Deccan Bonus Bounty – Get 10% Bonus upto Rs. 500

Deccan Rummy is one of the hottest and most exciting names in the online rummy community for several reasons. We accept players from India who like to play rummy card game and we provide them with a platform through which they can test their rummy skills online. To make the game-play interesting, we offer multiple rummy variants and tournaments. Players can play these games and have a real shot at winning real cash games. We have striven hard to come up with a platform that really creates an authentic casino experience and much more. Our motto has always been to give our players an ultimate gaming experience.

We understand that a great gaming experience always starts with a welcome bonus, so players get that bit extra to play with at the start of their rummy career. To facilitate an easy transition to cash rummy online, we are providing a 100% bonus offer for players who make the first deposit. Players can win up to Rs. 5000 with this unique bonus offer.

Additionally, we come up with exciting monthly and weekly bonus offers for all our players. A lot of players have immensely benefited out of these offers and have made a successful transition to cash games. One of the important bonus offers that players continue to be attracted is the Deccan Bonus Bounty offer. The offer has been a grand success since its inception. One of the main reasons for the huge success of this offer is because of the varied bonus types that the players can win every week. Yes, players have an opportunity to win the following bonus types – Booster Bonus, Cash Bonus, and Bonus points.

Deccan Bonus Bounty

Deccan Bonus Bounty Oct (17-24)

As you are getting busy for the festivals ahead, we are gearing up with lots of offers and promotions. This week players have an opportunity to win an awesome cash bonus with our Deccan Bonus Bounty offer. That’s right! Players have an opportunity to get a 10% cash bonus up to Rs. 500 for one of their deposits this week from Oct 17-24. All you have to do is to make a deposit with the bonus code “OCT10”, your bonus will be auto-credited then. Players can use this bonus code only once during the whole week.

How to multiply your cash?

  1. Play Cash rummy games

As soon as you get this bonus amount, start playing cash games. As you play rummy game for cash will give you a chance to be a part of our leaderboard and win some super-awesome gift prizes that are given away

  1. Refer A Friend

Enjoy the best moments of rummy with your friends by inviting them to be a part of our Deccan Rummy family. Nothing comes close to the joy of playing card games with our friends. And you can get an unlimited bonus for life as a reward for referring them.

  1. Get 15% Supercash

Planning to make a deposit with the help of MobiKwik? Get 15% cash back on 4 transactions over the period from Oct 11 – Oct 30.

So, hone your skills and try out these methods to boost your winning. Start with Deccan Bonus Bounty offer and proceed availing other offers.

Acquire the bonus; come to the tables to experience the ultimate fun of cash games. India’s fastest website is waiting for you to grab this great deal. Ensure you don’t miss this!

Some online rummy sites tend to offer just a small selection of promotions to their players throughout a month but this isn’t the case at Deccan Rummy. In fact, there are daily offers to take advantage of, which the players can check under the section “Hot Deals” under rummy promotion section in our website. Have a great time at our Tables!

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