6 reasons for the everlasting appeal of Card gaming

Card Gaming has been around for several centuries. Though the origin of card games is debatable, there is a consensus among card gaming audience that it has its roots in the far east. From the far east, the game came to the west through trade and the game has been entirely refurbished in tune with the western customs. It was around the 14th century French solidified the card game with the 52 decks and classifying the cards into four suits with 13 cards each – Spade, Hearts, Diamond, and Clubs.

Though various cultures in the world continue to follow their method of classification, this practice of using 52 card deck for card gaming is universal today. In most of the card games which are popular today like 13 card Rummy, Poker, and others, a standard 52 deck is used for playing. For centuries now, family, friends, and acquaintances have convened around bars, homes, clubs, and even while traveling for a quick card game or two.

The appeal of Card gaming

Despite the technological revolution that brought many adventurous, over-the-top and flamboyant games right at our living desk, the craziness for card games has not mellowed down. The old game which comes close to card games is the board games, and they continue to have a dedicated section of the audience. But card games outscore board games on several parameters. Card gaming is often viewed as a symbol of masculinity. Let’s delve into some of the reasons why card gaming continues to remain popular:

1. Portability

Rather than having to carry around a game board everywhere, card games are very much portable. In board games, the chances of missing pieces are very high. Whereas playing cards are very much compact, they can fit right into your pocket or any small space which you can afford. It is because of this reason card games were historically preferred by sailors, seafarers, adventurers of all kinds, and even soldiers. They can quickly be snuck in some part of your vehicles.

2. Speed

Board games often require a lengthy set-up process, and the game can be quite long. Because of this, it is tough to play the game at times where we do not find sufficient time. Also, taking a break while playing board games can make the game confusing whereas, in the case of card games, you need minimal set-up and the play time is very low when compared to board games. You also get a natural break at the end of the deal/round.

  1. Adaptability

One of the primary reasons card gaming was able to thrive to this day was it was easily adaptable with time. As mentioned, different cultures had different ways of playing card games, and in most cases, it was passed on through word-of-mouth than through any other means. With time, the game accommodated a lot of external influence through contact with outside culture and kept evolving. The fact that card games had such a smooth transitioning into the online sphere should indicate how easily adaptable and informal it had been. Had it been so rigid and formal like so many old games, it would have met a similar end.

  1. Balance of Chance and Skill

Card gaming pundit David Parlett remarked that card gaming is unique because it’s not entirely chance based like dice games nor highly cerebral like chess, it is a unique combination of skill and chance which adds thrill to this game. No matter whether you play rummy online or a poker game like Texas Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha, it is this unique combination of chance and skill which plays a  vital role in the game.

  1. Social Connection

Card games facilitate social interaction. When you want to say something you can say it. Especially when the gamers are men, jokes, burns, and insults fly throughout the game and thus a sense of camaraderie is established. Other adrenaline-pumping activities like hunting or trekking require your utmost attention and care, whereas card games give you that luxury of bonding with fellow gamers. The conversational gambits, hand gestures, hard talk and euphoria and flamboyance exhibited at the time of winning are all what which lends an edge to card games over other games.

  1. Element of Mystery

Unlike board games where you get to know the game status then and there with the roll of the dice, in card games, there is an element of mystery throughout the game. You get to see nothing more than the back of cards your opponents are holding. You do not know who’s going to win until the winner declares himself. The mystery is unraveled all of a sudden, and in most cases, the unexpected one wins. It could be better summed up as a paradox situation. It is because of this enigma card games continue to better board games and remains as a favorite amusement.

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