Deccan Rewards get more richer with Booster Bonus

Spring is casting a spell here at DeccanRummy. You cannot help but surrender to the enchanting offers that we come up with to make this season memorable.  If you have played with us thus far, you would know no other site comes to DeccanRummy when it comes to offering bonuses.

Deccan Rummy always believes in providing its players with the best promotions and offers. So here we are again with a one-of-a-kind bonus that we can promise would be exciting.

Getting a bonus suddenly would be nice, is it not? Think of all the stuff that would you can do with the bonus money. Not every time luck strikes in the grand scheme of the universe, the smart ones capitalize on their luck and grow bigger. Deccan Rewards is designed in a way that it helps every player to move to the next level.

Convert 10% bonus to cash -Booster Bonus

Booster Bonus

In addition to the range of rewards available under Deccan Rewards, here’s an exciting reward for the players that could them flying. Yes, we are talking about Booster Bonus, a new bonus feature made available to cash game players. The bonus is an addition to the already rich range of rewards given for players playing cash rummy games online. Additionally, they may even receive this bonus for bonus offers and tournaments. Unlike the bonus points, this bonus shall remain active just for 24 hours. Failure to redeem it may cause it to lapse.

Let us assume you have received a booster bonus of Rs. 200. If the player plays on the 2-player table with a buy-in of Rs. 50 and has won Rs. 40 in the game, the 10% bonus offer mentioned here will be applicable to this winning. So the player would receive (40*10/100 =4) as the bonus which would be available under “Redeemable” tab. The earned field would now be Rs. 196.

A minimum of Rs. 20 can be redeemed in one transaction. This is an exciting bonus offer that you cannot afford to miss. All you need to do is to keep playing 13 card cash rummy games to avail the offer.

If you haven’t registered yet at, do register right away. We bet our site would make you immediately think “ah! This is exactly what I’ve been searching for” the moment you land in your lobby. Simple, user-friendly, replete with a wide range of rummy games online, and equipped with exquisite bonus offers and promotions, Deccan Rummy has been tailored to meet every rummy player’s expectations and designed to bring out the best from every player.

To get involved, you’ll need an account. Once you register with us and make the first deposit we will match your first deposit 100 percent up to a maximum of Rs. 5000. What’s more, you’ll get access to play our Rs. 8 Lakhs worth freeroll tournaments & cash games.

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