Is “mayurget” going to drive home the dream BMW 3 series?

There’s no better month than December as it’s the month we unwind, relax and allocate time for ourselves to pursue your amusements. Here’s a great opportunity for rummy enthusiasts to make a kill this year end with this amazing offer. It comes as an amazing opportunity for the online rummy players in India to get rewarded for the consistent performance across the weekly leaderboard.

India’s fastest rummy site – is proudly marching towards the third week of Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special, As we know this contest is the biggest giveaway till date that runs for 5 weeks from NOV 25 to DEC 29 giving more opportunities to our players for a bang in this new year.

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Dazzling December Bonus Offer – Get 20% bonus upto Rs. 1000

Deccan Rummy is an online rummy site that offers a wide range of 13 card rummy games and tournaments for Indian gaming enthusiasts. Most of the games available with us can be instantly played through web browsers, by downloading the client software or downloading the mobile app and playing it from your smartphones. By creating an account with us, players can get access to a range of rummy bonus offers and promotions.

Dazzling December

Are you looking for a rummy site which has a look and feels similar to a casino? With advanced graphics providing an immersive gaming experience, Deccan Rummy’s platform is the most sought-after platform by the Indian rummy enthusiasts.

Dazzling December Bonus Offer

As soon as the player creates an account with us, his account is credited with Rs. 25 as the sign-up bonus, with which the players can play real money games. With an array of bonus offers from welcome bonus to Instant Deposit bonus up to 200% to Monthly bonuses to weekly bonuses, the users have multiple options to choose from.

One of the most loved bonus offers by the Indian Rummy enthusiasts is the monthly bonus offer that we roll on every month. As December is the month of surprises and offers, we have added some additional dose to it in the form of Dazzling December Offer. With this offer, players can get 20% Bonus on their deposits up to Rs. 1000. Deposit with the bonus code “Dazzle”.

Steps to deposit cash in your account

1. Login to Deccan Rummy
2. Click on Add cash in the lobby
3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on the bonus code, it will be pasted automatically and click on apply.
4. Select a payment gateway and click on buy chips
5. Confirm you are not playing from a restricted location and complete the purchase.

Once you have successfully completed the purchase, your bonus amount will be automatically credited in your account. The players will receive the bonus amount in bonus points.

Everyone loves something extra. We are out to fill that extra in a big way. Don’t let your December go off in a dull way. After all, December is a month that is reserved for some extra fun after a long winding year where are we are occupied with run-of-the-mill stuff.

Add more zing to your rummy sessions by availing this bonus. With our New Year Leaderboard contest going in full swing, this offer would give you that extra cash to play more cash rummy games and move ahead in the leaderboard.
What are you waiting for? Jump into avail the bonus offer and move ahead in the leaderboard. Wouldn’t it be great to end the year with your dream car or a bike? Happy Playing!

Five behavioral traits of successful rummy player

Rummy is an entertaining card game that has been associated with the Indian culture and ethos for several centuries. Not only has it acted as a source of entertainment and fun but also as a bridge in mending the generation gaps. One can see the pattern in the way we learned about the game. Most of us learned the game from our earlier generations. We saw them playing, played with them, aped their strategies before establishing ourselves. The traits of the rummy players are pretty interesting .When the game reached its pinnacle, it became a source of study. Many gaming gurus were keen on studying players’ behavior and their approach when it comes to playing 13 card rummy online. The findings on the study were pretty interesting and it is acting as a doctrine for players’ who wish to emulate them.

Having merely mastered the skill is just not enough; players’ must also notice the habits of the successful player and start emulating them so they can advance their gaming career. Are you curious to know the habits of these rummy players? Read on to polish your skills and enrich your gaming sessions.

  1. Observation Skills

One of the key requisites to be successful in a rummy card game is to hone your observation skills and make it sharper. As the outcome in a rummy game is heavily reliant on what you observe from your opponents, it is imperative you develop strong observation skills. The secret story behind every rummy wizard’s humongous growth is their solid observation skills. To start off, implement this method while playing practice games.

