Weekly Leaderboard giveaways – Redefining the rummy verticals

In today’s world, opportunities don’t wait for any, if you find across anything exciting that’s suited to your taste, you need to reach out to grab it. That’s exactly what the Rummy enthusiasts all over the country are doing whenever Deccan Rummy announces any promotions.

Weekly Leaderboard Contest

Deccan Rummy continues to deliver on its promise of delivering exquisite promotions for Indian rummy players. Started by prolific gamers and game developers, DeccanRummy has always stood apart from the rest by launching one-of-a-kind promotions and unique tournaments. The reason we say Deccan Rummy is so different from other sites can be seen evidently by observing the kind of giveaways that we come up with. From trips to exotic locations to giving away expensive electronic gadgets to real cash bonuses and prizes, our giveaways show how much we care for their players. It’s only because of our unique giveaways and a solid gaming platform that we were able to carve a niche for ourselves.

As the summer is blazing down, the heat is on the race, Deccan Rummy is further adding more heat in the form of exciting offers and promotions. One of the promotions that remained as a constant attraction right from the day, it was launched was the Weekly Leaderboard contest.

Gadgets on Offer!

What seems to have enchanted the users was the array of gadgets that are being away for the winners. It’s been well over 3 months, the promotion has been running so far and several players have immensely benefited out of it by winning those exquisite gifts on offer.

Conducted in three levels, the leaderboard contest presents a magnificent opportunity for the grinders to reap rich rewards for their efforts. Several hot-selling gadgets like iPhone 8, OnePlus5T, MI A1, iPad Pro were given away. One of the galling aspects users found during the earlier leaderboard contest was the long timeframe of the contest. The weekly leaderboard contest ended it.

For an offer to standout among the ubiquitous number of offers, it has to be something unique. Only then will the people develop a liking for it. Much to the delight of the users, the contest seems to have struck a perfect chord with the audience.

Be a part of this weekly leaderboard race

The massive success of the contest owes it largely to the fact that it allows every single player playing on the site have a go at the prize. This week fabulous gifts like iPhone 7, iPhone 8, Lenovo Yoga A12, and many more are up for grabs. All that you have to do is to make every effort by playing cash rummy games to come up on top and go for the perfect finish. DeccanRummy.com has designed a stellar tournament that immediately follows the leaderboard contest. Conducted in 3 levels, the tournament is open free to top 20 players under each category.

With the Indian rummy boom underway, a contest like this perfectly presents an opportunity for you to move up higher in the rummy ladder. Deccan Rummy is on their way to top in rummy vertical of India with their smooth gaming interface, exceptional promotions, & a solid customer service. Rummy enthusiasts from India couldn’t have expected a better contest at this time.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on Deccan Rummy and jump into action straightaway.

Prove yourself as the Rummy Shark with our Social Sharks Tourney

If you are an ocean enthusiast, you’ve got to love the sharks. Few animals inspire the awe, fear and respect those sharks, an apex predator in ocean command. At its full strength, there are very few marine animals that can challenge the stark.

When it comes to rummy, sharks are those who have a thorough understanding of the rules, who has the ability to study their opponents and bait them. They are here to prey on the fishes. A shark’s goal is often to simply just win huge loads of money, so they seek out games with a lot of fishes.

It needs something to brave the sharks on their own turf right? Hey, that is an opportunity that doesn’t come so easily. Most often than not we somehow fight the fishes and bask in glory without realizing that there are people who are several notches above us in skills. A perfect analogy would be the up and coming teams celebrating their victory against the minnows in a big way. Little do they realize, they have just bet the fish in a bond, once they enter the ocean, (something like a world cup in this context), and they may have to face off against sharks.

Social Sharks

The tournament – Social Sharks

We don’t know how you consider yourself as but we are giving you an opportunity to become a rummy shark. Perplexed? Here’s your road to becoming a giant in rummy. Play our Social Sharks tourney on Apr 30 @ 3:30 PM and win from the spectacular prize pool of Rs. 1 Lakh. The tournament offers a great opportunity for all segments of players to showcase their rummy skill.

Wondering how to take a shot in the tournament? We understand your anxiety and we are here to help you out on the same. Much to the delight of rummy players, DeccanRummy is running a special FB contest to offer them easy ways to win a free ticket to this tournament. The contest has already started and is on rolls.

