Three Ways to beat Work from Home blues

The last few months have been very trying for everyone with the way the whole pandemic event unfurled. While the medical professionals and workers are in the front line acting as warriors in trying to safeguard the rest of the populace, a large of working professionals retreated themselves to home, following a new way of living – Work from Home. WFH or work from home has become the norm and a lot of companies have planned long term schedules for their employees, given the uncertain situations.

Work from home can be both convenient and very taxing at the same time. As we are expected to be available 24*7, it can be very taxing. While the concept of working at our homes gives us more time to spend with our family, we do lose out on social interaction. At times, the alienation and isolation can cause us to lose our motivation and may lead to lethargy and complacency. However, considering the overall positives, we have to look at ways to overcome the WFH blues so that we remain productive.

Work from Home Blues

1. Chalk a daily routine

A healthy daily routine encompassing everything including sleep, eating, exercising, and working is mandatory during these times. Not following a routine may jeopardize your productivity on all counts. Chalk a daily routine in a way that you do not miss out on any other activity. It could be waking up on time doing a bit of exercise and yoga before logging in, incorporating healthy habits like reading and blogging into your routine and following a healthy eating habit. Having a regular routine will help a long way in your career.

2. Proper Dosage of Entertainment

We all need to be away from monitors for a while, as our eyes need some rest and also our brains can only take so much. It is important to have a diversion once in a while to keep ourselves energized. With the endless supply of entertainment in OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or YouTube, it is difficult to keep track of our time. We may lose a lot of hours binge watching an engrossing film.

In order to save time and at the same time keep us entertained, people can try brain training games like Rummy or Poker. Games such as 13 card rummy improves cognitive functions and also allows you to stay focused. On top of that, rummy game can be very rewarding.

You can even participate in many free rummy tournament online and win big without any investment. A lot of employees who are currently working from home have started to play rummy. Sites like Deccan Rummy have seen a 50% surge in new users during this Coronavirus lock down. Why not utilize your breaks into something productive like 13 card Indian rummy than wasting it on mindless entertainments.

3. Social Interaction

Human beings thrive on social interaction. Apart from being just a space, an office provides platform for employees to bond and foster a good social interaction. Though in-person interaction is invaluable, technology has allowed a lot of ways to connect with your colleagues and bring the same working environment alive to your homes. Take full advantage of the connecting tools available and interact with your colleagues every now and then.

Work from home comes with multiple challenges for different people. Following these activities can be incredibly beneficial to employees who are working for home. Limit activities that affect your productivity. Do remember to reach out to friends you haven’t seen a while, relatives or acquaintances every now and then. These are small things which would help you in a big way! Stay connected with everyone and drive out the WFH blues now!

Five gaming apps effective as brain training exercises

Mobile games have evolved a long way all these years. From simple snake game to games with advanced graphics like PubG and Fortnite, the evolution of the online games have been very impressive. A variety of genres like action, adventure, puzzles, and shooting have kept the players hooked. Now with the proliferation of smartphones where everyone can afford to own a device, the number of free games have drastically increased. Though, technology receives a lot of flack when we discuss mental health, it’s positive effects cannot be ignored. In the ocean of gaming options available, mind based games have emerged as one of the popular genre preferred by millions of gamers worldwide. These brain training games always satiate the fun and thrill quotient, as well sharpen our mind and gears up to tackle complicated situations in our lives.

From improving our analytical and logical skills to improving qualities like problem solving and decision making, the benefits of online brain training games are insurmountable. Check out the 5 games that will keep your gray matter pumping and improve your mental abilities.


Brain Training Gaming Apps

1. Lumosity

Lumosity is one of the most popular brain training games enjoyed by millions of gamers all over the globe. Designed for both Android and iOS, players have the choice to choose from different categories – memory, attention, problem-solving. When you get started with the app, it will evaluate you in a number of areas, and then create a training plan customized to you. You can follow their daily training regimen to get better.

2. Logic Grid Puzzles

If solving Sudoku is where you are strong at, then you will love this game. These are like Sudoku on steroids. The games are engineered to test your skill and improve your logical skills. The puzzles are available at various difficulty levels, so you can always choose the right puzzle for you. If you run short of free puzzles, there are always in-app purchases available to take your game to the next level.

3. Online Rummy and Poker

If you are a fan of card games, you cannot miss Indian rummy online and Poker. Both poker and rummy are skill-based card games. Both the games provide a challenging environment for the players to put their mental skills into full use. Playing the game continuously over a period of time will enhance the mental abilities like concentration, efficient problem-solving, and make your mind more sharper. On top of that, both poker and 13 card rummy online are extremely rewarding. They give plenty of earning opportunities for the players. There are plenty of challenges available everyday in both the games like daily tournaments, leader board contests, , and and multiple variants to make brain training more fun. Millions of gamers are already on board on both the platform and players have plenty of options to choose (poker mobile app and rummy mobile app) in Playstore and APP Store.

4. Peak

Peak is one of the best app that is loaded with more than 45 free games. These games will improve your problem solving skills and memory. No matter how aged you are, you will find games that are engaging and entertaining. You can compete with your online friends and also track your progress then and there. You can enjoy all the games with a minimal subscription.

