Eid Mubarak 20% Bonus Offer

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Bonus Offer

Eid Mubarak Bonus Offer

Recently we have launched an incredible bonus offer called “Eid Mubarak Special” where the depositors would be credited with a 20% Bonus instantly. Deposit to your account with the bonus code “Ramzan” and get 20% instant bonus amount instantly. The maximum deposit allowed for this promotion is Rs. 3000.

To put this offer working in your favour to the maximum, simply deposit the maximum amount of Rs. 3000 with the bonus code and you’ll instantly receive the bonus code. You will receive this bonus amount in the form of Bonus Points at the rate of Rs. 1 = 10 Points. Be sure to deposit in our website and claim your share in this bonus offer. While claiming, make sure it’s a lion’s share. With the rummy promotions and bonus offers going great guns along with our and adrenaline pumping games, our rummy website is where the action’s at its hottest. The only question, can you stand the heat?

Additionally, we have many other promotions and bonus offers in our website. You can check them here. We absolutely want to make sure that the time you spend here at Deccan Rummy is always rewarding. We are pretty sure that we would be unveiling a number of player-friendly promotions in the near future. As a player, simply take advantage of these stunning promotions and bonus offers.Deccan Rummy mobile will be the best rummy card game download that you’ve done undoubtedly.

Date:  June 20 – June 27

Prize:  20% Instant Bonus


  • The offer is valid only from June 20-27. Deposits made after that will not be eligible for this promotion.
  • The Bonus code can be used only once during the entire course of this promotion. The bonus amount will be credited as bonus points in your account.
  • The offer is open for deposits up to Rs. 3000 for which you will be getting 6000 points as bonus. Any deposits made more than Rs. 3000 will get you only the maximum of 6000 points.
  • Any player found trying to misuse this offer by creating multiple accounts etc will have to forfeit bonus amount and could also be barred from playing on the site.

*Standard Deccan Rummy Terms & conditions apply.




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