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Rummy players are always fascinated by the prospect of playing rummy tournaments. Nothing stimulates a rummy player more than participating in an exciting contest where he is pitted against other skilled rummy players. While it is true that players mainly play rummy tournaments for cash, the euphoria of winning is more than the prize money itself. Passionate rummy players hit the tables repeatedly even after the losses. This shows that passion is stepping stone for success while playing rummy. If you’re not passionate about the game then you have little to no chance of winning. is a place for people who find rummy as a passion more than just a game or a hobby. We have more than 1 lakh plus passionate rummy players who hit our tables regularly. Deccan Rummy hosts an amazing array of freeroll tournaments that you can play without spending a dime. Freeroll rummy tournaments remains as the most preferred tournament format in the rummy community as the winners get huge prize money. Deccan Rummy hosts freeroll tournaments with a prize pool of over Rs. 3 lakhs per month. In this article, we shall see the benefits of all the freeroll tournaments at Deccan Rummy.

Evening Surprise – We are hosting this splendid tournament every day to make your evenings pleasant. Evening surprise tournament starts every day at 5.30 PM and the registration for it commences at 2.30PM. Just 300 Players are allowed to participate in this tournament. Players are requested to register their names as soon as the registration starts and book their places. The total prize pool for this tournament is Rs. 2500. Register for free and compete against 300 players to win a big cash prize! Play 4 exciting deals in this thrilling rummy tournament and you could be one of the top 35 players to win Rs.3500 prize pool. Surprise yourself by winning this amazing tourney.

Mega Blast – It is one of those great free roll tournaments where you can go ahead and blast your opponents; you are going to be rewarded with cash for that. The registration for this tournament commences from 5.30PM everyday and the tournament begins at 8.30PM every day. Up to 300 players can participate in this tournament and the total prize pool for this tournament is Rs. 3600. Brush your rummy skills and blast your opponents!

rummy tournaments

GiftRaffle Tournament – This brand new special rummy tournament has made heads turn in the rummy world. It’s truly one of a kind rummy tournament where you get a chance to play for stunning e-shopping gift vouchers and movie vouchers. Gone are the days where you must stand in a queue for shopping or for purchasing a movie ticket. We are out there to make your lives simple by providing you with these vouchers that could save your precious time. The tournament begins at 11 PM and the registration for it commences by 6 PM. Rush to register!

These are some of the amazing freeroll rummy tournaments offered by Deccan Rummy at present. We bet that you’re tempted to try any of the above tournaments as they are irresistible. Go grab a seat and join the hunt!

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