Get ready for Trailblazing challenges with Grand Rummy Powerplay

The Grand Indian T20 Cricket season is just about to begin and the stakes are all an alltime high. Noted for it’s nerve-wracking contests and high-intensity cricket action, the series have captured the world wide cricket fans eyeballs for more than a decade. Now with the action all set to begin, cricket aficionados worldwide are more stoked than ever for the commencement of this cash rich, high-voltage cricket action.

Just like how cricket enchants each and every citizen in this country, perhaps the only game that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with cricket in terms of thrill, fun, and money is rummy. With the availability of multiple online rummy sites, you can quickly catch a game by signing up in a online rummy site like Deccan Rummy. For a rummy aficionado, the best feeling is at the felts, right?

2020 has been struggle of sorts. The pandemic might have been changed the world forever, but the love for rummy have not diminished one speck. This year, it’s your time to shine as we are flooding the felts with exciting promotions and contests. In that vein, we are leaving no stones unturned in celebrating this cricket frenzy month with a grand rummy contest.


Grand Rummy Powerplay

Powerplay is the most important phase in a T20 Game. It’s a stage which decides the fortunes of the game. Unfortunately, each team gets only 6 overs of powerplay in a game. How exciting would it be if you get powerplay over a duration of 52 days? Great, right? Well, that’s what our Grand Rummy Powerplay is all about.

Running from Apr 9-May 30, Grand Rummy Powerplay is all set to light up the Indian rummy circuit with it’s elegant and charming prizepool of 20 Lakhs. It’s time for the players at all level to pull their socks and gear up for a ultimate contest of patience, persevearance, and skills. Spread across 52 days, the Grand Rummy Powerplay is the warrior birthplace, with exciting rewards, glory and stardom.

Grand Rummy Powerplay is the ultimate battleground for a rummy player compete against the best in the business in two exciting contests – Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza 2021, and Rummy Fantasy League 2021.

Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza 2021


Running from Apr 9 to May 30, the rummy leaderboard bonanza on Deccan Rummy promises an unparalleled playing experience with a colossal prizepool of 15 Lakhs. From powerful performaning and highly attractive bikes such as BMW G 310 GS, Royal Enfield Himalayan to eye-pleasing gadgets like Apple Macbook Air, iPhone 12, Galaxy Note 8, there are plenty of offerings to look forward.

The best part about this contest is it has something in store for players at every bankroll level. Get set to experience the highest standards of the game with Rummy Leaderboard Bonanza.

Rummy Fantasy League


Right off-the-bat of the highly successful Holi contest, the tournament action continues to heat up in our virtual felts with a brand new edition of Rummy Fantasy League. Running from Apr 9-May 30, the tournament comes with an attractive prizepool of Rs. 5 Lakhs with an option to double the winnings. With a buy-in of just Rs. 10, this tournament is perfect for new players and small stakes players to grind and work towards the prize. All that you need to do is predict the winner of the actual cricket encounter scheduled on the day; play and win the RFL tourney; double up on your winnings if your prediction comes true after the conclusion of the match.

Both the contests would be active only on days where actual matches are scheduled. We are confident the players will enjoy this contest filled with trailblazing challenges, exciting competitions, and huge rewards. We invite every rummy player in our felt to be a part of this ultimate rummy extravaganza. If chances are that you have not signed up in our platform till now, this is perhaps the best time to do so and also spread the word about the contest! Bring your powerplay to the contest. Looking forward to run a memorable event. See you at our tables!

Insomnia? Fret not! Here are ways to overcome it!

Losing a night’s sleep can be exasperating the next day. It leaves us with fatigue throughout the next day and affects our productivity adversely. The sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity makes a lot of us prone to insomnia. Lack of proper sleep is one the main reason as to why people develop health complications even at an young age. Disturbed sleep or breaking the sleep cycle will pave to long term insomnia.

Though there are treatments available for insomnia, it is essential to avoid it first place. Long term insomnia can lead to adverse health complications. Before getting into the solutions for insomnia, let’s get to the basics and find out the reasons for it.


Reasons for Insomnia

1. Stress

When you are under stress or duress of any kind, it really clogs your mind. Excess amounts of cortisol can negatively affect your sleep cycle. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for sleep-wake cycle. Being under duress can affect melatonin secretion which in-turn affects your sleep-wake cycle.

You can avoid this by practicing meditation or some other mind relaxing technique before going to bed. Playing skill based games like rummy or poker helps you alleviate stress and feel rejuvenated.

2. Not Sleeping in the right posture

If you are sleeping in a clumsy or slouchy position, you are most likely to suffer from sleep deprivation and body ache. Posture is very important to have a sound sleep. Since the position varies from person to person, check the one that suits you and always sleep in that position.

3. Having Caffeine or other stimulants

Caffeine is a stimulant, it activates your brain. So, it is important that you do not consume any coffee for atleast two hours prior to sleeping.