FB Contests:

Match in and Win it

The first contest is called Match it and Win it. Here, the players have to take a screenshot of the flying cards placed in their respective positions and post in the comments section. Include your DeccanRummy username along with it. Free tickets are issued to players who have made their first deposit or at least have their KYC verified. The contest has already opened on Apr 9 and is up till Apr 16. We have a lot of other interesting contests further to win the tickets.

Vaisakhi Special

As Baisakhi (the Punjabi New Year) is going to be celebrated tomorrow, there is a contest that will run from today (Apr 13) to Apr 19. Called the Vaisakhi /Baisakhi, the festival is considered as the Punjabi New Year and celebration of the Spring Harvest. Celebrating the Vaisakhi, we are holding a contest on FB with which the people can get the tickets for the Social sharks tournament.

Just match the face of your favourite cricketer among the ones below and take a screenshot & post it below the comments section. Include your username for all the contests and as mentioned the tickets will be issued for players who must have made at least one deposit or should have had his KFC verified. Players can check our facebook page here – https://www.facebook.com/deccanrummy/ so that they will have an idea about the contests that are up and running for this social sharks tournament.

When to register?

The registration for the Social Sharks tournament will begin on Apr 30 @ 2:30 PM and we will conduct various contests until such time, that players can take up to earn free tickets. There is a buy-in option available too for Rs. 150 to get the ticket to participate. Either way, the players have to register with the free ticket in order to participate in the tourney. Merely getting the ticket does not equal to guarantee participation. Players are requested to make use of all the contests that are up and play the tournament free.

Rummy folks get ready for the battle ahead; try to prove to the entire rummy community that you are a shark. The action is expected to be intense. Come prepared with sufficient practice so that you don’t stutter anywhere. Good luck and happy playing!

Take your aspirations high with April Aspires

Summer has begun here at DeccanRummy, the days are getting longer and the weather is getting swelteringly hot. Here’s something very exciting to get through the dog days comfortably!

Are you the type of person who likes to play rummy online staying indoors? Then our April Aspires offer is exclusively for you.

What better way to get through these burning hot days than to stay indoors and play your favourite 13 card game with a reward.

april aspires

April Aspires

Can you feel the hotness running through your veins? If so, just let it drip, drip it around you while you avail this April Aspires Offer and proceed to play some awesome rummy games. Like we do every month, we’re once again providing you with the best bonus offer suited to this season.

Get 20% Bonus up to Rs. 1000 with this April Aspires Rummy Bonus offer. While everyone likes to ideally splash in a sparkling pool to beat the heat, it’s not always possible every time. Just stay back in your homes, switch on your AC and relax with this spectacular bonus offer. Beat the heat this summer of the most competitive welcome bonuses in the industry!

Almost every online rummy sites offer welcome and deposit bonuses. But not every bonus is beneficial to players. At DeccanRummy we’ve worked painstakingly hard to handpick the best ones that will be of real value to the players. So, if you want to play at a rummy site that cares for its players, then DeccanRummy is one of the safest options you’ve got.

For those who love the thrill of tournaments and contests, DeccanRummy is the perfect place for you. With exceptional offers like April Aspires Deccan Rummy remains as the player’s unanimous choice to play Indian rummy online at the moment. Hurry! make a deposit now and avail April Aspires to its fullest.


Get ready for rip-roaring action with Beat the Clock

After cricket, the game that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life is rummy. It is hardly surprising considering the game’s longevity in India. Ever since the game went digital after the Internet revolution, it evolved to become one of the quickest forms of entertainment available. Now the game is fast-paced, comes with diverse challenges and offers a huge potential for earning.

With technologies advancing at a rapid pace, we now get to play in an environment that is almost as close to the brick-and-mortar casino. There is literally not an iota of reduction in thrills and excitement of playing rummy from the comfort of their own home, or while on the move. The manifestation of this can be seen watching millions of players playing in one rummy site or the other.

DeccanRummy is a burgeoning online rummy site which is making rapid strides competing with the bigwigs and having a user base that is envy for many. Established in March 2016, DeccanRummy quickly found a flavor among the Indian audiences.

Deccan Rummy is a heaven-sent delivering a wide range of online rummy games for the players to play with. Always in the favor of players, Deccan Rummy offers a stunning gaming environment with a phenomenal welcome bonus for all new players.

