Earn money online this Quarantine

People know how difficult it is to follow the concept of social distancing. It is the best way to stay away from getting affected by Coronavirus. Many researches are happing all around the globe to find medicine for this virus attack. Hope they find a cure as soon as possible. There are many in their home not able to go to work. There is a financial issue in many homes. Here’s a blog that guides you to earn money from home. Not just the earning, you are going to keep yourself on duty that can keep you active throughout this quarantine.


The technological boom on the globe has served many solutions; it also has solutions for you. People working in the social media platforms are living their moments with massive turnover from the platform. There are many possibilities for you to make money. Here are they, 

  1. Social media

This is very easy for people who spend a lot of time on social media platforms. This is unique and a trendy method of making money. Start a new page and start sharing worthy contents that can grab the attention of many people. Your content must get you numerous followers. When the number of followers look pretty big, many product sellers will come forward to advertise their product through your page. You would get paid for doing so. There are people who do this as their profession. Your first step would be late, but you would enjoy doing this after things turn right.

2. Content writing

Have you got great writing skills? This is your ball to shoot. There are plenty of options for you to earn money in the online platform. There many people who do this as their profession all year. Your writings turn real money now. There are many contents like the professional, entertainment, technical contents you can work on. There are many website hiring people like this for their companies. This is a huge advantage for both the firm and the employee. There are some tools for you to check your writing. Sites like Grammarly help you check the grammatical errors and plagiarism issues. 

3. Online Rummy

Online gaming is now a great platform for entertainment. This is the next level of gaming. The experience is better here. There are a lot of games across different genres. Gaming isn’t just a time pass now. Technology has also had its part very well done in the gaming industry. Would you believe playing games could get you money? But it is a real fact now. Yes, playing games in your mobile, tab, iPads and any other smart devices can get you real cash. For which, online Rummy is the most suited game. The game needs no introduction. Indians have a great hand at Rummy. Hosts like Deccan Rummy are making people feel at ease playing Rummy. The host has exciting cash games in all three variants of 13 card Indian Rummy. Give a try you would feel wondered! 

4. Website 

This is something similar to the work you do to earn from social media. You have to start a website. You must have quality contents on your page. You must improve your site’s traffic. You can get advertisements by Adsense approved by google. That’s when you start earning money.

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