DrazkubuDraz ships Ramzan Special Tournament

The much anticipated Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament went underway yesterday at DeccanRummy. The event saw a digital footfall of more than 1300 players. Right from the day, we announced the tournament, the expectation was running high. To ensure all players get a chance at the prize pool, the entry was open free to all players and the prize pool was raised to Rs. 50000. To ensure it reaches the entire rummy community in India, we ran several social media campaigns so that no aspiring player misses this golden opportunity. After all, what else could be more enticing to a rummy player than a special rummy tournament with a phenomenal prize pool?

The reason why the freeroll tournament sees more participation than any other format because it acts as a useful tool in bridging the gap between pros and novices. Also, it also busts the myth that you need to shell out more in order to win big

Every pro in rummy became one after trying their hand in our freeroll tournaments. Winning a Special Rummy Tournaments are considered as a monstrous feat among rummy audiences as the competition is extreme. Last night’s Ramzan Special rummy Tournament was no different. With players across India at all skill levels joining in, the action was pulsating. Never for a fleeting moment, there was boredom. The action-packed tournament saw many past tournament winners, newbies, and well-known rummy experts pitching in to try their hand.

DrazKubuDraz  – the winner of Ramzan Special Rummy Tournament

In the end, it was “DrazKubuDraz” who prevailed outplaying his opponents that includes many veterans and pros. It was a spectacular effort from DrazKubuDraz to rise up to the occasion and deploy his skills effectively to win this coveted trophy. It was not an easy win for Drazkubudraz as he had to face tough competition on the final table that had some past winners. Outplaying a strong field of more than 1000 players is no ordinary task, we at Deccan Rummy would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Drazkubudraz for this monumental effort. By winning this Ramzan Special Tournament, he not only grabbed riches but also a place in the history books of Deccan Rummy. The success of Drazkubudraz indicates that patience and perseverance would take you far, no matter what level you are in.

Rummy Tournament

Congrats to puga93 and malarvannan601 for securing the second and third spot respectively. It must be disheartening to get so close yet stay so far. But a win for these two players is just around the corner as nobody wins it in the first time.

Hard luck to other players who tried valiantly but couldn’t make the cut this time around. Keep digging in as there are plenty of other offers and tournaments that we have hosted for this world cup.

Known to be the industry leaders in innovation, we have always delivered when it comes to fulfilling the players’ expectation. The success of Ramzan Tournament should indicate how serious we are about our offers for our customers. With the world cup fever around, we have raised the heat with our twin world cup offers – Howzat and World Cup Leaderboard contest. Show your mettle in our tables and walk away with top honors!

How to learn rummy fast and free?

Rummy is a fantastic game and you need to train yourself a lot before you can actually pursue it as a career. Get acclimatized to the game by studying the rules of the game and its various variants if you haven’t started yet.  If possible, get a pack of cards and try to play rummy game to get a hang of the game. As you play the game, you will feel a bond towards the game.

Once you realize that this is your forte, you can start playing the game.  However, do not get overwhelmed by the online version of the game as things may appear a lot different than the offline version. Adapt to the settings by playing constantly. There are also tons of videos, podcasts, and resources available online that will help you learn the game quickly. In this article, we briefly discuss the ways through which you can learn rummy online fast and free.


Videos on how to play rummy are one of the popular ways to learn the game, but ensure that you learn step by step following a hierarchy. Advance to next set of skills once you have good knowledge of hand reading. Be choosy, if you want to watch videos on rummy tips, ensure you select the best website that gives you extensive knowledge on the game.


There is a huge collection of materials available on rummy. From web materials to books to blog posts by various experts, there are plenty of articles on rummy which will help you learn the game completely.  Unfortunately, there is no substitute for reading. Every rummy player takes to reading to polish their game. Also, read materials on bankroll management, how to control emotions in a rummy table and how to take a tilt.


Forums are a great way to share knowledge with your fellow rummy players. You can gather valuable information from your fellow rummy players about various rummy strategies and have them share discuss information about gameplay. However, the pitfalls of forums are you have to withstand trolling.

Play Rummy

Once you gain sufficient knowledge, you can hit the felt. Most of the sites offer 100 % joining bonus. At Deccan Rummy, you can use the special initial deposit bonus code WELCOME to earn a 100% bonus to Rs. 5000 There is no substitute for playing rummy online. At the end of the day, what matters the most is how much skill you bring to the table to thwart your opponents from winning.

Once you follow these steps, you would have a strong grip over rummy rules and can play the game assertively on any table.

Spin your way to glory with Howzat World Cup Special

Cricket’s pinnacle event gets underway in England tomorrow in an electrical and exciting environment as cricket powers around the globe clash in a battle of strength to walk away with the honor of being the world champions. It’s fondly referred to as the Olympics of cricket as the cricket playing nations come together to liven up this summit of an event. ICC World Cup is organized every 4 years so as to make the long wait worthwhile and also giving the teams to build their teams better.

