Playing Card Games for a living

Most people do not have the faintest idea of what it means to play card games like poker or rummy for a living.
While it may appear really cool to play a game for a living, one must not forget there are potential pitfalls in deciding to take playing card games as a profession.

Before going in depth into the pros and cons of playing card games online, we must affirm that this is not everyone. Just a mere interest would only take you so far. Read this guide and find if you have it in you still to choose playing card games as your profession.

1. Work when you feel like working

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to be their own boss? You don’t have to stick to a schedule. You have the liberty to choose your own hours and day to play. Pick a genuine card gaming site and start playing now.

2. Cool way of earning

How many people have you seen doing the work they like? Of course, not everyone can be a sports celebrity, actor or a rock star having the privilege to pursue what they are good at. You get an enjoyable & enviable lifestyle.

3. Big earning opportunities

Unlike a day job that comes with a fixed offering, playing card games in a reputed site will give you countless opportunities to earn. There’s practically no cap on your earning potential. The prospect of a huge income more should be tempting.

4. Travel, explore as much as you can

If you are playing a card game like poker, there are a multitude of tournaments happening across the world every day. Being a full-time card game player you get to travel a lot in order to be part of the tournaments. See you are combining vacation and business which is something so extraordinary for others to do.

The Pitfalls of being Card Games Pro

1. No fixed income

Unlike a day job that allows you to earn a fixed, playing card games for a living does not guarantee you that. You will have to go through a dry spell once or twice. The question is whether you have a backup plan for income generation? Be prepared, you may be in the middle of horrible run some months. Always be prepared for the worst.

2. Exhaustive & draining

Be aware, when you hear someone say they have earned so and so playing the card game, there’s a caveat most people fail to notice. How much time had he spent? There are some days where you have to sit through the entire day. This happens when you play a rummy tournament that is open to too many people. Some days, you may have to slog it out extra to make amends for the losses you incurred. While playing card games may appear enticing, there are factors like these that you need to take into consideration.

3. Monotonous

We’ve seen people complaining about their jobs being repetitive. Card games too can burn you out. Sitting for long hours in front of PCs Laptops or mobiles can stress you out. If your idea of a job involves not being monotonous, you should probably forget this. If in case you have already decided to go ahead with playing Indian rummy online or poker or whatever, you should not be swayed by these deterrents.

All things said, this article is not meant to discourage you from pursuing to play the game professionally. However, if you wish to play the card game on a professional basis, ensure you have sufficient backup plans so as to counter the bad phases that you may have to endure. In order to be a successful professional card gamer, you need to have extreme mental discipline and a steady game plan.

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