  1. Traits – Patience

Patience is the most important virtue to be successful in a rummy card game. Being anxious, restless and clingy when you don’t’ get your desirable cards in your turn is not going to help your game a bit. Successful players do not panic under any circumstances and remain patient. Only when you keep your patience under check, would you be able to bring your logic and skill into the forte. By patience, one should not assume that you must remain unperturbed, it’s important you draw a perfect dichotomy between what you can do and what you need to do.

  1. Create your own identity

If you want to solidify your position as a great rummy player, you need to carve a niche for yourself. Aping other player’s strategy would not help your game in the long run. Every player is unique. What works for one, need not necessarily work for the others. That’s the reason we emphasize players to play practice games more as they would help you try out different combinations.

  1. Resilience

Champions never give up. That’s one of the important traits which made them as one.  Be it their never-say-never attitude or their ability to sail through the storm, they constantly look out for ways to reinvent themselves. Only when you adapt to the ever-changing demands of the gaming world, you stand a chance to live up to the reputation you’ve earned.

  1. Solid decision-making skills

One of the unique qualities to admire from a rummy expert is their solid decision-making skills. In addition to mastering the rules and strategies, they are able to discern what works and what doesn’t. Also, these are the guys who are experts in their discards. Because of their expertise in the game, they make sure their discards don’t turn out to be an opportunity for other players to build their melds.


As you notice, these are some of the common behavioral traits that set rummy champions apart from the rest. So, if you aspire to become one, do try to emulate these behavioral traits the next time your turn comes when you game. As far as our part goes, we will continue to enthrall you with stunning rummy promotions and offers.

Week 1 of Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

India’s Fastest Rummy Site – continues to excite rummy players in India bringing up amazing offers and promotions. Just like we finish every year with a bang, we’ve weaved an enticing spell in the form of Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special for our players, which happens to be our largest offering till date. The offer started from Nov 25 and is going great guns. The offer is slated to end on Dec 29. The contest comes with an amazing prizepool of Rs. 1 crore. Unlike the earlier leaderboards which were a single contest, this leaderboard contest takes into account, the players’ performances in the weekly leaderboards across 5 weeks till Dec 29.

Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special

Deccan Rummy knows well about the player’s mindsets. So the Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special is split across all the 3 levels – gold, platinum, and diamond. This gives the players a perfect opportunity to grab some eye-popping giveaways.

The eventual topper in the race gets a BMW 3 Series which still remains as the dream car to drive. You no longer need to imagine, we infuse life to your dreams. Some of the other awesome giveaways for the Diamond Leaderboard are Innova Cresta, Santro, and a thunderous Royal Enfield Bike.

In the Platinum leaderboard, eventual topper cut across all the five weeks will receive a blazing gixxer. The other exciting giveaways associated with the race are iPhone 8+, iPhone 7+, and iPhone7. Those are some strikingly awesome giveaways that you cannot afford to miss.

The eventual topper in the Gold Leaderboard gets OnePlus 6T – which continues to be a hot-seller. Some of the other fabulous prizes under this label includes Honor Play, Vivo v9, and Honor Lite.

Every rummy enthusiast likes a leaderboard contest. They’re a perfect opportunity to aspire for something so big, a chase for something very bigger. That’s exactly what this Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special is all about. It gives the players a perfect opportunity to get their hands some of the most spectacular prizes in the market apart from the regular giveaways. Yes! You read that right! You get to keep what you won in the weekly leaderboard contest. These enticing list of giveaways is the reward for maintaining a consistency.

End of Week 1

The Millionaire Leaderboard New Year Special began on Nov 25, and has been positively bursting with high energy from its start date. The first week of the leaderboard is already completed.  We are seeing a huge surge in the number of players playing cash games across all the levels. Want to know who are leading the race at the moment.

Week 1

Diamond Leaderboardmayurget
Platinum Leaderboardsadashivam
Gold Leaderboardarham


So, do join the race next week and stand a chance to hit big. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary. Play as many cash rummy games as you can and keep increasing your points to feature in the leaderboard consistently. The higher you finish the more chance you have to grab these prizes. Keep playing and watch your name fly up in the leaderboard. Every week provides you with a new opportunity to up the ante. Who knows you may the one walking out with that Dazzling BMW 3 Series. See you later next week. Happy Playing!