Have Xtreme fun with new Rummy Tournaments

DeccanRummy.com has once again stepped up the ante by announcing the launch of an exciting series of cash and freeroll rummy tournaments online. These tournaments play a vital role in being the cash spinner among the freerolls and cash tourneys worth 20 Lakhs and 15 Lakhs respectively.

Latenight Thunders

We at DeccanRummy.com are always looking for new ways of taking the game to the next level, and if you thought our free roll tournaments were big, we have a new definition for big. Every one likes to win big without investing a dime. That’s exactly what our Late Night Thunders is all about. Imagine taking a shot at Rs. 10000 prizepool every day without paying anything.

If you are someone who doesn’t mind churning out a small amount, then these are the two rummy tournaments for you.

1. Cash10

If short handed tournaments are the way you like to roll, then this is the tournament that you should be playing. Coming with a low buy-in of Rs. 10, the tournament will be conducted every hour starting from 9:15 AM to 12:15 AM. So, you get a chance to win swashbuckling cash prizes a low investment of just Rs. 10. And to top that it’s going to be conducted hourly.

2. Cash15

If you don’t mind spending a small sum in order to have some kickass rummy action, then this is the tournament that you should try. Cash15 is scheduled to be conducted every hour starting from 9:45 AM to 12:45 PM. Get a chance to rub shoulders against players at similar level and come out on top!

These two tournaments are collectively worth Rs. 5 Lakhs in a month. And that is something huge coming at such a small investment.

Online Rummy is growing exponentially and tournaments play a vital role in advancing its cause. Rummy online tournaments are a grand opportunity for the poker game enthusiasts to compete with world class poker players.

These tournaments s go a long way in realizing our company’s vision to revolutionize online rummy in India.
So, mark your time and gear up for ultiimate rummy action in these online rummy tournaments.

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Weekly Leaderboard race

Deccan Rummy has grown rapidly over the past several years, bringing players across India through our unique incentives and promotions. How do we differentiate ourselves from others? Easy, this is not a job for us this is passion and dedication! We don’t go to work and leave everything at the door on our way out or to put it in better words, we don’t think just with our brains but with our hearts as well.

We truly believe that our mind blowing promotions will make our players see how important we consider their needs and how serious we are about trying to fulfill them. Our existing promotions and offers are just manifestations of our effort in doing so.

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Celebrate the month of love with Rs. 1000 Bonus at Deccan Rummy

February Fiesta

As we crawl towards the end of January, we hope we drew your attention with some exceptional offers from January. It’s time for the month of love! Yes, as we head into February, the valentine month, things are really heated up at Deccan Rummy. We’ve all heard about this Roman legend cupid. Cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love It is said that if Cupid shoots his arrow of love and hits you that you will fall in love soon.

At DeccanRummy.com, Cupid is spreading lots of love and bonus cheer this month. It’s time to enjoy this valentine month with the most superb bonus in town. Don’t worry if there is no love and romance in your life at the moment, cupid at DeccanRummy.com is striking golden arrows in the form of exceptional bonus offer.

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Chandunaidu takes down Sankranti Special Tournament

Deccan Rummy special tournaments have always attracted the best rummy players across the country at all experience levels. Designed with the intention of providing the best prizes to players, our special rummy tournaments have received immense praise from the rummy community in the country.

ChanduNaidu winner

Last night the much anticipated Sankranti Special Tournament was held in our website. Since the day we announced the tourney, it was extremely popular among the curious. Players were genuinely interested to try their hand in this tournament and availed free tickets to the tourney by making a minimal deposit of Rs. 500 in large numbers. Also, to ensure last minute entry, we also made a buy-in available for Rs. 200 for this tournament. To make sure every genuine rummy enthusiast gets to know about the tournament, we ran several social media campaigns.

The tournament started with full house participation with numerous players with a wide breadth of experience chipping in from all parts of India. Just like all Deccan Rummy tournaments, the rummy action was intense from the start with players’ displaying their skills wanting to win big from the big prizepool of Rs. 50000.

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