5. NeuroNation

If you wish to improve your memory, this app would act like your best friend. Just allocate 15 mins of your day into memory improvement with this app. The app has 27 brain training exercises with 250 levels. You can improve your memory and get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, your processing speed will increase and you will see your output grow enormously over a period.

When should you play Online Rummy?

Rummy has turned very much accessible after its availability in the online gaming platform. The card game is now a giant in the Indian online gaming industry. It hold a great connection with India’s traditional life. Indians come to know about the game much earlier than the other games. Classic Rummy, the skill game, is always on the top regardless of the time it is compared. The game is interesting and new every time you play it.

Online Rummy

Well, this blog gets you an idea on when and where you can play this game. Even a small interval in your daily routine life will do to play online rummy. The game is pretty short and enjoyable. 

1. Office & WFH 

Working all day is definitely hard. A short break is needed regularly. What if the breaks turn to be much entertaining and fruitful. Pick up your mobile, play games, and win real cash. This would be the simplest way to refresh your mind. People are working from home right now because of the public lockdown followed in the country to stay safe from the Coronavirus breakout. Rummy during break works well during the WFH situation. In case you finish your work early you could spend your time in Online Rummy. This could further increase the productivity of an individual. 

2.  Travel 

Rummy can turn an unforgettable experience in your travel diary. Rummy is the best pastime one can enjoy during travel. Rummy can make your travel much engaging, and that can lead you to enjoy each minute of your journey. You need not need a companion to travel; the card game can be your best companion. 

3.  Sleepless nights 

Insomnia Is a term much popular among the millennials. Rummy is a great night time partner. Playing rummy relaxes one’s body and mind at the same time stimulates the person. Rummy can easily fill in the void of your night sleep. Sites like Deccan Rummy also host Rummy tournaments after midnight. The interesting fact about the tournaments is that the seats are filled so fast just like the morning tourneys. 

4. Drained up 

Completely lost the energy in you? Looking out for an energy drink? That’s costly. Rummy is the best way to get profit by exercising your mind and playing rummy pumps up the adrenaline in you. Close encounters, thrilling moments, success can definitely turn upside down the person’s bad mood. Win real cash rewards and also get back the smile on your face. Now just enjoy your day! 

Chinese Apps Banned in India – Alternate to these apps

India has banned nearly 59 Chinese mobile apps citing them as an emergency threat to our country’s sovereignty and national security. It included popular apps such as TikTok, ShareChat, Cam Scanner, and UC Browser. These mobile apps command hundreds of millions of users all over India. The escalating border tension between the two countries has been cited as the reason behind the mass banning of these apps.

“There has been a strong chorus in the public space to take strict action against apps that harm India’s sovereignty as well as the privacy of our citizens,” according to a government press release.
Several apps have been removed from the Playstore and AppStore and a few remaining are expected to be removed as well.

The call to ban Chinese apps have been vocal among the Indian populace for a long time. At a time when the focus is on Make in India, it’s a huge opportunity for the homegrown apps to fill in the void.

If you were using popular Chinese apps till now and are now looking for alternative apps for these, it’s perhaps time to look at the homegrown apps. We have alternatives for most of the popular Chinese apps for a while. Perhaps the ban gives us a platform to get accustomed to homegrown apps and encourage the booming app development sector.

Chinese Apps and their replacements

1. TikTok

With more than 200 million registered users, India was the largest overseas market for TikTok.

a. Mitron

If you’re looking for a viable alternative for Indian app, you have Mitron, a homegrown app similar to TikTok, launched just a couple of months back. Within just two months from the launch, the app saw more than 1.2 crore downloads in India. Mitron is currently available for free on Google Play store.

b. Chingari

Chingari is yet another alternative for TikTok available for free in PlayStore. This app allows the users to shoot and share videos. Additionally, you can also play some online games with this app. Chingari is available in English and regional languages.

2. ShareIt and Xender

ShareIt and Xender are two popular file-sharing app used to transfer files offline by android users. Here are a few alternative apps with similar set of functionality.

a. Files by Google
Files by Google is a offline file sharing app. This app allows you to manage and browse your files and clear your caches from your smartphones.

b. Shareall
ShareAll allows you to share files using WiFi instead of Bluetooth. Additionally, you can also password protect to your files, be it photo, videos or any files. Only Android users have an option now

3. Online Games

Clash of Kings and Mobile Legends are the two popular online games which are in the ban list. Both the games have been downloaded by millions of Indian gamers. However, it’s now time to turn to local gaming options. Indian gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds. If you are into strategy games, you can probably turn to online rummy, ludo king, and poker online. These games are as engaging as the former and in fact they are more rewarding, which means players have wonderful opportunity to win big money. Certified Rummy apps like Deccan Rummy Mobile app have all the security measures to provide you with a safe gaming experience. Download Rummy app for Android and iOS and play now to win huge rewards.


The ban on Chinese Apps have opened the doors for many Indian players. It can be considered as a clear clarion call for the Indian app developers to create similar robust platforms. It’s high time we do our bit by supporting our homegrown apps.