New Year

Welcome 2022 with big wins with our New Year Millionaire Leaderboard

The current year is about to end and 20220is just around the corner – aren’t you excited for the New Year? You’re sure you want to welcome 2022 with a bang? If your answer is yes you’ve just hit the right site.

2021 has been a remarkable year for the Indian rummy enthusiasts as they were party to some of the biggest promotions in the rummy industry and one can only imagine what 2022 has in store for the sport. From Sankranti to the recently concluded IPL promotions, it has been an absolute blast for the players at Deccan Rummy. Many players benefited hugely from these promotions. So, it’s only fitting we end this year on a high, and welcome the New Year in a grand way with big winning chances.

New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2022

To Sign off 2021 in style, we are offering our players spectacular winning opportunities in our latest edition of New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2022. Running from Dec 5 – Jan 8, this latest edition of the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard offers spectacular winning opportunities for all players. The best part about this promotion is that you do not have to invest separately to participate in this contest as it is based on your performance in the weekly leaderboard contests.

This contest is available in three levels, namely Diamond, Platinum, and the Gold leaderboard and comes with phenomenal prizes at all levels. Perform consistently well in all the weekly leaderboard contests in this timespan and earn a spot in this leaderboard. For instance, if you miss a week’s action, you may lose your place in the race. So, ensure you do not miss a week in this contest.

Some of the spectacular giveaways in this contest are Tata Punch Adventure, Kawasaki Ninja 300 Yamaha YZF R15 V4 in the diamond level. APPLE iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, and OnePlus 9 Pro 5G in the platinum level.

Additionally, players ranked between 3-6 in the Diamond and Platinum Leaderboard, and the players ranking in the top 3 positions of the Gold leaderboard will get a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Goa. Get set to enjoy the pristine beaches, picturesque locations, and delicious cuisines in the Las Vegas of India.

Lead the Race and Grab the chance

Normally, contests like these are extremely competitive, so do bring you an A+ game to stand a chance to be in the race. Rack up points every week and maintain the lead so that you have a fair chance to win these awesome prizes. March ahead of your opponents from day 1 to take a fair shot at these awesome prizes.

Says Manjunath, Marketing Head at Deccan Rummy, “New Year Leaderboard Bonanza is a prestigious event and is a culmination of consistent performance in our weekly leaderboard. It offers a rewarding experience for all the players. As a market leader, we consider it as our privilege to raise the bar and new trends, and this promotion is very well in that direction”

This contest is a perfect opportunity for the players to express their dedication and love towards the game and also a platform. Moreover, it is a perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise. So gear up for an entertaining month of classic rummy action and get rewarded in a big way.

Strike rich in our New Year Bash tournament worth Rs. 5 Lakhs

India’s fastest rummy site,, has been a pioneer in the Indian rummy circuit. We have been flooding the circuit with various contests, tournaments, leaderboards, and cash games. Is there a better way to welcome the New Year than by securing some big wins? We certainly don’t think so! That’s the reason, we’ve curated one of the best promotions to welcome the New Year in a grand fashion.

Strike rich with your rummy skills and win big in our New Year Bash Special tourney worth Rs. 5 Lakhs. The multilevel New Year Bash Special tourney runs from Dec 17-29 with plenty of winning opportunities at every level. Be a part of this well-structured tournament and earn massive winning opportunities.

The field is wide open, you can either join the finale with a direct buy-in or progress through satellites and qualifiers. Without shedding much from your bankroll, it would be engaging to move to the finale through satellites and qualifiers.

If you crave a superlative tournament experience, this tournament will be a perfect fit. The much-anticipated tournament is expected to draw players from all quarters. It is a must-play tournament for every rummy player who wants to end this year on a high note.

New Year Bash Special tournament

Tourney NameDateRegTimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
NYB SatellitesDec 17 – 24 @ 9 PMDec 17 – 24 @ 3 PM₹ 50402₹20000 + 25 Free Tickets to Qualifiers (each day)
NYB QualifiersDec 25 – 28 @ 9 PMDec 25 – 28 @ 3 PM₹ 120 or free ticket300₹35,000 + 25 Free Tickets to Finale (each day)
NYB FinaleDec 29 @ 9 PMDec 29 @ 3 PM₹ 500 or free ticket402₹2 Lakhs

The previous editions which have been hosted so far have been a grand success and a massive turnout is expected for it. Be an early bird to register as soon as the registration opens.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for this special rummy tournament and make sure you end this 2021 on a great note and start the New Year with a cash-stuffed bankroll!

How the internet influenced every sector?

The internet has transformed our lives forever. The mode of online communication has become the norm. Can you imagine a world without the internet these days? Unless you live in a remote location with no cables or wires, it is impossible not to feel the effects of the internet. Though the internet is relatively young at 32, its effects have become long-lasting. The evolution of the internet has been remarkable. From being connected to a local network using dial-up modems and a phone to being available 24/7 on handheld devices, its transformation is unbelievable.

Some interesting facts about the internet.

