When should you play Online Rummy?

Rummy has turned very much accessible after its availability in the online gaming platform. The card game is now a giant in the Indian online gaming industry. It hold a great connection with India’s traditional life. Indians come to know about the game much earlier than the other games. Classic Rummy, the skill game, is always on the top regardless of the time it is compared. The game is interesting and new every time you play it.

Online Rummy

Well, this blog gets you an idea on when and where you can play this game. Even a small interval in your daily routine life will do to play online rummy. The game is pretty short and enjoyable. 

1. Office & WFH 

Working all day is definitely hard. A short break is needed regularly. What if the breaks turn to be much entertaining and fruitful. Pick up your mobile, play games, and win real cash. This would be the simplest way to refresh your mind. People are working from home right now because of the public lockdown followed in the country to stay safe from the Coronavirus breakout. Rummy during break works well during the WFH situation. In case you finish your work early you could spend your time in Online Rummy. This could further increase the productivity of an individual. 

2.  Travel 

Rummy can turn an unforgettable experience in your travel diary. Rummy is the best pastime one can enjoy during travel. Rummy can make your travel much engaging, and that can lead you to enjoy each minute of your journey. You need not need a companion to travel; the card game can be your best companion. 

3.  Sleepless nights 

Insomnia Is a term much popular among the millennials. Rummy is a great night time partner. Playing rummy relaxes one’s body and mind at the same time stimulates the person. Rummy can easily fill in the void of your night sleep. Sites like Deccan Rummy also host Rummy tournaments after midnight. The interesting fact about the tournaments is that the seats are filled so fast just like the morning tourneys. 

4. Drained up 

Completely lost the energy in you? Looking out for an energy drink? That’s costly. Rummy is the best way to get profit by exercising your mind and playing rummy pumps up the adrenaline in you. Close encounters, thrilling moments, success can definitely turn upside down the person’s bad mood. Win real cash rewards and also get back the smile on your face. Now just enjoy your day! 

Take your shot at Monsoon Powerfest tournament this July

India’s leading online gaming portal, Deccan Rummy is known for its high-quality offerings and seamless gaming experience. It offers an array of rummy games and tournament where the players can play and win mammoth prizes. Offering avid rummy buffs an unrivaled user experience along with the chance to make huge fortunes through a host of tournaments and other contests, Deccan Rummy has grown on to become one of the most reputed names in the Indian rummy sector.

Millions of gamers are using our platform everyday to satiate their gaming cravings. Thousands of gamers have already emerged winners in our tournaments. Winning is a special feeling for anyone and we offer you a competitive platform to experience that.

Recently, we have been enthralling our rummy players all over the country with a series of satellite tournaments every month. The Coronavirus Lockdown has brought about a massive increase in the number of players hitting our felts. Indian Rummy being one of the easiest games to master, a lot of newbies are incredibly performing well. Our Satellite tournaments have seen equal number of participation from newcomers and pro players alike.


Monsoon Powerfest Series Tournament

The hangover from the Summer Satellite Series conducted a month back has hardly settled, leaving in its wake a craving for more tournament action. Deccan Rummy has just made this monsoon season merrier with our announcement of Monsoon Powerfest rummy tournament online.

Coming with a prizepool of 2 lakhs, the tournament will be conducted from July 15-20. 6 days of tournament action comprising 3 satellites, 2 qualifiers and a grand standalone finale with a whopping prizepool of 1 Lakh.

The uniqueness of the tournament lies in its remarkable reward that the players can receive during every stage of the tournament. Apart from the prize money, players will receive tickets to the next stage in Satellites and Qualifiers respectively .

Tournament NameDate & TimeReg timeBuy-inPrizepool
MPF Satellite 1July 15 @9 PMJuly 15 @3 PM₹ 50₹15,000 + (35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
MPF Satellite 2July 16 @9 PMJuly 16 @3 PM₹ 50₹15,000 + (35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
MPF Satellite 3July 17 @9 PMJuly 17 @3 PM₹ 50₹15,000 + (35 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
MPF Qualifier 1July 18 @9 PMJuly 18 @9 PMTicket or Rs.100₹27,500 + (50 Free Tickets to Finale)
MPF Qualifier 2July 19 @9 PMJuly 19 @9 PMTicket or Rs.100₹27,500 + (50 Free Tickets to Finale)
MPF FinaleJuly 20 @9 PMJuly 20 @3 PMTicket or Rs.200₹ 1 Lakh

Join and Win Big

We got in touch with some of the prior tournament winners and how excited they are to take part in DeccanRummy’s yet another flagship event. Multiple tourney winner Shrikanth Reddy says ” With nothing much in the entertainment sector outside due to Coronavirus Pandemic, rummy is proving a wholesome entertainment. I have been playing in the site for a long time and won a few tournaments. It’s always exciting to take part in a tournament at Deccan Rummy as the action is A+. I’m keenly looking forward to (and hopefully ship) Monsoon Powerfest tourney this time. Wishing Good luck to all the competitors”. Just like Shrikanth, there are many other players craving to be a part of this exciting tournament action.

July is going to be a very busy month for rummy enthusiasts. With Monsoon setting in, it’s going to be downpour for sure. Similarly, a downpour of exciting rewards and promotions are awaiting you this July.

So do you think you have it in you to battle against some of the best rummy players in the coutnry? If yes, download rummy app and register for the tourney and prove your mettle.

