How playing video games online improves your memory

The video gaming industry which was seeing normal growth a few decades back is now seeing incredible growth. Thanks to advancement internet technology, technocrats and digital marketers that worked tirelessly for years to improve the designs and features of online gaming, gambling and casino websites. Market and online researchers have revealed interesting information that the online video gaming industry is seeing 22 to 25% growth during 2018-19 and sources also confirm that this upward trend will only grow in the near future.

People from all walks of life use mobile, PCs and other types of advanced android devices for playing hundreds of video games during free times and also on the go. Gambling which was considered illegal several years back is now gaining popularity and hundreds of gamblers are flocking to casinos to play games like roulette, slots, baccarat, and rummy and so on and so forth. The interesting news is that even youngsters that are in their tender age use online platforms, gaming parlors, VFX studios and other methods for playing varieties of online games.  It is for sure more and more Indians that are in their prime age will start playing online games and also casino games in the near future and master them steadily.

Across all age and income groups, ‘fun and seems to be the prime motivator for playing online games. With the growth of digital infrastructure and better payment systems integrated into all sites, more and more players are taking into the online gaming sphere. These days more and more people have access to smartphones, with the arrival of jio, the price of data has been stashed unbelievably thereby allowing large swathes of the population from rural India to get into the internet.

Playing video games improves brain power

Scientists and researchers have confirmed that online games like shooting, hunting, formula racing, and other power-packed games improve brain functions and empowers players to a great extent. Gaming industries that operate from various countries keep on launching interesting games and popularizes them throughout the world. Playing strategy games increases our concentration levels and enhances emotional IQ. Most of the online games improve our ability to focus a lot and also enhances our memory skills which means our brains could save lots of information. According to a neurobiological study, video game improves your memory. You can start your mind-training right away with games like Indian rummy, puzzles, and logic games. You can Download Rummy app to enjoy the rummy games on the move.

Some sites have taken steps such as enforcing responsible gaming to keep your gaming habit in check. While the internet generation feels that getting hooked to the online sphere is bliss, there is also a threat that is looming large which is getting addicted to the platform. Players have to strike a balance between their gaming activity and day-to-day tasks to keep the pernicious effects of gaming away.

Marketing these games have improved by leaps and bounds. These days all it takes are a few positive comments and endorsing videos in social media to popularize the product. If you are someone who is smitten by online gaming, then the time is ripe for you to venture into the online sphere.

Importance of Speed and Time in a Rummy Game!

Occasion, events and get-together get even special and better by playing Rummy. The card game is interesting and exciting every second. Online Rummy is now a great platform to play and earn real cash. Card games like Rummy keep players engaged and energetic. The highs and lows of the game turn players more matured and clarity in the game. People are guaranteed unlimited fun in Online Rummy.

Speed and Timing are two crucial factors that decide the winner in the game. Here’s how these two factors turn so much primary for a successful rummy player.

Analyzing the Rummy Hand:

A rummy player must first click on the sort button and then analyze the cards received initially. Use the Joker cards to form the impure sequences in your hand at the very beginning of the game. This move can reduce time consumption in the later part of the game.  Make sure to avoid making pure sequence using joker cards because this can reduce your chance to complete another sequence.

Discard the Unwanted Cards:

A smart rummy player must be clever enough to discard the unwanted cards. This quality can imbibe by playing a lot of games. You must have a sheer knowledge on how to play rummy. Prefer to discard face cards such as King, Queen, Jack, and Ace as they carry a wholesome 10 points. One unmatched card could turn your declaration invalid. Therefore there must be cautious discards.

Do not miss-out turns:

The gaming system is designed the way that when a player loses 3 consecutive turns in a game, then they will be terminated from the game. So make sure not to move away from the gaming screen. Quick reactions from you can surprise your opponents and also can create a better impression about you in them. Taking too much time can make it look like you do not have an interest in the game.

Pick your cards carefully:

A player must be cautious about the cards you pick in every turn. These pickings are sort of crucial because these cards can build sequences or sets in your rummy hand. Remember Your opponents watch every card you pick in the game.

Grouping Cards:

As mentioned earlier, use the sort option given in the gaming screen to get a better view of the cards. This helps you to move forward in the very easily. Arranging cards according to certain patterns minimizes the chances of confusion when you start making sequences. This skill is one of the most important characters you find in a pro player.


The last stage of the game is so much important that in this step you can either win the game or even lose the game in this step. You have to first check on all the requirements for a perfect declaration. A primary sequence followed by another sequence along with any other sequence or set. You can declare with just 2 sequences in hand.  A valid declaration can win you the game whereas an error can lose you 80 points.

Online Rummy is a skill game, therefore you need accurate mental skills to win the game. Playing the game on a frequent can improve your speed and timing in the game. Your moves will turn perfect and you can dominate every game you play.

Try playing these card games with your friends

Online games are a much sought after mode of entertainment these days. Because of its extraordinary entertainment value and rich money-making opportunity, the number of players choosing to play in this avenue has increased by leaps and bounds. And online card games play a special role in this section. If you are someone who likes to play card games for entertainment and fun, there are ample numbers of card games that are available in millions of sites offering card games. The best aspect of playing these games is that these games can be enjoyed playing from the comfort of your homes. The sheer thrill of beating your opponents with your skill and logic is what makes people turn towards these card games.

