Deccan Rummy ups the ante with a brand new tourney – SundayFunday

Deccan Rummy– India’s No. 1 rummy site continues to excite rummy players across India with something new and exciting every now and then. . Raising the bar continously, now the company has come up with the ‘Sunday Funday’, a weekly tournament to keep make Sundays more exciting.


Traditionally Sunday has always been the day for relaxation and some fun. With our hectic lifestyles, Sunday has slowly began losing its charm of being a fun day. With Sunday Funday, rummy tournament Deccan Rummy aspires to bring back the lost Sunday Fun.

Coming hot on the heels of the now-ended Movie Mania tournament, the new tournament Sunday Funday will be a great addition to the vast library of tournaments existing in our platform. 

Sunday Funday Tournament

WIth a prizepool of Rs. 10000 GTD, the winners will receive the gift vouchers as prizes. Gone are the days of traditional shopping, everyone prefers to do online shopping these days. Our vouchers will help a great deal in that. 

Players who deposit Rs. 300 with the code updated will receive free tickets for Sunday Funday. The code will be updated every Friday, two days before the tournament. The ticket obtained is valid for 2 weeks. Players can use it to participate in one Sunday Funday tourney in this span. Alternatively, players can also enter with a buy-in of Rs. 50. Your winnings will be processed immediately after the completion of tourney.

“We are very excited to add another tournament to our platform. The Sunday question has always bugged us for a while, this Sunday Funday tourney will restore the glory that has been traditionally associated with Sundays. Get ready to celebrate a day filled with fun, excitement, and some solid thrilling action. ” says Kenny Goutham, Head of Operations at Deccan Rummy. 

The event is guaranteed to witness massive participation from rummy pros, recreational players, rookies and even first-timers from across the country. 

Deccan Rummy has become one of the most trusted names in the online rummy community. From the increasing number of tournaments in our platform, to new faces creating a name for themselves, the action has been extravagant over the past few years. 

We are always focussed on offering the very best to our customer. Sunday Funday is a tournament that stems from our quest to raise the bar high. The tournament kicks off from this Sunday. 

With the field wide open, absolutely anyone who knows anything about rummy should probably make their way to our felts – as it could even you!

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