Congrats to the Ganesh Chaturthi Winners

The curtains of The Grand Ganesh Chaturthi Special tournament were closed on Sunday. The tournament came with a huge prize pool worth 5 Lakhs at the right time. The best about the games was the opportunities presented to the players at Deccan Rummy. The contest lasted for 9 days, providing it a great season for huge winnings. The announcement made on the tournament format itself turned to be huge news on the social media platform.

Deccan Rummy

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Ganesh Chaturthi Special Tourney

The Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are huge in India, especially in the Northern region. The auspicious day marks the birth of Lord Ganesh. People believe the special day brings in good fortunes to each and everyone in the family. Not just Holi, the country is filled with colours. There’s even more colour at the Deccan Rummy table. The tourney ran from Sept 3 to Sept 10 with a prize pool worth Rs 5 Lakhs. The tournament was split into Satellites, Qualifiers, and Grand Finale.

Players securing top positions at each level will get to play the next level for free using entry tickets. People have the opportunity to join for free or even with a predetermined buy-in.


When the tourney is huge, the prize pool is huge, and the competition is huge. Yes, the contest went till the last second to finalise the top position holders. Congrats to chubbybunny for securing the 1st position at the end of the Grand Finale. Special appreciations to Cherrydanger and dineshchinna for holding on to the runner up and 2nd runner up position in the contest.
Get ready to cement your position at the top in the upcoming contests at Deccan Rummy!

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