

A leaderboard contest is a true strength of a player’s caliber. It’s an ultimate test to determine a player’s grit, strength and skills. As you need to grind over a period, players require a combination of patience, skills, and perseverance to reach the pinnacle. No hard work ever goes into vain as the rewards are always aplenty in contests like these.

With the winter season having began, it’s the time of year, where we confine ourselves to indoors shutting outdoor activities. To kick away boredom, Online rummy could be your big companion. With an exciting contest such as weekly leaderboard thrown wide open, you’ve got plenty of reasons to roll your sleeves up and get ready. If you have not yet been part of this exciting race, jump in head first, and make the most out of the giveaways.

Play Rummy & Get a Chance to Win iPhone 12

Gear up for high-octane rummy action as our weekly leaderboard contest is revamped with new prizes. With a combined giveaway of nearly 5 Lakhs, the contest comes with mindblowing giveaways like Apple iPhone 12 , OnePlus 10T 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, OnePlus Nord 2T 5G, and many other trending gadgets.

While there is so much to look forward to in terms of prizes, there will also be heavy competition that you can expect. So armour yourself with all the skills required so that you always stay in the race. You can refresh your rummy skills by playing practice rummy games or

Start racking up your points from Sunday to Saturday every week in the forthcoming weeks by playing cash rummy games, and have a chance to lay your hands upon these gorgeous devices

Games for Children which can turn into a profession

Childhood is the most beloved stage of our lives. It is the time where we do not have much worries about the future and live for the present. Incidentally, it is also the time where we give maximum time for entertainment. It is a familiar sight to see children play all through the day. Playing at Childhood plays an integral development in shaping the kids future as they teach them game spirit, toughness, and competitive spirit. The surprising thing is many of these childhood games that kids play can also serve as their lifetime professions. Some of the games which can serve as a profession are given below.

Games for Children

1. Card Games

Card games are played ubiquitously across all age groups in India. Especially children love playing card games like Ace, Rummy, Bridge, etc. Moreover, card games like Indian Rummy is played in family circles during festivals like Diwali and other family get-together. Now the games which we enjoyed during our childhood is available online and playing it for stakes is legal. Card games involve mental skills like concentration, mental dexterity, and adroitness. Moreover, they offer an avenue to earn big if you get your skills right. Several players have chosen to play online card games like Rummy and Poker for a living these days. Online Rummy sites offer several lucrative promotions and contests regularly giving players a chance to pocket big prizes.

2. Cricket

Cricket is more or less a religion in India. For a population of 1.3 billion, the game runs in the nerves and veins of every single person in India. Chances are that everyone of us have played it at some point of our lives. For a country that venerates cricket and cricketers, there are plenty of opportunities to make cricket as a career option. Now with so many franchise cricket and domestic competitions running across the year, there’s a good chance to strike it rich if you choose cricket as an option. Moreover, there are plenty of coaching centers available these days that can develop the kid’s skill. However, as the game is highly competitive, your kids need to be a standout performer if they want to make it big.

3. Chess

Board Games like Chess have a rich history and legacy in India. Despite the abundance of high graphics RPG games, there’s an audience for mind based skill games like chess and rummy. Growing up, we all have been fascinated by it. Playing chess improves our focus, thinking skills, decision making, and also a forecast about life in general. Most schools conduct coaching classes for games like Chess and there are also many tutors available offline that can improve your kids’ game skills. Also, there are many online sites and apps offering the chess game. Mastering chess is a tough ask. It needs a lot of patience and practice. If you dig it hard, it would be worth your time.

4. Badminton

Badminton is another common game which has always captured our imagination right from our childhood. Being a good physical exercise that involves jumping, moving, lunging, the game improves your child’s physical development and makes you stronger. Similar to Cricket, there are many sports academies offering badminton coaching which will help you reach pro level. With multiple leagues and competition running across with rich prize money, badminton also serves as a lucrative career option.

5. Football

One of the game that has a global appeal is Football. It is fast moving game with a lot of variety. Players have to run, jump, quickly change direction, constantly focus on opportunities to score a goal. Playing the game along with its drills such as running, exercises, warm-ups would improve your kids physical health and boost strength, speed, and stamina. As the game involves close communication with your peers, your children can also learn to function within a group. Football as a sport is picking up steam in India, there are so many tournaments and leagues being conducted. So, if you are good at it, there’s a good chance to make a career out of it.

Vaman pockets Galaxy S21 FE 5G winning Diamond Weekly Leaderboard

Weekly leaderboard race has been one of the hallmark contests in your favorite rummy site. Running over several years, this contest has been attracting players from all quarters. With exciting giveaways that included the latest trending smartphones and various other electronic gadgets, the contest has captured the eyeballs of many in the INdian rummy circuit.

Being a high-value proposition, the contest offers players a good chance to win any of these prizes as they are numerous in numbers. Moreover, since they are being conducted every week in multiple levels, players always have an opportunity to clinch the biggie anytime they wish. Additionally, there is also a special tournament scheduled for leaderboard participants. So, it’s a good deal nevertheless!

Several players from all walks of life have participated in this tournament for years and have walked away with the goodies. Winning a leaderboard race is often a special feeling, as you have to overcome the odds for a podium finish.

Weekly leaderboard race offers an exciting platform for cash rummy players to exhibit their skills. Incidentally, it is also one of the most challenging tournament for a rummy player. As the game involves accumulating points over a period of one week, this race has been an ultimate test of grit, patience, and rummy skills. Players who display consistency, has the resolve to win often prevail.

Vaman Wins Diamond Weekly Leaderboard

This Sunday we had a fantastic finish to the weekly leaderboard race. It was a tight race just like any other leaderboard contest. The contest saw some fiery rummy action from players, with everyone of them eyeing for the glory. After a ferocious battle, it was vaman who secured the first place in our Diamond Weekly Leaderboard. For his stupendous efforts, he will receive a Galaxy S21 FE 5G along with a free ticket to 1 LAKH Guaranteed DiamondSpl Tourney. We understand this is the first major win for Vaman, and this being a leaderboard contest must be special. Deccan Rummy team congratulates Vaman for his super awesome efforts to secure this glorious win. We expect this is just the beginning and many other great things are lined up for him to win

Special congratulations to amarhegde and dangerousravi for securing the second and third spot respectively in the Diamond Leaderboard category. For their stunning efforts, they will receive OnePlus 9RT 5G and Google Pixel 5a 5G respectively along with free tickets.

The contest will be on for this week too and many other gifts like Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, Realme 8s 5G, Redmi Note 11T 5G, Noise ColorFit Ultra and cash bonuses are up for grabs in other categories. The race has already begun and players are actively participating in it. So, if you have the thought of winning big prizes, this is your best bet to make the most of it. Join the hunt and go for ultimate glory!