Coronavirus Third wave: What do we know so far

Unfortunately, coronavirus does not seem to leave its stranglehold in our country. Particularly, the second wave of Covid 19 has been devastating in terms of number of cases and death of young population. The second wave added a lot of pressure on our already depleted healthcare resources. What was devastating about the second wave was that the quick progression of the illness and severity even in young population with no comorbidities. In the wake of Coronavirus second wave, it is extremely critical to reevaluate the existing healthcare infrastructure in our country, which grossly proved to be inadequate.

There has been some respite of late because of increased vaccination drives. The scary part is the horror of third wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic as it is expected to strike children mainly. The mutant variant, Delta Plus is already beginning to spread across several states.

Coronavirus Third Wave

While it is generally agreed that there is usually a time gap of 15-16 weeks between waves of a pandemic, we do not have an accurate way to estimate when will the third wave of Corona Pandemic will begin. Some studies indicate that the rate of infection and casualties may be much higher in the third wave. While the others indicate, there will be a delay in the onset of Pandemic, where it’s expected to start around November and reach its peak in December. Also, there have been reports that states which were worst-effected during the earlier two waves might see less infection rate than other states. From what we’ve gathered, the symptoms of the third wave are fever, breathlessness, cough, and chest pain.

It’s important to ramp up the medical infrastructure and ensure that we do not commit the same mistakes as we did during the previous two waves. Even if there is a decline in the present number of cases, it cannot be taken for granted and we must become complacent and be wary of the theory that the third wave might be the most dangerous one to hit India.

Now that the vaccines are available, as responsible citizen, we must ensure we get inundated with both the doses of covid vaccines at the earliest to save our self from getting infected in the third wave. While the delta plus variant is known to escape antibodies, however, the level of infection appears mild after vaccination.

Stay Safe

As a third wave of Coronavirus appears more or less inevitable, ensure you wear masks and do not flout covid norms such as maintaining social distancing. Scientific studies indicate that fresh waves are more severe than the previous waves. It can be well-managed if enough measures are taken in advance.

Continue to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour. Avail work from options if available and ensure you do not venture out unnecessarily. If you’re travelling to work or for any purpose, ensure you wear double masks. As always, prevention is better than cure. Our actions in these couple of months before the start of the third wave will determine the impact it’s going to create.

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