Covid 19 Second wave – Mask Up – Nothing More precious than life

The Covid 19 Pandemic struck the world like a tsunami last year. Extended lockdowns, loss of job, closure of businesses, lack of entertainment options, social distancing came in its wake. It has been more than a year since the pandemic wrecked havoc across the world and made people endure these hardships. Thankfully, due to timely management, our country was able to thwart a major health crisis last year.

Covid 19

Increase in Covid Numbers

As a curse the pandemic fatigue set in and people threw these norms into the wind. The result can be seen in the increasing number of cases everyday and the fear of situation going out of control.

The Covid situation in India has manifested into a large health crisis, with acute shortage of medical facilities and staff required for to serve a large populace. Several states have admitted that situation has gone out of control. If the lax attitude towards the norm had not set in, we wouldn’t have seen in this position.

Mask Up – the only way

Now it is more important than ever to support our country to relieve ourselves out of this mess. And the only way to get it done is follow strict Covid 19 Protocols like Social Distancing, wearing a mask, using hand sanitizers and soaps to wash our hands frequently and get vaccinated against Covid 19, as soon as you are eligible. Until we develop a herd immunity, we cannot afford to relax. Avoid moving out unnecessarily and stock your essentials at least for a month. As the threat of mutated strains which escapes the immune system also looms large, ensure you do not step out unnecessarily.

People must understand the grave situation and not subject the frontline workers engaged in fighting the crisis to any more hardships. Their hands are already full. Not following the protocols is equivalent to showing a red flag to a raging bull. Realize that masks are not just for your own safety, but also to the life connected to you. With options such as contract tracing and mass hospitalization difficult at this point of time, the best way we can help our country during these moment of crisis is not catch the infection ourselves.


Now that the vaccination drive for all just a few days away, ensure you get vaccinated at the earliest. Even after receiving the shot ensure you strictly follow the Coronavirus protocols. If you are someone with comorbidity like BP, Diabetes, ensure you get vaccinated at the earliest.

Always remember, getting vaccinated is just half-work done, the ultimate goal is to develop a herd immunity which may take a few more months. Do not lower the guard just because you’ve got yourself vaccinated. Apart from the chance of reinfection due to multiple strains of this virus, you can also be a potential carrier.

Do not engage in anti-vax propaganda or circulate disinformation campaign against vaccines. Accord to experts, the curve will flatten only around the first week of June, meaning it’s important to be ultra-cautious for the next two months.

Flatten the Curve

With options such as work-from-home available, ensure you not step out unless it’s absolutely essential. Nothing is more important than saving yourselves and your loved ones. While you are it, take steps to improve your immunity by regularly exercising and consuming an health diet. We understand that being confined in our homes may open the gates for a lot of other physical and mental discomforts. You can always unwind your stress by playing online games like Indian rummy or poker. The only way to deescalate the situation is by strictly following the Covid norms. Stay Home! Stay Safe! Follow the Protocols

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