Debunking some myths about online games

The popularity of the rummy games owes it largely to its simple structure. Although the game is pretty simple to play, it has its share of misconceptions. As with anything so popular, there are many myths associated with online rummy. There are several interesting myths & facts related to online card games. Even though many rummy sites offer free rummy games online these myths and while assumptions continue to hurt the industry. In this article, we are going to bust several myths that have been plaguing online card game community for a while.

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1.Myth – All Online Rummy games are driven by sheer luck.

Fact – Online rummy is a unique mishmash of luck and skill. Only the starting hands in a rummy game can be considered as a stroke of luck, the rest of the game depends purely on skills. To be successful in online rummy you need to master the rummy strategies. Even with bad starting hands, skillful players are successful. Luck plays a very minimal part in deciding the outcome.

2.Myth – Rummy Websites offering cash games are fraudulent

Fact –This assumption that most rummy sites are fraud is wrong in the first place. There are many genuine sites that offer secure gaming environment with proven credentials. Users need to verify the authenticity of the site by checking the promotions sections of a rummy website before taking a decision to join. Sites with unbelievable offers and promotions have to be viewed with suspicion. There are many sites offering free rummy games online as well. Play free rummy games and rummy for cash only at Deccan Rummy.

3.Myth – Rummy sites are illegal

Fact – Rummy is not gambling. It is a game that is declared legal by the Supreme Court of India. Gambling, accordingly by the definition of Supreme Court is betting and wagering on games of chances excluding the games which require skills. Rummy is a game largely based on skill so it would not come under the purview of gambling. There had been many judgments in the past in support of our claim. Refer our legality section to know about the legal status of rummy in India.

4.Myth – You can make millions by playing online rummy

Fact – While it is true that you can earn playing online rummy there is also a chance that you may lose money. The thumb rule while playing online rummy is you can’t win every game. Aiming to win millions on an online site is unrealistic

5.Myth – Playing Online Rummy is unsafe

Fact – Most of the online rummy sites are safe and secure. They have secured payment gateways enabling the customers to make their payment in multiple forms.

6.Myth – Tipping the dealers

A dealer can’t control what cards a player will get. It is purely based on luck and how skillfully you play with those cards.

These were some myths that were circulated about online Rummy. Hope this article quashed some of it. In spite of the myths surrounding rummy in different forms, the game continues to invade various territories and attract new followers.

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