4 situations when you have to drop from Online Rummy

Only passionate Rummy players know the importance of maintaining low-value points in hand. A smart player would drop from the game when not confident about the cards received rather than to lose big by taking a risk. This is a major quality a player to be a pro in this card game. It will also keep a player confident enough to stay strong. Let’s discuss on how to improve your rummy skills. Learn many more rummy tips and strategies on our website.
First drop – When you drop from the game in the very first chance, it is called the first drop. It will cost you 20 points.
Middle drop – When you drop out of the game after playing your first chance, it is called the middle drop. You will lose 40 points for middle drops.
You cannot drop from a game when you play 2 player deals game. Here are many options when you must drop.

1. Missing sequential cards

You might have multiple joker cards in hand, but when the other cards aren’t in sequential the formula wouldn’t work out. A situation like this can definitely confuse players. There mustn’t be any kind of second thought on dropping out from the game. Non-sequential cards are the cards from the same suit not falling in a proper sequence.

2. High cards without joker cards

Face cards can make you lose huge points. When you don’t have the x-factor card (joker card) in your hand, it is going to be really tough for players to meld all the cards. The joker card mentioned before not just denotes the face joker card but also the wild joker cards. Say you have a pure sequence along with some big face cards in hand without any joker cards in hand, you must drop from the game.

3. High cards without pure sequence

The first thing you must do when you receive the cards is to look for pure sequences. When there isn’t a pure sequence on hand, the game does look hard. Whereas when your hand is dominated by face cards without any pure sequence, it is definitely a disaster to play the game. The only option left for you is to step out – drop from the game to escape from a huge defeat.

4. Low-value cards without jokers and pure sequence

Players get confused on receiving low-value cards without joker cards and pure sequence. Don’t be ordinary in the plot. Just drop from the game. Even though the cards, on the whole, do not occupy big scores in the scoreboard, a player must drop out from the table.
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