Summer Satellite Series tournament winners

The much awaited Sunday Satellite Series finale concluded yesterday at your Favorite rummy site, Deccan Rummy. As the lockdown and the blistering heat kept the people largely indoors, things were extremely frustrating for them. With uncertainty looming large, things were appearing bleak, Summer Satellite Series was a glimmer of hope. The tough time’s always going to end at some point, but we don’t have to wait for good time especially when you have rummy for your company.

Deccan Rummy always does things that put a smile on the faces of our players. When you are upset it is very important to let your body and mind rest adequately. And nothing refreshes the mind like a game of rummy card game at Deccan Rummy. The whole idea behind this Summer Satellite series is to reinforce a sense of positivity in the minds of people and also giving them an opportunity to make some extra money during this Coronavirus lockdown.

Summer Satellite Series

Summer Satellite Series – The Qualifiers and Satellites

Special Tourneys with big prizepool have always been the hallmark of our rummy site. Summer Satellite series gathered a monumental prize pool of 1 Lakh across 6 tourneys. We have been actively promoting this Summer Satellite Series tourney through multiple channels – SMS, Social Media, and Pop-ups. The response to this tourney has been amazing just like all our special tourneys. Summer Satellite series comprises 3 satellites, 2 qualifiers and one grand finale. With a prize pool of 1 Lakh, the tournament was a great opportunity to win some extra cash.

The Satellites and Qualifiers saw full house participation. People were valiantly fighting to progress to the next round with the free ticket. Nothing beats the joy of organically progressing to the Finale with a limited buy-in in the satellites. It gives the opportunity to clash with some of the brilliant rummy minds in the country. Satellites and Qualifiers were as thrilling as any other special tournament at Deccan Rummy.

Summer Satellite Series – The Finale

The curtains finally closed on Summer Satellite series and boy-o-boy, what a show it was. Nobody’s going to miss a big payday and the tournament brimmed with people at all experience levels. Obviously, such a tournament sees fierce rivalry with brilliant rummy minds across the country bringing their years of experience and skills to our tables. After several hours of intense battle, it was “kulithalaikishok” who walked way with the top prize.

kulithalaikishok bested a strong field infested with several title winners and champs. Winning a tournament of this magnitude is a special feat. An unknown to most of the Indian rummy community, kulithalaikishok put up a formidable display of skills, adroitness, and toughness to win his first title in this site. By winning this title, kulithalaikishok finds himself in the group of elite rummy winners.

Deccan Rummy extends our heartfelt congratulations to “ayyappanerostyle” and “sivajami” who secured the second and third place respectively. With their stellar effort to reach their position, their time to win a big tournament of this stature is not far off.

A huge shout out to the entire Indian Rummy community for making such an event possible. Congratulations to all the players who took part in this eventful tournament and fought bravely despite not be able to win it. It just proves our contention that Indian Rummy game is a game of skill. Keep trying as we are going to put up so many such rummy tournaments in the near future.

Big congrats to everyone once again! See you next time soon!

What does Summer Satellite series have in it?

It is 27th of May 2020, thinking what is so special about the date? It’s not just about a single day; it’s about the whole week. We are nearing the end of summer, Summer 2020 is not the usual one. All major countries have been affected by coronavirus breakdown. India is also one among them. We have had many people affected by the virus, and at the same time, we have had a better recovery rate than others. There have been many positive things happening around in the country.

Especially in the online gaming industry! The industry is seeing a great peak in records as the lockdown is tempting people to move towards online gaming. Every game and the gaming firm is getting better; it is fair to say it has got better during this lockdown. Gaming firms are bringing out the best promotional events in the game.

One such promotion is the summer satellite series rummy tournament. This special tournament is hosted by Deccan rummy- one of India’s most popular online rummy website. The online rummy host is making many such promotional announcements. Let’s see what the tournament is about. The tournament is marked as the celebration of the card game at the end of summer.


The tourney runs for 6 days starting from May 25 to May 30 carrying a prize pool worth 1Lakh. The entire prize pool is split into parts and given at the end of day’s play during the tournament. The tournament has 3 different levels of competition—namely, satellites, qualifiers and grand finale. The satellites rounds are conducted for 3 days from May 25 to May 27. The qualifiers are conducted for 2 days (May 28 & May 29) whereas the grand finale is on May 30.

Two of the 3 satellites stage has been completed in the past 2 days. There has been a rousing reception among the rummy enthusiasts in the country. The seats got filled within few hours on both days. Speaking to Mr.Manjunath, Head of Marketing, Deccan Games, about the tournament he said,“ The summer satellite series tournament has come live for the very first time. On the very first appearance, the tournament has attracted many gamers towards it. We are overwhelmed by the response, and this motivates us to bring up many new promotions. We look to serve quality Rummy gaming experience to our players.”

One of the biggest plus points of the tournament is the entry scenario. The usual scenario of joining a tourney is to play from the very first round and progress to the finale to win the prize pool. But it is completely different here. One can join the tourney even on the last day, i.e., players can play only the finale round and get rewarded with the prize pool allocated for the finale. At the end of the day during the tourney course, the top contenders would win free tickets to play the next level of competition. A player can also play the higher stages of the competition, by making the required buy-in deposits.

Proceed to the rummy promotions page in Deccan Rummy to know further about the tourney and many other citing promotions available.