New Year millionaire leaderboard

Ring in the New Year with a Bang: Join Our Millionaire Rummy Leaderboard

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, it’s time to celebrate the joy of gaming and competition with another edition of our New Year Millionaire Leaderboard Contest. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of skill and strategy as you compete against rummy enthusiasts from around the globe. As you would know, year end rummy leaderboards are always special with their phenomenal giveaways. It is a perfect platform for budding rummy players to launch their rummy careers into superstardom. With exciting giveaways and a chance to earn bragging rights, rummy leaderboards are something no rummy enthusiasts would want to win

New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2024

Over the years, our Millionaire leaderboard has been sensational within the rummy circuit attracting players from all age group, and, all walks of life. This year promises to be no different! A bunch of amazing gifts are awaiting to be won – Harley Davison X440, Scrambler 400x, iPhone 15 Pro max, OnePlus 11G and a series of cash bonus prizes in our New year Millionaire Leaderboard 2024. As always, the contest is conducted in multi-level format giving players plenty of options to win big! The race has commenced from Nov 26 and has been attracting players from all quarters. The race ends on Jan 06 and is worth a mind-boggling total prizepool of Rs. 15 Lakhs

This is not just another contest; it’s an opportunity to end the year on a high note and kickstart the new one with exciting prizes and a sense of accomplishment.

How to participate in the New year Millionaire Leaderboard 2024

Participating in the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2024 is simple. You will be placed in the leaderboard based on your performance in the weekly leaderboard in the period from Nov 26-Jan 06. Decide your category right at the beginning, Play rummy online with the right stakes for that specific category and keep boosting your chances

Diamond Leaderboard

Harley Davidson X440- Rank 1st across all the 6 weeks

Triumph Scrambler 400 X (bike)- Rank in the top 2 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

Galaxy Z Fold5 – Rank in the top 3 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

80k Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 4 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

70K Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 5 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

60K Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 6 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

Platinum Leaderboard

iPhone 15 Pro Max (256 GB) – Rank 1st across all the 6 weeks

Galaxy Z Flip5 (mobile)- Rank in the top 2 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

OnePlus 11 5G (256 GB) – Rank in the top 3 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

40K Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 4 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

35k Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 5 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

30K Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 6 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

Gold Leaderboard

Pixel 7a 5G – Rank 1st across all the 6 weeks

25K Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 2 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

20k Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 3 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

18k Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 4 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

16.5k Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 5 places in 4 out of 6 weeks

15k Cash Bonus – Rank in the top 6 places in 4 out of 6 weeks


Apart from the chance to win exciting prizes, The New Year Millionaire Rummy Leaderboard Contest is an opportunity to forge new friendships and celebrate the spirit of gaming together.

Don’t miss this chance to make this yearend unforgettable by playing and winning this exciting contest! As you know the race is on for two weeks now! There’s still a lot of time to catch up on what you’ve left behind, play more and race to the top!


Grand Rummy Powerplay

Grand Rummy Powerplay is heating up – Join and win double

It’s been well over a month and a half since we launched Grand Rummy Powerplay and the contest is hugely popular among the players. Comprising RFL and Rummy leaderboard Bonanza with a prizepool of 30 Lakhs that included grand prizes like Vulcan S, Super Meteor 650, Jawa 42 Bobber, and many other stunners, this contest has attracted the Indian Rummy audience right since its launch. The players in contention include both Veterans and novices.

A contest of this magnitude is rare in the rummy community and we are immensely proud to deliver it during the cricketing season. Designed for players across all walks of life, this serves as a perfect way to enjoy the cricket season while earning a chance to win riches. The other advantage in tournament like this is that with so many poker pros participating, it is going to be a chance for the newcomers to learn and improve their game

Both Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza and RFL 2023 are seeing intense participation from the users. RFL with its doubling prize money proposition is ideal for gamers who are looking to make it big by spending low!

As of now himadri is leading the race with 40667 points closely followed by players Udayon and Dangeroursravi. However, with nearly two weeks to go for the conclusion of the tournament, the field is still wide open. The top prize is within a hand’s reach for many players.