The action is always hot here at DeccanRummy with our exciting online rummy promotions, fast-paced online rummy tournaments and exciting leaderboard races. Every month we are providing rummy players a chance to showcase their skills and win some exceptional prizes. There’s always something exciting to scoop up.

BEat the Clock

Beat the Clock Challenge

This month we have some excellent offers for our players. It is not such a bad idea if your gaming sessions were a little more adventurous and rip-roaring, right? Knowing our players liking for short-term contests, we have launched Beat the Clock challenged. Beat the clock, as the name indicates is racing ahead of time – completing a task before its deadline.

True to its name, Beat the clock challenge is a pulsating contest that fosters healthy competition. At present the contest has three categories;

1. Beat the Clock – Loyalty Points Challenge

How does the contest work?

In this contest players have to generate a fixed number of loyalty points within a defined time; once they complete the objective, they will receive a surprise bonus. We reserve the right to fix the date and time on which the offer will be activated. The offer will be active on table values that we define.

2. Beat the Clock – Winnings Challenge

How does the contest work?

Win the amount that we mention on the day the offer runs and get a surprise bonus for completing the objective. Deccan Rummy reserves the right when it comes to fixing the date, time and the tables on which the said offer is active.

3. Beat the Clock – Marathon Challenge

How does the contest work?

Players need to play a number of 13 card cash rummy games on designated tables specified during the course of the time, the offer runs. Players who complete the said objective will receive a surprise bonus. The offer may be randomly activated anytime. Keep checking our website every day to avail this wonderful offer.


Weekly Leaderboard

iPad Pro could be yours – Join Weekly Leaderboard race

As you might be knowing our weekly leaderboard contest is up and running for quite some time. Many players are participating in it actively all these weeks ever since its launch. After all who wouldn’t want to prove their mettle and race ahead of their competitors? If you’re looking for a bit more competition when playing your favorite online rummy game, you’re in great company! A weekly leaderboard contest with an amazing giveaway is probably irresistible for a rummy player. Here players can compete weekly against one another in a race to lead the leaderboards to win stunning gifts like iPad Pro and many others.

Since we thought every player should have a chance to win something; we have been conducting the race in 3 levels – Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The contest was designed in a way that every player had something to win. Over the past few weeks, several players have won the contest more than once. We have given away several spectacular gifts that the users would love to buy. From smartphones like iPhones, OnePlus5t, Honour7X, MiAl, MiNote5 Pro to cameras like Nikon Coolpix, Sony Cyber-shot to gadgets like Bluetooth Speaker and Amazon Firestick, our giveaways were diverse and most importantly, we have been offering things that are in demand.

The gadget that everyone prefers these days can now be yours for free by joining our latest promotions. Forget spending huge amounts on buying latest smartphones and gadgets, just be a part of the amazing race and get to win big!

Weekly Leaderboard Contest Platinum


Weekly Leaderboard Contest Winners

Here’s a list of players who have won the leaderboard contests so far. The action was at fever-pitch levels in all the leaderboard contests that have concluded so far. With pressure mounting to hit the top position, the race was extremely competitive in every way we have imagined.

Week Winner of Diamond Leaderboard Platinum Leaderboard Winner Winner of Gold Leaderboard
1st week sreejithktr rajkumar6021 reddysjr
2nd week sreejithktr rajkumar6021 manojkadiri
3rd week techno1985 prasad800 giri29
4th week jaya515 francis123 giri29
5th week techno1985 raghuvaran1947 daniel80158
6th week nedumarandev ashok98900 manojkadiri
7th week sagar7799 rocky1329 manojkadiri
8th week starjosh raghunath daniel80158
9th week raaj_0012 sanabhi asaorama
10th week raghuvaran1947 starjosh manojkadiri
11th week sreejithktr starjosh kalidaskira

Notice there are players who have won the contest more than once With cash bonus too available with the giveaways, featuring in multiple leaderboards is not an issue anymore. Would you want to feature in that enviable list? All you’ve got to do is to keep increasing your loyalty points by playing 13 card rummy cash games in our site.