4. Noisy environment

If your sleep environment is noisy, you may find it hard to sleep. For example, sleeping in a room where TV runs or rooms where there is too much light, may affect your sleep. Ensure you sleep in a dark and cozy place.

To relieve yourself from insomnia, practice these following activities

1. Sleep at the same time everyday

It is good to sleep at the same time everyday. If you sleep at different time everyday, it affects your sleep rhythm. As sleep involves several stages, it is important that you stick to a particular timing so that your body gets tuned to it.

2. Avoid mobile phones prior to sleep

One of the primary reasons as to why so many youngsters suffer from insomnia is their obile addiction. A study concludes excessive use of mobile phone during bed time adversely affects the quality of sleep.

3. Read a book

Instead of watching TV or films through your mobile, you can read a book. Books are always wisdom. A good 10-15 minutes per day read would be suffice as it would allow you to enter the world of fantasy.

4. Go for a walk

Going to nap immediately after dinner is asking for trouble. It may lead to several health related complications like obesity and digestion related diseases like GERD. Ensure you walk for some time after dinner. Though it need not be an aggressive walk like your morning walk, doing so at a moderate speed will tire your body and make you ready for sleep. You can also play some skill-enhancing games like puzzle or 13 card rummy prior to going to sleep. Apart from relieving stress and keeping you clear minded, games like classic rummy also provide a chance to win real cash.

Beating Insomnia is not an impossible task. You need to really commit yourself to come out of it. Considering the adverse health complications it could bring in, you can just prevent it first hand rather than going for cure. Following these activities could steer you right in that direction.

Spread the love of rummy through these awesome bonus offers!

The month of love is upon and you can feel the love in the air. Here, you have the chance to give your loved ones the most beautiful gift by winning more in our rummy games. Deccan Rummy is here to make that happen by presenting you with a series of bonus offers. Celebrate the valentine month in style by availing bonuses upto Rs. 3500 with our monthly and weekly bonus offers.

February bonus offers

Bonus Offers

We are giving this Valentines month a dazzling start with a lovely monthly bonus offer called Feisty February. With this wonderful bonus code, you can receive 15% bonus upto Rs. 750. Use the code FEBLOVE to get an instant bonus credit. The bonus code is applicable only for one deposit this month. It’s a chance to showcase your love for the game and reap rich benefits for the same.

Want more! Come, get it! That’s what is our Deccan Weekly Bonus offer is all about. You have a special bonus code every week this February using which you can avail instant bonus credit. Find the code details below:

Weekly Bonus Offers

DatesBonus CodeBonus Offer
FEB 1 – 7NJR10CR7Get 20% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.1000
FEB 8 – 15LOVEWEEKGet 10% Cash Bonus Upto Rs.500
FEB 16 – 22SHIV21Get 15% Booster Bonus Upto Rs.750
FEB 23 – 28SHARING500Get 10% Cash Bonus Upto Rs.500


Once you receive the bonus credit, you can join any rummy variants or tournaments for real money!

So, what are you waiting for. Grab these wonderful Bonus offers and make this February a winning month. Hit the most loved tables of India and put your skills on the line to win big!

Enjoy the valentine month to its fullest and spread the love of Indian rummy!

Narenthbe ships Republic Day Special Tournament

Last night saw the conclusion of our Republic Day Special Tournament. Hosted from Jan 24-26 in 3 stages, the tournament ran to packed houses. Just like our every special tournament, the republic day tourney action was intense right from the beginning. As always, players from all walks of life and at levels, competed in this special tournament fiercely.

A barrage of experienced and novices fought hard for the mammoth prizepool and in the end it was user “narenthbe” who ouplayed every other player to win this massive tournament.

Special Rummy Tournament

Narenthbe – Winner of Republic Day Special Tournament

A special tournament win is always special as it enhances your reputation as a rummy pro apart from padding your bankroll with the prize amount. Congratulations to Naren for outlasting a star-studded line up of expert Indian rummy players that had the likes of users demon and agapimou; who secured second and third place respectively. It’s a win to remember for Naren and with his staggering form, he will be a force to reckon with in the upcoming tournaments. It takes a lot of grit, patience, and determination to win a tournament like this, not to forget top-class rummy skills as well.

Congratulations to user Demon and Agapimou for fighting valiantly till the last moment. They may have lost it this time, but their moment of glory is not far away. Deccan Rummy would like to thank each and every player who participated and made this event a massive success.

Stay Tuned For more Special Tournaments and Offers

As we said earlier, this is just the beginning. The year is loaded with an amazing line-up of tournaments and awesome bonus offers. So many exciting new tourneys and contests are in the pipeline. If you are new to this game, you can start off with our daily Freeroll tourneys. It is a beginner’s best friend as it helps you improve your skill, at the same time, giving you an opportunity to win loads of cash. Look forward to seeing you with the next promotion very soon.