Best apps to have on your mobile phones

Mobile Apps have been one of the biggest revolutions in the technical world. Various apps serving various purposes are found in huge numbers in the app store. Mobile apps have proven to help our existence in the fast-paced world. With a huge number of options available, it is important to keep only the best serving apps and leave out the rest.

Not all apps are used all time. Only depending on the requirement, the apps are used. We have enlisted the list of apps you must have on your mobile phones.

Digital Payment Apps

The payment practices have changed over the years. The change has definitely been a massive one. People need not carry their wallets with the digital payment method accepted widely across the country. The mobile acts as a bank, making payments easier and quicker. Some of the top digital payment apps are Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe. People can also complete the payment with their bank’s own UPI app.

Social Media Apps

It is essential to stay connected with family and friends across different locations. Social Media apps have made the world look smaller. These apps have been a huge impact on the social life of people. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter has helped to connect with new people and make new friends. The apps are also a great source of entertainment. In fact, the platform has found out many new celebrities in the real world. There are many making huge money through such platforms.

Gaming Apps

The best way to experience real entertainment is by playing games through mobile gaming apps. Mobile users can play mobile games anytime, any day. Users from both the android and iOS platforms are open to enjoy such gaming experiences. Not just kids but even adults enjoy gaming on mobile phones. When it comes to Online Rummy, people choose Deccan Rummy mobile app. The Deccan Rummy mobile app users enjoy a seamless online rummy experience 24*7.

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