2020 is all yours!

A New Year has come live! New targets set! New days to enjoy! We cannot guess what is going to happen the very day, but you can work and plan well enough to walk through the days in red carpet!

In Online Rummy, you have every chance to make things favor you!

It is even easier when you play at Deccan Rummy. Even if you are a new-comer to the platform, you can turn a superstar in this platform. All you have to do is make the best use of the resources available.

A player who wishes to start from the first – there is no harm in it. Learning the basics, again and again, will help a rummy player to achieve big at the later stages of one’s career.


Practice matches help one open up with ideas and make it easy for an individual to settle with the gaming setup. Online Rummy is a skill game where winning depends on how well you play the game. One does need top-notch skills to make winning a habit. Winning is important, but how to win a game is a great talent.

Practice game is the first step to success in Online Rummy. Practice games are proven to improvise one’s rummy skills. Players get free chips that can be used in practice matches. Practice matches are available on all the three variants of rummy- points, deals, and pool rummy.

Deccan Rummy adds 10000 chips to your account, and you can re-add chips when they fall short of 4000. It is a perfect way you kick-start a successful rummy career.

Practice makes a MASTER!


Deposits are at Deccan Rummy is always a treat. Every time a player makes a deposit, it is a player’s benefit! Do you believe in getting a cash bonus every day?  It is happening at Deccan Rummy!

Making the best use of the Rummy bonus is something more important in Online Rummy. A player must make sure to make the fullest use of bonus offers available.

The following is the list of bonus offers in Deccan Rummy:

Sign Up Bonus

Welcome Bonus

Daily Deposit Bonus

Monthly Bonus

Deccan Bounty

Happy Hours

Refer And Earn

The list doesn’t end here. There are many more surprising bonus promotions to be made this year. Welcome Bonus and Refer and Earn bonus promotions are the biggest among the list mentioned above.

Welcome Bonus:

Your first step into Deccan Rummy is made an unforgettable experience with a 100% bonus up to Rs 5000. Do you know something? This is a real cash bonus! You cannot find one like this anywhere else at the Indian Rummy Society.

Refer and Earn bonus:

Deccan Rummy has another big bonus promotion in its website. Refer and earn promotion- A lifetime bonus promotion. Inviting your friends to Deccan Rummy can earn you bonus for a lifetime. You earn as long as you play!

Now it’s time to look at the games available!

Cash Games:

There’s a wide range of games available at the hub. Be it points, deals, or pool rummy, there are many options for players to battle out. The host has got more for you. You know Deccan Rummy charges the lowest rake fee in India.

This is an important stage in your rummy career. Winning cash games is something that makes you even more confident in your game

Winning cash games at a better streak is the first spark of success in Online Rummy. It is always better to play at different tables – players must start with lower table value and make a progressive increase in the table values as you get well adapted to the playing conditions. Progress must be made only when your winning formula is helping you win many games.
The right time to step up!


A Rummy Tournament is one way to make big in Online Rummy. When it comes to a tourney, players have to win games continuously in the structured format. Deccan Rummy has a great set of tournaments every day. Tournaments are allotted in a way that a player can spend an entire day playing the tournaments at Deccan Rummy.

Deccan Rummy’s tournament package has a special place in the Indian Online Rummy society. You cannot find a great combination of free and cash tournaments in Deccan Rummy anywhere else.

If you are a beginner, do not worry about stepping into tournaments. Free tournaments are specially for you. The pressure making buy-in is broken and turns out to be the best way to make into tournaments. You must be so cautious, and your rummy techniques must be sharp to win the tourney. After being successful in free tournaments, you can move into cash tournaments.

There’s a wide range of cash tournaments you can play in. Not just these, Deccan Rummy never fails to entertain you with special tournaments. Even now, there is an announcement regarding the Sankranti special tournament. There are many more surprises for you in 2020.


A Leaderboard contest is a supreme in Online Rummy. The leaderboard winner owns a lot of fame and rewards. A player must win a maximum number of rummy matches. You have to win on a consistent note- that’s what is going to get a player to the top.

When you have your basics done perfectly, things are going to turn your way in a leaderboard. The experience you have got from the practice matches, cash games, and tournaments all together will help you play with maturity towards success.

This time you got to win the high-value tables to take a higher lead in the table. The ranks keep changing every second. Therefore, you got to play consistently and win consistently to stay at the higher ranks. There’s a leaderboard contest every week in Deccan Rummy. Apart from these weekly leaderboards, there are many surprising leaderboard announcements made on regular occasions. Special leaderboard contests are on their way. They are going to carry a prize bag worth Crores.


Get ready! 2020 is yours!

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