Five interesting things to do during this lockdown

The novel coronavirus continues to wreck havoc across the world forcing the countries to go into a lock-down mode. Several countries are cordoning off the infected areas as no-go zones and have strongly advised their citizens to follow Social distancing measures.

Theaters, Malls, schools, and parks have been shut down. Transport has been radically reduced. And citizens have suddenly found themselves prohibited to go to work as a result of it and have been given work-from-home options.

People have suddenly found themselves stranded at their homes with lots of time in their hands at these times of home isolation. One of the nastiest aspect of this pandemic, is that it affects your socializing. So, there’s an increased stress apart from being confined to one place already. However, it’s all done for the sake of breaking the pandemic chain as it’s proving to be deadly. As responsible citizens of this country, we must abide by the rules imposed for our own good and show solidarity to the people in charge by following the rules.

Isolating ourselves over a period of time can have serious implications on our physical and mental health. The days are especially going to be longer. To help you get over the blues, here are a few things that you can follow.

1. Exercise

While gyms and parks are closed, it’s no excuse for skipping our daily workouts. Working out everyday stimulates blood flow, releases endorphins, a feel good hormone and helps us remain brisk throughout the day. Indulge in minimal exercises like aerobics, stretching, Yoga, and meditation from your homes which will help prevent sluggishness.

2. Eat Healthy

If you are someone who has the habit of eating out continuously, this is the best opportunity to change the habit and get healthy as you have lots of free time in your hands. Prepare your own food without the garnishes that come along with external food. Eat immunity-boosting food items like fruits, vegetables, and nuts to reduce your chances of contracting devices. Avoid grazing on junk food as you run the risk of catching some extra unwanted calories.

3. Learn a new craft

In the busy schedule that you are running throughout the year, you hardly get time to pursue any new crafts outside of your comfort zones. Now is the time for you. With almost everything available on internet, now is the time for you learn a new craft or two. It could be pottery, jewel making or paper crafting or basically anything. You’re not going to get a better time than this to learn a new trade. Whatever it is ensure you follow the safety protocols like social distancing advised. Even learning a new language is not a bad option. There are tons of mobile apps which will help you with it.

4. Play Online Games

In this time of Quarantine and isolation, it is important to keep up our social interactions. As going out is not an option, socializing online will drive away your blues. Playing online games can be a great socializing option. Online games offer a platform for you to meet up, socialize and enjoy quality time. Games like Indian Rummy Online, Online Poker can come in handy during these times to beat the boredom as they offer a quality entertainment but also win some real cash prizes.

5. Read a book

While binge watching a series or watching a selection of movies might sound like an fanciful idea, it will render you tired. As you focus on your monitors or TVs, your eyeballs are going to hurt and you might end up tired and insomniacal. With nowhere to go, being inside your home is a must. Why not invest this time in a productive activity like reading? Reading a book is a gratifying experience which movies or shows can’t provide. Perhaps, this time could inculcate a reading habit in you if you don’t have it already. Reading platforms like Kindle have thousands of books across several genres, you can give it a try. By the time you finish a book, even a long day otherwise might appear too short for you.

That’s it. Try to follow the activities mentioned here, hopefully you will make use of this isolated time more productively than you imagined. As always, Stay safe, follow all the necessary steps mentioned by the government and hopefully we will get through this soon.

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