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Deccan Rummy in addition to holding multitable multi player rummy card games also invests heavily in other entertaining factors as users consider it very helpful. Our Rummy Raani character is one such creation that is intended to amuse users. Rummy Raani is creating waves by launching one promotion after the other. Ever since she made her stunning debut here at Deccan Rummy, she’s been oozing confidence and attracting lots of players around with her wide range of offers.

Curiosity Factor

Many players were curious to know more about Rummy Raani and the destinations that she’s travelling and most importantly the offers that she’s coming up with of late. Many players began to see her as the gateway to the offers and promotions and that’s exactly the intention behind her launch i.e. she needs to be the face of Deccan Rummy. It is really astounding to see the kind of impact that she’s made within a few days from her debut. All we can say is that Rummy Raani has resoundingly made her presence felt and that’s exactly the intention was all about since her foray into the rummy sphere. Since she’s began to call herself as the face of, the curiosity factor has doubled.

Of late she’s brimming with confidence with her new promotion “Do velfie” where the players were requested to post a velfie (Velfie is nothing but a video + selfie, a selfie video) about the 3 reasons why they loved to play here at

Do Velfie

Socializing skills

Deccan Rummy’s users are well known for their socializing skills. Be it chat or in any of our support channel, we see active participation from the users. The active participation has reflected in the performance as well as many players are lapping up all the offers and are performing exceedingly well. A quick round up of the video will showcase the things that kept the players occupied and held them spell bound with the features here at This need not be taken as just another rummy review but it’s more of the heart rending emotions that the players feel about playing here. If you don’t believe us, just check out the video where the players are all over the place about Deccan Rummy.

Some of the stunning features which made the players completely bowl over are listed here in this article for your reference:

Rummy Review

  1. 100% Bonus – Players absolutely love the welcome bonus which would allow them to earn upto Rs. 5000. We can proudly brag that no other rummy site offers this much
  2. No cheating – Deccan Rummy has zero tolerance policy for any kind of cheating or any other malicious ways to gain favours
  3. Very genuine site – Every player playing here has a legitimate chance to win real cash prizes.
  4. Interesting gameplay – One of the hallmarks of the site is the intuitive gaming platform that encourages invigorative gameplay
  5. Earn money always – Players have so many options to earn money online
  6. Deccan Rewards – Wonderful addon rewards to supplement & reward the hard game play by the users
  7. Time pass
  8. Some players talk in lengths about the money that they’ve made here at DeccanRummy. No other site offers this much to newbies
  9. Freeroll tournaments – Players have an option to earn from the big fat prizepool of 7.2 Lakhs in freerolls. Yes you read it right. It is freeroll, where the players need not spend a nickel to earn
  10. Very secure transactions – Deccan Rummy has vast experience in payments processing, with millions of transactions processed annually. Deccan Rummy utilizes sophisticated encryption technology to ensure that sensitive data is transferred securely over the internet. All banking details of the players are stored on a secure server, which is protected by the latest firewall system. It means that using your online banking here at DeccanRummy is even safer than using in any of the e-commerce sites around

These are some of the main attractions in this video. Deccan Rummy extends special thanks to the following list of players for their kind and beautiful words:

JogiAnil – VISAKHAPATNAM(vizag)
Srikanth4041 – CUDDAPAH
sono1234 – MANIPUR
Policepolice – CUDDAPAH
hetu10543 – GUJARAT
nparmar4683 – GUJARAT
sailesh24769 – ANDHRA PRADESH
reachsivanraj – MAHARASHTRA
keerthi1996 – MYSORE
himesh84619 – KRISHNA
JogiAnil – vizag

MRVIMO – Coimbatore.

Keep on a look out for more

Thank you again for the wonderful velfies rummy enthusiasts. Rummy raani finds it very refreshing and it spurs her to deliver more meaningful offers and promotions in the future. Keep watching this space for many other exceptional offers and promotions in the immediate future.

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