Benefits of some popular mobile games

The growth of mobile gaming in such a short span of time has left an indelible impression on the society. There are many of us for whom a day doesn’t pass without some quality mobile game sessions. The ability to have a device that is portable and carries a multitude of purposes is extremely efficient in the modern day. This has contributed to its widespread reach. The evolution of mobile games is phenomenal – from Snake on an old Nokia phones to the augmented reality games like Life is Crime. Though some of the games would require an internet connection, there are tons of games that can be played without it. Perhaps, this is the reason for the huge popularity mobile gaming enjoys amidst the youth. In this article, we shall discuss the specific advantages to be gained from playing a few popular mobile games.

Mobile Rummy

In the past year, the rummy game made its way into the mobile platform and instantly captured the imagination of many game enthusiasts. The main reason for the huge popularity of mobile rummy games is its portability and instant availability. Imagine playing exciting rummy tournaments while you travel to office by a public transport, doesn’t that sound cool? Rummy helps you to cultivate decision-making skills as the outcome of the game relies mainly on the choices you make. It improves your memory power as well as you need to remember the moves by your opponents at several stages of the game. Mobile Rummy games also help you get your priorities right, improve your concentration and sharpen your observation skills. Players can try playing using our Deccan Rummy Mobile APP and could feel the difference.

Mobile Poker

Chances play a very important role while playing poker, unlike Rummy which is purely based on skills. Winning in poker is not as simple as rummy as you need a lot of things working in your favor.  Just reinforces the thought that winning is not everything in life. Defeats in poker allow you to try out various combinations until you find the right way to win. This teaches us an important message for life – you should not give up when you fail in the first attempt. Also, playing poker has other benefits like improving our judgemental skills and self-confidence.

Angry Birds

This is a simple game of hitting the targets precisely using colored birds in the game.  Angry Birds help us to achieve our goals in life by overcoming the hurdles just like what we do in the game. Research has suggested that playing games like angry birds can make you a more ‘resilient’ employee and keep you getting back despite the setbacks you may encounter. Also, such games help you focus at work better. Many celebrities have even endorsed the benefits of playing Angry Birds.

Temple Run

Temple Run is a thrilling game endless running with a task to retrieve a valuable golden idol from a temple in Italy. On the way, you would many coins and other rewards. The coins earned in the game can be used to buy power-ups, utilities, characters that allow the player to progress. This game motivates us to keep chasing our dreams regardless of the obstacles that might hinder your progress. The game makes us more positive and gleefully accept any challenges thrown in front of us. It also helps us to get better hand-eye coordination, and improve our spatial and problem-solving skills.

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans allows players to build their own town by attacking your opponent’s empire and gaining their resources. This game helps us to develop within us a fighting spirit to seek out things we covet. No matter the lack of resources, the game helps us to develop a spirit to look for opportunities and build from the scratch. We usually look for opportunities at the wrong end most of the time in our life. Clash of clans helps us to be organized and teaches us to utilize the right opportunity at the right time

So there you have it – the next time anyone asks you about the benefits of playing mobile games, do not hesitate to share this information! Why not reap the benefits right today by downloading Deccan Rummy Mobile APP and have a healthy gaming session?

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