Rajasthan vs Punjab – Predict & Win Double

We are nearing the end of the league stages in this Indian T20 contest. All but three of the ten teams are looking to progress to the next stage. Both the players and fans are on the edge. Punjab square off against Rajasthan in a high-profile contest today. Both the teams have slim chance of qualifying for the playoffs. Even a win for either team would still not confirm a playoff berth as it depends on the fortune of the other teams in contention. However, both the teams would go all-in as they head into this match. Rajasthan are in precarious position as they’ve won just one game in their last five games, while Punjab has a slightly better record of having registered two wins in their last five games.  Both the teams badly this win to stay in the race.

As a contestant, this is a fantastic chance for you to leapfrog in the rummy leaderboard bonanza. Just predict the winner and deposit with the code (Rs 500 atleast) PUJ23RAJ and play rummy cash games till the conclusion of the game. Move ahead in the race for the right prediction. Similarly, predict the winner and play our RFL tourney today @ 9 PM. For the right prediction, get to double your winnings. The registration for this tourney is now open and you can play this tourney for a buy-in of just Rs. 10.

So, there is a lot to look forward to. Not the time to relax! Take part and Embark on a thrilling ride and have a go at these remarkable prizes! See you at our tables tonight! All the best!

Madhapakka ships Holi Splash Tournament

The Much revered Holi Splash tournament concluded last week. It was a big guaranteed tournament with 5 Lakh Prizepool up for grabs. Just like the festival of colours which is celebrated in a grand manner, the tournament was a grand success. From the date of announcement, there was palpable excitement among the players. We all know how rummy game is intrinsically connected with Indian festivals. Holi being a colorful and vibrant festival, deserves some equally thrilling competition, and Holi splash tourney perfectly filled that space.

Normally, special tournaments run to packed houses in our platform and this was no exception. Being a multi-level tournament, Holi Splash was conducted in three levels – Satellites, Qualifiers, and Finale. Droves of players from all walks of life and the level of competition was intense with players actively pitting their skills to climb on top. Normally, in a tournament like this, only skilled players who have the ability to dig in for a long haul prevail.

Holi Splash Winner Madhapakka

After a tough battle, it was Player “Madhapakka” who emerged at the top outwitting all the other challengers. It was Madhapakka’s first major win and it couldn’t have come at a better occasion. Winning a special rummy tournament like Holi Splash is a remarkable achievement and Madhapakka’s win in this tourney will be remembered for long. We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Madhapakka and we hope this is just a beginning! We expect him to crush many high-value guarantees and biggies in the coming tourneys. Special congratulations to players “sampathsampu” and “lakshay0717” for securing the second and third spot respectively.

Deccan Rummy would like to extend our thanks to all the players who participated in this tourney and made it a grand success. Stay connected as the cricket season is fast approaching and we have so many exciting contests up in the pipeline. See you all with an exciting rummy promotion very soon!

Holi Special

Big Winnings await you in our Holi Special Tournament worth Rs. 5 Lakhs

Considered to be one of the most legendary card games every played for well over several centuries, rummy continues to captivate audiences across the world since it’s moved online. One of the most significant features of online rummy is the tournament format which attracts the best in the business to one place. Deccan Rummy understands the craziness behind tournaments and has been churning out special rummy tournaments regularly on all major festivals. You would know that playing rummy during festivals has been a regular custom practiced over for ages. Rummy brings delight, pleasure, and is believed to bring good fortune. Most importantly, it is one of the easiest cerebral workouts available.

Holi Special Tournament

This being the Holi Season, the atmosphere is vibrant. There is excitement everywhere. Holi is unmistakably one of the most vibrant Indian festivals. Let the vibrant colours of Holi engulf your lives with profound happiness and lead to great Success. We at Deccan Rummy are adding more colour to the mix and make your Holi Party come alive with more excitement.

Just to make you experience the best of rummy strategy, the rush of adrenaline and vibrancy of Holi, we are hosting a Holi Special tournament with a enormous prizepool of Rs. 5 Lakh. Running from Feb 27-Mar 8, this sparkling tournament is here to make your celebration more fun-filled and profitable one. To give everyone a fair chance at winning, the tournament follows a progressive format with three levels – Satellites, Qualifiers, and Finale.

Back to back days of uninhibited time with your most favorite card game, we are sure that you’d love this experience. Settle down comfy in your sofa, grab a beverage, and get set to put your rummy skills to test this Festival Season. A tournament is a place where you may face the big boys of rummy, you better up the ante! Spread the word to your friends about this tournament and book your table to take a shot at the awesome prizepool!