Do Card game players retire?

Professional sportsmen get the luxury not only to live the life of their choice but they also have the luxury to seek retirement from the sport whenever they wish. There comes a time where everyone will have to retire and sports person are no different.

We live in an era, where sports personnel get to earn so much in a limited time and we see so many of them opting for retirement soon. Card game players also fall under this category of sports personnel. When these players commit so much time and energy to sharpen their skills, what do they do when they throw away the cards for one last time?


The term has become such a loose term these days. Back in the old days, a person would retire after putting in some decades of work experience. People used to retire by 58 or 60 back some years ago. Only people who were privileged to amass wealth had the luxury to retire early.

Gamers these days are earning such a healthy income that they afford to retire in their thirties or even twenties. Such things weren’t possible a few years ago. Card game players have broad territories to earn.

How early can Card Game players retire?

Card game enthusiasts fall into that category of being able to potentially retire earlier than most of the normal people. These days games like Indian rummy, poker, and other card games provide a platform for the players to earn lucrative sums of money.

Card game players are entering into the gaming sphere like never before. With the explosive growth of online games in which card games are occupying a huge chunk, card game players have an opportunity to earn lucrative sums which were never possible before. All it requires for the gamers is to spend some quality time on the site to learn the game post which earnings would automatically follow. The success stories of players and the way sites are promoting their games in social media have inspired legions of gamers to join the website. Now the online card gaming community is one of the biggest gaming community followed by other genres like adventure, strategy, and action. A card game like the poker or rummy online can give you an opportunity to earn a level of income that can give you an option to retire a lot sooner than what you planned.

Diverse Career options

With the fine tutorials, practice platform, and lots of free tournaments in place, players now get a solid experience even before they get to play for real cash. Players who have made it big in big guarantee tournaments consistently call it a day. Though, the proportion of players retiring early after a big breakthrough is low, it is still a factor. Many players do go into a shell after a string of losses and eventually come back after a short hiatus. It’s more a case of being worn out! We can observe some big hot shot poker players are involved. However, their involvement with poker has not ceased to exist. They continue to associate with the game through videos, podcast, articles, and coaching.

These days players have a diverse range of options to choose from with regards to their profession. There are n numbers of career options for the players. No longer would you need to stick to the 9-5 schedule or with the same profession to make money. All one needs to be as versatile and adaptable in this fast-changing environment so that he can cope up with any profession.


No card game player is the same. What works for one does not necessarily work for the others. However, the general consensus among the card gaming audience is that players who retire are more likely to come back to the sport at some point in time. That’s the power of the card game. It can pull you back to the groove anytime! Keep Playing!

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