1. Nearly 59% of the world population is using the internet for various purposes
2. Close to 1 billion websites are available online
3. Nearly 25% of the people are involved in online shopping
4. More than 500 million tweets are sent every day
Especially, after the covid 19 pandemic which cut off physical interaction, getting things done online is now considered to be safe. Most industries including Government Organizations, Travel and Hospitalization, Shopping, and Food delivery have adopted online technology of late. Let’s see the impact of internet on various sections.

Impacts of the Internet

1. Impact on Business

In the earlier days, running a business even within different parts of the country was considered very tough, given the poor logistics and coordination. However, the computer and the internet have made the world a very small place. From small organizations to numerous behemoths, most businesses have expanded through internet. With the help of the internet, more and more business are promoting their products through the internet.

2. Impact on Education

With the advent of internet, the art of learning is now accessible from the comfort of your home. The internet has revolutionized the learning concept. All you need is a good PC or laptop with an internet connection at a good speed.
The positive impact internet had on student’s life has been immense. Nowadays, you can easily enrol for a course from the comfort of your home. Many reputed educational institutions offer various courses on various topics that are accessible from your homes.

3. Impact on Shopping

Gone are the days where you have to visit markets for the purpose of purchasing. Now you can purchase nearly everything from the comfort of your home. From groceries and cutleries to clothes and costumes, everything can be purchased online. Most e-commerce sites have developed dedicated mobile apps through which you can purchase these items with a few taps. Moreover, most of them have incorporated safety and security measures to ensure you have a safe and secure shopping experience.

4. Impact on Games

Now that outdoor gaming has reduced significantly, most of them are satiating their gaming desires through internet. There is a diverse range of games that are available on the internet. You can choose from a wide range of games belonging to different genres like action/adventure/puzzle or strategy-based games like Indian rummy online. Most games are available through gaming apps. Strategy games have become vogue now as people seem to be fascinated by games that require the application of mental skills. Moreover, games like Classic rummy offer you chances to win enormous amounts of money online. So, it’s no secret that people are drawn towards strategy card games.

Factors that help you identify the best rummy site

Rummy has been a favourite pastime for Indians since time immemorial. We have all grown up watching the game played in our family. Mostly, the game was passed from generation to generation through word of mouth and watch-and-learn. The game’s longevity should indicate the popularity the game enjoys in Indian society through an online rummy site.

Indian Rummy

Indians have always loved wagering on sports. In fact, the culture of wagering goes backs to the days of Indian mythology. In many instances, conflicts were resolved through dice games and card games. One of the important reasons behind the enormous popularity of the game is that it is a game that is based on skill. Basically, the outcome of the game depends on how sharp your mind is. That said, learning rummy online is pretty easy when you compare it with other skill games like chess which is tougher to master.

To be successful in Indian rummy, you need strong focus, patience, determination, and a firm commitment in order to be successful in this game. Having said that we cannot really undermine the role of chance in the game, but if you have a good understanding of the game, you can always prevail even under the toughest of situations. Playing online rummy is gaining popularity as it is considered as one of the best ways to while away time and also gives you an excellent opportunity to win real cash prizes.

Entering an online rummy site from the comfort of home is much easier than taking a holiday, making a trip and visiting one or two casinos that are available in the country. Also, not everyone could afford a trip to the casino considering the expense and logistics involved. For such card game enthusiasts, online rummy has come as a blessing in disguise. This brings us to an important question. Amidst the multitude of rummy sites in the market which is the best rummy site, where users can safely enjoy the game.

Finding a real money rummy site isn’t that hard. But the problem is that not every site can give you an enjoyable playing experience. Also, we need to take into consideration the safety factor which includes proper RNG system and payment infrastructure deployed on the site. When you are scouting for the best rummy site on the internet it is important to consider several parameters that define the make-up of the rummy site. Analyzing these parameters should give you better insights into the various aspects of the site after which you can take a call.

Factors influencing the legitimacy of a rummy site

  1. RNG certificate – Check for the RNG certificate of the users. The RNG ensures complete randomness
  2. Best Welcome Bonus – Check the site that offers the best welcome bonus. For example, at Deccan Rummy, we offer a 100% welcome bonus up to Rs. 5000
  3. Wagering requirements for withdrawal – Most sites have a certain procedure for allowing withdrawals that includes generating a considerable portion of loyalty points.
  4. Range of games available – Check the rummy variants and the tables available.
  5. Worth of cash and free Rummy tournaments – Find how much the site offers in freeroll and cash rummy tournaments.
  6. Gaming interface – Check how seamless your gaming experience is. Certain gaming interfaces are clogged affecting the game performance
  7. Mobile App – check for compatibility for Android and iOS and the gaming experience. Also, do check the storage space for the mobile app. Pick the one that is light on your device
  8. Safety and Security – Rummy sites should have a tough fair play policy in order to eliminate any fraudulent activities in the sites. People coming into the site should have a fair and secure gaming experience. By checking the reviews on the internet, you can have a better idea about various sites.

Taking into account all these factors would give you a better idea about the site that you want to choose. Pick the one that suits your gaming requirements and have a safe and secure gaming experience.