How Deccan Rummy differs from other Rummy Online sites?

With so many Online Rummy sites available all over the Internet luring the players with extraordinary bonuses, offers, deals & discounts, it’s difficult for the players to pick the best one. Additionally, other online rummy sites too have a problem in setting themselves apart from the rest. is the safest Indian rummy site that offers genuine rummy online games in different formats. Be it points rummy, pool rummy or Deals rummy; you can play all rummy variants on our site. Playing online rummy at Deccan Rummy is quick, easy, and completely free. All you need to do is register with us for free and start playing rummy and win big prizes like gold coins, gift vouchers, and real cash prizes.  In this article, we will look at the points where Deccan Rummy has a clear edge over other rummy sites.

1. Fastest Gaming Environment

Our online gaming portal is flash free. Most other top rummy sites are flash player based. Flash based games are incredibly slow loading which is walking on our nerves. Because of the slowness, flash based games fail to create any user immersion. Deccan Rummy creates a nice immersion into the game through the nice accelerated full-screen HTML5 graphics. We proudly announce ourselves as the fastest rummy portal in India.

2. Fastest Withdrawal

Deccan rummy is the only place where you get your winnings quickly. We offer the fastest withdrawal services in the entire gaming industry. We understand many rummy players get really frustrated with the delay in getting their winnings credited to their account, so we have taken adequate steps to ensure that the payout is fast.

3. Lowest Service Fee

Make the most out of your winnings at Deccan Rummy. Deccan Rummy charges the lowest service fee of all the rummy sites in the market. Play more, win more and get more!

4. No wagering required

Unlike other rummy sites where wagering is an important criterion for withdrawal, At Deccan Rummy, you can withdraw what you have deposited without wagering.

5. TDS deduction

As per law, TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) is currently applicable at the rate of 30% on winning above Rs. 10,000 in online games in other sites. At Deccan Rummy tables, you get your winnings as it is without any TDS deductions.

6. Extravagant gifts/offers

We are always ahead of our competitors with our giveaways. Apart from the cash prizes, we have gift vouchers, trips to exotic locations, gold coins, and movie vouchers as prizes for our winners. No other rummy site provides a bonus for life like refer a friend promotion at Deccan Rummy.

7. Mobile APP

Deccan Rummy Mobile APP is one of the best mobile APPs for playing rummy online. Built with state-of-the-art technology, our APP is the perfect way to have a seamless gaming experience. Our APP is high on function, low on your memory (just 11 MB) and acts as an ideal platform to showcase your rummy prowess.

Besides the things mentioned here we have an edge over our other online rummy sites in several areas:

  • Secure deposit/withdrawal system
  • Multiple payment options
  • 24/7 Customer support through email & chat
  • Exclusive bonuses and rewards
  • Tourneys with guaranteed prizes
  • Festival tournaments
  • Fastest Mobile APP
  • Multiplayer, Multi-table games available 24/7, 365 days a year

Why waste your time with other online rummy sites? Join Deccan Rummy & invite your pals to play a game of rummy & earn an unlimited bonus for life.


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