Due to the overwhelming demand for the current set of prizes, we are extending the current set of prizes for one more week. You may wonder what’s about the prizes that make the players go gaga over it. The answer would be that every prize that comes along this weekly leaderboard contest has a huge demand on the outside. So don’t miss out a free chance to get your hands on some of the most awesome gadgets you would ever get. The race starts this Sunday and ends on Mar 31 at 23:59 PM.

iPad Pro & lot more up for grabs

A glimpse of the gifts to be given away:

iPad Pro – Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5 is one of the most preferred tablet at the moment, boasting incredible performance and an exceptional user experience in iOS 11. Just top the Diamond weekly leaderboard and grab hold of this hot-selling device.

iPhone7 – iPhone 7 continues to be a solid iPhone option despite iPhone X creating a buzz these days.  You can win Apple’s first water resistant phone if you end up in the second position of our leaderboard

Apple Watchs3 – Wouldn’t a brand new Apple Watch Series 3 appear stunning on your wrist? Don’t worry if you couldn’t grab the top 2 prizes, there’s this beautiful watch that you can win if you end up in the third

OnePlus5T – Finish on top of the Platinum Leaderboard and grab hold of this latest sensation in the mobile arena. Just play cash rummy games on tables valued from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 & climb to the top to win this gorgeous device.

MiNote5Pro – The phone is selling like hot cakes. Grab a chance to win it by finishing second in our Weekly Platinum leaderboard. Imagine getting your hands on the phone that everyone’s dying to have! Does it get any bigger than this?

Play cash rummy games and break into the leaderboard, who knows you could be the next one to win any of these awesome prizes. In the event, you do not have an account with us yet, register now for free to have your chance. DeccanRummy boasts one of the best welcome packages available in India. So, try it out and get rewarded!

Kick start your new year with a win – Ugadi Special Tourney tomorrow

Granted it is Ugadi, a busy day in the calendar of many south Indians. For a sizable chunk of South Indian populace, it is the New Year. Preparations go a long way like doing household chores, making purchases, and a lot more. Not to forget the sumptuous lunch filled with Ugadi special dishes like Ugadi Pachadi.

Essentially named to mark the beginning of a new age, the festival Ugadi brings along new hopes and happiness in one’s life. The festival is considered as an auspicious day for starting new ventures or reviving the earlier ventures.
So what we have mentioned is the routine stuff that happens every Ugadi.

Why not make it more special by turning this auspicious occasion to a day of winnings? Don’t you want it to pen it down in your diary how successful this Ugadi had been to you? Don’t you want to impress your girlfriend or amaze your boyfriend with a win on this special day? A win against complete strangers whom you have never met before in any form or shape should be something right? Remember you are going to battle it out against complete strangers who are sitting with this thought.

Ugadi Special Tournament

Ugadi Special Tournament

DeccanRummy has always left no stone unturned to turn every festival occasion into something special. This Ugadi too we are hosting a special tournament that our players can play and rejoice. We hereby invite all our players to play in our Ugadi Special Tournament tomorrow at 3:30 PM. Coming with a prize pool of Rs. 50K Cash Bonus, the tourney is open to 362 players. Players from across the nation can participate in this tournament with an entry fee of Rs. 50. Cash Bonuses are a real deal! Imagine playing a game of your choice at any time without having to spend a penny. Cash Bonuses gives you that luxury!

Winning a tournament competing against hundreds of thousands of players in a grand stage is always euphoric. While it’s hard to restrict it to few words, do check our testimonial section or our Facebook reviews to know how winners feel after winning a tournament.

To have a chance to win some cool cash bonuses on offer in this tournament, register for the tournament sharply at 2:30 PM tomorrow.

If you want the experience the thrill of online rummy in a user-friendly and dynamic gaming environment, just create an account with us for FREE right away. No amount of entertainment comes close to playing our invigorating and highly entertaining game in an aesthetically developed gaming environment.

Deccan Rummy wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous Ugadi. Let this auspicious occasion usher in lots of success and merriness in your life.

If you want to just relax playing rummy online, just try playing our practice rummy games for some time and find if our freeroll games impress you. In case you want to take on a challenging game, check the wide range of cash games under all variants.

Gear up to Seal the Deal once again

It’s March! The spring has arrived finally! We see the birds chirping, flowers blossoming and people bustling around as if they have new found energy. After a long hauling winter, we are finally ready to feel some sunshine on our faces. Spring, is often considered as a season of renewal and beauty. It happens to be the perfect time to enliven your entertainment quotient that’s been in hibernation over the past 4 months. What better way to enliven your spring season than to avail an exceptional bonus offer which will give you the much-needed impetus to kickstart your rummy gameplay.

