Celebrate Diwali with our Special Diwali Rummy Dhamaka tourney

The festival of light is here. We can feel the excitement in the air. Diwali is celebrated all around India with much fervour and enthusiasm. It’s the time of the year where the whole country is illuminated by diyas, lightened throughout the country and the beautiful display of fireworks.

Diwali also symbolises the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and light over darkness. With the diyas shining all over the country, it gives us a positive feeling. Diwali is the right occasion for new beginnings.

Being a celebration of prosperity, we are here to give you chance to accrue more fortune with our Diwali Rummy Dhamaka tournament. Best known for launching electrifying rummy tournaments during festivals, Deccan Rummy is here to present you with massive winning opportunities with this Special Tournament.

Unleash your rummy skills and grab massive winning chances by playing our Diwali Rummy Dhamaka tourney from Nov 5-9. With a massive 2 Lakh Prizepool, this multi-level tournament is here to lighten your Diwalis. Buckle yourself for a crazy ride ahead as this multilevel tournament comes with an opportunity to win free tickets and move to the next stage.

Feel the thrill of competing with thousands of other talented rummy enthusiasts all over India and win your share of prizes.

Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
DRD Satellite 1Nov 5 @ 9 PMNov 5 @ 3 PM₹ 50402₹20000 + (30 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
DRD Satellite 2Nov 6 @ 9 PMNov 6 @ 3 PM₹ 50402₹20000 + (30 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
DRD Satellite 3Nov 7 @ 9 PMNov 7 @ 3 PM₹ 50402₹20000 + (30 Free Tickets to Qualifier)


Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
DRD QualifierNov 8 @ 9 PMNov 8 @ 3 PMTicket or Rs.100402₹50,000 + (50 Free Tickets to Finale)


Tourney NameDateRegn TimeBuy-inSeatsPrizepool
DRD FinaleNov 9 @ 9 PMNov 9 @ 3 PMTicket or Rs.250402₹1 Lakh

Deccan Rummy, India’s Fastest Rummy Site has always been at the forefront of launching huge rummy promotions and with its recent Diwali Rummy Dhamaka, it’s all set to go high.

Get set to battle it out big with the fellow brilliant rummy minds, overcome everyone with your exceptional skills, and walk away with the honours!

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