Grand Rummy Powerplay is back during this cricket season!

The entire cricket world is excited about the upcoming Cricket action. As the cricket season is all set to resume after a break, fans are equally excited for the rummy action. Rummy and Cricket are the most widely enjoyed sport in India. So any rummy contest that comes during the cricket season is a double damaka from a player perspective.

Stay excited as the Grand Rummy Powerplay is back after a break. Gear up for the stellar grand Rummy Powerplay which is comprised of two exciting contests – Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza and Rummy Fantasy League. The contest which was previously suspended on May 2 is now back. Right from the day, it was launched, the contest has been generating a lot of buzz in the Indian gaming community.

What makes the Grand Rummy Powerplay a must-play series for every rummy player is the fact that it comes with a massive 20 lakhs Prizepool. Yes, you read it right!

Enjoy the Cricket season with big winning opportunities

Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza

Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza

Race your way to the top in the Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza comes with a massive prize pool of Rs. 20 Lakhs. Running from Sept 19 – Oct 15, the leaderboard bonanza comes with a chance to win amazing prizes like BMW G 310 GS, RE Himalayan, and lots more.

The points accumulated by the players during the first leg of the tournament from Apr 9 – May 2 will be carry forwarded. Even if you are starting fresh, there’s every chance to climb your way to the top and take a shot at these prizes.

With awesome prizes to chase, this contest is a riveting battle of skills, patience, and endurance. Do you believe you have those? Jump in and seize the ultimate opportunity to take home glory and exceptional rewards.

Rummy Fantasy League


Rummy Fantasy league is the perfect place to make your rummy dream come true. With a prize pool of Rs. 5 Lakhs, RFL is the perfect foil to put your rummy skills and cricket knowledge into use and grab amazing winning chances. Predict the winner of every match in the Indian T20 series; play and win the tourney and have a chance to double your winnings for correct prediction.

If you haven’t registered on Deccan Rummy as of now, you are missing out on some of the best contests during this cricket season


Bring your A+ game in today’s Ganesh Chaturthi Finale

Deccan Rummy Wishes You All a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. The festive vibe, celebrations, and enjoyment are palpable. On this special day, Special Poojas are performed in all households. Known to bring good fortune into every family, Lord Ganpati is worshipped and venerated today on these auspicious occasions. May Lord Ganesh bless you all and you stay in sound physical and financial health.

After finishing your festival customs, it’s time to gear up for hot rummy action! No festival celebration without some online rummy action these days! While we pray to Lord Ganesha to bring an abundance of health and wealth, here’s your chance to win some amazing fortunes! Ganesh Chaturthi finale is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

Ganesh Chaturthi Finale

The Ganesh Chaturthi tournament which has been running on our platform since Sept 2 has received a great response from players all over India. With an awesome prize pool of ₹5 Lakh up for grabs; players have been actively participating in the satellites and qualifiers hosted on our platform. Since free tickets are issued along with prize money, the tournaments have been packed.

The moment you all have been waiting for is now here! Players looking to soak in the thrill of rummy must participate in our Ganesh Chaturthi Finale today @ 9 PM. With a prize pool of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs, the tournament offers amazing winning opportunities for all. Players can either register with the free tickets obtained through qualifiers or play with a buy-in of Rs. 500. With just 600 seats available, there’s going to be plenty of rush to register. Be an early bird and register for the tournament as soon as it begins at 3 PM. Brush your skills to get rummy tips in place at the right time.

No one likes to miss a lucrative opportunity to win big during a festival. Turn this Ganesh Chaturthi tournament finale as your perfect shot at diving into big winnings and stardom. Let this festival occasion be the beginning of everything that is prosperous and inspiring.


Excel with your skills in our Ganesh Chaturthi satellites from tommorow

Indians have a habit of celebrating every festival in a grand and exuberant manner. Playing rummy during festivals has been an unwritten custom followed. Remember the days, when everyone in the family having a nice time playing card games like rummy during the festival? Now with the nuclear family system in place, most of us don’t have an option to enjoy rummy games offline like yesteryear. However, online rummy sites have picked up from where it was left and have been rewarding the users with generous offers on these special days. There is nothing like winning a biggie during a festival. Now with Ganesh Chaturthi approaching in a few days time, roll your sleeves and get ready for a special tournament.

Deccan Rummy, India’s Most Rewarding Rummy site has set a benchmark in the online gaming industry in terms of our unique promotions. Our signature promotions have been our way of saying thank you for your unconditional love and passion for the rummy game. That said, one of the hallmarks of our sites has been the festival special tournaments and bonus offers.

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Tournament

Lord Ganesh is considered the lord of good fortune is always worshipped first to signify new beginnings and a fresh start. Known to destroy obstacles coming in our way, Ganesh Chaturthi marks the bis venerated and celebrated vivaciously. Ganesh Idols made with clay are brought, adorned with bright clothes and special poojas are performed according to the local customs. With just a few days away from the big day, the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are all set to begin tomorrow on your favourite platform. Here’s your chance to take home some amazing fortune on this awesome occasion.

Gear up for satellite tournaments of our Ganesh Chaturthi Special series from tomorrow to Sept 6. The collective prize pool for this tournament is Rs. 5 Lakhs and the prize pool for satellites each day for this tournament is Rs. 20000 each day. Players have an opportunity to grab their share from the prize pool and also a chance to win free tickets to move to the qualifiers. Register every day @ 3:00 PM with a buy-in of ₹ 50 before you start playing them. Any user found employing any unfair methods during this special rummy tournament will be instantly banned from our platform.

While you have the direct option of playing qualifier or finale through a buy-in, nothing comes close to the excitement of moving from the satellites. A hard-fought victory overcoming all odds and obstacles is any day better than instant gratifying victory. So, prepare yourself to excel in this tournament by sharpening your rummy skills now.


BigBrother84 Ships Independence Day Tournament

It was a power-packed Sunday evening yesterday as the Independence Day Special tournament went underway on our platform. With a mammoth prize pool of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs, the tournament was action-packed right from the start. With more than 500 players in the fray, the action was pulsating with fortunes swinging between a set of players.

BigBrother84 comes out on top

The journey ended with player “bigbrother84” navigating his way to the top to claim the tournament. Congratulations to Bigbrother84 for his spectacular performance which brought him this victory. It was his relentless commitment and passion towards the game which was the main reason behind his victory. Not many boast of such a performance on a grand stage like this. For his stellar efforts, he takes home a solid cut from the prize pool as well as bragging rights for life.

Special congratulations to players “mukeshmk” and “narenthbe” for securing the second and third positions respectively. Narenthbe has been one of the consistent winners in our tournaments. By capturing the top three slots, these three proved that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with! Want to become a rummy shark-like them? It’s simple! Master the rummy rules and stay updated about the latest rummy strategies, you could very well have your payday soon!

It is understandable that not everyone can win prizes in tournaments such as these but by displaying your fierce fighting spirit, you’ve won our hearts. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the players who participated in this tournament and made it a grand success.

Stay Connected

With the festival season ushering in our country, we’ve planned for extraordinary celebrations on our platform. We have a track record of consistently hosting high-value guarantees and lucrative bonus offers on our platform during festivals and special occasions. We have many exciting promotions in the pipeline to celebrate these upcoming festivals in a grand way with massive winning opportunities. And Happy news for Tamil Nadu players as the online rummy is back in Tamil Nadu. You can enjoy the games like you used to in the past!

So, never miss a moment! Stay connected with us for the latest updates about the game and promotions! Good luck, everyone, and keep crushing!