Seal the Deal

Here’s an awesome chance to have an extended spring fun with DeccanRummy’s seal the deal bonus offer. Split across 4 weeks, the bonus offer runs from Mar 7 to Apr 7. 60% Bonus is split across 4 weeks and given in cash bonuses and bonus points respectively. So, you are in for a treat the entire march and a week into April.
The first bonus offer which ran from Mar 7 to Mar 14 with a 20% bonus up to Rs. 1000 was availed by a large number of players. After all who would want to miss some of the hottest bankroll booster available out in the market?

DeccanRummy’s primary motive is to always keep our players in a profitable position, and that’s the reason we often come up with unique rummy bonus offers that add more value to your deposit. Now as we move into the third of March, here comes another week filled with a splendid cash bonus offer.

Seal the Deal Bonus

Avail our Seal the Deal Bonus Offer that runs from Mar 15-22. Deposit with the bonus code “DeccanQueen: and get 10% Cash Bonus up to Rs. 500. Get the bankroll booster in your kitty now by making a deposit.
To have this Bankroll Booster in your kitty & make your bankroll stacked with cash, deposit now with the code: DeccanQueen. Use this bonus to your maximum advantage by going for the maximum bonus offer. So after receiving your bonus, what are your plans?

There’s a weekly leaderboard contest that is up and running over a couple of months. Players with most loyalty points are awarded some exceptional prizes like iPad Pro, iPhones, OnePlus 5T and many other prizes. To make it easier for the players, we have the contest running in 3 categories so even a meager sum you invest playing cash rummy games could benefit you immensely.

If you are a regular player, you should have already heard about this offer. Do not waste any further time, strike while the iron is hot. Meanwhile, DeccanRummy.com has designed some other truly astounding promotions and contests that you must check out. These offers have been designed keeping in mind the best interests of the players. So, hurry up and make the best use of the ongoing rummy promotions and offers.

Celebrate Ugadi with a win in our Ugadi Special Tournament

Ugadi is the New Year’s Day for the people hailing from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is a public holiday in AP, Telangana, and Karnataka. Ugadi is a day filled with joy and happiness, kindles new hopes and big aspirations. Folklore belief is that is that this any ventures started on the day will prove to be a success. On this auspicious occasion, people buy new clothes, exchange gifts and prepare mouth-watering cuisines like Ugadi Pachadi made with Neem leaves, Jaggery, Mango, Coconut, and chili.

Nature brims with peppiness as the spring arrives and the blossoming mango buds herald the arrival of Ugadi for the southies. The celebrations of Ugadi fill people’s hearts with joy and contentment. Getting the past behind and starting afresh is something significant of this Festival, that’s the reason you see people rolling new things on this day.

To celebrate this joyous occasion in its full spirits, we at DeccanRummy.com will be holding a Ugadi Special Tournament on Mar 18.

Ugadi Special  Tournament

To celebrate this joyous occasion in its full spirits, we at DeccanRummy.com will be holding a Ugadi Special Tournament on Mar 18. The tournament shall be conducted on Mar 18 @ 3:30 PM. This tournament is open to every player who has an account with Deccan Rummy. Satiate your rebellious Rummy craving by participating in this fantastic tournament.

Since it’s a special tournament, expect players to swarm in huge numbers. Expect a mix of regulars, pros and recreational players in our tables as it has been the case in every special tournament conducted so far. All you’ve got to do when participating in such a tournament is to finetune your rummy skills by studying the game a little more and prepare yourself for the ultimate competition. There’s a saying hope for the best, expect the worst and take what comes – it might hold true in such a tournament as the contest is guaranteed to see some tough competition. With so many prizes to be given away, you always have a chance to win something more than what you spend. Putting your best foot forward is what you can do in tournaments like these.

Double your joy and happiness of this Ugadi by playing this awesome rummy tournament and grab the winning amount from a prize pool of Rs. 50000 Cash Bonus. DeccanRummy.com team is very excited for this Ugadi Special Tournament and wishes all our rummy players a very happy Ugadi. Let the festival mark a new beginning in your life and may you brim with positivity all around. See you soon at our tables! All the best!