World Cup

World Cup 2019 – Clash of the giants

As the greatest spectacle in the world goes underway tomorrow, fans cannot contain their excitement. The 10-team extravaganza promises to showcase us ample of thrills and the team who hold the nerves till the end of tournament deserves to win the trophy. The big trophy has been eluding the hosts England since its inception. After all, England is where it all started, is it not? This English side led by Eoin Morgan is for once, the front runners to bag the title. Australia, after a brief setback, is a resurgent side bolstered by the return of Steve Smith and David Warner. Any ICC tournament is a non-starter without India being the favorite. India’s growth as a power-house in the cricket arena is impeccable and inspirational.

Filled with Superstars like MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, the Virat Kohli side is expected to deliver on the big stage. In conditions that are conducive for swing bowling, Pakistan and New Zealand would always be a threat. And the Proteas are desperate to shed the tag of being chokers. West Indies and Afghanistan are dark horses who on their best day can defeat any side. So, the high-voltage, the high-octane tournament is going to be filled with moments of excitement, joy, pain, despair, and anguish. The team which is capable of holding their nerves in crucial moments would go the distance.

As the World Cup dawns upon us, so are the series of offers and promotions from various brands. These are moments to cherish for cricket fans as they have a chance to catch hold of some entertaining cricket action as well a chance to win huge fortunes. For Dream 11 to various predict & win contests, the choices abound for a fan.

The action off the pitch is expected to be just as lively as the action on the pitch. Millions of rupees will be wagered on the outcomes of gamers. In this mad craziness prevailing, there’s an exciting offer that you can bank on to provide guaranteed prizes.

Howzat Tournament

As the whole nation is rooting behind King Kohli’s back, you are given a chance not only to cheer for Team India but also a gripping this Marquee event. Starting from May 30 as on the start of the WC event, the howzat rummy tournament will go on till the completion of the event. As the world gets hooked to the marquee event of cricket, the stakes will be running high here at Deccan Rummy as to who is going to finish on top of our Howzat tournament.

To ensure it’s big in every way as the World cup, the prize pool of the event will be a colossal Rs. 5 Lakhs. And what’s even more tempting is that the buy-in required to play this tournament is just a mere Rs. 10. Once you register for the tournament, you will receive a pop-up wherein you will have to predict the winner of the tournament and play the tournament scheduled on all match days at 3 PM. If you feature among the winner list and your if your prediction comes true, we will double your prize amount. Yes, it’s double fun! Double money! Play it like a champion and win like a Champion!

Download Rummy App and enjoy rummy anytime, anywhere. The fun of Howzat would be doubled when playing in our seamless mobile app. Join the action wherever you are!

Four Common Mistakes Rummy Newbies commit

Rummy is a simple card game with easy rules that are easy to understand and grasp. That’s one of the main reasons rummy card game developed a cult-like following in India. A lot of gaming enthusiasts jump into the rummy bandwagon every day with the aim of making it big – thanks to the alluring offers and promotions, online rummy sites come up all the time.

Anyone can play the rummy card game as you do not need to possess any special skills to play the game. However, a lot of players are overzealous and in pursuit of making it big, do a few mistakes and suffer huge losses. In this post, we highlight a few mistakes committed by newbies and ways to rectify them.

Four Common Mistakes

  1. Do not play during a tilt

Do not play rummy continuously when you take a hit; As you play to avenge your defeats, the negative emotions clouds over your judgment skills and you suffer even more losses. Take a break and indulge in things that interest you other than rummy. A good break away from the game would help you to regain focus and get back into the groove.

  1. Bluffing every hand

Bluff is a brilliant move in rummy. It’s an art of deceiving your opponent with cards best known to you. Ask any successful rummy player, he/she would mention how bluff has played an integral part in their success. However, it must be used sporadically in the game depending on circumstances. If you start bluffing in every move, your opponents can easily guess your style of play and beat you with your own game. Bluffing every hand would you predictable and vulnerable.

  1. Hesitant to try out new strategies

Rummy is a mind-sport where the outcome depends on your mental skills. That said, it’s not possible to win each and every match in rummy. Some people out of the fear of losses hesitate to try out a new style of gameplay and stick to the tested formula. That will not work out in the long term. A good rummy player makes sure his rummy strategies keep evolving with games. Even if you lose, try analyzing your failures, you can always learn from your mistakes.

  1. Fix a budget

It’s very important you fix a limit for your rummy habit every month. We advocate fixing a budget limit so as to prevent you from overspending on the game. When you are a winning spree, it’s quite natural that you want to make the most out of it. So, in these times, you tend to play with more than what you could afford and there is a chance that you may lose everything. Fixing a budget limit would not only ensure you do not overspend but will also ensure you don’t develop an addiction towards the game.

These are some of the common mistakes rummy newbies make. Once you take notice of it, you can earnestly work on your game not to repeat these mistakes. Mind-boggling cash prizes and gifts are just a step away, once you finetune your rummy strategies. Rummy game download is just a step away – Download Deccan Rummy Mobile and enjoy rummy on the move. See you at your tables! Happy Playing!