All you need is a stable internet connection so that you can enjoy playing these games from your desktops, laptops, or even mobiles. Now the marketplace is flooded with many card games, and choosing the best among them is a difficult feat. In this post, we are helping you with the most popular card games that have captured the imagination of gamers all around the world. These games are not only intriguing enough to play with your friends but also allow you to win cash online.

Card games to Enjoy


Poker continues to be the most popular card game in the world. Because of the gambling element involved, a lot of players are captivated by the thrill element involved in it. Thanks to the booming technology, now the game is available to play online. While the basics of the game remain the same, there are various skills that a player needs to acquire to succeed while playing the game online. Online poker allows you the luxury of playing the game from the comfort of your homes and also an opportunity to compete against millions of other poker enthusiasts all around the globe. Most importantly, huge stakes are riding on online poker, thus adding an extra appeal to the players. Many poker sites offer free poker apps for your Android and iOS devices, giving you the comfort of playing poker on the move anytime, anywhere.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti also called flash, is a traditional Indian card game. The game is extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent. The game has been around for years and has a history of being played with family and friends during Indian festivals. Teenpatti is India’s own spin on 3 card poker and is similar to 3 card brag that is one of the popular card games in the UK. The objective of Teen Patti is to have the best 3-card hand and to maximize the pot before the final show. Because of the increasing popularity of the game, several gaming platforms have introduced this game, which is providing the players the great opportunity to play this highly entertaining game and win big cash rewards.


Rummy is one of the popular card game that is fast catching up with poker as the most played card game. The objective of the game is pretty simple. All players are handed 13 cards at the start of the game, which they have to arrange in proper sets and sequences. Because of the simple gameplay and big rewards, lots of players are flocking to various online rummy sites that have popped up in recent times. Just like poker, the rummy game is available to play on your mobiles. The players simply need to select the best rummy mobile app on the market and get started. The game is ideal to be played with a group of friends, and rummy sites offer several referral programs that reward the players in a big way for inviting friends to play.


It’s another card game that is very popular among youngsters, and it is ideal to play with a group of friends. Typically two decks are used in this game. After the card distribution, the game starts by a player throwing up to 4 cards at a time with their face down and claiming them to be a set. The opponents, if they suspect the claim is ingenuine, they can make the player show their cards. If the player’s claim turns out to be true, the opponent who called the bluff must pick up the cards lying on the table. If the player seemed to have faked his claim, then the bluffed player must acquire the cards from the player who called the claim false. At the end of the game, the player with no hand cards wins the game.

Aside from the games mentioned here, there are so many other card games that are entertaining as well as rewarding. These games are increasingly an option for the players who like to have some fabulous past time. Get started with any of these card games and have an intriguing gaming session.





6 things you must follow before starting to play real money online games

One of the main reasons people flock en masse to online gaming sites apart from seeking entertainment is the potential to earn money online. Games like Classic Rummy online, Texas Holdem Poker online have a reputation of being a money-spinner for the players. There are numerous sites offering various card games in the market. Users have to exercise a lot of caution and judgment in selecting the best sites as there are plenty of fake sites as well. It’s good to have a checklist before signing up and starting to deposit in an online gaming site. No matter whether you are playing in a site or a mobile app, there are a checklist of things you have to follow;

1. App Permission

Whenever you are giving permissions for application to function in your phone, make sure you give only necessary permissions required for the functionality of the app. Do not give any unnecessary permissions. Follow it as a thumb rule whenever you are installing any gaming app. Aside from clogging the memory, installing apps from unknown sources could also steal your confidential information.

2. Payment Safety

As you want to play cash games, it is vital that you choose the site with the safest payment system in place. You should be looking for online gaming sites that offer maximum payment methods. Debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and net banking are a must. Usually, all financial transactions will be performed over a secured network that is supported by 128-bit encryption. With SSL all your transactions are secured.

3. The reputation of the website

Obviously you want to play on a website that is renowned for its safety and security. If you are playing in an online rummy or a poker site, check if the site is licensed. Read the reviews available on the internet about the website. There will always be some negative reviews for every website on the internet. But if the reviews are overwhelmingly negative for a particular website, then you must stay away from the site.

4. Level of Competition

Another important factor is the level of competition that you will face in the gaming room. The lower it is, the higher are your chances. However, you cannot get a guarantee that you will competitors at your experience level all the time. At times, you may find weak players and at times the field will be filled with strong players. You should be careful and select the tables where the competition is weak. As you start playing more frequently you will get an idea about it.

5. Promotions and Benefits

One of the best result for the customers because of the fierce competition between the online gaming operators is the huge offers and promotions.
You should explore various offers available on the sites and find the one which is the most profitable to you. For instance, sites like Deccan Rummy offer the highest welcome bonus for rummy players in India.

6. Customer Service

Sometimes you would require assistance while being in a gaming site, that is when you usually contact the support team.

Choose the site which has the best support process. Ideally, good gaming sites have multi-channel support – Chat, Phone, and email. Obviously, the thing you need to check is how trained and capable is the support team. You can get an idea of it by reading the website reviews on neutral sites. If the site responds to criticism and takes steps to resolve a query from a dissatisfied customer, it is safe to assume that the customer support in that site is serious.

Narrowing your search enforcing these criteria would help you whittle away unwanted sites and get to the most reliable sites.