BigBrother84 Ships Independence Day Tournament


It was a power-packed Sunday evening yesterday as the Independence Day Special tournament went underway on our platform. With a mammoth prize pool of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs, the tournament was action-packed right from the start. With more than 500 players in the fray, the action was pulsating with fortunes swinging between a set of players.

BigBrother84 comes out on top

The journey ended with player “bigbrother84” navigating his way to the top to claim the tournament. Congratulations to Bigbrother84 for his spectacular performance which brought him this victory. It was his relentless commitment and passion towards the game which was the main reason behind his victory. Not many boast of such a performance on a grand stage like this. For his stellar efforts, he takes home a solid cut from the prize pool as well as bragging rights for life.

Special congratulations to players “mukeshmk” and “narenthbe” for securing the second and third positions respectively. Narenthbe has been one of the consistent winners in our tournaments. By capturing the top three slots, these three proved that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with! Want to become a rummy shark-like them? It’s simple! Master the rummy rules and stay updated about the latest rummy strategies, you could very well have your payday soon!

It is understandable that not everyone can win prizes in tournaments such as these but by displaying your fierce fighting spirit, you’ve won our hearts. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the players who participated in this tournament and made it a grand success.

Stay Connected

With the festival season ushering in our country, we’ve planned for extraordinary celebrations on our platform. We have a track record of consistently hosting high-value guarantees and lucrative bonus offers on our platform during festivals and special occasions. We have many exciting promotions in the pipeline to celebrate these upcoming festivals in a grand way with massive winning opportunities. And Happy news for Tamil Nadu players as the online rummy is back in Tamil Nadu. You can enjoy the games like you used to in the past!

So, never miss a moment! Stay connected with us for the latest updates about the game and promotions! Good luck, everyone, and keep crushing!

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