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So, you must have heard about the buzz surrounding the latest Marvel release “Black Panther”. After getting a minuscule part in the film Captain America: Civil War, he rightfully deserves a full-length film. And the film has released at the right time. Could there a better time than a release amidst the celebration of black history month?
The verdict is out: The film has been declared as a blockbuster.

It’s not every time that a movie is appealing to critics as well as the general audience. Black Panther managed to make them sing paeans about the movie alike. Aside from being a groundbreaking celebration of black culture, the movie also seemed to have provided a much-needed fillip to superhero genre as they were starting to hit a wall after years of cliché and stereotypes. Now we know you’re getting a bit curious, how about revealing the synopsis so that you get what sort of a hero you’re dealing with.

Black Panther GiftRaffle

After his father dies, T’Challa aka Black Panther returns home to Wakanda to rule his country. When a powerful enemy resurfaces, T’Challa’s mettle as a king is put to a test as he has to shoulder the responsibility of protecting his empire as well as the world against him. How he goes about doing this task? Can he manage to stitch a strong alliance to take on his mighty enemy amidst all the treachery in his entourage?

We know you’re dying to watch the movie, so are we. So let’s cut a deal. Getting a free movie voucher to watch this movie is not such a bad idea, right?

Black Panther GiftRaffle Tournament

Deccan Rummy wishes to partake in the fun by throwing open a special edition “Black Panther” GiftRaffle tourney, that you can play to win free movie voucher.

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