International Women’s Day GiftRaffle Special Tourney

International Women’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a day to commemorate the struggles to achieve women’s rights and to celebrate the achievements made by women in various fields throughout history. Started in the year 1911, the event has grown rapidly with time and is celebrated in different countries with different themes. On this day, United Nations with the help of its affiliates run strong, message-oriented programs and campaigns across several countries. Women achievers in different fields are invited to conferences, seminars, and panels to speak on topics like women empowerment, gender equality, violence against women and many other issues concerning women.

Women's Day GiftRaffle

DeccanRummy.com has the habit of celebrating every festival or observation with our patrons. This women’s day too we have planned something very exciting for you! Looking for some amazing gifts for the special women in your life? It’s great to give them something so memorable on this special occasion, right? Don’t worry! You don’t have to go scouting for gifts when you can win some amazing gift vouchers for FREE!

Women’s Day GiftRaffle Special

Yes! Our GiftRaffle Special Tournaments are back. This time it is for the International Women’s Day. Join us in our celebrating the International Women’s Day by taking part in our Women’s Day GiftRaffle Special tournament from Mar 8-11 at 11 PM. Do you have to pay anything in order to participate in this tourney? Nothing! Nada! Zilch! Just walk in on these days at 6 PM and hit the tables sharply at 11 PM to take a shot! Come and leave an indelible mark and dedicate this victory to the special women in your life.!

You know what’s special in this tourney? We will allow you to dedicate the prizes to the women for whom you’d like to dedicate. This will be applicable for the top 2 players. The third player will receive the place as mentioned by us. It is kind of stimulating your rummy appetite, right?

If you’ve been thinking about playing rummy online but weren’t sure how to get started, this is your chance to get involved! Register at DeccanRummy.com! Verify your number and get Rs. 25 in real cash as a bonus in your account instantly. Make a deposit and get 100% matching bonus up to Rs. 5000. What else? With a wide range of rummy freerolls, cash games and exciting rummy promotions, you are sure to have an awesome time. Come, join us and celebrate the Women’s day in the most wonderful way you can.

Make this March a Marvellous one by availing March Marvels Bonus

Ready to get crazy for some awesome promotions? Some great promotions are updated every month to help you make the most of your time at DeccanRummy.com. There’s no need to go to scrounger or scour to get something awesome when we’ll simply hand it over to you. Forget all your worries. You’re in the perfect place to get something that you deserve.

Spring is just a few days away, so we thought we’d give you a head start. Looking for a cool offer or something; this month you’ll be receiving some heavy bonuses that will help you enjoy the spring season. Here’s a fantastic chance to welcome the third month of the year by flirting with some of the most rewarding bonuses! March is going to be full of awesome memories, magnificent tournaments, and magical giveaways. Why not we collectively call it, the marvelous march?

It is always great to welcome a month with a bonus, isn’t it? Stop scouring for bonuses everywhere as we have designed a brand new bonus offer for you this month. Deccan Rummy has come up with a fantastic bonus offer that is going to make this March memorable.

march marvels

March Marvels Offer

Get 20% Bonus up to Rs. 1000 with our March Marvels offer. Deposit with the bonus code “DeccanMarvel” after which you will receive the bonus amount in bonus points. Players can use the bonus code only for one of their deposits. Give more fillip to your gaming by availing these generous bonus offers from Deccan Rummy.

In the event you didn’t notice there’s a another bonus offer – Holi Fest bonus, which is valid only on Mar 2. The bonus code to avail the Holi Fest offer is Holi2018. Make sure you avail both these bonus offers and add more bang on your buck! Check our rummy promotions page to know more about this offer.

Deccan Rummy is always committed to offering our players the most awesome gaming available to each and every player out there. With a huge variety of 13 card rummy games available in different variants, there is no need to wait. Just register and login; you will find someone to play and something to grab.

Are you a new player or a player on another Indian rummy site who is discontented with their services? Why not give DeccanRummy.com a try? Apart from providing you with the fastest platform to play rummy card games, we also offer plenty of rewards for new joinees that you will never see anywhere.

Never miss out on any rummy promotion. Stay subscribed to our blog or follow us on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and G+ to get the latest information on offers and promotions.

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